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Dangerous Music MONITOR ST Reviews

5.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Dangerous Music MONITOR ST?

Questions about the Dangerous Music MONITOR ST?

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  • Carson McClain

    Lets face it, you need to hook up multiple DAWs, your pro CD player, and your iPod all at once. With the Monitor ST you can A/B your mixes to your favorite mixes with the press of a button and at a quality level you need to produce the best music on the charts. Are you ready for the next step in monitoring quality?

  • Stuart Niven

    The Dangerous Music Monitor ST is the center of my mixing room's system. It provides me with the assurance that every signal I monitor through my rig is of the highest sonic quality and that what I hear, is exactly what I have on disk! From my Pro Tools HD system, pre and post outboard, external CD player, and multiple monitoring options, I simply would not trust any other monitoring controller for my critical listening demands. If you're looking for the professional edge and ready for a step into the major league of high-end monitoring solutions, I urge you to add the Monitor ST to your system! After all, if you're not hearing your mixes accurately, what are you hearing? Any serious studio or mix room needs the Monitor ST. Period.

  • from NJ, USA March 4, 2016Music Background:
    26 years

    Amazing clarity!

    My rep Brendan Murphy helped me in my decision for this unit. All I can say is WOW!! This brought a whole new found clarity to my Focal Twins and has already improved my mixes! If this is in your budget dont even hesitate for a second!! BUY IT! Thanks Brendan and Sweetwater for the great service!

  • from Pompano Beach, FL July 6, 2015Music Background:

    Accurate Monitoring

    Great Monitoring solution, open & clear with deep functionality. Plenty of ins & outs for multiple monitor reference. Would highly recommend this unit to anyone building or upgrading their monitoring system ! ! !

  • from Buffalo NY March 27, 2015Music Background:
    composer, music production

    Monitor ST

    I was using my DAW mixer to switch 3 sets of speakers, and the patch bay to connect client mp3 devices. but I noticed when I lowered the speaker levels during mixing the sonic character of the mix would change. I found out the amount of output bits needed to represent the sound decreases and that changes the sound to the speakers when they are DAW controlled. so I got a monitor ST.. never have I heard the true quality of my speakers till now.. the image, the depth of sound stage had me up half the night just listening to them, I could not believe it.. my speakers sound totally different.. this is money well spent.!!!
    PS.. when you get one of these, you must use the CAT 5 cable that comes with it or call them Redco Audio boys and get a custom length one for the monitor ST if you need a longer one.. believe me.. you NEED this cable for the ST.. I made the mistake of using a regular cat 5 cable.. yes it worked, but I was having strange problems with the remote.. after I changed to the proper cable, my problems went away and the monitor ST's sound quality really, really came to life... GET THE CABLE !!!!!! period.

  • from bethesda, md August 30, 2013Music Background:
    producer and engineer

    The most important piece in my studio.

    For years i drooled over the Monitor ST simply because i thought the remote looked insanely cool. Eventually it ended up being exactly what i needed and i was finally able to afford it. Simply put, it is the most important piece of gear in my studio.

    I run a hybrid setup with a Dangerous 2Bus LT for summing and a whole bunch of outboard compressors, EQs. and even filters and delays (thank you Moog 500 series). I also have theee pairs of monitors and sub. The Monitor ST allows me to control everything in my studio and hear exactly what i want with amazing class. The sound quality is as good as it gets and the remote is a joy to use. Four pairs of inputs and four pairs of outputs at the touch of a button, plus dim and mono.. What else can you ask for? Awesome talkback, that's what. A flick of a button allows me to communicate with the talent and they hear me loud and clear. Then i can quickly disable it to comment to my intern about how they suck (just kidding). I also like to reference other mixes so i have my macbook pro hooked up to a small interface that is connected to input 4 of this unit which has an attenuator knob. This makes it incredibly easy to level match mastered songs to my mix. That alone is priceless to me. The aux input is another awesome bonus as is tye cue out which i send to a headphone splitter so i can use the headphone jack on the front. The features on this thing are insane.

    This is an amazing centerpiece to any studio. If the D Box has enough features for you, then save some money and go for that. For me, i needed more channels of summing and more inputs and outputs. The combination the the Monitor ST and 2Bus LT is a dream come true. And Bob at Dangerous is an awesome dude who has spent hours on the phone with me. I cannot recommend their stuff enough!

  • from Tulsa, OK May 31, 2013Music Background:
    Engineer / Mixer

    I am a Believer!

    OKAY. I was definitely a nay-sayer about monitor controllers for a long time. I thought "come on, something simple, passive, like a TC Level Pilot works just fine." And sure. It does work fine for a while - until you realize that the pot is unbalanced slightly, and it gets scratchy, and it's impossible to clean. Plus, it's just volume. No other outputs.

    I heard about this thing being one of the best monitor controllers on the market, and I finally took the plunge and got it. WOW. I mean, it actually makes stuff easier to listen to. I can't explain it. I feel like I can hear things clearer, and it stays the exact same in response and feel whether it's quiet or screamin loud. I can mix easier. I wish I could debunk this and say "it doesn't make a difference, get something cheap!" But really...it makes a big difference.

    Plus, the number of ins and outs, the talkback, the mono/dim/sub controls, the headphone outs, and the remote are all just impossible to live without once you have them.

  • from Los Angeles, CA September 13, 2012Music Background:
    Songwriter, producer.

    Get this!

    This unit is a must have! It will probably be the last thing to add to your system after all the outboard gear, since it is a little pricey, but I am not getting rid of this thing after hearing the sound.

  • from Knoxville, TN July 27, 2012Music Background:
    Producer & Composer

    The Monitor ST is simply F A N A T A S T I C!

    The addition of the Monitor ST to my Dangerous 2-Bus summing system made a significant enhancement in clarity and separation of instruments within the mix field. As such, I can mix at extremely low levels. The ST gave me greater control and flexibility over my monitor system. Also, the ST provides the capability to expand into a surround system.

  • from Orlando, FL January 26, 2012Music Background:
    Music Producer/Engineer/Arranger & Full Sail RA-Student

    Spectacular addition

    1st Thanking Bob Mondock for both his patience/informative insight. The ST is a GOD-send from Dangerous Music, I've put this in conjunction with my Apogee Symphony I/O and both the Focal CMS 40's & Dynaudio BM-5A's....NO-Coloration what so ever. Easy set-up, connectivity, you can completely trust your mix, switch into mono, customize the ST (didn't have to yet), able to truly A/B monitors and left/right channels. Talkback function extremely clear.

    I wil be adding the SR in a few months, can't recommend the ST enough.

  • from Detroit Rock City November 1, 2011Music Background:
    Recording enthusiast, music instrument industry pro

    Why didn't I do this sooner?

    As a semi-pro studio owner there are a lot of high-end, pro studio temptations. Mic pres, mics, new computer...you name it. With a limited budget it is sometimes hard knowing what is important and where the money should go

    After using this for a week I am spoiled as to how good sounding and functional a monitoring solution can be!

    This thing is absolutely clean - like a bare wire - but with excellent functionality and great ergonomics. It is built as ruggedly as military gear, but with the design detail of a swiss watch. A joy to use.

    One minor "flaw" in my usage (although my Sweetwater sales engineer already designed a workaround), is that the cue output is only available as an amplified signal (to power headphones). I would have liked a line level signal to route through the patch bay to a variety of wall plates in my studio. Most users will probably feel the powered output is an advantage as it saves the purchase of a headphone amp. Still, minus a half star for that...at least for my use...

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