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Godin MultiAc Nylon SA - Natural Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Godin MultiAc Nylon SA - Natural?

Questions about the Godin MultiAc Nylon SA - Natural?

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  • from Tucson AZ July 18, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Great Gig Guitar

    This is a great nylon string guitar for many reasons. First it doesn't feed back. Second it has a real nylon sound, especially played through the Roland GR55 Synth. But, more than that, you can get virtually any sound you want between the bass, mid, and treble adjustments using the transducer pickup system, or using the synth, or both at the same time, the sounds you can produce are infinite.

    The quality is really first class. The fit and finish are perfect. I love the neck, it is designed like an electric guitar neck, smooth, slim and fast. Also, it is one of the few nylon guitars that tunes perfectly all over the fingerboard. Godin really hit one out of the park with this incredible guitar. I use it for all my gigs as I play fingerstyle and steel strings tear up the finger nails. I occasionally play rock with a pick and it sounds great on this guitar too.

  • from June 20, 2014Music Background:
    Music Hobbyist of 38 years...

    What An Excellent Guitar!

    I love this guitar! It is the first nylon string guitar I have owned and I am amazed at the versatility it has so far as sound goes. Forgetting the guitar synth capabilities, it still has a wonderful fullness of tone that I did not expect. Through the Roland GR-55 there really is no end to the possibilities. The quality of the guitar is incredible, I think it has the best finish of any guitar I have ever owned. To top the deal off my sales person Greg was (as usual) right on with his excellent service and suggestions of extra strings and other accessories.
    I LOVE Sweetwater and LOVE my Godin Multiac!!

  • from Southern California, USA November 21, 2012Music Background:
    Christian praise and worship musician.

    I got lucky!

    I have an old Ibanez RG-470 with a Roland Gk-3 pickup and I've been using it with the Roland VG-99 and the GR-20.
    I play mostly with a christian worship band. As time passed I noticed I mostly play steel string and nylong string guitar with or without a combination of Bass on the lower two string or orchestra strings from the GR-20. Occasionally I play some mildly overdriven electric guitar. So, I decided to shop for a more acoustic looking guitar with the 13-pin connector. I decided for the Godin because of positive reviews on the Internet.
    But at first I got very disappointed. None of my usual VG-99 patches sounded right. Not a problem with the GR-20, which is MIDI based. The steel string acoustic guitar patch on the VG-99 sounded completely off . No matter how much I tried to tweak it the sound was always of an nylon string guitar. I didn't realize how much the VG-99 is affected by the guitar's natural tone. The electric guitar patches also sounded funny, never like a strat of les paul, or any of the guitars. I thought of returning the guitar. I started searching for alternatives, and I saw the Roland GC-1, which is a classic stratocaster with the GK-3 pickup, but again, it doesn't look acoustic at all. Probably Roland fine tuned all the VG-99 patches with a stratocaster acoustic tone in mind. I could return the Multiac Nylon and get a Multiac steel or spectrum, but then I had this idea. The Godin's scale lengh is the same as the stratocaster, so I though maybe steel strings will help on the tone. I ordered strings with just about one pound more tension than the nylon strings, plain steel on the three treble strings and flatwounds on the lower three.
    Miracle happens! The tones of the VG-99 factory presets sounded as realistic as never before. Better than with my Ibanez! I didn't have to tweak anything. The most notable difference was on the nylon string patches, they sounded perfect with no adjustments. (I had to tweak o lot with the Ibanez). Actually I'd say the nylon string guitar from the VG-99 now sounds equal or better than the Multiac with nylon strings!
    Of course the Godin now sounds like a steel string guitar umplugged or using the 1/4" cable, but the tone is wonderful. Probably because of the much lower string tension compared to the acoustic steel string guitars (15 lbs as opposed to 25-30 lbs).
    I think I got very lucky! The Mulitac Nylon SA with with electric guitar strings is the perfect match for the VG-99/GR20.
    As a plus, I'm loving the 1 7/8" nut width. No more accidental string muting or buzzing.
    Notes on the guitar with the original nylon strings.
    It's not a Classical Guitar, so classical guitar players should stay away from this one. Unplugged the sound lacks the depth of a classical guitar. Through a PA with the 1/4" cable, there is a big change in tone for the lower three strings. It doesn't sound "nylon-ish" and adds an irritating buzz on those strings' attack, which doesn't happen umplugged (Actually that buzz disappeared when I switched to flatwound steels).
    For anything, but a classical guitar concert, this guitar has is awesome. You can get that nice nylon string tone you here in pop, latino, flamenco, and Brazilian music (movie sound tracks too).

  • from April 27, 2017

    Exceptional Guitar

    This item was on my wishlist for quite some time. So glad I didn't wait any longer to finally grab it. I cut my teeth on a conventional classical guitar long ago. After years of using primarily steel-string acoustics, I wanted to add the versatility of the nylon strings, but with an instrument that would travel well, sound great amplified, and offer a feel similar to my other guitars. I was confident that the MultiAc SA would fit the bill, and add the opportunity to plug directly into a synth processor. This guitar is amazing to play. It has a very comfortable body design, and the fit and finish are superb. The 1-7/8" nut and fingerboard radius make playing more comfortable for a guy used to a dreadnought ... unlike the conventional classic I was using. It has such a buttery feel that it's hard to put down. I love the tone using just the 1/4" out, but I'm very eager to incorporate the GR-55, once I've had time to reorganize and edit the patches to suit our music. I'm not a fan of gig bags, and the one that Godin ships with this wonderful guitar is not worthy of the instrument. As always, TJ at Sweetwater was exceptionally helpful. Highly recommend the Godin and Sweetwater!

  • from Saint Peters, MO February 4, 2017

    Fantastic Guitar!

    This guitar has a warm tone and has a very nice action. The fretboard is very smooth and comfortable. I am using this guitar for Smooth Jazz. I am amazed at this guitar's capability. I am using this with a Roland JC-120 and Roland guitar synth bc it has the built in pickups for the guitar synth. Even for just normal playing this guitar has the sound that is really great.

  • from September 7, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar and production

    Great Find Guitar

    This guitar is versatile, solid, comfortable to play, and with a synth (I use a GR-55) I can play with endless tones. It is suited well as a nylon string guitar with an amp. I'm delighted with this bargain that fits well in a small collection of different guitars in my studio.

  • from Canada November 12, 2010Music Background:
    recording artist, and performer. Playing for over 20 yrs.

    Amazing guitar

    I love this guitar, I wanted one for for about ten yrs, now that I got one (about 10 months ago) I am blown away.

    I have 3 electric guitars, 3 classical guitars, 2 flamenco guitars, 2 acoustic steel strings. Lately this is my favorite. I love the feel and playability of it, it is amazing. Unplugged it is a bit punchy, percussive and thin, sounds like a flamenco guitar. Plugged in you get the 3 band eq to shape the sound and give versatility .

    If you are a classical guitar purist, then you will miss the fatness of notes played on a high end classical. IF you approach this as a unique instrument that sounds similar to but different from (not better or worse) a great classical guitar then you will be very satisfied.

    Also I use the SA to control softsynths in my home studio. Very nice tracking once the guitar synth and software are set up to talk to each other correctly .

    I have played nylon string for over 20 yrs and playing nylon string with a radiased neck is a really joy.

    2 small complaints :
    When unplugged I wish notes on the treble strings could be a bit fatter.

    It is the heaviest nylon string guitar you will ever play. If you plan to play standing up make sure you invest in a nice padded and ergonomic guitar strap.

Questions about the Godin MultiAc Nylon SA - Natural?

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