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Fender Mustang II Reviews

4.5 stars based on 17 customer reviews
  • from Atlanta February 21, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Best All-Around Amp On The Market

    I bought a used Fender Mustang I amp and couldn't believe how much sound it was capable of putting out as well as the amp's wide array of pre-sets were. I have stepped up to the Mustang II because it has everything I need in terms of versatility and volume to play in any club or room. No more lugging around my heavy Crate VT-212. This amp is just what the doctor ordered.

  • from Allentown, PA December 5, 2012Music Background:
    Playing out a little more than twice a month


    If this thing doesn't nail the essence of a Twin Reverb, '59 Bassman, or '65 Spring Reverb, it is only because the originals don't sound this musical. For the price it is hard to beat on these three emulations alone (these are the amps and effects with which I'm most familiar). Light and loud enough to use with a drummer. Seems very well built for its price class. Also, it has no noticeable hum or hiss, and no turn on/off clicks or thumps. Add in a reasonably straightforward interface, a wide range of effects and amps, the software to configure it beyond the knobs, and this should be a winner for people who are not aging guitarists who peaked in the 70s :~).

  • from heber springs, ar October 12, 2012Music Background:
    musician, Hobbyist

    Great Fender Mustang II Amp

    This Is One Great Fender Amp! It Sounds Great And With All The Presets You Can Get The Sound You Want. I Like The Fender Fuse Software That Came With The Amp And I Just Got Thru Using It On My Computer Playing My Strat And It Sounds Great. I Plan On Keeping This Amp. Nice Going Fender.

  • from Shreveport, LA May 3, 2012Music Background:

    Awesome sounding amp

    The sound of this thing is just awesome. While there is a nice selection of presets available on the amp, once connected to your PC or laptop the Fender Fuse software allows you to download presets contributed by other Mustang owners or you have the flexibility to experiment with sound combinations of your own.

  • from Kannapolis, N.C. April 6, 2012Music Background:

    Fender Mustang II amp

    Fantastic amp, coupled with the usb connection and the Fender Fuse software the possibilities are endless. Hooked up to my new Jackson Solist Guitar, WOW. I LOVE IT!

  • from Battle Ground WA USA February 20, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Mustang II does it all

    I;m a 60 years old, and have worked gigs for 35 years. The Mustang II does everything I ask from it. It fits the dinner club I"m now working just great,, but is also great for recording a heaver sound as well. lots of power, lots of presets sounds, and light weight. For the price you could not ask for a bettery amp ! I also got the Gator 112 case for it, now I'm ready for the road with a little amp that can do it all !

  • from Michigan February 2, 2012Music Background:
    Active Musician, Music Teacher

    Great tone at a great price

    This is a great little amp. I bought it to use at one of the schools I teach at, and I couldn't be happier. I love tube amps, but need the convenience of a modelling amp at school. This thing has great tone and plenty loud for what I need. I bought an MIV and an MIII to use at school, but decided to use some of my budget to purchase amps for both of my schools, since I use them daily to teach with. I have 5 MIs at another school I teach at. A couple of tweaks with the Fuse software and this thing really comes alive. Fuse is really easy to use.

    The five year warranty was really a deal maker for me on the Fender Mustang amps though. I had another modelling amp that died 4 months after the 1 year warranty went off, and the company wouldn't help me out at all. They lost a customer for LIFE! Do yourself a favor and get one of the Mustang amps, you won't be disappointed.

  • from Cape Cod MA , USA November 29, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    A lot of Amp for a low price !

    I am very impressed with the Mustang II , I just purchased from Sweetwater . It is my opinion that the amp has great presets which are spot on ( I haven't yet really tried the computer Fuse software yet ) . I feel the amp is plenty loud and great for practice or at home use . The speaker is very good and not shrill at all .If one was planning to use this amp to gig , it would have to be miked into the house mix . I am very satisfied with the amp , and want to thank Mr. Robert Williams my sales tech for helping me with this purchase .Sweetwater Sound is the best !!!!!

  • from Hanover, PA. October 6, 2011Music Background:

    Fender Mustag II

    I am blown away by the number of features on this amp. The modeling is superb, the editing of parameters is great and the software backs it all up to boot. Great sounding and very easy to use.

  • from Bakersfield, Ca November 24, 2010Music Background:
    old blues player

    Mustang II Amp

    I wanted an inexpensive amp with effects and a headphone jack. I am really impressed with this amp Not only does it look great, it sounds great and is easy to use. I cant believe the price. If you want a cover for it buy the Fender Princeton112 plus amp cover, it fits perfect.
    The footswitch part number is 099-4049-000 which only retails for $19.99 Buy this amp, you wont regret it.

  • from New Mexico November 1, 2010Music Background:
    active musician

    Stellar Amp for the Money!

    Don't be fooled by the price tag. This amp packs some serious sonic punch, with amazing tone to go with it. The 3 banks of presets can be used as is, or you can change/save them on the fly. The included FUSE software opens up a whole different world of tone adjustments, and even adds amps/stompboxes that are not found on the stock unit. All of these settings can be tweaked on the computer, and then saved to the amp.

    Another major bonus is the size/weight of the amp. Plenty loud, but light enough to carry around easily. Great to have a portable amp with this kind of tone. Great job Fender!

  • from United States August 22, 2012Music Background:
    retired just a hobby

    great amp

    has great sound and so many effects,that it will take forever to use them all!

  • from West Union, Ohio January 21, 2012Music Background:
    Intermediate guitarist, intermediate bassist, and fantastic lyricist.

    Very, very nice amplifier

    Let's get down to the basics, shall we? It has 8 basic factory amp models, in three different banks (Green, Red and Amber). The green bank is the factory set of models, the red bank is customizable with your amp and...I don't know about the amber bank. Maybe it has something to do with the FUSE Software? I haven't gotten into that part yet, though.

    Now, it's plenty loud enough for small-medium size gigs, and perfect for recording. The only quarrel I have with this amp is it's simple two-band EQ. Although that doesn't really effect this amp's quality.

    In short, the Mustang series is probably the best solid-state amplifier line on the market. Buy one!

  • from Leavenworth, WA February 2, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist, 65 year old jazz student & play for church services.

    Excellent Amp

    Excellent amp. Amp models are right on with virtually unlimited adjustments and add on effects. Had some difficulty loading program on computer but emailed Fender's tech support and they were very responsive and solved my problems. I am amazed at the flexibility of the amp models, effects etc on the computer and the communication between the amp and the computer by usb. Sound quality is very good. Quality of components is excellent. Have not gigged with it yet so do not know how it will sound miced or from the earphone out to the house pa system. I suspect it will be good. Have not used recording program yet (Ableton Live) but heard it is great. I am curious how this Fender speaker would compare to the Celestion speaker in the 100 watt Mustang III. Also, again very pleased with Sweetwater excellent service and tech advice.

  • from Ohio January 28, 2011Music Background:

    Best Value, Sounds Great, No Regrets

    Bought this amp mainly for practice and other things. It met all of my requirements except for one—it has no built-in looper. You can get around this though. I was originally going to buy a GDEC 3 but couldn't afford it. The Mustang is a great alternative to the GDEC's as it essentially has most of the features as a GDEC when connected to the Fender Fuse software. Not as many modeled amps, effects, presets, looper or internal storage of wav or mp3 files though on the amp alone. However, using Fuse, you can store as many presets and backing tracks on your computer as your hard drive will hold. The amp modeling is superb! Fender's models are as close as you'll ever get to the real thing in my opinion. Compared to some other amp modelers (COSM) I have, this thing blows them way and I really think the others were pretty good. It's simple to operate, not a ton of bells and whistles to slow down your playing and practicing trying to figure it all out. Just dial in a tone and have a blast. Fender's technical support and forums are a God send. If you have any issues or questions, the forums or tech support will resolve it for you. I have nothing but the highest remarks for the technical support team who helped me through some issues with the Abelton recording software that came with it. If you're an intermediate guitar player and hobbyist like myself, you want regret buying this amp!!

  • from Perth, Australia March 31, 2012Music Background:
    Part-time guitarist/keyboardist, playing a few times a month. Been playing about 40 years.

    So far, so good

    I bought this amp because all I had was my gig rig (Boogie F50, pedal board with TC Nova System, distortion pedals, wah, TC Voicetone Correct, sub-mixer for my monitoring, various power supplies etc), cables, cables, cables... Not only was I lugging a car full of gear just to rehearsals, I was also having to take it to parties just because someone's dad wanted to do his Neil Diamond. So I bought a Mustang II the other day and same day took it to a low-key rehearsal (i.e. vocal practice, no drummer), and with a bit of tweaking got a really useable Fender clean sound that did the job for that occasion. The great thing was that I walked once from the car to the rehearsal room with all my gear instead of breaking my back unloading a car full of heavy kit. Next day I downloaded the Fuse software and that's when the fun started. The out-of-the-box presets on the amp don't really inspire (Nobody's OOB presets seem to. Why is that?), and trying to change them using the top-panel controls on the amp doesn't get you far. But the Fuse software brings everything out into the clear and within a few minutes I was in Satch heaven. A few minutes more I had a perfectly useable Nile Rodgers funk sound. A bit more tweaking got me a really nice clean-with-a-hint-of-crunch country-rock sound. I ran out of time to do more because I spent an hour playing my Satch sound it was so good. The whole thing was way beyond my expectations and naturally my thoughts gravitated to the half-ton of gear I gig with and the amount of stage real-estate it takes up. Now I'm not saying that the Mustang can take on my Boogie in a side-by-side test, but it made me think about how often I really get to appreciate the F50's tubely wonderfulness. Maybe one gig in five I come away thinking that my amp was a joy to play. At most gigs the stand it sits on has a drum stand intertwined with it and a bass amp butted up against the other side, and as a result I don't get to appreciate the subtleties of my amp's sound. I also wonder whether the quality of my Boogie is actually cutting through to the audience, or whether something a little less magnificent would make not a blind bit of difference to them. I haven't tried the Mustang with a band yet, and there is a chance that it will thin out when competing with drums, bass, keyboards etc. However, it is quite loud and like a lot of players these days, my amp gets miked up and I don't want a lot of on-stage volume. The thing that would stop me using the Mustang II for gigs where I need a lot of different sounds is the restriction of the one-button footswitch and the two quick-access settings. However, if the sound holds up in a band setting, then I will have a look at the Mustang III with the four-button footswitch. While some of the controls seem fragile on the Mustang, I reminded myself that it weighs almost nothing and cost a tenth of what I paid for my Boogie. I could have two Mustangs and leave the spare in the car - something I could never afford to do with my Boogie. I've got more to discover yet about these amps, but up to now it's been something of a revelation.

  • from New Mexico October 18, 2011Music Background:
    'serious' hobbyist for 40+ years

    OK, not great

    This has lots of presets, but overall, it's a thin sounding amp, imho.
    It can get loud if you crank it, but it's still nothing like the real deal.
    Ok for home playing, but I don't think it's useful as a gigging amp, even with a mic.
    Another issue with these kinds of amps is that you are continually walking over to it and fiddling with settings, not something you'd do if you were playing a list.

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