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Fender Mustang IV V.2 150-watt 2x12" Modeling Combo Amp Reviews

5.0 stars based on 16 customer reviews
  • from Tacoma, WA September 11, 2016Music Background:
    Regularly gigging semi-pro musician.

    Fender Mustang IV V.2

    I have been using my Mustang IV V.2 for over two years, and feel that I can now provide an accurate review. I play in a cover band, and needed the versatility to be able to immediately change from a Marshall type crunch to a crystal clear glassy Fender sound, or the soft bite of a British VOX tone. This amp replaced a 2x12 Marshall Combo that I previously used.

    The sounds in the Mustang are superb and are difficult to distinguish in sound, and response behavior from tube amps that I have had over the years. As many other reviewers had commented, some of the initial settings on the stock sounds might be set a bit too high for some tastes, but the intuitive controls make this ridiculously easy to correct.

    The Fender Fuse software is brilliant in design and layout and it is very easy to use to update the amp's firmware or to conduct deep editing of any of the; amps, effects, speaker configuration, and signal chain preferences.

    As far as volume goes, I have never played a gig where the amp Master Volume was needed above "5", and I have played everything from small clubs, large casinos, to an NFL Stadium pre-game crowd. It has plenty of volume and power to spare, and I am very pleased with the sound of the stock Celestion speakers. Of course it also sounds great at bedroom volumes or directly through the headphone out.

    As a regular gigging musician, I truly appreciate the reasonable physical weight of the Mustang IV.
    The on-board effects are terrific and the sound quality (in my opinion) is commensurate with any stomp boxes out there. Having so many usable effects on board truly makes set up at a gig a breeze. Further, I have grown to exclusively use the XLR line-out connections in lieu of miking the amp at gigs. It gives the sound tech an attenuated signal that is much easier to control and mix than the highs/lows that they would get from a microphone.

    On stage I use the 4-button foot controller, with the 2-button controller, and the EXP-01 expression pedal. The ability to have these three items work together provides a very logical means to control the numerous features of this amp. My only criticism is that I find that the control buttons on the 4-button controller are a little too close to one another. If the pedal was 3"-5" wider it would minimize the likelihood that you would unintentionally press the wrong button while on an active stage (I would know...I've done it).

    Whether you need the sound of; AC/DC, Earth Wind & Fire, Stray Cats, George Benson, Metallica, DNCE...or any others.....t's all right there at a moment's notice!

    Combine this with; the price point of the Mustang IV, the reliability of Solid State digital technology, and the 5 year warranty, and the service and support from Sweetwater and the inherent value of the Fender brand, I found that you truly have a "Swiss-Army Knife" of amps at an amazing price value.

  • from Illinois Corn Desert June 11, 2016Music Background:
    40 years

    Mustang IV V.2 2x12

    Great amp. Intuitive navigation for editing. Celestions are great. I had a Fender Stage 1600 way back when and that's an amp I wish I had kept. This is very similar and won't pass up this one. A+ to Alan C.

  • from NY December 24, 2015Music Background:
    Playing & Studying Guitar 40+ years

    Fender Mustang IV-150W 2x12 Modeling Combo W/FX

    Yes, I am very impressed with this AMP. I have been playing guitar for 40+ years & have heard them all. Fender got it right with this one. Best modeling amp @ a great price. Put a set of wheels on it & you have the perfect GIG amp. I currently own several Amps,mostly Marshall. But I can sure tell you that this amp sounds fantastic & models most other amps very well. The sound effects work well & are easy to Kick into action Especially with the supplied foot switch.There is one thing I hate at a gig is a giant pedal board.-No need with this amp. Also plays well at low volume for house or studio. It has a ton of effects & options that can be used from both Amp & foot switch. I haven't even scratched the surface with this Beauty & I am very impressed & satisfied. Also MIDI ready- big plus for those who need it. This one is a winner !

  • from Ohio July 24, 2015Music Background:
    Play gigs often.

    Is what it is

    I used multi effects digital pedals for the last decade and got tired of programming them. It's good to be able to, but no one wants to program onstage. This gives you knobs and a chance to quickly get what you need and saves me carrying one extra thing. I like the durability and build quality of the overall unit so far, but it's still really new. Like the warranty. Lots of gigging around makes a solid package seem very crucial. Loud enough to do what needs to be done, but still fairly light. So far so good. Of course the process was easy, as always, with sweet water.

  • from Reno,Nevada March 30, 2015Music Background:

    Fender Mustang IV 2 × 12" 150 Watt Amp

    This Fender Mustang amp is really a wonderful addition to your music room. Well made Fender quality Modeling/Combo amplifier. 150 Watt with Two Celestion G12P-80 Speakers. Fender FUSE software for additional sound control. Heavy built 47 pound amplifier. Two foot controllers...the Fender Four (4) button pedal is "included". The "optional" Fender Two (2) button pedal will also work well along side the 4 button pedal. Both are nice options along with the well made Fender cover. Sweetwater sales department and their technical department are true professionals. Fast delivery through Federal Express within 4 days. Fun presets that you can tweak to your own preferences or use the Fuse software to fully enjoy your new Mustang IV (V.2). Open back. FX Send and Return 1/4" jacks. Easy use preset modeling knob. Great value on a well made Fender product. Sweetwater is the best in my book. "Thanks" to my sales representative. ..Devin Cunningham. Well Done!!

  • from United States September 2, 2014Music Background:
    played for 26 years; mostly for fun, few gigs- still just for fun!

    Fantastic Sound and Quick Fine Tuning Make for Limitless Possibilities!!

    This amp can do it all! The presets are great- give limitless range of sounds. BUT, when you start fine- tuning the presets and setting up your own sounds the fun REALLY begins!!

    My sound preference changes based on the guitar I'm playing and sometimes varies from riff to riff. The amp allows you to store effects for use with the foot pedals (both 2- button and 4- button) and has a wide range of choices for each effect (modulation, compression, fuzz/ overdrive, delay, chorus....). Truely LIMITLESS possibilities.

    My acoustic- electric works great with the amp as well- especially with the Johnny Marr clean and tremolo presets... makes even a novice like me sound like a pro. Also sounds great with the "studio preamp" setting wich emulates the full sound of my guitar with next to no alteration.

    What a wonderful amp for gigging too! So powerful and clear- cuts right through the tube amps that my "rich" buddies are playing. They are considering switching too!

    Thanks Fender and THANKS Sweetwater and Lindsay Becker!

  • from August 22, 2014

    Mustang IV V2

    my bro digs it. a BD present

  • from United States May 12, 2014Music Background:
    semi pro player

    great amp

    great amp just what i was looking for

  • from Hickory, NC April 24, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician with studio.

    Great guitar amp for the studio.

    The sound quality of the models are excellent. Very powerful amp. Could be used live in a small venue or with PA Support. Use in mainly in the studio going straight into the digital interface/board. We have a marshal JM in the studio and it gets pretty close to the sound. Love it. Best bang for the buck.

  • from Ashville, AL USA March 28, 2014Music Background:
    I play primarily for my own pleasure, but have played for chrches.

    Worth Every Penny

    This amp is perfect for my use. I've played unplugged for years, but just began learning lead on a Strat. I love the amp modeling feature, and the large number of presets. I can switch gears from country, to blues, to classic rock;; with just a turn of the dial. With the 2 12" Celestons, and 150 watts of power, I can use it should I play public venues again.

  • from Florida January 8, 2014Music Background:
    Bbeen rock'n in all venues since the late '60's


    The sound reproduction of this amp is amazing. It truly is 18 different amps in one with endless effects.On stage or in the studio it can't be beat. Terrific choice for me as it does more than I caould ask for. From clean to dirty to country reproduction is great.
    I'm very satisfied with this purchase.

  • from Gastonia, NC June 16, 2013

    Awesome Bang for your buck.

    Coming from only having a mustang I v1 this thing is fantastic.
    I got this over the three because of the dual speakers and the 4 pedal switch (which if bought with the mustang 3 would have only been a minor price diff.
    As a beginner I figured with my small budget I would rather have something sound great with lots of options than get a smaller tube amp that may not be that great of quality and have a broad tonal variety right out of the box.

    -This thing is LOUD. Literally shakes my house (it is quite old though) when I crank it up past 5 on most of the presets.
    -Interface is rather easy to use. You have access to most options without having to use the fuse software. It is easier to just use the fuse though.
    -the 4 pedal switch is great for switching presets on the fly and for turning effects on/off.
    -fuse software is really easy to use but takes time to master with so many options available.
    -The construction is really sturdy.

    -Heavy. Might end up installing some wheels to the base just to make it easier to transport.

    All in all I would highly recommend this to someone who doesn't mind this being a solid state and wants a ton of options to choose from. Though I would suggest you consider the three if you are going to play at home or use the amp in a small setting.

  • from Texarkana, Tx November 10, 2015Music Background:
    Vocalist 25+ years, Rhythm Guitarist 3 years, 100+ career bookings since October 2012. Country/Southern Rock/Classic Rock.

    Minor issue, but great amp!

    Aaron Regenold, my Sweetwater go-to guy for the past several years, once again did me a solid with a gear purchase. Aaron goes above and beyond every time I need him, which is why I'm a return customer time and again. If you're looking to buy a great amp for gigging as well as home use, the Fender Mustang line is hard to beat. Functionality, durability, affordability...its the complete package. I won't bore you from the amp's operational standpoint, tho. The website can explain it much better than I can, but I will tell you about a small problem that I had with my Mustang IV (v2) just 3 days after I received it...
    In a nutshell & without painstakingly describing every move I was making when it occurred, while adjusting the amp mods to suit my needs, I utilized the headphone output receptical. I noticed the first time I plug in my headphones the receptacle seemed to be defective, in that it would not redily receive the 1/8" plug without having to apply a little more than normal downward pressure to get it to seat properly. Throughout the course of my adjustments, I noticed when I removed the jack plug from the receptacle, the amp cabinet had no output. (The amp is designed so that when the jack plug is inserted into the headphone receptacle, it kills the signal to the speaker cabinet and the sound is emitted solely thru whatever listening device you're utilizing and vice versa). In other words I had sound through my headphones while they were plugged in, but nothing to my cabinet once they were removed from the headphone output receptacle. I inserted and removed the headphone jack several times thinking this may solve the problem as well as turning the power off in unplugging the amp for a couple of minutes, but nothing changed. Due to having a booking in a few days, I bypassed Sweetwater and went directly to an authorized Fender service facility about 60 miles one way from my house due to the fact he said he may be able to get my amp up and going In a few days so I could use it at my upcoming booking. Needless to say, the problem was in the receptacle, but Fender had the necessary part on backorder and it would be over a month before the part was available. The service tech could not get that app up and running for me in time so he called fender on my behalf and they shipped a new replacement amp to him and I went and picked it up when it came in.
    It was a little out of my way, but it was my choice to go through the warranty repair facility rather then Sweetwater to get the replacement due to time restraints. I ended up not being able to use the amp for my booking, but in all actuality, there was no way I would have gotten a replacement in that short a mount of time regardless, so I actually lost nothing trying to see if it could be fixed in lieu of being replaced. Kudos to Fender for shipping out my replacement in such a timely manner. I haven't had a problem with the new one whatsoever and will definitely buy another Fender product if the need ever arises again.

    It's a great amp! If you're on the fence about purchasing one, go ahead and pull the trigger on it. You won't be disappointed with the way it sounds.

  • from Monterey April 10, 2015Music Background:
    Amateur, home studio

    Mustang very versatile

    The amp modeling is very flexible, as it should be given the many Fender amps that it can emulate. I have not found an effect that didn't do just what these effects are supposed to do. The one thing missing is a noise gate; some of the high-gain amp models are quite noisy. But this is to be expected if they are to be accurate models of the amps. The complete control set is available with this amp; there is no compromise. There is both volume and gain, as well as the standard bass/mid/treble tone controls, and a master volume, for every amp model. This extreme flexibility is the biggest advantage of this amp.

    This amp is *loud*! You probably won't need anything above 2 or 3 master volume at moderate gain and volume settings, for even a medium hall and an acoustic drum kit. It is also very directional; I don't recommend it on stage unless you have a full time mixing engineer giving you monitor output, or an amp stand that tilts it up at you so that you can hear it. This will also push the sound up to the ceiling, which will tame it a bit for the audience; you can afford to lose a bit of the volume; there's plenty of headroom in this amp. I can't imagine a scenario where it's not enough except a very large auditorium or a stadium or amphitheater. In the studio, none of this will be a problem; proper miking will deal with the directionality, and a good studio will have good monitors. The loudness is this amp's second biggest strength.

    This is a "bright" amp. Don't expect low-end crunch; the low end is good to great, but not excellent. And keep the treble down; this amp will hurt your ears if you don't. This is very definitely a lead guitar amp; it's good to great for rhythm, but not excellent. For lead it's excellent.

    This is a very, very flexible amp. You will spend a great deal of time figuring out all the amp models, and how the tone and gain and volume interact for each one. The effects selection is extremely wide; it even has a ring modulator! Which, in terms of onboard effects, is the kitchen sink. This flexibility is both a strength and a weakness; the strength is, you can do a great deal with it; the weakness is, you have to learn how. Don't try to take this amp to gigs until you've had a few months to figure it out. If you do a lot of covers, and want the right sound for each one, this amp will do it, or very nearly. I recommend starting with all the effects turned off, and playing one amp model per day, just fiddling with the volume, gain, and tone controls and nothing else, just to get familiarized with what kinds of tones you get from each different model.

    The tuner is very accurate, though not quite as good as a strobe tuner (of course). It's also extremely convenient between songs on-stage, and very easy to use. Fender didn't skimp on the quality here, like some other amps do.

    Get both foot pedals, both the two- and four-switch ones. You can use this amp without an effects chain, for a quick jam session, just the foot pedals. Extremely convenient.

    For a 150-watt amp this amp is very light. I may not even bother putting wheels on it. This is a big advantage when gigging.

  • from Columbia, La. December 24, 2013

    The Fender Mustang IV

    I absolutely love this amp. It has so many different settings you can get any sound you could possibly want. The power literally rattles the walls to my house.

  • from Athens, GA July 26, 2013Music Background:

    Great amp

    This amp is perfect for my needs. I mostly use it in a home recording environment and will play out occasionally. Since music is more of a hobby now than my livelihood I couldn't justify the cost, volume, and maintenance of tubes. For the money this unit fits the bill perfectly. As with most modelling units the presets are mostly useless but the basic amps are great and the tech has obviously come a long way since I last looked at it. Once I've had time to make my own custom set of patches I'll be set. A solid purchase.

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