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Fender Mustang II V.2 40-watt 1x12" Modeling Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 39 customer reviews
  • from bigzig49 February 16, 2017Music Background:
    Strummer and Hummer for 54 years

    More Than Expected

    The Mustang II is my first "Modeling" amp and is a new experience for an old man. The features are really usable and the sound is exceptional. I believe it would be loud enough for most small venues and is more than enough for a home music room, which was my goal.

  • from Indiana December 13, 2016

    Geat amp, even better price !!!

    After reading reviews, I decided to make purchase and very glad I did. This amp sounds like the big boys, and has an endless list of effects, I would definitely recommend.

  • from Ohio September 10, 2016

    Fabulous Results

    I did a lot of research before buying this amp. I had a pros and cons list, and this one stayed at the top of my list always. I chose it, and as with any choice on paper, the proof is 'in the pudding'. Well, this amp came through and I made the right choice for sure. Wonderful sound, great variations to pick from and easy to change style. I use it with my ES339 Pro. Download Fuse software for free, and it opens up even more choices of music/song setups to utilize, very easily. The amp sounds terrific, is quite loud if you want it to be, or not so if you don't want, but doesn't lose anything along the way. Experience with Sweetwater was superb!

  • from Los Angeles May 25, 2016Music Background:
    Singer/ Songwriter, guitar player.

    Good sound

    This amp really has a good quality sound and for only 40 watts the volume and gain levels can get pretty hot, yet it's light weight. I like having all the options for the different sound settings, and it has the option of saving them. I've only recorded and practiced with it so far but I would take it out to a live a venue, but It's doing the job for me. Nice Fender sound.

  • from Waterford, WI February 2, 2016


    I recieved my mustang ll v.2 amp 2 hours ago and,WOW,WOW,WOW.
    The versatility of this amp is just incredible, so many presets and,effects I do not even know where to begin.
    I have owned alot of amps in the past and,this amp by far is the best I have ever owned.
    I would highly recommend this amp to anyone.

    Thank you Sweetwater for your fantastic service, I will not hesitate to buy all of my musical products from you. I give you an A+.

  • from California December 20, 2015Music Background:
    30 year hobbyist

    Fender Mustang

    This is a quality amp. It does everything you would expect. You can dial in your sound given a variety of presets that you can customize. The 40 watts push good sound even at lower volumes. NO pedals necessary and the Twin reverb sound is what I was looking for without the big cost and pedal investments.

  • from Memphis, Tn. December 5, 2015Music Background:
    4yrs band, my own amusement

    Mustang ll V2

    Just amazing power, presence,and a remarkable array of presets that work great. The sounds I am looking for without buying a boat load of pedals. Plug in a laptop and play or just play. Unlike my Fender Blues Deluxe I don't pick up radio stations. The price make sound to good but this amp is all they say and much much more. I am sure I will be finding new and different sound / effects for quite a while.
    Sweetwater was great I got the mustang a day early Painless transaction good progress reports throughout.
    Get one.

  • from Kunkletown, PA November 19, 2015Music Background:

    New to Software

    This is a great sounding amp with many features. Will take me months to play with the software features. Without doing a thing this amp has enough features on board to keep me busy.

  • from Bakersfield, Ca. September 29, 2015

    Fender Mustang II V.2 1x12" 40-Watt Combo

    great amp fender did it right.

  • from August 27, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging pro

    Awesome Little Amp

    I was a little concerned about the 40 watts but this thing blew me away. Plenty of volume for smaller gigs and great for jamming/practicing at home. Pop on the head phones and crank it. All the different effects are very cool. I plugged my Taylor T5z into it and I'm just speechless. Buy this with confidence, after all, it's a Fender.

  • from May 7, 2015


    Sound great and a good price.

  • from USA April 28, 2015

    Prefect AMP.

    I've had this AMP for a week now and I love it. I have cranked it up seven days in a row and the more I discover about the capabilities the more I like it. If you're on the fence like I was take my word for it, you will not be disappointed. This is the perfect practice AMP and it would preform nicely in a small to medium situation. If you're looking for a great AMP at a reasonable price, this is the one. A special thanks goes to my sales engineer, Dave Walent for his expert help as always. This AMP rates a five star grade for versatility, quality and performance.

  • from April 17, 2015

    An Amp For The Novice To Pro

    I play the guitar like some folks hack at golf, with that said, I'm "Blown Away" by the Fender Mustang II V.2 amp. The features alone puts this amp in a class of it's own, I'm very happy I purchased the Mustang II and maybe my ability to play guitar will improve since I'll want to practice playing my guitar more often. I highly recommend the Fender Mustang II V.2 when considering an amp to purchase.

  • from United States March 11, 2015


    Love it got more than I expected...for the right price!

  • from Kalispell, Montana February 26, 2015Music Background:
    Ex Performer

    Mustang II V 2

    I guess you could say Iím a tube amp snob. I have an assortment of 9 tube amps ranging in age from 52 years to 1 year old. I bought the Mustang II out of curiosity, never expecting a transistor amp to sound as good as a tube amp. I couldnít have been more wrong. If you want an economical, light weight amp with a multi-dimensional sound on par with that of a tube amp you should definitely consider the Fender Mustang.

  • from Green River Wyoming January 26, 2015Music Background:

    Amazing Amp

    I been playing guitar for over fifty years and I am amazed by this fender mustang two amp. The power it puts out is outstanding and I love the weight very good for an amp this size.

  • from bennington VT January 3, 2015

    awesome amp

    the Mustang II V.2 is everything it said it would be and it CRANKS ....my neighbors are soooo pleased and so am I

  • from Greenwood, MO January 27, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Local Musician, Life Long Player

    Where'd They Hide the Tubes?

    First of all a big thank you to my service and sales rep Andy Plassman for another outstanding Sweetwater buying experience. Because of the outstanding and consistent customer service I have received in the last couple of years with Sweetwater, I wonít visit my local music store for even strings or picks. I purchased my Mustang II to use as practice amp. Iíve had it now for several days and have been very impressed. Out of the box I found many of the preset tones had too much saturation and were overkilled with modulation and delay effects. However personal taste aside, I was still impressed with the quality of the sound and the responsiveness of the amp. It really plays like a tube amp.

    The Fuse software is fantastic. I found that once you get into the software and stripped away the effects, the basic amp models sound great and are very responsive, especially the Fenders. I removed the unwanted effects on the first eight presets, then tweaked things till I found my perfect tone for each amp model. Make sure when you get your Mustang that you experiment with the available amp cabinets/speaker emulations as well. Manipulation of these settings result in huge and awesome changes in tone. I found the less is more approach produced excellent results and the best part is how these amps play and respond. I have two very nice tube amps and this Mustang seriously sounds like it is tube driven. Also, for 40 watts SS it can get fairly loud.

    Fender has done a great job is presenting a modeling amp that truly gives you the playability of a tube amp. Sure, it takes a little effort to find the tones you want but the Fuse software makes that easy and a lot of fun. Besides once you are done you can have several personally designed amps at your disposal with just a simple turn of the selector knob. I would highly recommend this amp to anyone who like me is a tube snob or who just wants a really great sounding amp for practicing or possibly even a small gig.

  • from Chicago, IL December 19, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist - keyboards and recording

    Great starter AMP, and then some

    Purchased the Mustang for my son who has spent the last year taking lessons on an acustic guitar. He has an electric guitar, but we always had to plug it in to my keyboard gear to get sound and effects. Time for a real amp. Not only does the amp sound great, but his practice time has tripled. Wonderful sounds, effects, easy to use, and packs a punch.

  • from Tularosa, NM USA September 25, 2013Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Singer


    I had a friend come in and give this amp a once-over because he's done live shows. He was really amazed at how powerful this little amp is. For the price it's a deal that can't be beat!

  • from Colorado April 24, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician, Aspiring Recording Engineer

    Killer Practice Amp

    For the money, you can't go wrong with this little guy. There are tons of inspiring tones and effects. It's super light, compact and once you wrap your head around it, very easy to use. My favorite features are the Twin Reverb model and the tap tempo delay. I haven't turned on my real 65 Twin reissue in weeks. Based on my experience with this amp, I wouldn't hesitate gigging with the Mustang III or IV as long as i had an hour or two to dial in a few presets. The II doesn't have quite enough clean headroom to keep up with a hard hitting drummer but, for practice, learning tunes, late night headphone sessions, etc., this is two bills well spent.

  • from Woonsocket, R.I. April 8, 2013Music Background:
    Active Musician

    Little Confusing at first, but well worth the effort .

    I just got mine today from a local retailer. Once I got it home , it took me a while to get used to all of the presets , amp models, and the effects . Tomorrow I'm going to take advantage of what Fender has to offer and try out the Fender fuse system so I can see what I can download into this baby. I must say for a 40 watt combo, this is one LOUD amp which I feel is definately good enough to use for gigs whether it's miked or not. Great pruchase which I don't regret .

  • from Fullerton, CA September 13, 2016

    More than meets the ear

    Got it as a gift from somebody that didn't like it. I'm like most owners that can't gush enough about it! My only complaints are that they're made in China, and if you pop the back off and look under the hood its a cheap build, just a circuit board connected to a metal plate with a small transformer, even the speaker wire is soldered on to the board not plugged in. From the front though it looks great, it also sounds great in many ways and is loud enough to get an eviction notice. You really need to use the FUZE software to get to the best sounds and features, the factory presets just don't do it any justice. Try putting the distortion after the Soldano model as a rack effect and there's a great eq change that makes it sound like a very vintage Marshall. Also the overdrives can act as extra eq.

  • from Ohio January 21, 2016


    I bought this amp after playing through quite a few solid states before finding it. You can spend 3x the money and not get half of the features this thing has to offer. It has multiple presets available and even offers software to edit the presets. And that's the only downfall to me, not being able to edit presets without software. Other than the software it's 5/5.

  • from Los Gatos, CA January 22, 2015Music Background:

    A really great pratice, beginner, and beyond amp

    The FM II is a 10 ...!!!

  • from NJ, USA January 17, 2015Music Background:
    Home recording

    Fender Mustang II

    I was very pleased with this amp. I went to a local music store to try out a few amps and I like this one a lot. For $200 it has so much to offer. It's built in tuner works great and I like the pre loaded tones a lot. I haven't even had the chance to hook it up to my computer yet but when I do I'm sure I'll have even more tones to love. I only use it at home. It's a great amp and it gets LOUD. Overall I'm pleased and would recommend this to anyone who wants a solid amp for a fair price.

  • from Boise, ID July 1, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, part-time palyer.

    Good choice for a beginner...

    I wanted a good amp with some flexibility for sounds, and amp modeling. My son has been playing fork over a year now, and I did not want to buy a bunch of pedals and stomp boxes to confuse him. I think the name says all you need to know about quality musical equipment in the market today, and this amp is no exception to that legacy. I (we) like it a lot and it has so many features, we have just scratched the surface of what this amp can do. Great customer service, and great pricing.

  • from United States November 18, 2013Music Background:
    amateur musician

    great modeling amp

    I pulled it out of the box, plugged it in, plugged my guitar into it, & was very impressed. It has everything I need to practice & develop my skills. The FUSE software is really impressive, with a great selection of stomp boxes & rack effects to customize my output. The bundled software was a bonus, with a powerful studio-type program (I'm still figuring it out) and another program that makes even more amp emulations available, although these both took some time to download. Really great value for the money! I showed it to my buddy, & he ordered one within days...

  • from midwest area May 10, 2013Music Background:
    30 plus years of guitar playing.

    Mustang II V2 40 watt

    Just a great little amp, period. I would have loved having it back in the 80's. Truly beautiful amp sounds. I own tube and solid state amps., and the Mustang is technology at its best.

  • from February 4, 2017

    Fender Mustamg II V.2

    The amp is very good but with all the digital stuff going on it's not clear to me if I put the amp on a clean sound and hook external pedals to it. I will find out though.

  • from Texas May 21, 2016

    Good and Powerfull amp

    I really like this amp, especially the mods and the effects. Ive played it for 2 months now and still sounds great but its a little to bassy and if you lower the bass it will sound very trebley. Please put a middle knob it needs it alot, but great amp.

  • from northern prairies December 30, 2013

    Perfect for practice

    I bought this as a practice amp and think it is great. Through a good set of headphones, the amp modeling really sounds amazing. I can rock out when the kids and wifee are asleep and I cannot play my acoustics. The speaker itself is good as well, but in the long haul I doubt it will cure the desire for a great tube amp for playing with your buds.

    If you are not willing to use the fender fuse software, do not get the amp! With the software it is incredibly flexible and I think you can get most sounds you are going for, with out the software it is clunky. The presets are pretty bad and you would have either memorize the amp settings or have a index card to remember what settings are for. For example, is setting B III large room or small room reverb, hummm, no thanks. I thought the software was really easy to use. I read nothing, downloaded it, and started playing with it. Ta da, it really was that easy.

    I think the coolest part is the online library of settings that amp owners post online. Instead of trying to tweak with settings for a long time, I searched some of my favorite artists or songs, found amp settings that people liked, and downloaded them the fuse software to test out. I then put the ones I like on my instead of the factory presets. For example, I found a stormy monday (allman brothers live fillmore sound) that is spot on. Save it to a couple of the 28 presets and then tweak from there.

    I am playing the amp with a les paul traditional, and it sounds great for classic rock, blues, and country, which is what I play. I think the heavy distortion sounds horrible and synthetic, but I also think heavy distortion sounds horrible out of any amp so take that comment for what it is worth (not much)...

  • from Greeneville Tn. June 5, 2013Music Background:
    guitarist for 35 years.

    sweet amp

    excellent sounding amp for such a small price.I use it mostly for practice and as such have it hooked into my computer, and there in, is its weakness. I have windows seven and have had to reinstall the fuse program many times as it has stopped working. without fuse this amp becomes a much lower species in the sound food chain.I had a mini mustang and liked it also... so I have been fighting fuse for quite a while to just keep it working.Sucks.
    nice amp but easily broken software. IMHO

  • from San Ramon, CA May 13, 2015Music Background:
    Current full-time guitar instructor.

    Good, But Not Quite What I'm Looking For

    Have had my Mustang II for a year, and am changing over to the 40W Fender Champion. Why? I found it difficult to get consistent plug-in and play sounds with the Mustang II. Even though you can set the amp modeling to preferred parameters, if you touch a single knob just a touch - the sound is gone! I like being able to make adjustments w/o losing the entire "feel" I'm going for.

    I like the amp's quality and for the money the effects are good - no complaints there. Volume is adequate.

    As one reviewer of the 40W Fender Champion stated, and I agree; The Fender Mustang II (series) works best if you're utilizing a computer along with the amp. This simply was not possible for me and what I need from my amp. I am hoping that the Champion is much more plug-n-play friendly. I don't mind having to reset volume and tone knobs, I just don't like losing my sound as I'm playing and need to make a slight adjustment.

  • from Muskegon, MI November 24, 2016Music Background:
    Fifty years amateur with gigging experience.

    Nice Little Amp

    Got one yesterday. I usually play a "boutique" hand-wired Tweed Deluxe. Have owned vintage Fenders, Dr. Z, etc., so I'm used to good tone. I wanted a solid state amp to fiddle with in the living room, and to use as a recording tool - lay down tracks quickly on my DAW and replace them later with my miked amp. I compared this to the Line 6, and preferred this. I avoid presets on these "modelers", and prefer to choose an amp model, and add the effects I want. And, I want the bare bones amp model to sound good without any effects. This little amp really nails the dry, tube amp sound. I'm impressed. I like the Tweed, and Twin presets the best. I immediately did a shootout between my 57 Tweed clone (all top end components) vs. this little amp. Wow. Yeah, you'll tell them apart, but wow. The sound overall is good enough that I don't feel tonally deprived when I use this instead of my Tweed. The onboard effects are nice enough, but not a big factor for me. I like the interface, as it's relatively simple, and lets me get what I want fairly quickly. It's a little balky, though, as in adjusting the amount of reverb requires you to push a button and turn a knob at the same time, while holding your guitar with your other hand. And, because there's no LED display, you'll have to refer to the manual to know that the effect you want is "A3" or "C2", etc.. I scrolled through the metal sounds, and will probably never use them again for how/what I play so I can't really comment on them. For someone with my requirements, which are: let me easily access a vintage Fender amp sound and allow me to easily add a couple effects, this is a heck of an amp for the money. I haven't played with the built-in gain that much yet, and so far have not gotten results that blow me away. BUT...I set the amp to the 57 Tweed model, with little or no gain, and ran my Stratocaster through my Fulltone OCD overdrive. BINGO. Very, very nice.

  • from New Paltz March 18, 2016

    Great Unless You Want To Sound Good

    Got one of these for a school Music Studio Production class I teach, not expecting much. And this amp lived down to my low expectations. It does all the things that are claimed in the specs, but none of them well. And I suppose that for the money, you shouldn't expect more. But what can you do when the base sound of the the amp is so dark and boxy that it's completely unusable even with single-coil pickups. I tried six different guitars through this amp and it made them all sound BAD. Dark and "one-dimensional" kind of sums it up. The effects are fun to scroll through, but none of them are really usable. What use is delay if you can't change the delay time? What good is reverb if even at low settings it's full of digital artifacts? The univibe/leslie sound is singularly noxious, as is the flanger. While I've found in the last couple of years that lower-priced gear can be pretty good if you know what to look for, this amp does not fall into that category. Honestly, a little 5W practice amp with a 4" speaker sounded better than this one. Very disappointing. Probably fine if you just started playing and don't know any better, or have never owned a decent amp. But if you are experienced and think this would be fun and versatile for bedroom use, think again.

  • from July 22, 2015

    You get what you pay for

    I really liked mine; many of the pre-sets, effects, versatility, tone, until it stopped working just after the warranty ended. These are throw away amps and will work great - for a while, then not so much.

  • from NE Ohio October 2, 2016


    It changes modes without any input. I usually play clean and partway through a tune it will randomly change to a different preset. The lack of reliability discolors any other opinion I would normally have.

  • from Chicago suburbs June 4, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-retired musical entertainer/ multi-instrumentalist

    Surprisingly disappointed

    I didn't notice from seeing the pictures that this amp does not have an LED screen to show what's going on, like the Mustang iii and up. I don't like flying by the seat of my pants. I can't tell which effects I'm using or hearing without looking at the list in the EXTREMELY BRIEF AND BASIC owner's manual. I didn't buy the model iii because 100w was just too much power for me, so I thought this amp with 40w would be perfect. I had an original 65 Deluxe Reverb for many years. Another part of the reason I also bought this was to use it with my Rickenbacker 360-12, knowing that Roger McGuinn uses compression as his main effect. Guess what? There's no compression setting with these EFX ! But there are several space cadet-like sound effects that I would never use. Finally, I detect a small amount of harmonic distortion in all the "clean" settings, even at low volumes. I would expect that from an amp with 8w and an 8 inch speaker, but not from a 40w amp with a 12 inch speaker...especially not from a Fender ! VERY disappointed.

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