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Fender Mustang I V.2 20-watt 1x8" Modeling Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 66 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Mustang I V.2 20-watt 1x8" Modeling Combo Amp?

Questions about the Fender Mustang I V.2 20-watt 1x8" Modeling Combo Amp?

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  • from WV February 12, 2017Music Background:
    Started with the guitar in the late '60s.


    This amp works perfect for me. Wanted something to play/practice/jam in my house, maybe get together for some front porch sessions with friends, and this amp does the job.

    Don't let the price/size fool you, this thing will rattle the windows and shake the cupboards in the kitchen when cranked up! I have to turn it down low just so it wont hurt my ears in the house.

    Being a 60+ year old biker with chrome in my hair and beard, I like the '59 Bassman and the "57 Deluxe modes the best for my Strats.

    My only dilemma , (if you can it that), is it has so many settings, modes, effects, etc., it will be awhile until I figure all benefits of this amp out!!!

    This amp flat out gets the job done for my needs of playing, and then some!

  • from KY December 27, 2015Music Background:

    Excellent Buy

    All the recent reviews seem to sum up what a fine amp this is for the money, so I'll just add that I'm having a blast playing with this amp... I'm just bummed I waited so long to upgrade from my basic 10w starter amp.... Great service by Sweetwater and my S'Water contact - Trevor C. ( who was great )

  • from Gallup, NM October 19, 2015Music Background:


    Bought this as a gift for my granddaughter who is getting started in music classes in school. It was easy for her to use, but at the same time, had all the "cool" features that anyone would want. Very advanced amp for the ease of use and the price point. This will be of sufficient level and quality to serve her musical needs for years to come.

    She loves it!

  • from October 7, 2015

    Cant do better for small amp

    Got this to play/practice with my Squier Fender Tele and Epi Les Paul. Had/still have Fender tube amp which is great for clean playing but this amp has DOZENS of distortion options---from mellow to heavy metal and in between. And don't let size fool you. Crank it up and its a window rattler. Great for practice or small venues.

  • from Hallam PA August 7, 2015

    Great AMP

    The Mustang 1 (V.2) has got to be the best amp out there for the price. It was so much better than I hoped for. I watched many videos and read many reviews about the amp and they were all good. That was the deciding factor for me to buy it. When I got it I was not disappointed! Watching the videos and listening to the different presets online is not the same as having it and playing it at home. It is an amazing AMP! One night I spent over an hour playing Hey Joe with all of the presets. The Mustang 1 is also great with an acoustic guitar. I have a Epiphone SG and a Yamaha A1M acoustic/electric guitar and they both sound great through this amp. To sum it up Great Price, Great Sound and a TON of FUN.
    Lenny Tatara

  • from August 4, 2015

    Douglas Campbell

    Love it must take the time to read the book on the amp for proper use.

  • from Florida June 27, 2015Music Background:
    53 years of Guitar !


    Amp is Great and has all the programmed settings I use and like !This just replace a Line 6
    Flex -tone III which takes a (it) programmer to get the settings . I purchased the Line 6 at the turn of their
    innovation to tubes style and used this on 2 GIGS and this has been sitting in the corner since .

    I have been using my Fender Princeton Mic'ed through a system along with the effects line. This little
    Fender Mustang is Awsome and may cause me to buy the Big One!

  • from Lutz, Florida June 16, 2015Music Background:
    Intermediate Guitar Student, Enthusiast, Hobbyist

    PowerHouse For a Little Amp!!!

    Got this amp after checking out different amps like Roland Cube, Peavey Vryper, Line 6 Spyder and a few others. I already had a Fender Reverb tube amp and a Marshall but decided I needed another. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the "Big Sounds" this relatively small amp puts out. I love having the ability to also control the gain on the presets as well or just dialing in a solo effect if needed. I've only been playing for roughly 2 years and 7 months but this amp makes my playing seem like I'm a seasoned player at times. WOW!...I can't really say much more about it....only downfall is I wish it had a looper.

  • from May 12, 2015


    I played this amp with my fender Mexican strat and I am very surprised an amp with this price and size to sound like it did. In addition I adore the many settings you can set it on. My favorite being the American 90's. Versatility is the strong point here

  • from Bolingbrook IL April 25, 2015

    Mustang Amp

    I received the item quickly and it was packaged well. The Amp is awesome, small box big sound great effects and performance. Just like old times, wife yelling your playing to loud, I love it!

  • from baytown texas March 16, 2015Music Background:
    beginner guitar player

    Mustang 1 v2

    Wow I am impressed with the power and features of this amp. I just got it a couple of days ago but I think she's a keeper. The youtube video reviews on it did not lie. For the price, quality,sound , & features this amp exceeded my expectations also thanks to Drew Foster and the Sweetwater guys my choice for my gear excellent costomer service

  • from baytown texas March 16, 2015Music Background:
    beginner guitar player

    Mustang 1 v2

    Wow I am impressed with the power and features of this amp. I just got it a couple of days ago but I think she's a keeper. The youtube video reviews on it did not lie. For the price, quality,sound , & features this amp exceeded my expectations

  • from Butler TN March 13, 2015Music Background:

    Great Amp

    I really like this amp. It does everything I want in a home practice amp and more. The included FUSE software is also great. You have to download it. Sweeter also has the cover for this amp so protect your investment. This is very lite weight so it is easy to move around.

  • from Olmsted Falls, Ohio USA January 29, 2015Music Background:

    Awesome Amp for the Price!

    I bought this amp for a friend of mine's 12 year old and was absolutely blown away by the sound, features and techno-savvy bells & whistles. I was assuming that it would sound little and "tinny", but that was not the case. The amp modeling is awesome for the price. I play through an all tube Marshall TSL602, so it takes a lot to impress me. I would highly recommend the Mustang amp as a beginner or pro practice amp. Nice job, Fender!

  • from USA January 7, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist

    Sweet Lil Tone Box!

    I have owned other small pratice type amps in the past. Most do not give you much high quality sound. At this size level and price point you expect somewhat less. However, this amp is outstanding in comparison. What amazed me is how good this little Mustang sounds! Great amp, great features, and lots of great models and effects. It has lots to offer and is a terrific buy! I am having lots of fun with this. Any musician will enjoy having one of these around.

  • from Colorado Springs, Co. November 17, 2014Music Background:
    beginner No experiance

    Good Amp

    As the owner of other Amps the addition of the Mustang I V.2 and a splitter allowed me to enhance my Guitarsmith 2014 playing experance.

  • from Leesburg VA September 17, 2014Music Background:

    Great Amp

    Great small practice Amp. Sounds good straight up and has some fun options for programming sounds/effects and tying into your computer. Lots of ideas to try out...

  • from Lampasas, TX July 9, 2014Music Background:
    recording engineer,been playing live since '81

    True Reproduction Of Clean Fender Tube Tone

    Fender really shines with the Mustang modeling amps. Their reputation is solid across the board! You will not find bad reviews on these amps anywhere, and that says it all. The Fender clean sounds are spot on and invite experimentation;these amps are fun to tweak! While the built in effects are excellent, the Mustang line sounds very nice with a good effects pedal set-up in front of it. Tube tones are realistic, as good as any other modeling amp out there. Plus, the retro looking cabinets are VERY well made! Add in Sweetwater prices, warranty and tech support, you have the best deal on the net.

  • from Utah June 12, 2014Music Background:
    Just a guitar playing enthusist

    Great Fender Mustang I V.2

    I haven't played an electric guitar in years, but I recently purchased a Godin 5th Avenue. This guitar plays great on it, I just wish I knew how to get more out of it.

  • from Lafayette, IN June 12, 2014Music Background:

    Best Bang for the $$

    I won't add what everyone else has said so far - both what it is and isn't. I am a Profession Electronics Tech for 30 years and Fender has really went beyond ALL manufacturers with this DSP and the USB world. I will say this about it. I took the back off because a 8" doesn't usually sound this good. This is my OPINION, but it looks to have a Celestion Eight15. It doesn't have the sticker, but the speaker basket is identical- guessing a version for Fender. You get the Fuse S/W try it !! PERIOD!! What few are saying here is you get IK Multimedia FREE! Fender SE version and pedals FREE. Register your Mustang on Fuse and they give you a serial # and register at IK- a whole new world of amps/pedals to try. NO other manufacturer offers this. The Fender SE S/W for IK is worth $150. The Fuse S/W offers a Fender clean Preamp they call "Studio" which has no modeling which gives you the cleanest tone. I use a $60 set of headphones and each amp model sounds VERY different - unlike the model amps of the competition. I have been playing with it for a month now and I find new things with the S/W all the time. You can download back tracks on Fuse and IK - there are several hundred to play with. Rock on Fender!!!

  • from Plano, TX June 6, 2014Music Background:
    Beginner on Guitar

    Awesome Amplifier

    I live that I can do so much with this amp. I also enjoy that even though it is a 20 Watt unit it is extremely portable. I

  • from Trinidad, Co 81082 May 30, 2014Music Background:

    Fender Mustang 1

    I am Not a musician and this is the first Electric Amp I have owned. All the dial's and knobs can be a little over whelming, But fun to experiment with. I have not used the computer as yet, Just figuring out the Amp by it self is Challenging enough. I would be lost if I had parched anything with any more knobs and modes. OVER ALL I love my purchase and would not hesitate to order from Sweetwater again.

  • from Valley AL May 26, 2014Music Background:
    Local musician - play 3-4 times a month.

    Love this Amp!

    This is just a super practice amp. Absolutely love sounds I get out of this little amp whether Im using headphones or the speaker it sounds huge and the twin just sparkles with clarity. I frequently practice with sound track so the aux input is also a great feature. I dont actually mess with the controls too much because I love the flexibility and simplicity of Fender Fuse set it up and save it. Next time I need I gig amp I will seriously consider a Mustang. Great job Fender.

  • from Near Sedona Arizona May 1, 2014Music Background:
    started playing at 15 and took a 30 year rest. Now I'm retired and can play 3 hours a day.

    Fender Mustang 1 v.2 More than I expected out of a 8' speaker

    I've had 3 other amps over the years. All were tube amps with 12' speakers. The modeling of this amp is phenomenal. I'm 66 and I would swear I was at a gig in the 1960's Fender sounds all are spot on. There are only 3 that I absolutely hate. "I HATE METAL" If you have to have Metal buy a Line 6 but if you like the music of the 50's 60's 70's and some of the 80's this is for you. I had to tweak 2 of them to my taste which was so easy. The people at Sweetwater are great. I bought it on line but watched a great demo on YouTube The sound is powerful to play over a drummer in a small bar although it is meant to be a practice amp.. I'm in love with it.

  • from Kansas City, Missouri April 6, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Muisician

    Big Sound out of a very portable amp.

    Awesome and big sound from a small practice amp. So portable as well. My fender 4 x10 is getting dusty in the corner since I am able to take this amp everywhere.

  • from Chicago, Illinois March 20, 2014Music Background:
    Retired Pro Musician

    Fantastic Amp

    Just got one of these, and its great. Incredible tones and with pre-programmed pre-sets it is extremely user friendly. My Squier strats sound awesome through it. Even my cheap strat knock-off sounds pretty good through this little bad-boy. Thanks Fender, for another super product.

  • from United States, Orion MI, USofA March 15, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist (playing for 50 years and still rockin'!)

    Stereo Hedphone output!

    The headphone output is in true stereo in several modes. i don't know how they did it, but is really cool to play with headphones alone, but to have stereo on several of the presets and custom settings, is really cool. I don't know why the Fender or Sweetwater Marketing Geeks don't mention this cool feature. I was totally shocked when i first tried the headphone jack. there's a red indicator when the output is in true stereo. There re severl modes where the channels ping pong from left to right, etc.

  • from michigan February 15, 2014Music Background:
    Student, Hobbyist, Worship musician

    Top Notch!

    Compared to other small, low-wattage, and portable amps on the market, this is by far the best choice! I've tried Line 6 products (I have a spider 3 75 watt combo), I bought and returned the Orange Micro Terror (Terrible sound..seriously), and I looked at the Roland Cubes before I bought this. The Fender Mustang puts them all to shame! The cleans and a lot of the crunch/distorted tones sound as close to a tube amp as you're going to get with a solid state. I use this every week in an ensemble performance group and it holds up very nicely with everybody else, including the drummer. Trust me when I say that this little guy can get really loud! Yet it's lightweight and portable, it won't kill your arm or shoulder if you have to walk with your axe in one hand and this in the other for a long ways. The headphone jack works great as well, it actually sounds like you're playing through the amp. It doesn't get all fizzy/tinty when you play with headphones on. I am so happy with this purchase, and quite honestly it usually takes a lot for me to be completely happy when it comes to guitar gear. Big thanks and a shout out to my Sweetwater engineer Tharon! He was patient with me, helpful, and understanding through the entire process. Bottom line, get this amp if you're looking for something small, portable, but awesome on sound!

  • from Apopka,FL February 13, 2014Music Background:

    The Fender Mustang I V.2 1x8" 20-Watt DSP Combo

    Best amp for the money...I prefer it over the Mustang 3 it is light ,easy, but still can play a variety of music....

  • from Kent, Wash. USA January 15, 2014Music Background:
    Played and enjoyed music all my lift, musician

    fender mustang I

    This is the perfect travel, practice, take anywhere amp! Price is right and well worth it. I've had several small amp and this one fits the bill better than any of them because it offers so much (read its description)and because of that you just don't want to turn it off. I have to give a shout out to sweetwater also, I've order several items from them and have been very impressed with there shipping, sales personal and prices. Thank you!

  • from Santa Cruz, CA USA December 6, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Enthusiast


    Small practice amp is perfect for me...non-professional, metal, rock, blues, or classical noodler. I had another amp and gave it away after getting this one. Sweetwater is the best when it comes to what counts, service, follow up and premium product with a fair pice point. Great bang for the buck.

  • from Baton Rouge, La November 14, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Wow! What an amp!

    I bought this amp to use in my studio. I can patch directly into my mixer and get all the voicings in my recordings. I really like the Fender '65 twin spring reverb. I dialed in chorus to boot and what a sound! Using headphones you can get a truly separated stereo. It has tremolo also. It gives you the ability to blend custom voicings. Well worth the money. It's actually worth a lot more. It's a bargain considering a Twin Reverb amp costs between $1200 and $1400. Fender has nailed all the amp modeling
    with this amp. All the British and American sounds. Small cabinet, huge sound.

  • from Trenton, New Jersey October 16, 2013Music Background:

    Makes Me Sound Good

    The onboard effects make me sound like a seasoned player, and I'm just learning. The built in tuner is a great feature. It's my first amp, so I don't know if that's a new feature, but I was glad it's on this unit.

  • from pendleton, OR September 13, 2013Music Background:

    Mustang rocks !!!

    you cannot purchase a better practice amp.....period.

  • from Mantua NJ August 24, 2013Music Background:
    35 years playing under my belt. I currently play lead guitar in a church band..

    Great amp for the money!

    This amp is a steal for the price. The Mustang DSP series amps are not only awesome amps, but reasonally priced . I use my Mustang 1 not only as my main practice amp, but I also use it with my church band.(With a mic of course). The Mustang DSP has every effect you could possible need(all quality sounds). Buy it you won't regret it!!! Sweetwater is a top notch online music outlet,that I wouldn't hesitate to use again. Fast careful shipping and great customer service.

  • from Mantua NJ August 13, 2013Music Background:
    Been playing guitar for 35 years. Lead guitar in a Christian rock band

    Great Amp For The Money

    For the price this amp is great. The various amp settings and effects are amazing. I used to own a mid sixties tube fender twin, and the clean on this amp sounds just like it.Any guitar you run through this amp will sound good. For practice at home you can't beat it, but if you play it with a band it needs a mic. For a small solo gig this would be my go to. Buy it you won't regret it. The Mustang 2 and 3 are more powerful, but more money. The Fender Mustang 2 is a great deal for 200.

  • from Arkansas City, Kansas July 21, 2013Music Background:

    AC Kansas

    I haven't played for a long time (the last amp I owned was a twin reverb) I have just returned to playing and I had purchased a new electric guitar and after sampling some amps at a local music store I still wasn't sure as to what amp to buy. After some more thought and research I decided to buy the Fender Mustang 1 amp. I have just spent about three hours checking out my new amp. What a surprise!! This might be only a 20 watt amp but it sure sounds like a whole lot more. With the 24 presets, 18 amp models and 37 effects there is so much available it makes you wonder how they can offer so much for such a modest price. You get way more than you pay for. This little amp will handle any style you want. This is the perfect amp for practice, small venues and those with limited space. You just can't go wrong with this amp.

  • from Bowling Green, Ohio July 18, 2013Music Background:
    Working musician

    A+ on this little powerhouse!!!

    I have everything I need using this amp!! A lot of thought and engineering went to the design of this amp. Just loaded with all kinds
    of sonic sounds. When Im done being crazy, the clean channels are
    just great! Lots of power too. Now, it cant compete with my marshall
    stack, but it wasnt designed to. For the money it is the best amp I
    have ever used!.

  • from Englewood Cliffs, NJ USA July 17, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great service Great Product

    This amp is incredible! Easy to carry, portable, with overdrive effects and could be turned up very loud yet great in quality. I can record easily onto my computer which is a great plus for musicians and songwriters. Great for any occasion! Works great on all my mobile devices and my guitar. The Fender Mustang V.2 makes anyone, from beginners to rock and roll guitarists sound like a professional.

  • from Palm Harbor, FL July 7, 2016

    Love this amp!

    I'm relatively new to electric guitars, but this amp is perfect for me! I can finally get the sound I want and look forward to practicing.

  • from NC July 6, 2016Music Background:

    So far so good!

    I am new to electric guitar amps so this review is based off what I know. I have not heard many other amps to compair. I like what I have seen so far when playing this amp and the software is great. I use my computer for most of my playing and practice because the online presets are so much better than what is on the amp. There are too many to list on all of the presets you can down load but it is great to be able to try all that you like and toss the ones you do not like. The software could be a little more user friendly but I have not had many problems that i was not able to figure it out. As I improve and get more time under my belt witth this amp I will try and update this review. Sweetwater has made for a great shopping experiance and I do not say that often. I would tell others who are learnign to try this out. I am very pleased so far.

  • from New England USA June 9, 2016


    I was looking for an easy carrying amp---got it.
    I was looking for something not complicated with annoying sub-menus----got it.
    I was looking for a solid state, modeling amp with good sounds and effects----got it.
    I was looking for a not too costly amp----got it......hmmmmm, all I can say is....

    GET IT.

  • from Northwest Ohio November 12, 2015Music Background:
    Aspiring bluesman

    . . . and it's LOUD, too.

    This little amp is pretty cool. I have no complaints other than with respect to the documentation or other resources available. Having only returned to playing the guitar after a 46 year hiatus, I've found myself considerably more demanding of the products I buy. And I like to make the most of each and every purchase. This amp, I'm certain, is capable of MUCH more than what I've put it through . . . but my limited knowledge isn't allowing me to really dig deep into it's capabilities. When I discovered that additional info could be downloaded, I was delighted, but it turns out that the "advanced owner's manual" is only 5 pages.

  • from Wisconsin August 29, 2015Music Background:
    I'm an old lady with a Taylor T-5 and 46 years of guitar playing under my belt.

    Enjoying Fender Mustang

    Sweetwater is great! This item arrived so quickly! Wow! As for the item, it's a lot of fun. There's a bit of a learning curve, and I have yet to explore Fuse. I do like how lightweight it is and easy to carry around. Portability is important to me. It also looks cool.

  • from March 28, 2015

    bang for the buck!

    I bought this amp not quite sure how good the modeling was and i was totally blow away. Perfect little amp for my kids to rock out with me.

  • from Detroit May 29, 2014Music Background:
    hobbyist who loves music

    This AMP is very hard to beat

    For the money and all you can get from it... this amp is near perfect imo.
    Wide variety of decent sounds and plenty of modulation, delay effects to give a beginner an idea of what each does.
    Headphone output, tuner, lightweight and fairly loud.
    What more do you need in a practice amp?

  • from April 18, 2014

    Real nice little amp

    This amp is like space-aged gadget. The sound is great and you can crank it up. You can program it with different sounds and it comes with many already loaded adjustments. It's great for a beginner like me. Bought is with my SG-400 Pro Epi guitar and I am having fun! Totaly recommend the amp and also Sweetwater.

  • from United States February 27, 2014Music Background:

    Not Bad

    Great, easy to use. A great practice amp. Only knock is that I wish it had a preset for a blues sound.

  • from February 12, 2014

    Fender Mustang IV.2 1x8" 20 Watt Combo amp

    Love this little modeling amp! Great bang for the buck. Stellar customer service from Sweetwater as always.

  • from Cocoa Beach, FL February 5, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging Musician, Home Recorder

    great amp

    I have several fender tube amps. However I mic this thing up a low volume and it sounds great. I usually use clean tones. Not sure about the heavier tones. Well worth the $100.

  • from New York December 7, 2013

    Best Bang For Your Buck!

    Don't let the size fool you. This amp will grow with you from practicing at home by yourself, to group rehearsals, to small gigs and beyond. The sound quality is just amazing and the technology/software it incorporates makes it a very innovative piece of equipment that can perform in all situations. I recommend this as a first amp for those just starting out as well as the seasoned musician. Couldn't be happier with my Sweetwater purchase.

  • from suffolk VA November 13, 2013Music Background:

    Really cool

    I really like this amp for the price. Mostly because you don't have to crank it to get distortion. Lots of different sounds and options and a lot of trial and error to do. Biggest downfall is the lack of setup info. That being said I still have no regrets . It is WAY worth the money..

  • from CT August 26, 2013Music Background:

    For the price, unbeatable

    Lots of effects, USB interface for easy laptop control, very decent sound for being a single 8" speaker, and sturdy enough to go with you. There's even a built-in guitar tuner.

    If there's one thing that detracts is that there's no "clean" function for running it without any effects at all. You can't even do that through presets - it will always emulate an amp sound.

  • from Redmond, WA July 5, 2013Music Background:

    Mustang I V.2

    This is a great bedroom amp. has great sound using with my fender strat. Lots of optional sound settings. I do wish there was more instructions on the operation of it.

    Over all good value at Sweetwater!

  • from Georgia January 24, 2017

    Awesome amp for the money.

    I was looking far a small very portable modeling amp for times I didn't want or need to lug around my Vox amps. This amp is an excellent choice in that regard. At around $, you can't beat the quality and versatility of this amp for the money. Highly recommended.

  • from Arizona December 4, 2016Music Background:
    No back ground just learning and messing around.

    Mustang I V.2

    Really like this amp for begginers. Not to loud to bother the neighbors but loud enough.
    Lots of options and the software is pretty nice.

  • from KY January 6, 2016Music Background:
    Back porch picker

    Mustang I v.2

    I love it! I've been playing guitar for 20 years and am used to having 2 channels: clean, blues, and dirty. The key to this amp is to plug it into your laptop and learn how to set up the sound on each amp. It is an awesome amp for those who like the old Fender amps and you can recreate all of them. The downside is that there are so many options, and I am one who was a bit overwhelmed at first. But after finding the time to spend I can tell that this is an awesome amplifier that can provide you with custom sound in a compact package never seen before.

  • from Northwest, Ohio July 15, 2015

    Why isn't the Mustang being used in the video.

    I am looking for a more portable amp when I want to visit family and friends. (Leave big brother and the pedals at home.) I watched the video for the Mustand 1 V.2 and right from the git was disappointed that the Fender Rep was playing thru another amp.
    I would have thought it far more appropriate (not to mention HELPFUL to potential buyers) if he had played thru the Mustang.

  • from May 20, 2014

    Fender Mustang I v.2

    Overall I do like every feature of the Guitar Amp Combo.

  • from tampa bay fla April 21, 2014Music Background:

    great amp for price range

    This amp gives you a wide range of options to work with and it offers it at a very low price. I've owned mine for 2 years and had no problems with it. I tend to play the 60's model and twin reverb and use a ts9 and can get some good tone thru my strat . I don't play much metal anymore but the metal setting is not bad to my ears but to each his own. Its plenty loud for a practice amp I did set in with friend on stage with it and it got job done no drummer just two guitars . At home I like to plug my smart phone into the aux input and jam over backing tracks on youtube which I think is cool. Good amp for any beginner or pro for home and maybe small gig.

  • from Moneta, Va September 22, 2013Music Background:
    Lifelong student

    Impressive little amp

    I purchased the Mustang I V.2 to use as a small practice amp and it works well for that role. It is small and light enough to travel easily, and the amp presets are very good. The amp controls are limited, but there are many more options available when connected to a computer using the Fuse software, and these options can be saved to a preset and loaded on the amp. The online forums have tips and presets that can be downloaded to the amp, too. I am very pleased with this amp.

  • from April 27, 2017

    Small but powerful

    I got it for all the settings but find them to be too many. Lol

  • from San Diego, CA November 7, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Ok Entry Level Amp, but not the best.

    Ahh the Fender Mustang. One of the all time most popular practice amps, and not without good reason. I have owned one of these for almost four years now, and it has served me very well.
    Lets talk non sound related things first: even the biggest of amp snobs cannot deny that this thing is excellently screwed together. The whole amp feels very solid, the knobs turn smooth and silent, the jacks are high quality, and nothing feels cheap or poorly made. The amp is very handsome with the traditional Fender look and feel of old blackface amps. It has taken more than its fair share of bumps in the time I've owned it and it has held together like a total champ.
    Now on to sound, in my opinion this amp is definitely passable but very hit or miss, considering the price however it's quite good. Before I get started though, my one biggest complaint about this amp: PLEASE INCLUDE A MID CONTROL!! Seriously what is the deal with no mid control knobs? Anyway, in my opinion this amp is vastly better when clean than when distorted, and the clean tones can actually be excellent.
    My favorite setting of all of them is the green channel '59 Bassman emulation, it is phenomenally accurate to a real Fender combo, and is perfectly balanced and natural sounding (it also gets along with pedals very nicely) I run a pretty extensive pedalboard so I disable all of the inbuilt effects almost always and I've edited the '59 Bassman setting to not use them. The other Fender recreations are also good, the '65 Twin Reverb is good for Jazz sounds, and when paired with some of my pedals can sound quite beautiful for ambient clean sounds.
    Speaking of disabling effects and such, I should mention that I think Fender tried a bit too hard with some of these sounds, the effects are there but there is little to no control over them other than on or off so it's all or nothing and I find that these effects are often overpowering and fake sounding, some are ok but that's about it. The sheer number of amp models and sounds is impressive, but I find that I use very few of them and most just wind up sitting there. The '59 Bassman, British 60's, British 80's, and American 90's settings on the green and amber channels are good, but I find the others really to be rather useless. I am the kind of person who uses all of the settings available to me on most things but still I think that a lot of these sounds were undercooked and they probably should consolidate to a smaller number of really well done sounds if they want to shed the stigma of practice amps being cheap sounding.
    Back to the amp sound, while I mentioned that this thing's forte is definitely clean sounds, it is capable of classic drive as well (a slightly pushed Bassman on the green channel with a Tube Screamer in front of it produces a gorgeous vintage drive sound), but really overdrive sounds out of the speaker are not the best with the exception of a few like the setting I just mentioned. The reason for this isn't to do with the way the circuitry is put together, more with the fact that Fender opted for an 8" speaker instead of a full 12" that is standard on most amps. This cuts the low end and it needs to be artificially added back in to compensate which often hurts this amp's driven sounds. In terms of metal this thing often will just fall flat due to this speaker issue, but when running direct into a recording interface with a cabinet impulse it can do much better.
    Speaking of metal I should mention that I did figure out a good metal sound with the speaker: go to green channel American 90's, set the gain at 4-4.5, the volume at 6.5-7, the bass on 6 and the treble on 5 (adjust master to taste) and with a vintage style Les Paul in the bridge position it will rip (a low gain Tube Screamer is also a good addition to this signal chain for a bit more oomph if need be).
    This leads me to gain itself: on the higher gain settings the default is WAY oversaturated, and I have seen several new guitarists who do not know much about tone yet be led into bad habits by this over the top sound that in a mix is awful and causes them to lose all the dynamics in their playing.
    At the end of the day though this amp is $, it's not a multi-thousand dollar Mesa Boogie so you can't expect to fairly compare them, and while I have been fairly critical in this review I should say it is not because I insist on fancy expensive amps, the Fender Champion 40 is a vastly better beginner option, it's not much more expensive than the mustang, but has twice the power, a full 12 inch speaker, an open-back cabinet (allows for easy speaker change), adjustable level effects, a fully independent clean channel, and while there are less presets they're all useful and can produce a wide variety of tones with a lot more character and style than the Mustang.
    While the Mustang does have the USB out going for it which is nice, both these amps have direct headphone outs which can be run into an interface for a direct silent recording setup.
    I think for the beginning guitarist who does not know for sure the tone they're after, the Champion 40 would be a better option overall but you honestly can't go wrong with either one of these amps.

  • from New England USA May 27, 2016

    Big Enough

    You often hear in reviews..."not loud enough for gigs". Well, unless that dude is playing Madison Square Garden I have to wonder at which volume levels does this strummer reside. I play in an electric jug band with drums and for all of our "bar" gigs this amp can cut it. Twenty watts can be BIG ENOUGH. Now, let me say this: this is not my favorite amp. Nor is it a tube tone machine. But if you want clean and distorted tones that are usable and you are not into spending money on pedals that cost almost as much as guitars and amps do...this is your amp. There are enough clean, effected and distorted tones to work in any bar gig situation. I am not saying it replaces some "tube maven's" idea of tone heaven, but it works for your basic bar gig and does itself proud. And the price is right too.

  • from Ft Lauderdale, FL February 28, 2014Music Background:
    hobby guitar

    Mustang I v.2 Amp

    Sound is good,but controls are way too complicated. No manual with amp or on-line that helps much is knowing how to set up amp. Just wanted a basic amp, and in that mode works fine.

  • from Hillsborough, NC July 15, 2016

    Not a good first amp choice

    To begin, this is my first electric guitar amplifier, and since I have nothing else to compare it with, and plenty of other reviews discuss how this amp sounds, this review is based on impressions of a first-time user on usabiity and not how this amp sounds.

    I found the control layout poorly planned. The typeface for the "models" (there are only 8, not 18 or 17 as in Sweetwater's and Fender's descriptions, respectively) is tiny and can be difficult to read from a distance or in poor lighting, and the labels are really for model types, not actual amp models, as used by other amp makers. The labels for the modulation and delay/reverb are just letters, and require referring to the skimpy manual to determine the correct combination of knobs and indicator lights to use to get the desired effect. Yes, you can figure out the sounds you can get by using trial-and-discover combinations of settings, but for a first-time amp user, this is not ideal.

    Finally, I could not get the Fuse software to work on my MacBook Pro running the latest Mac OS. A very nice Fender phone support person acknowledged that there is an issue with Fuse and the Mac OS, and referred me to a web page that describes, not very well, in my opinion, a fix that involves a number of steps to take, which includes deleting objects, which I am not willing to execute. Fender should fix Fuse, not make their customers do it.

    Based on the above, if I could go back and select an electric guitar amplifier for a first-time user such as myself, the Fender Mustang I V.2 would not be it.

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