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Yamaha Montage 6 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Yamaha Montage 6?

Questions about the Yamaha Montage 6?

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  • from Orlando, Florida December 25, 2016Music Background:

    Yamaha Montage 6

    first I would like you to extend a thank you without measure to, Ian Angle, during and after this sale he responded to all my request at a professional level, was more than I expected, the Yamaha Montage 6 is a one of a kind synthesizer, however some improvement could have been added during planning stage with little or no effort, that would make this keyboard the best on the planet in many years to come, Ian Angle help me made up my mind in this purchase, thank you Ian, my past experience, when ever I needed tec. support they was always there for me, no matter how simple or how complicate my problem may seems to me, they was able to handle it at a professional level, I definitely will need some help on the Yamaha Montage 6, I thank Sweetwater staff and all managers, love you guys, you the best, Mohammed.

  • from Lexington October 19, 2016Music Background:
    Music Producer, Sound Designer

    Most Unique Synthesizer

    First off for those who gave this keyboard a negative review did not take the time to learn the various workflows that are available. As far as sounds is has every sound and then some of the Yamaha Motif xf and then some with an upgraded AM2 sound quality. On top of that this is a synthesizer which goes very deep into programming possibilities. I almost find new features daily. I have seen many videos on the Yamaha Montage showing demos on the various sounds and quality. But very few videos on the awesome effects, like slice, beat repeat and a ton of other effects. It also syncs with incoming audio, and you can load samples and loops across the keys for you beat makers. It does have a slight learning curve but you can learn most the features fairly quick. Check the Yamaha forums and youtube for some great walkthroughs. I would recommend this Montage to anyone and everyone who want to step into the new era of music production.

  • from New York August 6, 2016Music Background:

    Montage is astounding, but I'm keeping my Motif

    I wasn't going to give into the hype, but I expected a board that was updated. My Motif XF was already 6 year old technology and I am still learning things about how powerful it is. I also kept my original Motif for the DX expansion, so I didn't expect to be blown away by the FM synthesis on Montage.
    I was wrong. First, the Montage sounds amazing. The sound output has been vastly improved, the sample are deeper more expressive, and realistic. This machine is completely backwards compatible if you have bought sound banks for your Motif and want to add them into Montage as a library. Then there is the motion control, super knob (which can be controlled by foot pedal) and the sounds that are combinations of samples and FM synthesis. I cannot explain to you the power of sound creation, you must sit with a Montage for a few hours and if this machine was an iceberg you would see the top, but remember, there is all that ice under the water too. I am keeping my Motif for sequencing and because I have just really gotten comfortable with it. However, Montage is a breakthrough, and you will begin to create faster on it. So buy into all that hype, cause it's real, and better than even Yamaha's marketing of this beast.

  • from Brooklyn, NY July 20, 2016

    Best MUSIC Syntheziser EVER

    MONTAGE is 'THE' Music Synthesizer (it is not a workstation) - it simply sounds amazing. Very inspirational thanks to a straightforward workflow. The sample-based AWM2 engine sounds incredible but the real fun is with FM-X. When everybody else is still doing retro analog this / modular that... the MONTAGE can do never before imagined sounds with Yamaha's advanced FM-X synthesis. Yes, I foresee years exploring new sounds with the MONTAGE - it is really the best MUSIC Syntheziser EVER

  • from Battle Creek June 3, 2016Music Background:
    Studio dude

    Game Changing Synth

    This synth isn't just about the sounds (which are stellar), or the fantastic Yamaha key bed, or the integration with a DAW, or the touch screen, etc.... What separate this machine is the Motion Control. Think about it. Can you morph a orchestra down to a quartet seamlessly with one knob? Can you have the brass swell up with the orchestra with one knob? Can you take a small flute part on one organ and seamlessly have it swell up to five HUGE cathedral organs and back, with ONE knob? I know it's possible to layer on different machines but the Montage Motion Control takes all that work and makes it simple.

    I've got thousands of dollars wrapped up into controllers and plugins for my computer based set-up and now this keyboard comes along and rivals everything I've collected over the years. Kind've depressing. I think the challenge now will be to figure out when to use my computer VIs or the Montage. Thanks Yamaha, thanks.......just what I needed.

  • from CA - California September 21, 2016

    It was this or Dave Smith.....

    This thing has a learning curve to it that keeps me up at night wondering what I'm doing wrong. I will take a masterclass if they offer one because for the price I paid for this it better pay off in spades in the long run. I won't bore you with the aesthetics of the Montage. It looks great. The sounds are very lush and nice. Some of the editing is very extensive and that's where I have the issue. I guess I'm spoiled with knobs for every function and no deep menu diving but I'm telling you this ain't it. It reminds me of the time when I bought a BMW thinking that for some reason having all this technology in front of me is somehow going to make driving fun again. But it didn't. I utilized 30% of it capabilities and then traded it in after a year. So I will conquer this board and Yamaha if you are reading this if you have any seminars or workshops on the Montage in my area I will be more than happy to come! This will not be my BMW I will not give up.

  • from NYC July 2, 2016

    Not good choice for professionals.

    The huge library of useless sounds and unattractive styles. The worth yamaha keyboard ever made.

Questions about the Yamaha Montage 6?

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