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Plug-in Vocal Tuning Software with 4-part Intelligent Harmonizer, MIDI Control, Effects, Included Presets, and 192kHz Resolution - Mac/PC, AU, RTAS, VST
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Mu Technologies Mu Voice image 1

Sorry, the Mu Technologies Mu Voice is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Mu Technologies Mu Voice
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An Intelligent Harmonizer Plug-in For the Studio or the Stage!

Mu Technologies' Mu Voice is a vocal tuning plug-in that's great for musicians and engineers alike - and its low 5.8ms internal delay makes it equally adept for both live and stage use. A chord panel and an intelligent harmonizer are at the heart of Mu Voice - you can dial in everything from natural to wild harmonies and pan them creatively or you can make subtle changes to bring a vocal performance into pitch. Plus, you can quickly put it through its paces using included presets and MIDI-controllability makes Mu Voice a great performance partner onstage.

Mu Technologies Mu Voice at a Glance:
  • Intelligent Harmonizer plus Chord Panel
  • 4-track mixer with per-channel effects
  • Included presets and easy preset management
  • Automatable
  • High-quality performance
  • MIDI-controllable with low-latency for live use

Intelligent Harmonizer plus Chord Panel
Mu Voice features an intelligent harmonizer that considers the musical content of a piece, including chord and scale information, to generate its harmonies and configure the voicing and octave for each of the four harmony channels. Using its chord panel, you can select a key and easily browse through chords to create the right effect for your sound.

4-track mixer with per-channel effects
Manipulating the harmonies is much like operating a mixer - when you have chords and voices selected, you can add a host of effects - from the subtle to the extreme. Mu Voice offers effective spatial panning, humanizing, filters, and harmonic EQ-ing. Use them to create a rich mix across the stereo field, add strange "telephone" effects to the lead vocal or harmony parts, or control the amplitude of each harmonic in the sound. Mu Voice lets you get as "tweak-y" as you like, yet it's also easy to just load up and use.

Included presets with easy preset management
To keep the large number of control parameters manageable, all parameters that are not related to the chord scheme can be saved in presets. By selecting a preset, configuring the parameters and pressing the 'Save'-button, the preset is stored. When a preset is selected and the 'Apply'-button is pressed, the preset is loaded. Presets can also be added to the chord scheme by pressing the 'Insert'-button.

With Mu Voice, you can automate the profession of chords and presets in two steps. Write-mode lets you pick a starting point of your selected chord scheme, then press the right arrow on your keyboard - you'll move to the next position and Mu Voice will record the timing. In Read Mode, the plug-in will synchronize itself to the host time, so it's fully automated

High-quality performance
Mu Voice can perform from 44.1kHz to high-resolution 192kHz quality - ideal for any studio setting. It features an XML-based file exchange, so your plug-in is readable, editable, and portable over all platforms.

MIDI-controllable with low-latency for live use
While Mu Voice is a powerful studio tool, you can also take it to the stage with confidence. Because it's MIDI-enabled, you can enjoy full control over it from your MIDI controller. Load it into a real-time host, such as Ableton Live or Apple MainStage and have fun - a state-of-the-art chord recognition system will control the scale and chord over time. You can also select presets, navigate chord schemes and more - all without touching your computer's mouse. Plus, Mu Voice boasts an impressive 5.8ms internal processing time, so you don't have to worry about latency issues, as you would trying to run many other plug-ins.

Mu Technologies Mu Voice Features:
  • Vocal tuning plug-in with intelligent 4-part harmonizer
  • VST, RTAS, and AU plug-in
  • Automatable
  • MIDI-controllable
  • 4-track mixer with effects - panning, humanizing, filters, and harmonic EQ-ing
  • Can make subtle pitch adjustments and set its sensitivity
  • Low 5.4ms internal processing time, for use onstage
  • Operates from 44.1kHz to 192kHz
  • Mac/PC
The Mu Technologies Mu Voice makes it easy to dial in killer harmonies or tune vocal tracks - onstage or in the studio!

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