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JHS Morning Glory Transparent Overdrive Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • from September 12, 2015

    JHS, you've blown my mind!!

    This is the most transparent overdrive I have ever played! If your looking for a drive pedal that won't change the sound of your amp but will add some grit and hint of sparkle (even with humbuckers) look no further! As the other reviews state this pedal stacks very well and enhances just about any other pedal in your chain. If you can scrounge up the $$$ it's so very worth it!

  • from Puerto Rico July 31, 2015Music Background:
    Producer, composer, guitar player

    A brand new day

    JHS delivers!!! If you are looking for heavy metal stuff won't find it here. What you'll find is a nice mid drive to enhance everything you do. Want some dirt on your song? Done, some expression over your leads? Done. Want to add that "something" to your Sound? Done. It's amazing on any setting. Just GO for it.

  • from Austin tx March 4, 2015Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Best low gain pedal ever made

    Was absolutely blown away by the sound of this pedal. Extremely transparent and stacked with a fulltone full drive, makes a great crunch tone. Extremely happy with this pedal.

  • from Indiana, PA January 19, 2015Music Background:
    unpaid pro musician

    JHS Morning Glory

    I love this pedal! No lie, it is transparent. It brings by amp to life by adding more grit without changing the amp tone. Also, it cleans up nice when I roll back volume on my guitar.

  • from Toledo ohio July 3, 2014


    Best sounding overdrive I've ever owned. So warm and transparent.

  • from Midlothian, VA January 8, 2016

    Morning Glory - musical transparent OD

    I bought this OD pedal on a whim. I have plenty of pedals - probably too many - but the manufacturer's description of this pedal was intriguing. I'm not a heavy OD person. Also, I'm not a "stomper". I typically keep the overdrive effect on throughout most of the night and bring in more/less growl using my volume pedal. I have several Fulltone ODs - FD2 Blue and Red, OCD v1, and several Xotic Pedals - BB and BB2 as well as TS and TSX. All of these pedals are very good depending on the guitar you pair them with and the style of music you are playing. The JHS Morning Glory also has a place among these other great pedals....and pairing them with the other pedals in series is also very nice. For a country player, the Morning Glory makes a tele sing. Mine has Joe Bardens and the pairing is very nice. The Morning Glory into the BB2 gives you a slightly exaggerated OD sound (which is what I want in some songs) but with great control using only the volume knob. I also use a LP Jr with P90s and the Morning Glory can actually bring out the tone and cut a little of the muddiness.
    As with all analog pedals, the results are highly dependent on the pedal settings, the pickups in use, the cable, and the amp. This is probably not an OD for metal players. My results using a LP Standard with HBs is mixed. (Sounds good on bridge PU, and too thick on neck PU. My opinion: I think an LP's output is just too hot for dynamic playing from clean to OD. I love players who make LPs sound great. I'm just not one of them! Your mileage will vary.)
    The pedal is built well, the pilot light is good for low light, the knobs and the bright cut switch give you a lot of control. (Takes away some of the ice-pick tone when you need it.)

  • from December 6, 2015

    Nice Pedal

    Nice addition to any pedal board

  • from December 27, 2015

    Great gain stage overdrive

    I love this pedal as a first or second gain stage. The clarity and crispness is really rare and useful for my sound. My Telecaster neck position sings with the pedal and especially when stacked with more gain. I have a 65Deluxe RI and this pedal works the treble issues common with my amp. Sounds super organic and raw when hit hard. Love the amp feel and look and build. I would recommend.

  • from April 8, 2015

    JHS Morning Glory

    Pedal is a nice addition. Adds a large range of subtle changes to my Strat.

  • from Boone, NC June 19, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Performing Guitarist

    JHS Morning Glory

    This pedal does exactly what it says: it is an extremely transparent overdrive pedal. It is a clone of the famous Marshall Bluesbreaker, but with an added High-Cut toggle and is a touch smoother in my opinion. The high-cut is very noticeable, to the point where you might need to compensate with the tone knob to keep your signal from becoming muddy. This works well as a pedal to add a bit of "sparkle" to your tone, to layer as your 1st gain stage, or to give a direct-to-amp tone a bit more grit. Overall, this is a solid pedal. It is well-built and will work for some people and not others, like any overdrive pedal. The bottom line is this: JHS doesn't make anything low quality and if you are looking for a low gain, transparent, bluesy overdrive, then look no further.

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