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TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 71 customer reviews
Questions about the TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive Pedal?

Questions about the TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive Pedal?

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  • from June 18, 2017


    I have been looking for a pedal that actually sounds like a good tube amp turned up to the sweet spot for forty plus years. I have owned dozens many of which cost four or more times what this sells for. This one flat out delivers the goods. Nothing else I have tried delivers the blues and classic rock tones like this pedal. It is truly like adding a really great new channel to the amp of choice. It will never leave my board. Buy this.

  • from May 24, 2017

    Love this pedal

    cant believe the price on this OD. Many different textures mixing the level/drive settings
    works great to push my Marshall into sweetness and sounds great through my Fender and VHT amps also

  • from WI May 7, 2017

    Killer overdrive

    Been playing over 40 years. This pedal is amazing! Very warm and reminiscent of a Marshall Plexi. The bass knob is the secret sauce. Doesn't replace the Tube Screamer on your pedal board, but gives you a warmer, less compressed sounding option.

  • from April 15, 2017

    Unbeatable at any price

    On my amp's clean channel this thing delivers unbelievable overdrive sounds, from low gain tweed sound to high gain classic rock tone. Flip my amp to the gain channel with this pedal and unlock a whole new sonic palette that goes right through more modern gain sounds. With the four knobs I can find just about any sound I'm looking for. It can get a bit dark, especially on the neck pickup, to the point that it starts to overload my amp's speaker. That may be more a knock against my amp, but the voicing switch can help cut some of the bass frequencies if needed. It has a nice, solid feel to it and seems to be built like a tank. For $ this seems a no brainer.

  • from Niagara Falls, NY March 30, 2017Music Background:
    Studio owner and musician


    By turning the drive up to 7 and keeping the volume at around 3 this thing gives you such a creamy lite overdrive that is that brownness that everyone is looking for. I use it going into Ampli tube 4...I turn down the gain of any amp in Ampli Tube 4 and use this pedal to feed said amp....unbelievable.

  • from left coast March 10, 2017


    This peddle adds a beautiful edge to my Digitech GSP1101. (yes I cheat , I love to cheat).
    What this pedal adds when placed in front of the modeler is an edge from very slight to over driven Fender Deluxe or Fender Twin and then some. That big muddy brown highly collectible dirt box on all those famous pedal boards can not compete with the Mojo Mojo sonically.
    The sound of the Mojo Mojo stays clear and articulated never muddy or harsh, buzzy or shrill.
    I purchased this stomp box along with the Dark Matter Distortion pedal.At this time I am working mostly with the Mojo Mojo and have only briefly explored the Dark Matter, The Dark Matter yielded good sounds when applied.
    At the amazing price, free shipping great customer service, The words to describe doing business with Sweetwater Music transparent transactions per usual at Sweetwater Music.
    I wanted the pedals, ordered and paid for them, and a few days later they arrived directly to my front door.

  • from Prospect, CT February 21, 2017Music Background:
    Blues man for 50+ years!

    No Lack Of Mojo Here

    Double the mojo means you gt a great overdrive for your hard earned cash. I was looking for a second drive pedal that I could bring to an open mic without disconnecting my main overdrive from my pedal board every week. I was sold when I watched the video featuring Paul Gilbert, an amazing and entertaining guitarist with a wonderful sense of communication. All this sound for $50? Sold! When I received it, I immediately hooked it up to my Telecaster. The blues mojo is there in spades. It's so good, it has become a permanent fixture replacing the original pedal on my board. My original pedal was and still is good but the TC Electronics MojoMojo is what I want to hear when I play the blues! It's every bit as good as those OD pedals I lusted after before I latched on to this little beauty. This is it for natural overdriven amp sounds. Every time I switch it on I'm transported to a little juke joint on a hot sweaty night with the band cranking out the classic blues tunes and my Tele just pouring it's heart out thru my MojoMojo driven amp. I love it!

  • from San Antonio Texas January 2, 2017Music Background:
    Beginner Guitar

    TC MojoMojo Overdrive

    I like it! It works great!

  • from December 13, 2016Music Background:

    Got My MOJO Workin'..

    I was lookin' for a pedal like this, since ever (I think) and never found something so responsive, mellow and versatile!! It's just sounds fantastic even in combination with other overdrive or distortion box.
    I can't believe it cost the half of other standard pedals out there, with such great great value.
    I'll buy another one for the future.
    Mojo working yeah!

  • from Left Coast Nor-Cal November 15, 2016Music Background:
    I make noise , and other stuff.


    the pedal arrive at my house quickly and fully functional .
    I use a Digitech GSP1101 preamp processor. Once I found out I could use pedals in front of my Amp models,
    a new door opened for me the MOJOMOJO is all come addition to the family
    If lost / stolen I would replace it.
    Once again my transaction with SWEETWATER MUSIC.flowed smoothly as usual, this team does a great job. If your going to do business with on the web, this is the team to bet on. the

  • from October 7, 2016


    I'm beyond impressed with the quality and the variety of warm and very tube like tones I can get out of this pedal. It's very responsive and mellows out with the volume rolled back a smidge. For the price it is positively bulletproof, I'll take this over a number of much pricier options.

  • from North Mississippi August 21, 2016

    MoJo Drive

    Absolutely Surprised.! I had watched YouTube videos for weeks . Read reviews until my eyes were give out. I'm all ready a TC Electronic's fan and compared to what is supposed to be today's top overdrive, the TC Electronic MoJo MoJo Overdrive is a Beast !!! For half the money.!!!Love the bass and treble control.

  • from Indiana July 9, 2016

    Get your MOJO on.

    This is a really good sounding pedal. with the drive knob at nine O clock, you get a nice punchy clean kind of tone. Crank the drive knob all the way for some nice saturated sustain. The active bass and treble works great as well. You don't need to spend $200 for a good overdrive pedal!

  • from July 8, 2016

    Why is this so cheap?

    This is a pretty solid OD pedal. It hangs up there with lots of the boutique stuff. The fact that its 50 bucks is mind blowing. Its pretty chunky in the mid range, which I usually like. Very flexible, not over done like so many ODís out there. You seriously canít go wrong at this price. Get this and an EH Soul Food and youíll have a great couple choices that you could also stack. And no one will know how little you spent until they look at your board.

  • from Chicago June 29, 2016Music Background:

    Pray For Mojo

    Very subtle depending on your settings and placement. With some light adjustments and heavy noise gate action (front and loop) I have this sitting in front of the amp, and left on during my heavy gain channel rhythms. Why? I get just a bit more color out of my tone, and I don't have to crank my amp presence or go for screaming overdrive. (Screaming is a separate pedal.) If you are looking for tube screamer esque power, this probably isn't what you want. Cool coloration? For this price, super solid purchase.

  • from Texas June 23, 2016Music Background:
    50 years, 30 years playing on worship teams, And teams that travel around the country.


    I want everybody to know this little gem, is a hidden secret among some bass players. It sounds wonderful on bass and does not take away from your low end at all. And for the money I thought I was ripping Sweetwater off who I adore. I play worship in church for 30 years. I have played Christian Rock and Metal, Southern Gospel. I know a little about some stuff, I play lead guitar and bass. I wanted something I could use on guitar and bass, with out lugging a bunch of stuff around. And Sweetwater they really put me on the right road. Their there to make a profit sure, because they like to eat and feed their families. But they helped me out personally I like simple. My simple pedal board consist and it sounds awesome for bass are guitar. A Boss CH1 Chorus, Boss DD-3 Delay, and the TC Electronic MOJOMOJO

  • from norht carolina June 2, 2016Music Background:
    i have been playing guitar for 52 yrs

    mojomojo overdrive

    excellent product as I would would expect from tc electronics I have other tc electronics pedals and I am extremely impressed and happy w ith all of them. the mojo is not just a great overdrive but also shape your guitar's tonality ihave it piggybacked with the dark matter pedal and Spark pedal these three together take your guitar sound to a versatile and higher level of presentation I use a chain of 12 pedals other than my wah and volume pedal if I could only use three other pedals I would the three above mentioned pedals

  • from Eastern Long Island, NY May 20, 2016Music Background:

    Best of the Best

    I love this pedal! It's well balanced, highly versatile with a wide variety of tonal possibilities. Sounds great with the other pedals in my rig, 95% of which are made by TC Electronic. It blends beautifully with their Dark Matter pedal. Can't say enough good things about it.

  • from Ohio May 15, 2016Music Background:
    Singer Songwriter


    "Sounds so nice you get to say it twice". Having the bass AND the treble is a great feature! I'm primarily a singer songwriter and do a lot of solo work. This unit can provide a subtle gain and sustain to enhance a solo over a loop and still maintain enough transparency not to compromise my overal sound. Remarkable investment for the dough.

  • from May 4, 2016

    This hits the spot!!!

    Yup, blown away!!! This is exactly what I needed on my very small pedal board. Sounds incredible, no matter how you have it set. The bass and treble are very reactive and the voice switch helps as well!!! YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG WITH THIS $50 OVERDRIVE!!!!

  • from Glenpool, OK May 1, 2016

    Just What I Needed

    I was looking for a complimentary pedal to provide clarity for my Outlaw Widow Maker distortion pedal and refined tone for my Fender Champion 20 amp which I use for home studio recordings. I got this based on the reviews, and this does the trick! You don't need a loud or high wattage amp to effectively use the MOJO. Great pedal for not only boost but also to make the distortion less saturated. This really helps make each chord and picked note distinct and crisp while providing added versatility for creating different tones with simple to use controls for fine tuning. No regrets here. Highly recommended.

  • from Warrenton, VA April 17, 2016

    Best Value for Money OD pedal

    If you've already got an amp that you love the tone of, this pedal just sweetens it. Whether its overdriving a clean channel or adding some extra sizzle on a dirty channel, you can't really get it wrong with the Mojomojo. Don't expect it to deliver bone crushing distortion or turn your solid-state 10 W amp into a Marshall stack - this is not what this pedal does. The transparency of this pedal is what makes this so great. Start with a great tone - add this on and you still have the great tone - just overdriven. Grit and drive without coloring.

  • from Among the Pine Trees, GA April 8, 2016

    That something extra

    I own a Marshall DSL40c; this is a great match for this amp. With Drive @ 9 o'clock and volume @ 12, the bass @ 10:30 and Treble 1 o'clock and the voice switch up, gives me the sizzle and harmonics in classic channel as well as on ultra channel.

  • from March 10, 2016



  • from san Francisco March 9, 2016Music Background:
    producer, Engineer, composer, professional musician

    Great Overdrive!

    Used it right away in a festival gig and it rocked in a big way!

  • from January 28, 2016


    Amazing Pedal. Highly recommend it! Actually works great with my Acoustic guitar as well.

  • from Oregon State Hospital January 8, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar, Harmonica, LOCO

    Wheres Your MOJO?

    I have found me MOJO. This pedal is a solid professional quality tool. I played it through my Roland Cube Street EX 50 Watt dual 8 inch battery powered amp and it's incredibly dynamic response to my play of the volume knob on my fender strat pushed this pedal over the top! It will make a great base for my practice of blues and rock tones I have been using in the Oregon State Hospital Patient Band of which I am the guitarist and singer. At this point I am running the Mojo on battery into my Zoom G1X multi effects processor that is also on battery power. So far I have not been hassled by Nurse Ratchet for having to much equipment but she has eyed me pretty good. The pedal has a lot of good tone, and could probably survive being thrown into the bricks by a psycho!

    *****Thanks TC for the good product and Sweetwater for giving my mom a 20$ credit for the shipping delay that happened because of the flooding over Christmas break. (Mom’s got the credit card; I work at the library as the assistant like in the Shawshank redemption movie)

  • from North of Boston December 21, 2015

    I can't believe it!

    I have tried many overdrives and this one really nails it. Not only is it extremely controllable it is dead quiet in function. For $49 this is a no-brainer.

  • from Riverside, California December 2, 2015Music Background:
    Vocals and Guitar for Hooch Hound

    Vintage Grit

    I play bottleneck on a double cut Tele through a Blackstar and wanted to get a fatter sound for some songs. The guitar is a one of a kind so I didn't want to change pickups or alter it in any way. So I checked out a bunch of drive pedals, the winner being the Mojomojo. It gave me a wide span of tones as well as the drive which was important in my music. I love not only the thicker sound but also the grit it gave my solos. For the cost, you can't go wrong.

  • from San Diego November 6, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist (occasional gigging)

    One of the Best Guitar Deals Out There!

    I originally bought this pedal as a replacement after my Ibanez TS9 quit on me, and I was expecting it to be a good pedal with the other reviews being so positive; however this pedal is a real standout, and not to mention the price is fantastic. I was really not in the mood to by another $100+ OD pedal that would just die on me again, and $50 for something that seems to be really well built, as it has been traveling in a backpack almost every day for about 3 weeks now.

    Now the sound, this thing goes from a whisper to a ROAR. The OD is really tight and focused, with no boomy bass at all, a major plus for me. It's also whisper quiet when in operation and the true bypass is really nice as well. The drive itself is really nice and transparent, Paul Gilbert in his intro video for this pedal really summed it up nicely, the nice amount of fullness added to high notes with no booming low end is really uncommon among pedals. The OD itself is very amp-like and the best description of it is that it adds some extra punch (or mojo) to your current sound, unlike my TS9, which while it did have a better midrange crunch, also put a blanket over my tone.

    This pedal is an indispensable addition to any player's arsenal, and particularly good for those of us looking to build a pedalboard without spending a small fortune. I love this thing, TC Electronic has a new fan!

  • from McRae-Helena November 3, 2015Music Background:
    Performer, Studio Guru, Multi-instrumentalist

    Can't go wrong.

    Bought this pedal based on ratings and price. Very impressed with pedal. Played my Gibson SG through a Blackstar HT40 coupled with a Tech 21 boost/comp pedal and found this pedal to have a killer sound. Meaty, responsive, simple to use, clean if you need it, well built... Just absolutely can't go wrong at this price range. If the quality & build holds up over time, this pedal deserves 5-stars and more. I've owned T.C. Electronic devices before, and they've always been of exceptional quality.

  • from Oklahoma City, OK October 28, 2015Music Background:
    lots o' stuff


    Okay so i thought hey its a 50 dollar pedal. i'll get it for peanuts its cheap chump change whatever. Anyway, so i did purchase this on a whim and it took me 3 days after i got it to actually try it out (you know i figured a 50 dollar pedal who cares) and man it rivals analog man's overdrive stuff. its absolutely outstanding for a cheap pedal. its built well, you can dial in any amount of overdrive you want from practically clean to some crunch all the way to metal.....and it reminds me of 60's rock bands i.e. Cream, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, etc., sort of sound like a marshall breaking up and then some. plus you have eq with bass/treble. two voicing choices and of course the volume. I cannot believe that something this cheap turned out to be now one of the better pedals in my f/x chain. i kid you not. get it. it cost peanuts no problem. especially if you're on a budget.

  • from Nashville, TN October 19, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar player 13+ years, Harmonica player 6+ years. Rock, Blues, Country, Funk, etc.

    MojoMojo lives up to its name!

    This is my first TC Electronic pedal, and surely won't be the last. Got this because of the individual bass and treble controls- I liked the idea of boosting bass without sacrificing the high end. MojoMojo has a good range of overdrive, it can be a light "hair" on the sound or give your amp a nastier attitude. It can serve as more of a boost than OD, too. The Voice switch definitely makes a difference for humbuckers or single coils, too. It stands very well on its own and also sits well in between other overdrives and distortion- I have it between an EHX Soul Food and a Big Muff Pi w/Tone Wicker (and I recommend each of those as well!) It plays well with the SF and adds a nice touch to the BMPTW as well.
    As for the pedal build- It seems like it will be around for a long time; nice solid case and knobs feel like they have quality pots under them. I think the switch would be considered "soft."
    Great price for what you get.
    Also want to recommend my Sales Engineer Alden Debee at ext. 1636. Super nice guy, knowledgeable and a pleasure doing business with!

  • from October 1, 2015


    I bought this to add a little grind to the slightly broken up tone I get from my tube amp. It's great. The voice switch keeps thinks full. Drive, Bass, and Treble knobs fine tune. I often find that adding an overdrive pedal to my rig ruins my amp's tone. Not in this case - and at $45 it's a real steal. I use this along with a Spark Booster and Dark Matter. All by TC. I'm a big fan. Thanks TC and SW!

  • from Yardley, PA September 22, 2015Music Background:
    20 years playing acoustic, recent semi-hollow electric

    Great range, from clean boost to strong overdrive

    You can't beat the value of this pedal--outstanding quality for $49.99. I keep it engaged nearly 100% of the time as a clean boost, with the drive set at 7:00 and the level at 3:00. The four knobs can be adjusted to give a wide range of distortion. I love the separate bass and treble knobs to shape the sound. Backing off on the bass is especially helpful at high gain. The construction is excellent. I'm sure to buy more TC Electronic pedals in the future.

  • from August 24, 2015

    MojoMojo is an excellent pedal

    I've been playing guitar for 40 years. I bought 2 of these pedals and they are on my pedalboard now. I gig with a band approx two times a week. They are excellent pedals that do as claimed. They have a very natural tubelike overdrive sound and clean up nicely if you back your guitar's volume knob. They also sound great in tandem, I have one set for modest overdrive and then sometime I will kick in the second for a more ballsy OD tone. The tone controls are sensitive and the pedal is whisper quiet. I love them.

  • from USA August 17, 2015Music Background:

    The best OD I've ever used!

    There may have been hundreds of different overdrives that have been sold over the years. Although not all, I have tried quite a few. The MOJOMOJO is a real standout... it is my favorite to date. It is one of those classics that puts just the right trajectory on just about anything it processes... clean, crunch and dirt!! I would compare it to a vintage Ross with a bit more sophistication. Just amazing at $49.00

  • from USA July 23, 2015

    Twice the MOJO!

    This thing is so doubly delicious, they had to name it twice!! Any combination of control settings on any parameter from 10:00 to 2:00 enhanced everything I ran through it. Made my old Tube Screamer TS9DX sound somewhat blah by comparison. The TC Electronics MOJO MOJO is your guitars BFF! I could not find any fault with this high-tech, high-fidelity device.

  • from July 23, 2015

    great pedal

    I have been playing live for 35 years. I bought this pedal and I think its outstanding. It is very natural sounding, with a overdriven tube amp like vibe. The controls are sensitive and allow you to dial in the exact sound you want. It is transparent, very quiet and well built. The on light is bright. Reasonably priced as well. I am thrilled with this pedal. I also think Sweetwater is an outstanding company, great customer service.

  • from Canoga Park. Ca July 18, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist for 37 years

    MojoMojo Brown Sound

    Just got this MojoMojo pedal and it rocks! It's no tube screamer,but more like a Fulltone OCD on steroids. The bottom end is punchy like a sound of a Marshall 4X12 cabinet. Great for playing blues and hard rock.

  • from Johnson City, TN June 28, 2015

    pedalboards need a MojoMojo

    I didn't expect a whole lot from the TC Electronic MojoMojo overdrive, but the price is right and I have confidence in their products. My Tele and Strat tones were already well established with my Fulldrive Anniversary overdrive and the killer Wampler Clarksdale, but I'm always open to new solutions. The MojoMojo drives my existing pedals truly over the top: the controls are really working well and are precise. Result: I can now dial in a beautiful smooth "Santana" tone and violin-like sustain using the pedals with humbuckers AND single coils!! Honestly, the Mojo by itself is not suitable for my setup, but it adds a whole new dimension to the existing overdrives. Currently I am still using it with a 9 volt battery (not included, and no Power Supply either), but that's no big deal. The name is chosen well, because it does exactly what the name suggests: it adds the Mojo to your setup. No dead cats or chicken bones required for stellar mojo tone. Thanks TC Electronics, and thanks Sweetwater for the inspiration!

  • from June 26, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist playing jazz and rock.

    Awesome Pedal-Highly Recommend

    I knew it was going to be good, but just from playing around with it, I know its a versatile pedal. I use my amp and guitar to get most of my overdrive tones, but this adds a really thick, crunchy distortion. Used in front of a fuzz, it sounds amazing. I went from a bluesy sound to a heavy rock sound with this pedal. Highly recommend to anyone wanting a good pedal.

  • from June 23, 2015

    MojoMojo Overdrive

    Just got the mojo overdrive from tc electonics, and let me say, there isn't a more complete overdrive pedal than the mojo and it is not expensive at all. Just a couple years ago this pedal was valued at a much higher price so do not hesitate to purchase one of these bad boys, you will be blown away.

  • from Sacramento May 27, 2015

    MojoMojo delivers!

    Was watching and waiting for a price drop on this pedal for sometime...when it came I jumped all over it. Heard and read nothing but good things about this overdrive pedal and when I got it I was not disappointed! Quality is top notch. The true bypass is indeed true bypass and doesn't color your signal at all when not in use, which is worth it weight in gold alone. Then when you are using the pedal the range of tone I have gotten out of this pedal is amazing. I have been able to get all the way from Hendrix to AC/DC and everywhere in between. The bass and treble controls really make this pedal so versatile and works just great to get a wide variety of sounds. Really inspires one to play. Heard nothing but great things about tc electronic pedals and I was not disappointed. Will be buying more from this line.

  • from Pleasant Lake, Michigan March 26, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    I have tried many OD and distortion pedals and the MjMj blew me away. It has been my main lead pedal for 3 years now and will continue to be. My entire pedalboard is all TC Electronics pedals. The chain is 1) Polytune 2, 2) MjMj ODj, 3) Spark boost, 4) Arena reverb, and 5) Flashback delay. The quality of TC Electronics is superb and priced well below many "Boo tique" pedals that I have tried. TCE keep developing pedals and I will buy one.

  • from Washington State, USA February 13, 2012Music Background:
    Amature guitarist and hobbyist for 30+ years. Hard rock, blues, acoustic, etc.

    Great Valve Style Overdrive

    After buying several TC Electronic pedals, I recieved the Mojo Mojo Overdrive through a promotion offered by Sweetwater in conjunction with TC Electronic.

    I love the Mojo Mojo Overdrive. This pedal offers a nice overdriven tone similar to a cranked tube amp. It is a responsive pedal that adjusts to how hard or soft you play, much like you would get from a tube amp. In addition, the sound and tone can be adjusted on the pedal itself allowing for many different tones.

    This is a nice addition to my pedalboard. Highly recommended!

  • from Redford, MI July 14, 2011Music Background:

    Great Pedal!

    I own a TC Electronic rack mount processor and use a variety of the TC Powercore plugins. I have always been impressed with the depth and richness they bring to the mix. Being a guitar player with a limited budget for pedals I had to give the TC MojoMojo a try. I have a blues
    ock\jazz style and often finger pick and slap notes trying to get a subtle, yet in your face vibe. This pedal hits the bulls eye and I'm 100% happy with my purchase. It also can rock and make your amp sing with no fizzy-fuzzy overtones, but also disappear to an almost clean sound when you back off the strings. Having separate bass and treble controls lets you have complete control for whatever type of guitar you plug in. True bypass is there and it takes up a small space on my pedal board This would not be a good fit for Shred\Metal but will handle anything else with TC quality and great tone.

    Mike Henry\Redford, MI

  • from Columbia, SC July 13, 2011Music Background:
    worship leader, songwriter

    love this pedal!!!

    I just got the MojoMojo from Sweetwater by a recommendation from the staff and I have not been disappointed! I play a Fender Tele Deluxe with two humbuckers through a Vox AC 15 w/ a blue speaker. The amp already has an amazing overdriven tone and I was concerned about coloring the already great sounding tone, just using a compressor to push the amp into overdrive. But with the MojoMojo I retain the low end warmth without all the fuzz on top and it really complements the source with a clear, tube sounding overdrive. It just plays beautifully and is wonderfully compact. It's also true-bypass, eliminating any line noise. I've played through modded Tube Screamers and Blues Drivers and a few boutique pedals but this one stands out!

  • from Bismarck, ND April 20, 2017

    I am pleased.

    Just a hobbyist player, and only ever had 2 other OD's (BD-2, Bad Monkey). I like this pedal for my uses. In front of my solid state, or tube amp this does what I need. Probably the cleanest and smoothest od/distortion I've ever heard in person. Cannot tell a whole lot of difference from the voice switch, but still sounds great. Fyi this I think is a relatively transparent od.

  • from Morrison, TN November 19, 2016

    Awesome Value!

    I wasn't expecting much, but I was willing to try it out for $. Everything else I own by TC Electronic is high quality, so I ordered it. It might not be a boutique pedal or one with a cult following, but don't let that stop you from trying it out. It makes my Fender Deluxe Reverb sound like a Rivera era Fender amp. It sounds like a cascading 12AX7 tube preamp overdrive. It doesn't change the tonal characteristic very much at all. I liked it so much I put Velcro on the back and redid my pedal board.

  • from Kalamazoo April 20, 2016Music Background:
    down with the half-step


    Nice lil' dude. Put it in front of a Vox with an TS and you got a couple really nice gain stages that work very well.

    Works good on my bass too, both fretted and fretless.

  • from ATX March 29, 2016

    Believe the hype!

    I will be totally redundant, no way around it...This pedal is the real deal...awesome,cool, totally useable. I put this as second only to the Ibanez Tube Screamer, it's that good. A bold statement, indeed! Adds a warm analog sound to solid state amps; acts like a super-duper amp mod in front of a tube amp. Incredible unit. I used it in conjuction with an MXR Full Bore on my pedal board, no way to describe the butter tones I got through a simple Kustom Defender tube head. I have never actually recommended any other drive pedals, other than a Tube Screamer, but for the price...wow. Don't be the idgit that passes up on this purchase, get one. If you want a friend for life, give this as a gift!

  • from Santa Ana CA January 26, 2016

    My new Favorite Overdrive!

    The MojoMojo is awesome! I wanted an overdrive pedal to boost my lead channel during solos and this pedal does the job perfectly. Even when used normally thru the clean channel, this pedal has awesome rock'n roll tones and great sustain. And every note rings thru clearly. An awesome new addition to my pedal board.

  • from shavertown, PA January 1, 2016

    classic overdrive

    Overdrive is hard to rate or judge because everyone has a different opinion on what sounds good. I play a tele with a fender tube amp. The sound I get from this pedal with the dials at 12 o clock reminds me of "summer of 69" by Bryan Adams. It also gets a good john mellencamp overdrive like " hurts so good". I guess what I'm trying to say is both those tones are timeless no matter what songs your playing and this pedal sounds great.

  • from California November 13, 2015Music Background:
    Been playing guitar over 35 years. Mostly cover bands. Yes I'm an old dude.

    Nice OD

    This is a great pedal and performed better than I expected. I have an OCD and this is a great compliment to it, they work well side by side. They separate tone controls make this pedal a little more versatile. I haven't compared them while running the OCD on 18v but they're a great team at 9v. The price is great and it's built really well. I'd buy this pedal again if it were stolen or lost. (It's built so well I doubt it will ever break)

  • from WICHITA July 7, 2015

    Very Good Overdrive

    Versatile and great price. Sounds great over a Marshall Tube Amps clean tone. Nice overdrive at low volumes. Being able to throw on more bass sets this apart from the Tubescreamers' main complaint of sucking out the bass. This pedal helped me final figure out why the Tubescreamer and there copies can be so disappointing at first. A Tubescreamer sucks out the bass tone, but if you can add that back in, it starts to sound a lot more even and full. Also, the Tubescreamers' sound a lot better with backing sounds from a band or backing track for instance. It seems that the backing tones also help even out and make a Tubescreamer sound more full. The cool thing about this MojoMojo is, not only is it a good quality overdrive to start with, but just being able to add some bass into the tone brings the quality quickly up. Of course you have amp tone controls, but this is also able to add even more bass to your amp tone. Tone chasing can be quite tricky and complex, even frustrating at times, but keep at it, and some basic tricks to better tone start to appear. One of the easier overdrives to get a good tone out of.

  • from Tennessee January 2, 2013Music Background:
    Classically Trained, Funky Born, Jazzy life. Lifetime musician

    Keyboard Application

    I play a Nord Electro 2. Having a mobile clonewheel organ is awesome! However, compared to a real hammond, it was a little thin and not gritty enough for what I wanted. The stock overdrive built in is ok, but wanted a little more grit in the line to create a more realistic and unique sound.

    This little brown box brought the heat!

    I had heard a lot of audio clips online and I really appreciated how it didn't take way from the low end when it was switched on.

    With the tone controls dialed in, I am able to recreate the organ sound I want with out taking out the mid range. You can hear the compression that this little baby simulates too.

    ***This thing is a great investment and keyboardists looking for something special to add to their rig should really check out this pedal!

  • from far far northern California coast December 30, 2012Music Background:
    Obsessed amateur with delusions of grandeur

    A real nice overdrive pedal

    I bought this and a Corona chorus and a Flashback x4. The combination offers a a very sweet ability to develop a number of luscious tones that fit in well with my style of blues and rock. TC is supposed to mail me my free Spark Booster as part of a promotion. The Mojomojo can go from subtle distortion to not so subtle, but TC suggests getting other pedals if you are looking for heavy fuzz distortion. There is a bit of noise from the Mojomojo that I believe is fairly common with all overdrive pedals and anything else that offers gain. It does not go away when I use the battery, hence I am not convinced I need to buy an expensive power supply over my One Spot. I am still using my Boss ME 70 and I pug the guitar (Tele, Strat or ES 137) into the Mojomojo then the Corona, and then the Flashback and then into the Boss. It works well and I can still use the Wah and other effects in the ME 70. I have to admit that pedals are addictive but they do give me some very cool sounds.

  • from Illinois November 22, 2016

    My new favorite

    I'm not a total nut for overdrive, but I like a little crunch (or maybe a lot) to accent bits and pieces of my playing for church, because we go a little harder than some congregations.

    For blues/rock Mojomojo does a great job. Very responsive to the volume knob on the guitar, easy to dial in the right bass/treble mix, plenty of drive on tap for what I do.

    Running it into a Digitech Hardwire distortion (crunch or saturation mode) will give you rather Satriani-esque smooth distortion which is good for solos and instrumental lead breaks.

    I go between p90s, single-coil, and humbucking pickups (sometimes without changing out the guitar!) and it seems to really light up the sound of the p90s.

    But mostly, for giving some oomph and crunch to the rhythm line behind vocals, reinforcing the acoustic player, or standing out from the drums and bass when needed, it's a good find.

  • from Madison, AL August 20, 2016Music Background:
    Rock, country, CCM, classical, pop

    Much better than expected

    I received my mojo mojo today, and I have to say I'm impressed. I was expected a good pedal, but it is much more quality than the $50 price tag. The active EQ is very useful. The sound is really more towards the power tube distortion growl, but for a crunch sound this is great. I'm using a mildly overdriven tone out of it, with the lows at 10 o'clock, highs at 2 o'clock, and gain at about 2 o'clock. Good blues sound and responds well to dynamic playing. I can definitely recommend the mojo mojo, since it has such a versatile EQ making good sounds easy to get. Thanks sweetwater and Jim Watson.

  • from Anaheim, CA June 19, 2016Music Background:
    Dance bands, lounge bands all my life...

    TC Mojo O'drive

    For the money, can't beat it!

  • from Ephrata, PA May 20, 2016Music Background:
    Worship Leader, church musician

    Good little drive, but not for everyone.

    I picked up this little guy in hopes of replacing the drive on my multi FX pedal. And while it certainly does that, it took me a long time to dial in a tone that I really liked. Just like tc electronic's video says, this thing is designed to have a LOT of bass response, and they aren't joking. This thing is SUPER bass-heavy, to the point where I actually kind of hated it when I first owned it. Full chords played just sounded muddy and unpleasant.

    But then I got creative and cranked the bass most of the way back, and the treble most of the way up, and suddenly, I had a tone I actually liked quite a lot. The voice switch at the top can give you even MORE bass, but I can't for the life of me think why you'd ever need to use it. This drive is anything but transparent, but really does give some nice sound if you spend some time tweaking it. This drive is probably best suited for someone who wants a dark, chunky sort of sound. But if you need a budget-friendly drive option and are looking for some lighter sounds as well, this thing can do the job with some patience. Overall, great value for the money, but it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea.

  • from USA April 28, 2016Music Background:
    Life time Guitarist

    Closer to what I want than anything else.

    I have tried Boutique, Cheap Chinese and Vintage. Nothing gave me the 'just at the edge of breakup' I have sought. This is a well made pedal. Extremely so for the price it gives me the closest thing to low volume breakup without going into overdrive. BUT I have to back off on my heavy hand, which is a timely development after 50 years of Blues playing. The gradation on the drive potentiometer is what I have been after. About a quarter of the sweep is available to you for very low gain push. I used it last night on The Wind Cries Mary for an example of close to clean timbre. I tried it on the solo to Sultans of Swing. Very Good. I tried it without any pedals. I also nailed Back In Black. If you seek a low gain pedal this may be the one for you.

  • from Florida January 26, 2016

    Good Value

    In my short time playing with the Mojomojo, I have to say that I am pleased with the overdrive sounds. With the drive level below about 11 o'clock, it just seems to kind of beef up, or fatten up the sound of the guitar. From about 11 to 1, it gives a nice overdriven tone with a bit of grit/dirt. The voice switch does not seem to make a significant difference in the bass, but it is noticeable. My only criticism is that it definitely colors the tone, I find it difficult to dial out the bass, so it doesn't impact my EQ, also the treble can also get a bit ice-picky. Overall, for the cost, I think this pedal is a great value. I would buy it again.

  • from Whitehorse, Canada December 4, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar, Piano, Vocals

    Versatile and Interesting Pedal

    The TC Electronic MojoMojo is a very versatile pedal. I'm not sure if it sounds good for every set up, but my Strat and Deluxe Reverb setup, it's perfect. The reason for this is that the pedal has a noticeable low-pass filter effect that works well for bright guitar/amp setups. You may not like it at all for a humbucker with a darker amp.

    I actually use it for my "clean" sound, with the drive knob at nine o'clock, but I've found every drive setting, including fully dimed to be useful. Note that even at when fully overdriven, it's still not a saturated, high gain sound. I've had it for a few months as a tone shaper in front of my amp, and it's fairly transparent - whether on or bypassed, it does exactly what I want it to do: give a slight bit of dirt, and boost or cut highs or lows, but it still sounds like my guitar and amp.

  • from Houston, TX November 12, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Guitarist (35+ years)

    TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive

    This is a great little pedal that gets the job done. I love the design! Solid knobs, a smooth footswitch, and a simple one screw battery compartment make this pedal a joy to use. A solid bargain for only $49.99!

  • from Findlay, OH October 9, 2015Music Background:
    Active Gigging Bassist, Live Sound Engineer


    I received this pedal today to use exclusively in my bass pedalboard in hopes that it would sound warm and tubey without coloring too much of my tone. I normally play through my Sans-Amp but sometimes I want a different sounding overdrive and I just haven't ever really found it. This really is the sound I have been looking for! It is definitely an overdrive tone, not really a distortion- very much like a tube amp driven hard. I also use a Bass Big Muff Pi but it's just fuzz/distortion and sometimes it's over-the-top. What really is interesting is running the Mojomojo in front of the Big Muff. Great, rich, warm, mayhem! Exactly what I wanted to hear. The Mojomojo is very responsive to how hard or soft I play and that's really cool, too. Very well made, nice switch, and very transparent. I LOVE IT!

  • from Canton, Ohio April 23, 2013Music Background:
    musical hobbyist

    Can't Go Wrong with TC Electronic

    My position has always been "If you need a distortion pedel, then you probably bought the wrong amp...". Needless to say, this is the only overdrive in my collection.

    I bought it because a buddy recently let me borrow his 1968 Fender Super Reverb for a classic rock gig. The Super has tone to die for, but no gain structure. The MojoMojo perfectly complimented the natural tones of the Super and let me push it anywhere from "slight breakup" to full-on Crazy Horse saturation. Afterwards, I received several compliments on my tone.

    This is the fourth TC Electronic pedal (Flashback, Hall of Fame, Polytune) in my collection and I'm very happy with them all.

  • from Arlington, MA April 18, 2017

    TC MojoMojo for bass

    II am using my Gretsch Junior Jet II bass (thank you, Sweetwater) and have been on a quest for a really particular thing, pedals that will come near to my Marshall Blues Breaker pedal's sounds. That's the 1990's big square tank in black--painted metal with the blue graphics. It has little actual volume boost power, won't achieve "unity" with the input until the volume dial's been turned most of its way, but the clarity and tearing sheets sound of its overdrive are lovely. It does not seem to have a 'warm' or emphasized midrange, but is balanced and neutral. Most of the overdrive pedals I tried have a midrange boomp or buzz that I dislike and which cannot be eliminated with tone controls. Most also add a significant overlay of chipper, chatter, or snappy plastic sounds at each note strike. This may be because my bass pulls stresses these elements of the overall sound and that with a guitar they'd be part of the overall distortion sound. Anyway, I dislike the chatter and most pedals produce it. The Blues Breaker seems to have less of this. Because I am using a short scale bass, there is perhaps NO fair comparison with what any pedal I've tried will do with guitar. I had high expectations for the TC, based on the excellent company demo (guy in the baseball cap), but with bass it was unimpressive. It took me very little time to decide to pass it along.

  • from Ocean Springs, MS September 13, 2016

    Waste of money

    Don't bother with this pedal, it's too bassy. I really don't understand the rave reviews. I've put it away for a few weeks and then tried it out again, with the same result.

  • from March 14, 2016

    I tried to love it but....

    I love the tone quality, but the bottom end is floppy. I keep digging it out occasionally to see if there is something I'm missing, but it keeps getting pulled back off the board. Maybe tomorrow I'll try it again.

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