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Godin Multiac Encore Grand Concert SA - Cedar Top Reviews

4.5 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Godin Multiac Encore Grand Concert SA - Cedar Top?

Questions about the Godin Multiac Encore Grand Concert SA - Cedar Top?

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  • from Connecticut August 7, 2016

    A dream come true

    I've been at the 7-string for 4 decades now, usually an arcgtop or electric with steel strings. I had a flamenco guitar converted to 7-string a few years ago, and loved the sound, but couldn't get it work as well in real-world (LOUD) situations. The Godin, however, is perfectly designed for playing amplified, the pickups are the renowned RMC system, which I have had installed in several of my guitars, best tracking on the planet. They also work quite well with a multi-processing pedal such as a Digitech or Zoom, giving a very good electric guitar sound, distortion and all, and imitating a jazz guitar sound very well. The synth tracking is the best, and there isn't anything quite like playing the bass lines with the 7th and 6th strings while dialing in strings, flutes, vocal choruses, steel drums, electric pianos, whatever you like. For working with singers, it's a perfect solution.

  • from Oberlin Conservatory of Music May 23, 2014Music Background:
    Professor of Guitar and Lute

    Addendum re Godin Multiac Grand Concert 7 String

    I have a few more notes to add, to a previous review..hopefully these can be combined with addendum to my earlier positive review.. I am still very positive. However, .I am troubled that the fretboard is a synthetic material instead of ebony. I do not buy the explanation that this change from real hardwood to some kind of synthetic material, makes synth tracking better.

    Other comments, not critical to playing ease or sound, are that the opening cover plates on the back of the instrument are a completely different wood/material than the substance of the back. The pairing looks very strange.

  • from Oberlin, OH USA May 23, 2014Music Background:
    Professor of Guitar and Lute

    Godin 7 string

    I have played 7 string guitars since the late 60s....Devoted to George Van Eps recordings, and studied with and loved Bucky Pizzarelli. Used to sneak into the the St Regis in Manhattan, NY to hear Bucky and George Barnes, just to absorb the great moves Bucky had on his, at the time, Gretsch 7-string (it was green). Later he switched to Bob Benedetto.

    Me, I have followed him every step along the way, except, after a 2 instruments by Gretsch, two by Benedetto, I am playing also, a Godin seven string. It is not as fast as the Benedetto, because of the design (for classical players), and the fretboard does not appear to be ebony, but rather some kind of synthetic substance.

    Still, it plays well, is finished carefully...I expect it to sound good amplified I have two other nylon string godins that sound great, so no reason to expect this to sound otherwise.

    Service from Sweetwater always great. I actually have as I think about it 5 Godin instruments. So, guess I am a Godin fan. However, have absolutely no connection to this company at all.

Questions about the Godin Multiac Encore Grand Concert SA - Cedar Top?

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