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Roland Mobile Cube 5-watt 2x4" Portable Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 34 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland Mobile Cube 5-watt 2x4" Portable Combo Amp?

Questions about the Roland Mobile Cube 5-watt 2x4" Portable Combo Amp?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Ellijay, Georgia March 20, 2017

    Traveler Companion

    The Roland Cube amp for me. I like to use outdoors with my Traveler Guitar purchased at Sweetwater of course. Thanks for having such a large selection of musical instruments and accessories , great job Sweetwater!

  • from Little Falls, MN September 26, 2016

    OVERACHIEVER! Sounds great, works terrific

    I acquired a Roland Mobile Cube a couple of weeks ago, as a gift for my son. He wanted a boom box to listen to CDs, mp3s, and streaming music, but since he is a bass player and could use a low-volume practice amp, I opted for the Mobile Cube. He loves it! Says it works amazingly well and allows him to bring his tunes wherever he wants to go. Score! THEN ... this past weekend I swiped it from him for use at an outdoor hippie festival. I spun the Mobile Cube onto a mic stand, plugged in a mic (xlr mic with an impedance matching transformer/converter to 1/4"), and an instrument cable, put in six new batteries, dialed in a bit of reverb, and let a whole series of performers use it over the course of an afternoon. This is the first year that the festival had any sound reinforcement at all, and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. The Mobile Cube made it possible for a solo singer/guitarist to be easily heard much further away than usual. This allowed each performer to concentrate on sounding good -- rather than concentrating on singing and playing as loudly as possible -- and it allowed many dozens of people to enjoy the music rather than just those who were seated directly in front of the performer. I got many compliments and many reactions like "Wow, that thing rocks! I gotta get one of those for ..."
    If I could make one wish for this thing, however, it would be that Roland would put an output on it, so these amps could be daisy chained or used as a proper personal monitor. But aside from that, it's totally awesome. (I'm probably going to buy another one so I don't have to keep borrowing the Boy's! I _know_ this thing is going to get used a LOT.)

  • from Florida November 20, 2015Music Background:
    Entertaining Night Clubs

    Roland Mobile Cube

    Unbelievable. At first when I saw it I said to myself. They must be kidding on the size of this thing.
    When I plugged in my mike, my guitar and my i-pod I couldn't believe my ears.
    It was fantastic. The clarity almost no distortion, separate individual definition in mike, guitar, i-pod music.
    It reminds me from 1960 when I bought the first transistor radio ever made from Sony.
    It fits in your pocket and was as loud as the big radios at that time.

    I want to thank Alex who has been so helpful steering me in the right direction and advice on the best products for my needs

  • from La Jolla CA August 21, 2015Music Background:
    keyboard/electronic piano

    Excellent for singer-player in small venues

    I received this unit as birthday gift about two years ago. The idea was to have a handy mobile unit that would allow multiple inputs including keyboard and voice for home use and for small venues. To date it has performed flawlessly. The sound remains crisp and clear and surprisingly loud for its size and Wattage. It is very well designed and appropriately versatile for a singer-player combo performing in small venues. I have also learned that it works quite effectively when used in tandem with my Roland KC-150 amplifier by contributing higher-end sound reinforcement. A very simple and easy to use EQ function is useful for quick adjustments when playing an instrument and singing live. Input for MP3 player and center cancel function can be useful for sing-along applications and for backing tracks.

  • from Idaho August 19, 2015

    Not Bad

    Sorry I bought this used, it's a 2009 model running on batteries and there has been no cutting out like I've read at other retailer reviews
    This thing is a monster in a 70's transistor radio box... lol
    I just got a KC110 because I was trying to upgrade my battery powered amp's but this little beast cut's through better using it as a vocal monitor it slams you in the face. The KC110 has to much bottom and gets lost, but the Mobile Cube cuts right through and hits you in the face,,,
    It even seems louder then the KC because how it cuts through the mix.. If this had an out it would be the perfect personal monitor
    I threw a Digitech RP80 in front of it and it even sounds better....
    For as small as this is...It's fantastic!! and you would think it was bigger then it is...
    HEY Roland put a line out in it...

  • from December 4, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar player

    Great versatile device

    This amp is great. I use it to play music from my phone, to play guitar and bass some times. The battery last for long -so long I don't use it with the bass. All the inputs are very well regulated and treated separately, I love the fact that you control the volume from the source when plugging in using stereo in.

    When playing with instruments, the sound is great for practice and little gigs, the guitar effects are not great but I combine them with a nice pedal and the sound improves a lot (or just leave it clean). Also If I use a looper I connect it to the secondary input, a phone with drums on the aux-in and play guitar solos on the primary with a pedal. I love the fact that you can put it on a mic stand so the sound goes straight to the ears.

    Never used the mic input but It has its own independent volume knob and it adds flexibility.

    In general I would recommend this amp, is good for many things and the sound is great. Everything looks high quality even the handle feels very nice.

  • from Bedford in. u.s.a.42 years June 24, 2014Music Background:
    42 years playing in church

    Roland Mobile Cube

    very very satisfied.

  • from November 4, 2013Music Background:
    Lone guitar slinger


    Small ,but big in sound and possibilities! I get more for the money ,what I expected! Great with batteries one load last approx. 12 hours. Can run a mic and instrument @ the same time ,it's perfect for a one man band!, and karaoke with an attached MP3 player is possible too !!! "I lloving it"

  • from Summerfield Fl. October 28, 2013Music Background:
    Been playing steel guitar & singing since 1948. I had my own band for over 17 yrs.

    Roland Mobile Cube

    I have had my Roland Mobile Cube for a couple of weeks now and I am really impressed.
    I had asked my good friend Rick Aiello what was available that would do what this Mobile Cube does. He replied that our friends, Bobby Ingano & Derick Mau, two of Hawaii's finest lap steel guitar players are using these now, and he included the Link to Sweetwater as the place to get one. Within the hour I had it ordered. I was not disappointed as it is everything I wanted and then some as I still play small venues, & private parties, etc.. I could not believe the clear tone, the features, and the volume this small package puts out. If I want to play a large venue I will just put a microphone in front of this little amp. through a P.A. It sure saves the back now that I don't have to carry heavy equipment.
    The service is great at Sweetwater too !
    Danny James

  • from Summerfield Fl. October 7, 2013Music Background:
    Been playing music for over 65 yrs. Steel guitar, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, & vocal

    Speedy delivery, Impressive little amp.

    I am very impressed with the sound this little amp puts out. I have only had it a short while, but have played rhythm guitar and sang over a mic. thru it. Also I have played my lap steel guitar thru it. Great for both.

    It was recommended by a friend who tells me that Derrik Mau and Bobby Ingano use these in professional venues in Hawaii. If they need more volume in a bigger area they just put a mic in front of the speakers and go thru the p.a. system. I have seen them doing that several years ago using a Micro Cube at Winchester Indiana.

    I had a couple of questions and Danielle gave me her best advice and was very pleasant and professional.
    I recommend Sweetwater and will do business with them in the future.

  • from Winnipeg Canada January 17, 2013Music Background:
    Keyboard / synth player

    Roland Mobile Cube

    Sweetwater was the best deal I could find that would ship to me in Canada. Great customer service and superfast deivery means I will be back....now...about this roland amp....
    I love this mini amp.
    I have been searching for a small STEREO amp to run my microkorg and krog microstation and be totaly mobile. This amp delivers the goods. Portable, battery operated, multi lines in and out and all in stereo. I can run in any type of aux ( like the korg monotron or mp3 player or another keyboard...hold on!...even my tablet and run my music making software)...microphone in...keyboard , guitar and all at the same time.
    It has some weight to it and that explaines the quality of the 4 inch speakers in this sweetie. Hit the corus and run your keyboard FAT to expand the sound. Use the onboard effects. Total fun, form and function.

  • from Chicago, Illinois December 28, 2012Music Background:
    Retired Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter


    What an incredible surprise! Being a retired multi-genre guitarist, singer and songwriter, I purchased one of these simply to use as a small and portable amp that wouldn't cause the old-folks that live in my apartment building to call the cops or get me evicted. My old tube Super-Reverb would have been a slight over-kill. I really wasn't expecting much from such a small little amp, but I'm now a firm believer that good things, no, fantastic things do sometimes come in small packages. I've never played through Roland's Super-Chorus but maybe this is the next best thing. The sound this little bad-boy puts out is great and the stereo-chorus effect combined with reverb truly is lush. Many kudos to Roland for bringing this beautiful amp into my life.

  • from Concord, CA USA May 16, 2012Music Background:

    A tad bit expensive, but worth it

    I was very impressed with the sound quality--I expected something like a cheap AM/FM radio. The tone is full and doesn't distort (unless you want it too--distortion is one of the special effects).

    The unit seems sturdy and I have a feeling it will survive for years with just a little care.

    I found it'll run 6-7 hours on NiMH batteries, even though they aren't officially supported . I hate the idea of throwing away used alkalines, even though they provide 15 hours of playing.

    This is a quality piece of gear, even if it does run on batteries. It's lightweight, making it easy to take to gigs, and the sound quality won't let you down.

  • from Bloomfield, NJ May 20, 2010Music Background:

    Wife Likes It!

    I have to say, I was so surprised when I got this amp home and really plugged in my slew of electric and acoustic guitars. I never thought I would get such great tone from such a small package. I keep it right in the front room, where I practice and we watch TV. It is very versatile to say the least. If I need, I can plug in my Guitar trainer to play along with songs I am trying to learn or even my metronome when i want to work on my discipline or new rhythms. I have a couple of voice pedals hooked up into the vocal input and my voice sounds rich plus and very true. I use the reverb/delay and chorus. Not much use for the overdrive or distortion, though I can play a mean Hendrix Star Spangled Banner when I do! I am thinking of using it when I go into the studio. I will mic it or run the line into the board. The tone is that good!

  • from Montana May 4, 2010Music Background:
    Worship leader

    Great Little Amp

    Never dreamed I'd get so much sound from such a little amp. Bought this as a practice amp but I wouldn't be afraid to use it in a small setting. I needed something super portable (my wife likes me to practice in the garage if you can imagine that) and it fits the bill totally.

  • from Los Angeles CA. November 22, 2008Music Background:
    Blues singer, songwriter, Blue guitar ( Fender Straticaster)


    I travel around the world a lot. I am just in from Japan. I am so happy that I was reading the guitarplayer mag. And saw the cube. And I went out and order it right away.

    P.S. The only problem I have is the battery do not last very long. For all of the inst. hookup. I though the cube would be like the Fender can amp. It charge for 3hr. playing time without battery. But I love it anyway. I use it everyday.

  • from booneville, Ms. USA September 27, 2008Music Background:
    Played in band as lead guitar, 30 year guitar player.

    Classic Vibe Box!

    I can't believe the vibe of this little amp. It reminds me of the old am/fm stero radios but does it's small size fool you. It's like a small version of the Roland JC-120 on the clean setting and on the overdrive and distorted, it does that great too. You can hook up a mic, a drum machine and guitar all at the same time--and it balances out the sound. It doesn't favor one or the other. The chorus is lush and realistic. This is the most utility of all the little amps I've seen. It really has high quality sound. I've been playing over 30 years and know tone. It has tone; in fact, it has classic vibe!

  • from Santa Barbara, CA USA August 2, 2008Music Background:
    Flamenco Guitarist

    Roland FINALLY got it right!!!!

    This amp sounds FANTASTIC for its size. Finally an amp with FRFR capability for modellers as well as acoustic. (The effects are OK, not great, but who cares if I can plug a GT-10 into it and have it sound good...:-)

    It doesn't color the sound (unless you want it to), but gives true sound at a very surprising level. MUCH, MUCH better than the Cube Street.

    Bottom line: Roland finally got this right, and it will even fit into my motorcycle sport pak!!

    My only caveat is I wish they had included a guitar tuner, but that is no big deal...

  • from California July 29, 2016Music Background:

    Roland Mobile Cube

    This is a powerful and diverse little amp. I can use it for all my situations...guitar, voice, Trio+ pedal. Ok, maybe not all at once...but with any other amp, this one sounds pretty solid, if loudness is not what you are after. Varied tone is nice. Effects...not as ajustabel, but fun to play with in a practice situation.

    Glad I got it and love the portable lightweight, compactness very much.

  • from January 1, 2016

    All I expected

    I built a replica 1840s piano case to house my 1990s 69-key Casio keyboard and needed a small amplifier to incorporate in the case. From other on-line reviews, I thought this would be the perfect solution, and it is! Full, rich sound ... I never knew my old keyboard could sound so good.

  • from August 6, 2015


    Got this to take on trips with traveller's guitar and it is awesome
    Stereo sound with some effects built in like chorus, reverb an delay. Auxiliary input
    Jacks for guitar mike and headphones
    Delivered as advertised and extremely portable. Highly recommend this product

  • from Fl June 24, 2014Music Background:

    Roland Mobile Cube

    Great compact unit with very good sound quality

  • from United States April 30, 2014Music Background:

    Roland Mobile Cube

    It's hard for me to give anything a 5, but this comes as close as I will get. Let's put it this way, I am playing at an outdoor farmer's market this Sat. where there is electric for my larger and more expensive amp, but I have chose to take the Roland Mobile Cube.
    Why? Not that the sound is greater, but just for sheer ease of use, and also knowing that it will do the job. Also, having the confidence knowing that I can use battery power in case the electric is not convenient.

  • from Florida March 4, 2012Music Background:
    Pro guitarist

    Roland mobile cube

    Would have given it 5 stars cause it is really great. My objection is that it only has one output (stereo headphones out) which works great into a pa system. I was hoping it could also work as a monitor but the speakers are of course disconnected.

  • from Connecticut January 18, 2012Music Background:
    Long-time geezer hobbyist

    Roland Mobile Cube

    This is an excellent battery-powered go anywhere amp. There are a couple drawbacks, as cited by several other reviewers that got past the mesmerizing positive features. You are not able to control volume or add effects to your ipod input- that is controlled on the ipod. That said- once you figure out how to integrate the ipod and instrument input- watch out. You can play, or do vocals thru the second channel with your ipod. You can dampen the ipod vocals and use the ipod instrumentals with your instrument input or mic. Works well for "Half Live" (kind of Karaoke instrumental/vocal with mp3). The battery driven mode doesn't get you to full volume - it cuts out if you push it too far on battery. Way more powerful on power (duh)- but battery is certainly more than adequate unless you are trying to fill a stadium (that's not why you are looking for a mobile battery amp). The chorus/effects are sweet with guitar input . If you want portable, play along, great sound, for a moderate size large venue this amp will more than meet your needs. It isn't my Marshal AS50R...but a good surrogate when portability is key. Play out in the woods and rock the world...fun stuff! (It beats my Fender Amp can hands down, no comparison!)

  • from Bradenton, Fl April 2, 2017

    roland mobile cube

    Perfect size for traveling about. Easy plug ins for my acoustic guitar and headset mic. I connected a Ibenez de7 delay/echo foot petal to the guitar for enhanced effect on leads and riffs. I am happy with the guitar effects for leads. I was unsuccessful in connecting a tc helicon Mic Mechanic for voice effects. The mic mechanic created a annoying buzz. So I tried to connect a tc helicon gxt to create voice harmonys. The gxt harmony effects sound would not come through the roland mobile cube. I tried using the other gxt voice effects but they too would not work on the cube. Overall I am happy with the mobile cube for the its compact size. It is easy to pack up and take on trips and loud enough to entertain with. I would recommend this product to a friend.

  • from November 23, 2016

    Roland mobile cube great buy

    Great travel amp clean and distortion work at any volume especially in a hotel room

  • from July 27, 2015Music Background:
    Weekend musician

    Great little practice amp!

    The sound from this little box is amazing and the crunch also sounds great. Extremely useful for a quick practice session or to have some fun playing for friends.

  • from Maryland March 10, 2015Music Background:
    Over 55 years' playing and teaching fretted instruments.

    Extremely convenient and useful

    Okay, it's not a gigantic stack meant for acid rock, but it's great for practice and small venues, or for hearing yourself play on an electric guitar. Mine died after years of use at jams and gatherings, and I had no hesitation in ordering a second one as a replacement. I play mostly jazz and swing, so I use the 'clean' voice *with just a touch of reverb), but the various effects are cute added-value features, which I'm sure will appeal to other musicians, Also, it fits easily into a backpack with cable, accessories, and extra batteries, so it's great for traveling. The separate microphone input would also make it a handy amp for buskers.

    I would warn purchasers, however, to ALWAYS use alkaline batteries (as recommended in the manual),or you'll be disappointed.

  • from NYC April 14, 2012Music Background:
    Professional NYC Subway Musician

    Great For Busking!

    This little monster can handle your instrument, your mic (with dedicated volume control), and your backing tracks simultaneously. At just 30 bucks more than the Micro Cube, and less than half of what a Cube Street costs, you get a killer busking rig. The thing delivers BIG sound in a tiny package (its loud as hell), and fits in a small duffel with the rest of my busking stuff. Sound quality is very good, but with small speakers, you lose a bit of bottom. Small price to pay to go anywhere.

  • from Las Vegas November 18, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician 44 years

    Good, Could Be Better

    As a pro musician, I will say that as a practice amp, itís great. As for cranking up the volume in a small lounge for example, it distorts easily. I ran a Yamaha Motif synth through it and at a normal room volume it distorted. Low to medium volume is fine. Unit has a clean sound.

    My main complaint: You can only use the volume/effects/tone functions when plugging something into the Keyboard/Inst. inputs. You cannot use any controls including volume in the RCA, AUX. inputs. In other words, you have to control the volume of you mp3 player for example, through your mp3 player's volume.

    In my case, this requires switching screens in my tablet because there is no rocker dedicated volume switch on the unit. Aside from that, itís a great practice amp.

  • from Schmidt June 4, 2016Music Background:

    Great amp but...

    Its incredible ! However the input jacks have plastic housings and the jacks are soldered straight into the circuit board. What happens is the plastic breaks and rips the contacts out of the circuit board and I have had this happen two all three jacks . Even re soldering doesn't always work as the board gets shorted out and its very difficult try to solder it back because of the way it was made . I wish Roland would wire in some standard metal jacks this would make this otherwise awesome product last . For two hundred dollars I think the thing should be less disposable.

  • from June 2, 2015Music Background:
    Song Writter, guitarist, singer

    Roland Mobile Cube

    Hi Sweetwater,
    Overall the Cube is great, and easy to install, and ready to go, however, I noticed that when your Mic is getting a little feedback, the Amp cancels out for 3 seconds, I find that a nu-sense, and wish that feature wasn't in there...Cause when your playing live, it's annoying...

    Thank-You for our opinion counts at Sweetwater

  • from Louisville, KY July 11, 2016Music Background:
    Jesus inspired songs.

    Kinda nice but still kinda disappointing

    Cons Cons Cons and Cons:
    -No dedicated Volume control for AUX input. This is very annoying if you use your MP3 player. The AUX input gain is very sensitive. So be careful before you plug your MP3 player and make sure to turn the volume low.
    -Input labels on the sides are very hard to read. Roland should at least considered painting the small letterings for the input labels. This is very annoying for people with weak eyes like me.
    -No Power supply included, though it comes with batteries. For the price, it should come with power adapter. Because of that, this becomes an overly expensive unit if you buy the power adapter ($35.00)
    -The overall build quality is good. But the knobs are kinda feel cheap.
    -There is a very small LED indicator for Power that is dim. Really why???

    Loud for its size.
    Built-in effects
    Battery operated
    Built solid except for the cheap feel knobs.
    Mic stand mount.
    Removable strap handle.
    Multiple source input plus Mic(nice to have)
    Kensington lock
    Ground screw(in case I need it)
    Center Cancel
    Rubber padded base.
    Weight is light but doesnt feel cheap.

    I give this 2.5 because of the big CONs that irritates me which is the lack of dedicated AUX input volume.

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