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Fender Mustang Floor Reviews

4.5 stars based on 36 customer reviews
  • from February 10, 2015

    One word: badass

    This thing is awesome. My drummer ordered it for me about two months ago and it is just flat out amazes me. Every effect I need is at my finger tips, or toe tips in this case. My band plays multiple genres and this creates great tones. I put that through and then I plug in with a Xotic Boost and it is PERFECT. The only problem is, I keep having to activate one button for the extension to use for my wah pedal and then press it again when Im done. Maybe I havnt figured that out yet, cuz I'm still figuring this thing out. Other than that it's definitely worth a buy!! Check it out!!

  • from Blountsville, Alabama December 12, 2014Music Background:
    Professional go getter.

    Fender floor and sweetwater service

    In time I have developed an email relationship with my friend and equipment advisor . all I gotta do is send a question and I get an answer asap.
    As far as this fender floor,, tuff is a good word. awesome is the best one. I hooked this baby up to my laptop and entered a whole new world of fender quality effects.

    Very satisfied. heads up sweetwater , the Christmas list for all the young grandkid musicians in the family is almost complete.
    thanx HK

  • from NV November 28, 2014Music Background:
    All the above.

    Give me analog!

    Is this thing analog or digital? If you have to ask, then this is the pedal you want.

  • from Fort Wayne, IN USA October 21, 2014Music Background:
    Lead Guitarist - Worship Team

    Love It!

    I was looking at other guitar pedals in this price range and decided to stop into Sweetwater. I am glad I did! This sounds awesome and has the Fender awesomeness written all over it.

  • from med, colombia October 12, 2014Music Background:
    surf rockk punk blues

    no looper

    Nice sounding... but hits me thats got no looping to lay differenta arts live!... a lot of multieffects this days come packed with an on board looper... why this one did not?

  • from Clarksburg, WV September 26, 2014Music Background:
    Rockin' for the Lord

    The Fender Mustang Floor puts the power at your feet

    For the price you can't beat it! I have worked with a few of these amp modeling products, some running hundreds of dollars more than the Fender Mustang Floor but don't give you the over all tone and clarity the Floor does. I use a number of the presets for recording and live performances. And it works great straight into the sound system. Just adjust the volume. This thing is built like a tank and is very easy to use. Great for practice, recording or live. Plug it into a Jam Hub and hold on! The sound is fantastic.

  • from GA August 23, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, coffee shops, church band


    Great set up and very easy to use with the Fuse software. i'm using it to play over a PA with no amplifier…and it does awesome. The sounds are very close to my other tube amps.I love the XLR outputs that go straight to the board along with ability to download presets for different sounds/mixes of effects. It can go from SRV to Mastodon in one click. Very responsive sound with no delay and the construction is solid. Loving it!!!

  • from Lampasas, TX July 26, 2014Music Background:
    Just an 'ol guitar player

    Fender has stolen the show!

    First thing, big thanks to Sweetwater for the great service. Truly the best folks in the business! Concerning the Mustang Floor...wow! I have been using guitar pedals since the late '70's and started using multi-fx pedals in the '90's. I eventually went back to an all individual pedal set-up because every multi-fx offered was lacking something, somewhere, somehow. The Fender Mustang Pedal is the one exception and I am blown away. Built like a tank construction...check! Quality individual effects...check! Above and beyond amp modeling...check! Fender sure took their time entering the floor multi pedal market, but they hit a grand slam with this unit. I wouldn't kid myself, and I sure won't kid you, either. The unit has every input, output, this and that, a live gig guitarist could desire. Att: I ran stereo into a 1966 Fender Bassman 50w head/12" cab on left and a 1996 Crate VC tube combo amp on right...on clean but with tubes warm and active, just a little push...and found a tone using the built in amp models that was The Holy Grail. Several, actually! That's magic, man! I am one happy cat, and would buy another one in an instant if it was lost/stolen. All tones, FX, are top notch, the pedal itself is laid out simple and straight forward. Pure perfection at this price range. Call Sweetwater, GET ONE!

  • from Arkansas July 15, 2014Music Background:
    Perfoming Musician

    Great Value

    I am very pleased with this multi effects pedal. A really good selection of serviceable presets plus many baseline presets or amp models to build up my own sounds from. Extremely easy to dial up adjustments to existing settings or just rearrange positions on the bank/channel for easy switching during sets. It has performed flawlessly under rigorous use and seems rugged and robust. For 200 bucks this thing was a great buy!

  • from Upstate NY June 30, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist who plays out now and then

    Sounds Great!

    I bought this to use for a duo I'm in and needed the convenience and small footprint of a modeling floorboard. I''m really impressed with the sound of the models... and as a tube amp hobby builder I'm impressed that the software allows the user to adjust a model's tube bias and sag!

  • from Arlington Heights, Il April 24, 2014Music Background:

    F M Floor - a fantastic value!

    I love this thing!!! I used to play in bands 40 years ago and have only just started playing again (did the Dad thing). This Fender Mustang Floor is wonderful. It has a lot of nice options but like anything else it takes a little time to discover all of the great things that it can do. I bought it a couple months ago and have only begun to scratch the surface with customizing effects because I'm having so much fun with the preset sounds. Now if you're a professional it may not suit your needs because it may not have enough diversity for you, but I think it it's outstanding! It really has exceeded my expectations.

  • from Canton, Ga. March 19, 2014Music Background:
    luthier and musician

    Fender has done it again

    This is one Awesome setup all you need is right here. Quality? YOU BET IT IS. The weight will tell you how well built it is and for years to come. You get so much for so little you can spend this much on one pedal. No disappointment here, a must have!!!

  • from stanley Va March 14, 2014Music Background:
    live band

    love it

    I have been playing in bands for 35 years and fender has hit the spot.this is the best board i have ever used. Great job fender

  • from Baltimore, MD February 26, 2014Music Background:

    Fun AND Easy

    I love this thing!!! I'm just getting into the effects pedal world and the Fender Mustang Floor is wonderful. It has a lot of nice options but it's not like you need a Masters degree from MIT to operate it. Now if you're a seasoned pedal monster, you may or may not like this bad boy because it is too easy and may not have enough diversity for you, but I'm LOVING it!

  • from Barberton,Ohio February 21, 2014Music Background:

    Fender Mustang Floor

    I am really happy with the purchase of this Fender musician equipment. The set up and activation of The Fender Mustang Multi-effects Floor unit are easy. Getting around the peddle effects controls panel area is rather easy simply following the directions introduction that accompany the musical equipment. The wide range of effects are easy to find using the floor directory built in the unit. Their are a few downloadable programs associated to this musicians device that are recommended that can be acquired on the Web. I would say this is a excellent instrument accessary. I am pleased again to have did my musical gear shopping at Sweetwater.com

  • from Naples, FL February 17, 2014Music Background:
    Worship player and Hobbyist

    A Great Multi Effects Unit

    I am primarily an acoustic player who dabbles in electric playing and will occasionally play electric in a worship setting. I was looking for a multi effects pedal that would put all of the effects I needed at hand, without being bound by patches. I want the ability to control each effect type (delay, overdrive, modulation, etc). I previously had a Zoom G3, which was a really nice option, but controlling the overall sound of the unit was a little complex for me. The Mustang Floor makes it very easy to control the output of the sound, including the master output, amp modeling, cabs, optimization for a PA or amp, etc, and the layout of the unit is simple and easy to navigate. Again, I'm not interested in a bunch of patches that allow me to sound like a certain band or artist. The Mustang Floor does have patches, but I was able to go into the Fuse software and create 10 patches with the amp models I want, dial in the tones of the amp and add some effects to each model that I can then control on the pedal. Works well, and for the price it can't be beat.

  • from Virginia February 4, 2014Music Background:

    One Awesome Pedal Board

    I own a Fender Mustang IV that is absolutely awesome. When I found out that Fender also made a floor model (less the amp section) I had to have it. In very small venues, it is perfect to just plug straight into the board. You have all the sounds and effects from the Mustang IV amp without having to carry around an amp too. Would highly recommend this pedal board to anyone who loves that Fender sound!.

  • from Yorkville, IL January 31, 2014Music Background:

    Good Effects Pedal

    I got this pedal to use for effects without buying 20 different pedals to get the sound I was looking for. I found 40 effects on the pedal that I left without customizing or changing yet. I like how you can adjust where your settings are on the pedal by using the Fuse software. You click on the effect you like, click save, it brings up an arrow option for you to save it whatever number on the pedal or preset you want. I put a clean channel on each bank in the same spot so I know exactly where my channels are set to. You can add 4 stomp boxes to each preset, and control the settings for each stomp box as well. I spent 1 day just getting the pedal setup the way I like it, and left the other settings for customization. There are downloads available from Fuse you can put on the pedal as well, along with backing tracks from artists, haven't found one personally I like, but somebody else might find one. Definitely a nice pedal for the money, as usual good service from Sweetwater.

  • from Sunnyvale, CA January 1, 2014Music Background:

    Great Piece of Equipment

    Incredible value. I bought this to have a clean pre-amp / signal processor for my very low-tech home recording operation. I was blown away by the results. Right out of the box, the FMF produced a rich, clean Fender sound that I dreamed of having but could never afford up to now. Very happy with the results. And BTW: Sweetwater has great customer service.

  • from pittsburgh November 7, 2013Music Background:
    amateur tattoo artist

    Simple MFX, *Great Amp Sims, A Few Drawbacks

    Bad news first:

    You cannot have a compressor and overdrive pedal running at this same time (they're both in the "stomp" category, of which you can only have one enabled per preset).

    The overdrive/fuzz "pedals" are limited in their flexibility - I found the fuzz and octave fuzz to be useless to my ears, leaving only the overdrive, which ends up sounding like a tube screamer when you dial it in to a usable state - fine by me, but limiting nonetheless.

    The effects parameters can be a bit cryptic, and there is not much documentation in the user manual for them - check fender forums for some helpful posts.

    The phaser, and autowah are junk (not a big deal).

    There is no mic adjustment for the amp sims.

    You cannot select the position of the "insert" in the effects chain - it's first, end of story.

    You cannot run the wah with other modulations effects.

    Good news:

    The amp sims are fantastic - I'm not a metal guy, so maybe the Metal 2000 amp is bad, but I wouldn't know (I preferred the Super-Sonic for hi distortion sounds) - the rest are brilliant, my favorite being the Princeton.

    The delays and reverbs are also good and you have plenty to choose from (even ducking and reverse delays).

    I also like the univibe, which makes up for the junky phaser in my mind.

    You can use it as a simple midi controller for your amp, rack or DAW, but the footswitches only send out latching CC's (no momentary), all of which are fixed except the two signals that the exp pedal can send (CC # assignable). The problem with exp pedal is that the switch itself doesn't send out a separate cc from the two exp modes, which means you can't stomp down to turn on the wah in a software based guitar suite (like Guitar Rig) and then start controlling it like a normal wah pedal in your DAW.

    It's a good option for someone that wants something basic for getting classic rock-type tones, but it isn't a swiss army knife like some of the more expensive MFX units out there, and it can perform some basic midi control functions.

  • from Chicago, IL October 18, 2013Music Background:
    I have been known to play for money

    Astounding value

    I have tried various amp modelling and multi-effects devices for years and never been satisfied. Although I own some wonderful vintage gear (Deluxe Reverb, Dual Showman Reverb), custom cabs, analog pedals, and they sound great, I wanted greater flexibility in performance. Purchasing a quality PA (QSC K12) I was prepared to save for a Kemper or Axe II rig. Then I saw the Mustang floor on videos for only about 7% of the cost of the rigs I was considering, I decided to try one.
    Wow. It is absolutely performance grade kit.
    It has by FAR the most intuitive interface I've seen on any such unit.
    Key use notes:
    1) Make certain to set the unit for the correct output target (e.g. combo, stack, PA). This is critical to your tone.
    2) Use the amp controls as you would the real thing. I was not happy with the default "70s British" sound, so figuring it was a Plexi Marshall, I turned everything except "gain" and "presence" all the way up like Eric and Jimi, rolled back the tone on my guitar, and Voala! - woman tone.
    3) If you are more old school, turn down the gain on the presets, I think too much gain obscures the character of the different amps (In the analog world too).
    I am not saying this produces the most complex, rich, dynamic tones in the whole world, or is as flexible as more expensive units, but for most performance situations, you can easily get a wide variety of good, consistent, entertaining sounds that should satisfy your audience completely - with just this little critter plugged straight into the PA.
    And - It does NOT have the tinny, scratchy, overtones I have heard in it's competitors.
    For the price, it is the best music purchase I have ever made.

  • from Burlington, NC September 5, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-retired part time professional

    The Fender Floor is TOp SHelf

    I am really pleased with this unit. The flexible outputs, rugged construction and overall ease of use are superior. Fender deos a spot-on job of creating the Fender amp sounds (as well they should). The oterh amp sounds from the factory are actually OK but just not quite on. HOWEVER, a little tweaking of gain, volume, and tone controls and they fall right in line.
    I have also set up banks of presets to match up to my own style and my various guitars and pickup configurations. The FUSE software makes this really easy. I also have created presets that are "straight throughs" - no coloration by the pre-amp, amps or cabinets. FUSE makes it easy. My next experiment will be creating my own presets with my own tastes in various stomp boxes and rack effects.
    My only small issue is with the FUSE software. A lack of a clear click point on the virtual rotary knobs make adjustment using a touch pad on a laptop a bit tedious.
    Otehr than that one small item I can only say BUY ONE!! Tell Ryan Murray that Jim Sent you.

  • from Stockton, Ca June 13, 2013Music Background:
    40 years experience as a musician

    Fender Mustang Floor

    Very impressed with this effects pedal. Very easy to use, ruggedly built and has a great responsive pedal. Fender has placed a nub which can be used to locate the sound you want with the effect selected.

  • from Minnesota, USA April 26, 2013Music Background:
    Retired musician

    Fender Mustang Floor Effects

    If you can't afford $20,000.00 to buy a bunch of boutique amplifiers, and you are tired of the hassle involved in maintaining and troubleshooting a mess of effect pedals, then this effect pedalboard may be just what you need. All the basics are there right in front of you encased in a very road-worthy case with a clear, readable display. The controls are straight forward and easy to understand and access to all your personal customized favorites are easily accessable via the multi-selection footswitches. The built-in tuner is accurate and the unit even works without an amplifier for those personal practice sessions late at night when everyone in your neighborhood doesn't want to hear a Marshall stack at 11. A very affordable, durable, easy to program and fun addition to a guitarist's arsenal of sounds.

  • from Kansas City Mo. USA March 4, 2013Music Background:
    pro who now plays in two church bands

    Fender Mustang Floor

    I play in a praise band weekly, and stage amps cause a lot of problems with stage volume. Having the mustang floor allows me to use headphones to monitor my guitar, without being too loud on stage. I can author a new set of pre-sets for each song list, and reuse them every time I'm asked to play the same song. The sound quality is excellent, and the selection of amp models is unbelievable. Thanks for the best tool I've seen in years.

  • from Chicago, IL February 20, 2013Music Background:
    Singer Songwriter Guitarist since 1979

    Only $200! Get this one!

    The sheer number of tones you can select from (thousands of combinations) on the Fuse site is a daunting task, but you can easily tweak the effects built in with or without the free Fuse software. The interface is so intuitive, you can tweak on stage before you play live. In a few seconds you can change everything from effects order, amp bias, and what effect the pedal controls. The pedal os rock solid and the pedal can be used for volume and effects. You can also add a second pedal and a 4 button switch!

  • from SAN DIEGO February 20, 2013



  • from grand rapids, Mi. January 15, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar,bass- rock , country, blues,ect

    fender mustang floor ****** awsome!!!

    This is a great processor for the money...it's easy to run, program,
    edit....the sound are good enough for live or studio....i've owned
    my fender floor for about 1 year and i've spent alot of time loading
    and editing the presets....and i've never been happier with my
    effects and amp models...don't let the nay sayers turn you away
    from this product...i'm buying a second fender mustang floor just
    for a back up !!!!

  • from November 29, 2012Music Background:
    40 years at guitar, semi pro

    Makes me Happy!

    Got a Mustang One a year ago. A couple of hours tweaking it with Fuse and I had sounds very close to my various tube amps. The DSP reacts well to volume dynamics, and the FX are better than average, even found a couple combinations that my Damage Control Glass Nexus couldn't do.

    Saw the Floor model come out and wanted to upgrade for all the extra features, and waited long enough that the price dropped to $199 (now $174). Heck, MIDI program changer, Continuous Controller, Tuner , FX, PA direct interface, USB interface is worth that alone... add in the excellent DSP amp emulations and it's gotta be the deal of the century.

    Not selling my sweet tube amps, but not firing them up as often either. For most situations, the "Floor" fills the need. I'm a 50 year old quasi-accomplished guitarist with guitar buddies who wouldn't hesitate to tell me my sound sucked, and most of them have bought Mustangs.

    And of course, Sweetwater is tops, from the initial ordering to the candy in the shipping box.

  • from Augusta, Georgia November 20, 2012Music Background:
    Begenning guitarists

    Fender Mustang Floor - Rocks

    Great and most of what you will need and highly programmability. Still learning the system, so I just need to figure out how to get what I use most as the default when first turned on, but overall worth having as a first effects pedal.

  • from Toronto, Ontario August 21, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    Bought this unit a few months ago. Have been trying to replace my Boss Gt-5 for years. Have purchased and returned or sold the following: original Pod, Pod Xt live, Pod Hd500, Vox Tone Lab SE, Boss Gt-10. I have been running direct to PA for years with the GT-5, and finally had to replace it because it couldn't be fixed any more (one complaint about the GT-5 it was the style of inputs/outputs, prone too breakdown) All the aforementioned units I tried to replace the GT-5 with sounded processed and the gains all sounded weak and "fizzy."
    Then with very little expectation, I bought the Mustang Floor. I have never been happier with a piece of gear. Does everything I need it to... Is very simple to use, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the modeling sounds like a real amp when going direct. Solved all my gear issues and has improved the sound over my overall show immensely. Gains are great, cleans are great, effects are great, and it's light yet solidly built. What more could you ask. All hail the new king of Multi's!!!

  • from North Canton, Ohio August 20, 2012Music Background:
    Semi pro musician.

    Loving my new Fender Mustang Floor.

    I'm the lead guitarist in a church band and I've been using various digital amp modeling products for a dozen years or more. At first, I really loved the ability to have totally different amps models behind each patch in my basic bank of sounds. I could go from Fender to Mesa Boogie to Vox to Marshall to Soldano to whatever. After all these years of reconsidering my options and frequently tweaking my sounds, I finally realized that I prefered the sound of Fender amps for almost everything - except my solo sound, which I wanted to sustain like my old Mesa Boogie amp. I didn't know much about Fender's Mustang amps until I saw the announcement that Fender was coming out with the Mustang Floor. As I researched the Mustang amps, I realized that a Mustang might be exactly what I wanted and the Mustang Floor had all the various inputs and outputs that I need, so I got a Mustang Floor. I like running direct to the PA, but the products I used in the past sent a line level signal from the XLR outputs instead of a mic level signal, and there was no way to alter the signal level. The sound guys said that the signal was too strong for them to deal with, so I had to use the XLR output on my Tech 21 Power Engine. That worked fine, but it meant that I couldn't ever forego using the Power Engine. The Mustang Floor has a level control for its outputs, so I can send a 1/4" output to the Power Engine and an XLR output to the PA, and set the level so they both work fine. We use the Aviom Personal Monitor System, so the Power Engine isn't absolutely necessary - and now I don't have to use it for those times that I have to get off the stage fast when the music is done. I've only used the Mustang Floor for a few weeks, but I love it. It sounds better than anything I've used before. I was a little concerned about having a nice sustained solo sound, but the Super-Sonic Burn Model works just fine. It's not as aggressive sounding as the Mesa Boogie models I've been using in the other products, but it sounds sweeter and sustains like I need it to. I like the fact that the Mustang's effects are fewer and more basic. I don't need a dozen different Wah models - just one that works. I just need a basic Chorus, a basic Delay, and an awesome Spring Reverb. The Mustang Floor has enough high quality options for those to make me happy. Ordinarily, I would've been very apprehensive about buying a brand new product like this, but it has the electronic brain of the tried and tested and very popular Mustang amp series. Some reviews I've read about the Mustangs say that they're good for everything except Heavy Metal type sounds. What? I guess they haven't yet tried the "Metal 2000" and "American '90s" amp models in the Mustangs. They sound quite Metal to me. I don't really play Heavy Metal much, but when I first plugged in the Floor and went through the presets, I had a ton of fun playing with the preset called "Whitechapel Heavy". Awesome. Thank You, Fender! Great sounds in a great product at a great price. I'm a very happy customer. : )

  • from Southern Utah August 7, 2012Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    A great, reasonably priced piece of equipment

    I give it top rating, not because it couldn't be improved, but because for me it's so much better than its higher priced competitors. If you're a Fender guy and gig much, this thing is a must have. The amp modeling presets are completely credible IMO and super easy to tweak. The 'Deluxe actually sounds like a Deluxe and a Twin sounds like a Twin. Creating your own sounds from scratch is no problem. The biggest benefit of this thing, however, is on a job. If you own a decent PA, leave the 75 lb tube amp at home and go direct with xlr. SOOO much easier. I recommend picking up the carry case along with the unit. Guitar bag in one hand, this thing over the shoulder, and you're good to go.

  • from Baxley, GA June 4, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician (guitar, mandolin), 2012 Florida State Flatpicking Champion

    Very Impressed!!! Tremendous with Acoustic....

    At least one of the other reviews gives a thorough overview of features and functions so I'll limit my comments to how I'm using it.

    I originally bought this to use with electric guitar (G&L ASAT Special) in our praise and worship band. I have been using a Boss multi-effects pedal for several years and it was decent. But I was ready to take the leap into the modeling world - the variety of amps in this device looked interesting. As with most Praise and Worship bands, guitar effects have to be pretty versatile (from pristine cleans, to slight breakup, to heavy overdrive, to acoustic).

    I was able to get pretty decent tones with my electric and the Mustang, but the magic happened when I plugged my acoustic into the pedal and started tweaking. (For reference, I play a Santa Cruz D with an aftermarket Fishman piezo and pre-amp installed). I can't put into words how good it sounds and the type of versatility I have with this setup.

    I currently have 5 presets programmed (my bread and butter tones). Bank 0 is 'Straight Acoustic' using the Mustang's pre-amp model and some compression (no amp modeling). This gives me perfect acoustic rhythm and fingerpicking tone. Bank 1 is 'Chorus Rhythm' - beautiful sparkle and depth - almost like a Gibson ESS. Bank 2 is 'Dirty Rhythm'. Hard to describe, but it has a little breakup for rhythm that sounds better than anything I could get on my electric. Bank 3 is 'Clean Lead'. Self explanatory, but the pedal let me dial this in to a full, rich tone like a tele with the tone knob down. And lastly, and completely unexpected, bank 4 is 'Dirty Lead' - crunchy, harmonic, screaming distortion with depth (it's an acoustic guitar after all). Think rich, overdriven Les Paul with some cool overtones (that have to be managed and tweaked) and you're in the right ballpark.

    To wrap this up, I was able to find amp models and effects settings in the Mustang Floor that let me get every tone I could possibly need out of my acoustic guitar. In fact, the Chorus and Dirty Rhythm settings I am using are better than anything I could get with my Electric guitar. And the distorted lead setting is at least as good as the electric. The tone I can get out of this thing, and at this price, is unbelievable.

  • from Chicago, IL May 8, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Insanely Stupidly Mind-staggeringly Great

    They don't have enough stars to rate this amazing piece of kit.
    And no I don't work for Fender (I work for Hammond Organ)
    I've gone through a ton of pedalboards by just about every company-the cheap ones and the pricey ones-none have come even CLOSE to this brilliant instrument. I haven't been able to stump it yet, from fire-breathing crunch to wispy gossamer threads. The thing is built like a tank, and has all the right features-If I had to carp at anything it would be the miserable wall wart instead of a real AC cord, but that's the only fly in the ointment, and that ain't much.

    The switches are logical, (And spaced perfectly for my big clodhopper snuffleupagus feet). The controls are intuitive, and everything that's under the hood is stuff you can use. This may sound like a negative, but Fender didn't fill this thing with all kinds of crap that you'll never use, just to "up" the feature quota. It's a workingman's tool. It took Fender a long time to come out with a multi-pedal, and they did it right.

    I'm not talking about specific tones, 'cos everyone will have a different approach, but I found it easy to find mine. I keep coming back to the word "logical"-There is almost NO learning curve in adapting to the Fender way and making your own tones from scratch.

    My Wife thought I was crazy (not far off) 'cos she kept hearing me yell THANK YOU! every time I discovered one of the common sense ways Fender handled different procedures, etc. In ease of operation, the Rolands, Voxes, Zooms, etc. just can't hang. And there is no bespoke jargon you have to learn to work this thing-all the parameters use terms that you know-and a few you might not (but those are technical-speak and NOT some cutelsy crap that Fender made up).

    And unlike many Japanese products, the Manual is written in ENGLISH ENGLISH. You have to download it, but it's worth it.

    The Fuse software that comes with it is a little harder to grok at first, but once you get the swing of it, it's very cool

    So I give the Mustang Floor about a hundred stars. Yeah, it's THAT good!!

  • from Nashville May 1, 2012Music Background:

    Fender mustang floor

    USA strat into this box xlr cable straight to pa. Blown away. Have been through tons of multi effect units. Returned boss gt-100 the day after I bought the mustang, having spent weeks tweaking a single patch on the boss with little success. I play an american strat. Genres classic rock, alt country, and blues. Usually don't use a pick. Clean and dirty sounds are fantastic. Can hit sweet controllable overdriven feedback on the dirty sounds and pristine twin on the clean. Sounds and reacts like a real amp. First time on a multi effect that i have been able to use the guitar's volume and tone effectively (used to keep everything on 10). Simple to use. I don't work for fender. If you want something that can pull off Hendrix and knopfler tones and want to go straight to pa, this is it. The xlr connections are a very nice feature.

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