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Fender Mustang III Reviews

4.5 stars based on 29 customer reviews
  • from ohio April 28, 2013Music Background:
    Lead Guitar in a working band/ Music Store Sales

    Love This Amp!!

    I work at a music store so i get to play all kinds of amps..We have Fender, Marshall, Blackstar. And i have rocked them all live. Ive tried Line 6 and Vox Mod amps and tried every pedal i could get my hands on.And i have to say after years and many many $$ later i tried the Mustang 4 212 combo..WOW!! I loved it. any style i want right in one box. i liked it so much i got the mustang 3 for band pratice. sounds great on the fender cleans and wonderful on the Vox/marshall crunch bust into the Mesa sounds and on the Metal 2000 for some ripping 5150 tones. I have got rid of all my tube amps and now use the Mustang live with the band. Wish i would have tried this sooner i could have saved a ton of money and back pain.

  • from Missouri January 2, 2013Music Background:

    Very Pleased

    I purchased this for my grandson and he is very happy with this. He spends hours experimenting with the many presets. Great amplification and sound quality. Sweetwater was very helpful and informative on the purchase. Great Job and very satisfied. Thanks

  • from Durham NC October 15, 2012Music Background:

    Fennder Mustang 3 Amp

    I really love all the great sounds and the flexibility this amp allows me to have!!

  • from Gettysburg, PA USA August 7, 2012Music Background:
    happy hobbyist

    Thanks Fender and Sweetwater

    The clean amp models impressed me. I love the vintage Fender amp sounds. If you close your eyes you'd swear it was a Fender tube amplifier. This is the main reason for choosing the Mustang III and for the price it's a great value.

  • from USA July 12, 2012Music Background:

    Great Amp

    This amp is great,it will blow you away, price could be a little lower but the fender name is costly;

  • from Bronx, New York May 17, 2012Music Background:
    Recording and touring guitarist/composer.

    Great Amp!

    I've played couple of gigs and a few rehearsals with this amp and I am very impressed! The sound is clear as a bell, but what really impressed me was the presence. This amp sounds good and cuts through at all volumes! The amp modeling is great. On my last gig, I heard my guitar go slightly out of tune. While still plugged in, I was able to switch the amp to tuner mode and tune my guitar right on the spot! Fender has surely gone in the right direction with this amp. I highly recommend it!!!

  • from Rochester, NY March 24, 2012Music Background:
    Adult hobbyist/student

    Nice features

    The Mustang III offers a great compromise between features and price. The integrated LCD is really nice: you can change most of the settings right on the amp, vs. having to have the amp connected to a computer like the Mustang I and II. The 12" speaker can produce plenty of volume, or you can plug in headphones if you want to keep it quiet. There are plenty of preset tones to play with and you can customize any of them. The included software is a nice bonus. I'm really enjoying this amp!

  • from IJAMSVILLE MARYLAND March 7, 2012Music Background:



  • from Connecticut February 5, 2012Music Background:
    Musical background since the 60's

    Play it like you stole it

    Don't believe everything you read on the internet about the Fender Mustang 3. This is an awesome amp with multiple personalities and then some...
    Straight out of the box you get 100 presets which is really nice.
    Step it up a notch and connect the amp to your computer with the USB cable (provided)
    The Fender Fuse software will blow you away with it's capabilities.
    You actually get to see the modelling amps with the presets, effects, etc all under your control to modify them individually to your tone taste.
    For $299.00 you get a GREAT amp, free shipping and unsurpassed customer satisfaction from Sweetwater.
    "I feel like I stole the amp"

  • from Gillette, Wyoming December 12, 2011Music Background:
    Former full-time Pro Musician, Live Sound and Recording Engineer

    The Incredible Mustang III

    OK... I toured, lived, slept, and... well you get the picture; with tube amps as well as solid state. But the Fender Mustang just plain tops them all!!! Ain't kiddin'... I started with the little Mustang I for recording only and after creating some insanely great presets of my own, I discovered that recording with this tiny terror was as crystal clean and artifact-free as you can get. So what to do next? Sold the Mustang I and got the Mustang III, that's what! I have never come this close to tube sound in any solid state amp as the Mustang III can produce. This amp can model (and in some cases out-perform) nearly any great amp in music history you can name. My theory is: You've GOT to try one. No buyer's remorse here! Even comes with the two button Fender foot pedal. Don't wait 'til Sweetwater's sold out!

  • from Memphis, Tennessee November 21, 2011Music Background:
    Lover of anything musical (piano and guitar)

    Fender: Still Cool After All These Years

    I LOVE my new Fender Mustang 3. Not only does it have all the cool iconic tones made famous by Fender, but the presets make it so easy to dial in a sound. Better yet, you can also modify a preset, creating your own sounds. I have not figured out the included foot switch nor the Fuse software (lacking in computer skills), but I'll get to that when I have time. Excellent value for the money.

  • from Jacksonville Fl November 4, 2011Music Background:
    Active Muscian

    Sounds Like a tube Amp!

    I have read a couple of negative reviews. They must of gotten a lemon or have not taken the time to set it up properly. I have a 1978 Twin Reverb and I honestly can say if my back is turned its hard to tell the difference between the two. I play Country and Rockabilly music. I tweaked the Basic 65 Twin preset to my liking adding the 65 reverb and some compression. All i can say is it sounds great ! I also play Waylon Jennings music and the phase shifter effect also sounds great! Don't listen to the negative reviews if you like clean tube sounds and don't want to carry a heavy Twin Reverb buy this great sounding lightweight amp!

  • from Michigan September 24, 2011Music Background:
    Active Musician, Teacher

    Awesome Amp

    This amp rocks. I can go from dirty to clean with the switch very easily. I also got the 4 button switch which when used with the 2 button switch makes this amp very usable in a live situation. I can easily access any preset that I have saved. Some of the stock settings are okay, but it you do some adjustments you can get some great tone out of this amp. For the price, you can't complain. Having the on-board tuner and the FX loop are also a big plus for me. I do like to do swells when playing, and the loop lets me hook in a volume pedal and get great overdrive when doing swells. (You do need a low impedance volume pedal)

    I have had NO fizz that has been a complaint on the Fender forum. Nothing but great tone. I have a Mustang IV too and the same goes for it. I have no problems recommending this amp.

  • from Orlando Fl. USA September 6, 2011Music Background:

    Awsome Amp

    I am one guy that must of brought 15 different amp for my home use none please me peavey vypred vox valvetronix and crappy marshall MG none did the job for home. three years looking read about this amp and said let me give it a try. Got the mustang ll and it was amazing so I deceided to upgrade too the lll serie blown me away because of the versaltility. You can tweak any amp model the way you like set it and just selet any amp model from bassman to deluxe twin with the same tweak that you set. So much you can do with this amp. The sound is fantastic. Had tube amps for home use I hate them to loud and you lower them because they are tube can't get the full tone you want especially if you want a smooth sound. Lower watts tube amps tend to break up sooner or rather say crunch cause you have little headroom. This amp does it all since it's analog pretty dame close to tube sound. Try one for house you will be the happiest person

  • from Michigan August 26, 2011Music Background:
    Active Musician, Teacher

    This amp rocks

    This is an amazing amp. I purchased a Mustang IV last spring and loved it so much that I just I got a III. I bought the 4 button foot switch to go with 2 button foot switch. I can access any preset that I need fairly easily. A lot of the factory presets need tweaking for my taste, but that is not to hard to do. I have several tube amps and more pedals than I need, but the Mustang III and IV are quickly becoming my favorite amps.

    The only downside I can think of is the volume difference between overdriven amp presets and clean presets. The clean presets are quieter, even after making adjustments in the various presets. I have a volume pedal in the FX loop and that takes care of the issue.

    As far as the end tail fizz that has been addressed on the Fender Forum, neither my MIII or MIV have any issues with this. I would not be afraid of getting one, in fact I am planning to get a V and 4X12 cab in the future.

  • from Hayden,Al. U.S.A. August 23, 2011Music Background:

    The Fender Mustang III

    Bought it new and the 100w sounds great ! perfect AMP

  • from Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA July 11, 2011Music Background:

    Fender Mustang III: An Amp With Major Horsepower

    I was looking to purchase a new amplifier but couldn't decide on a particular model. Then I did some research and found the Mustang III to be a perfect fit . I've always liked Fender and have been impressed by the quality of their products. The Mustang III packs a lot of punch in its relatively small frame. With 100 watts of power, 12 amp models, numerous pedal/rack effects and Fender FUSE software at your disposal, the sky's the limit as to what amp sounds you can create. From rockabilly to post-modern rock and everything in between, the Fender Mustang III amp is a guitar player's dream come true. I highly recommend this amp to anyone who's looking for a solid practice/performing amplifier.

  • from Boston April 18, 2011Music Background:
    just over 50 years of pushing on strings....

    Fantastic for the price

    Again, for less than $300 you get a wide variety of great sounds, lots of flexibility, software to support it all, and a really high quality product. The thing that surprises me the most is that nobody has done a review before me.

    The Fender emulations are really great. A friend of mine (we've played together off and on for 50 years...), and who has experience with just about every amp Fender has made was just blown away.

    What a great value. If you're in a cover band, or just want a powerful and flexible amp this is absolutely worth a look. Try it. You'll like it. And you'll almost certainly buy it. I have many other amps, but this, and my Vox Night Train, are my absolute favorites. Amazing !!!!!

  • from U.S. Southeast August 9, 2012Music Background:
    Long-time piano player learning guitar in middle-age

    More fatures than I will likely need (happy to say)

    Recently started learning guitar in my middle-age, so no performances for me just yet. Lots of solitary playing, so the 100W is more than enough. The presets and effects are incredible; more than I can imagine needing for a long time. I did consider getting a tube amp, but for my needs, chose the Mustang. To my ears, the "warmer" tube sound was not marginally better to justify the higher prices, maintenance, etc. This amp sounds really nice, especially at the lower volumes I play at in the house. Perhaps one day I will get something 'higher-end,' but for the foreseeable future, this thing will do just fine. Oh, the sales team (by phone/email) was helpful and the amp arrived in 3 days. Good store.

  • from Omaha July 3, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist and praise team musician.

    Carry a dozen of your favorite amps at once.

    I have been playing since Jr High when the classic hits of the 70s were brand new. My talent has not caught up with my years yet. That is to say I do not make money playing, mostly I just play in church. Maybe once a year I get to rock out for a fund raiser.

    I can not justify owning all the tube amps I love to hear or carry around my 60 lb hot rod deville 2x12. The deville is great sounding but I can get a very usable tone out of the mustang III set to 65 reverb deluxe to keep up with the drummer and the rest of the band.

    In one amp at around 35 lbs, I can get sounds close to stacks, deluxe reverbs, champs, vox, marshall, fender, mesa, etc.

    I have multi-effect pedals to make it easier on my but with the 4 button footswitch, I often wonder if those are redundant.

    Although the tone is not pure tube tone, it is close enough for me.

    The power, price, weight and versatility of this amp make it hard for me to lust after other tube combos. (hard not impossible) I am afraid that if I did pick up a hotrod deluxe, blues jr or other tube combo, I would end up playing this again anyway. This amp is saving me money by keeping me from buying more gear!

  • from alexander city AL USA February 12, 2012Music Background:

    fuzzy,crunchy,chunky, this amp rocks!

    for a flat 270 bucks from my local music store a brand new in the box with a foot switch, cord, software, and usb cord 12'' celestion speaker and a bright on screen display that can easily be navigated throughout by a rotary dial,this amp can scream,chunk and crunch HARD! it blew me away and I'm used to playing on my marshall jcm900 combo but it recently quite working and have been having trouble finding someone to fix it and happened to see this kid playing on one of these at my local music store and i was impressed so i went back the next week saw the price and the sales kid showed me a little about it and i was sold.i would recommend this amp to anyone who is looking for a vast array of hard and heavy crunch without pedals or effect processors, very user friendly , plug in and go! the only draw back which are really minor is that it would be neat if the screen would be able to flip up and be adjusted at an angle to where you could see it while sitting down or at another position other than having to almost look directly down at it, kinda like the flip up screens on some printers and scanners i got a cannon printer that does it and it's really neat, only gave 60 bucks for it too,new at wal-mart. and the one other thing would be a line out so i could plug into more speakers. If I'm not mistaken i think the mustang 4 has got a line out. The software download looks pretty neat but I'm apparently not doing something right so I'm still fooling with it. even if i can't get the software going it still worth the buck! I would recommend the mustang 3 for the buck and sound but if you had the money get the mustang 4 i wish i did but they didn't have any and I wanted an amp right then. still love this little lightweight ampf

  • from Boston February 4, 2012Music Background:
    50 years on the fretboard - Primarily a systems engineer though

    Incredible value

    At the price it is amazingly good. I bought it after I already had a Mustang I. The I sounds great, also, but the human interface strikes me as clumsy, and I just wanted a little more variety and low-end. The price was just so low I didn't feel wasteful buying it without having heard it first. And when it arrived from Sweetwater, I plugged it in and was just plain thrilled. Fender did a wonderful job (and at a price that is almost a miracle). The only reason I didn't give it a full five stars is because the headphone jack and USB jack are, I'm sure, a bit flimsy. Had it almost a year now and still get a big kick out of it.

  • from Boulder January 3, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-Pro guitarist; Pro vocalist

    Mustang 111

    Excellent service from Sweetwater

  • from sevierville Tn September 16, 2011Music Background:

    the little amp that could!

    this is a very nice little amp for the money and very clean and loud too. its perfect for practice and for a begginer it would be the perfect amp with all the presets and tech help that comes with it. Its just a good little amp. and I cant say enough about Sweetwater as a company. They put a personal touch on every purchase i've made and are very competitive in pricing on everything. Plus the added benefit of making 3 payments on orders is just awsome. I was unboxing my amp and my 4 year old was standing there as if she was going to get somthing to , out came a bag of candy and she said hey they must have known you have a little girl. Well it made her day to and thats just another little touch that they dont have to do but it just adds to the experience and mine was just great. Thanks again for the great service and you have a customer for life.

  • from Michigan, USA April 26, 2011Music Background:

    Incredible Amp for a Great Price!

    I had to order a Mustang III after reading all of the great reviews for this amp just to see if it lived up to what everyone was saying. I have to say, right out of the box I was blown away! The sound was awesome and the flexibility you have to shape your tone gives you endless possibilities. I have had the Mustang III for over a month and play it daily and have barely scratched the surface of what can be done with it.

    The only negative comment I can make is that the headphone jack, aux input jack, and usb input seem to be kind of flimsy. One minor accidental tug on the headphone cord while it was plugged in to the jack has cause my headphone jack to become loose and it appears it will just be a matter of time before it fails. But Fender has one of the best warranties in the business so I'm really not worried about it.

    All in all, I have absolutely no regrets about this purchase. If you're on the fence about whether or not to get a Mustang, I would say go for it....you won't regret it!

  • from Winter Haven, FL May 31, 2012Music Background:

    Great buy

    I am very impressed with this amp and all the presets. It's like having a stack of classic fender amps all in one. The fuse software package makes for an almost limitless range of saved presets. Awesome value and good sound

  • from Iowa November 25, 2011Music Background:

    Not quite what I thought it was going to be

    The Fender Mustang 3 is an ok amp but not without limitation. I decided to try this amp out as a solution to having the need for amps + external effects pedals. The main thing that I noticed was that just like all other modeling amps, you can tell its a modeling amp. I read the reviews on some of the issues that some had and the first thing I did once I got the amp home was to upgrade the firmware to the current version. However, I am one who uses my guitar volume to adjust my crunch sound and if you get too low on this amp, you begin to hear note decay in the modeling. Another issue is that the amp is sensitive to volume. If you play the heavy amp models at 5-6' the speaker seems to have troubles keeping up, and you will smell the voice coil heating up as well. This of course is using the stock settings so it wasn't as if I had the bass cranked up by any means. It's good if you want a fender amp pallet, not so good if you want to use the many of its rock/metal choices. I would consider this amp to be a practice amp and nothing more.

  • from June 8, 2011

    Warning: Tail End Distortion Issues

    I feel obligated to warn potential buyers of an outstanding technical issue with this amp. There is a well documented issue (see Fender Forum, Fender Mustang 3,Obnoxious Tail End Distortion) regarding tail end distortion on sustained notes. This problem has been present since the introduction of the amp model. A new firmware update was released in January 2011, but did not correct the issue. As of this writing Fender has not addressed the many complaints or acknowledged that they are working on a solution. The amp has great features and I would recommend..... if they can get this issue resolved.

  • from westland michigan October 26, 2011Music Background:
    Guitar Teacher and have played in many bar bands in metro detroit

    Very Disappointed

    I'm not sure what all the other people who left reviews for this amp hear but in my opinion it sounds awful. There wasn't one patch that I could use. There is no Fender warm clean tones that I expected. This amp does not come close to any of my Fender tube amps. I can see that kids just starting out might like it. But for anyone that plays live or even as a practice amp Fender fell short on this amp

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