Modal Electronics 008 8-Voice Analog Synthesizer

61-key 8-voice Synthesizer with 2 Oscillators and 2 Sub-oscillators Per Voice, Step Sequencer, 16-mode Filters, and Arpeggiator
Modal Electronics 008 8-Voice Analog Synthesizer image 1
Modal Electronics 008 8-Voice Analog Synthesizer image 1
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Modal Electronics 008 8-Voice Analog Synthesizer
Special Order

Fat Analog Sound with Digital Tweakability

The Modal Electronics 008 eight-voice analog synthesizer is quite a beast, with two oscillators and two sub-oscillators per voice. The all-analog signal path sounds amazingly deep and rich, and you get the almost-limitless modulation options only a digital architecture can provide. And synth fans at Sweetwater can't get enough of these multi-mode filters, with 16 filter modes to create a staggering array of sonic textures. The dual LFOs can reach audio rates, 11 modulation sources can be assigned to unlimited destinations, and any parameter can be animated with the onboard sequencer. And that's just the start - there's a lifetime of sound design potential in the Modal Electronics 008.

Modal Electronics 008 Analog Synthesizer at a Glance:
  • Fat analog sound and unique filters
  • Expressive FATAR keybed is a joy to play
  • Animator lets you create complex, modulated patches
Fat analog sound and unique filters

Each voice on the 008 synthesizer boasts two oscillators with saw, triangle, square, and noise waveforms, and you can continuously vary between them to create all-new waveforms. Factor in two sub-oscillators, and you've got an impressive amount of sound design potential before you even get to the unique filter section. The multi-mode filter boasts 16 filter types, with old favorites like lowpass, bandpass and highpass joined by notch, phase, and combination modes.

Expressive FATAR keybed is a joy to play

You get five octaves of playability from the 008's semi-weighted FATAR keybed. If you've been playing keys for a while, you know that FATAR has one of the best reputations for making outstanding keybeds. And it supports aftertouch, giving you expressive potential when performing live on stage.

Animator lets you create complex, modulated patches

The 008's Animator function essentially lets you sequence any control parameter on the synth, allowing you to create extremely animated sounds. This goes far beyond filter sweeps and envelope changes - you can sequence waveform changes, modulation matrix changes, and pretty much any other parameter, creating complex modulations you can't achieve with any other synthesizer.

Modal Electronics 008 Analog Synthesizer Features:
  • Eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer with analog signal path and digital tweakability
  • Unique multi-mode analogue filter design with 16 filter types and unusual morphing capabilities
  • 61-key FATAR keybed with aftertouch allows for exceptionally expressive performance
  • Oscillator and filter FM for classic analog polysynth tones
  • Dual LFOs support multiple wave shapes and can reach audio rates
  • Animator allows you to sequence any parameter for incredibly complex, evolving sounds
  • Easy to navigate thanks to the 4.3" screen and touch-sensitive control knobs
Unlimited sound design potential awaits in the Modal Electronics 008 synthesizer!

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Tech Specs

Sound Engine Type(s) Analog
Number of Keys 61
Type of Keys Semi-weighted with aftertouch
Other Controllers XY Joystick (assignable)
Polyphony 8
Number of Presets 10 recall banks (store presets, sequences, animations), 11 modulation sources
Expansion 1 x USB Type B (future Modal features)
Arpeggiator Yes
Sequencer 2-track, 12 row, 32 step sequencer
Audio Inputs 2 x 1/4" (left, right)
Audio Outputs 2 x XLR-1/4" combo, 1 x D-sub (12 voice out), 1 x 1/4" (headphones)
USB 1 x USB Type A
MIDI I/O In/Out/Thru
Pedal Inputs 2 x 1/4" (sustain, expression)
Other I/O 1 x Ethernet
Height 4.72"
Width 35"
Depth 15.75"
Weight 37.2 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 008

Customer Reviews

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Modal Electronics 008 Super-Beast

The Modal 008 is truly a Super-Beast of a synth. It’s a modern 8 voice analog polysynth capable of some amazing sounds. Just like the 002, 008 is a true work of art inside and out. The Modal synthesizers are the lap of luxury at its finest and will easily become the centerpiece of any studio. 008’s outer case is made out of solid metal and coated with a black professional grade instrument paint which is silky smooth to the touch. The paint is resistant to fingerprints which I really like. The labels around the knobs and encoders are white and are easily readable. There are no cheap plastic knobs anywhere. In fact, the knobs are crafted from machined aluminum and feel really good around the fingers. The end cheeks are made from rich English leather. This is one classy synth, let me tell ya! What I really love is the large LED high definition display. It’s brightly lit and has excellent contrast during the day or at night. It responds immediately when you turn any knob to show you exactly the page the encoder belongs to. Patch creation has never been so intuitive. There is no complicated menu diving here! You also never need to worry about having limited storage for your patches. 008 has the ability to store a mind blowing 10,000 patches! I don’t know of any other synthesizer that has this capacity. In addition, you can hook up 008 to the internet via the supplied Ethernet cable and have access to the web editor where you can download additional music patches or use the random patch creator that creates a patch for you that can be used as a starting point to further customize the sound. You can even share your patches with other Modal users around the world when connected to the internet. Need to update your OS? No problem, just hook up 008 to the net and press the update button and instantly it begins to install the update without the hassle and headaches of having to perform a sysex dump! Now that’s innovation! Modal Electronics is the first synthesizer manufacturer to implement this cutting edge technology. 008 has two LFO’s and two OSC’s, VCF, VCA, FM, a joystick to control the X & Y axis, and a mixer which is comprised of a combination of 15 filter types including Low Pass, Hi Pass, Band Pass, and several Notch variants. With this sonic arsenal you can be a gunnery sergeant and modulate any parameter on 008! 008 also features a very powerful 12 row, 12 step sequencer and an arpeggiator. This synth also comes armed with the Animator, similar to the sequencer, which is triggered by notes. When enabled, each note retriggers the animation when pressed! The Animator has 12 rows that can also run simultaneously and almost control any parameter on 008. Combine the power of the sequencer and the animator and the result is blissful sonic utopia! These wonderful sounds will enhance any track you master within the studio. 008 can be played in Performance mode which lets you split the keyboard and load two patches simultaneously. This synthesizer is a true joy to play from the exquisite Fatar keybed to the beautiful timbres it’s capable of producing. Its weight is worth more than gold. This instrument is built to last a life and it will bring you much musical joy and satisfaction. I find myself playing it every single day and just looking at it gives you a deep feeling of contentment. One more thing I’d like to comment on is the First Class customer service that Modal Electronics delivers! All my inquiries have been answered in a prompt manner, sometimes on the very first day. My whole experience with Modal Electronics has been top shelf! I highly recommend the Modal 008 to any musician or sound designer who is looking for a superior analog synthesizer to add to their collection or studio. Trust me on this one, it will make your dreams come true!
Music background: Musician

Nasty Beast

I has the good fortune to demo the Modal 008 and 002 hands on in NYC. These are indeed 2 very different sounding synths in a modern world were musicians expect such instruments to do things that were not possible 30 years ago. The 008 all analog with over 4000 parts truly is a growling synth that will melt the skin on your face! It's 8 voice 2 VCO and Subs per voice will give any synth head a run for the money. No doubt this keyboard will take some time to really dig the sounds out of. The results from each user will be very interesting. It's sound like the 002 is unique not only in synths but in sound anywhere on the Planet. A different approach to conventional tactics of programing as we learned thru the years will mostly shine in the wayward creation of sounds each musician will get out of these 2 synths. The 002 which is Digital Hybrid Analog and the 008 all analog are two instruments that will be a centerpiece and go-to for many studios ad live productions. In my opinion they will be classics and will be very sought after they start showing up on many soundtracks and songs. I will be ordering both synths with no regrets of digging deep into my pockets with a very big small on my face.
Music background: Producer/ Engineer/ Synthhead
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