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Acoustica Mixcraft 6 (boxed) Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
  • from Grand Haven, Michigan February 25, 2014Music Background:
    Solo 12 String Guitars & Vocals

    Mixcraft 6 Hit A Grand Slam Home Run With Me

    I have to agree with what the original poster said about this software. Don't be fooled by the reasonable price of it. It a big bang for the buck. Yet this software still get no recognition or high marks and seems to be oblivious to many musicians and mostly overlooked. I sprung for it just recently. And believe me the learning curve is not that tough. The audio interface I use is the Focusrite 2i2 2 in 2 out interface. It came with Ableton Live Lite 8 which I divorced soon after. That has to be the worst software on the planet. When I installed Mixcraft the marriage between my interface and it were made in Heaven. No divorce pending. LOL It was like they were old school chums. For under a $100.00 Mixcraft hit the 3-2 pitch with the bases loaded with 2 outs clean out of the park. What I like the most too about Mixcraft 6 is that the mixing board is right up in your face so you can see everything in plain site what is going on. I am a guy who has to see it, feel it, and touch it. This is the only way to fly folks. Yea I know there is Pro Tools out there and a list of many other pricey recording software but for my money I am staying with Mixcraft 6. I have other fellow musicians who have Pro Tools and most of the time they are pulling their hair out with it. When I've showed them Mixcraft 6 and what you can do with it they are amazed. Many have dumped their Pro Tools. Yes they have. In essence, Mixcraft is a no-brainer. Try it. I just about guarantee you won't go back to what you were using.

  • from United States February 17, 2013Music Background:
    Veteran workstation keyboardist,software enthusiast,composer,recording hobbyist

    A Vastly Underestimated DAW!

    I'm a bit puzzled as to why Mixcraft 6 has been on the market for about a year now,& there's not much in the way of reviews.
    I must concede however,that it was my research on Pro Tools that lead me to be intrepid enough to check out Acoustica.
    Pro Tools isn't in my price range & it didn't suit my purposes anyhow and despite the fact that I usually bypass software that's this cheap...I was curious,because I never noticed this software before.

    When I read that Mixcraft has video editing,I was REALLY hooked into this software & the more I researched it,I became obsessed with owning it!
    Since I am not a technologically advanced PC geek(despite already having Presonus S1 and Reason 6.5),Acoustica's enormous library of tutorial videos is the one of the most attractive features of this software & of the company.
    Their videos really helped me understand some aspects of computer recording that I've had trouble with for years and since I am a hands-on type of guy,I need video instruction..rather than a manual to read from....so Acoustica is absolutely perfect for me.

    There's so much I could go into,but I don't want to type out an essay...so in short,Mixcraft 6 is surprisingly comprehensive..offering features that neither of my other DAWs have,such as video editing,LAME encoder for MP3 conversion,independent,multiple volume point editing on a single track..for BOTH audio & midi tracks,overdub mode(which automatically creates multiple sub-lanes) on a single track,a midi learn function(one of my personal favorites) and the has the most convenient method for layering sounds I had ever seen(aside from hardware workstation layering).

    As for the included VST's...well..there are some very usable synth engines & some of the acoustic sounds are decent-but on the whole,a pretty rudimentary library of sounds.
    However,one gets what one pays for in terms of instruments..but the beautiful thing about Mixcraft 6,is that because of the extremely reasonable cost,it gives one the financial freedom to choose precisely,the right 3rd party VST's one is looking for,which was one of the primary reasons I chose Mixcraft 6 and not the Pro Studio version(both are identical in features,except for some additional VST's & effects).
    Speaking of effects,Mixcraft 6's included VST effects are 5 star(in my book),because although they're basic in appearance,they provide some wonderful enhancements and it's very easy to find just the right nuance to shape your instruments,which is an utter joy for me!

    At this price,there's no reason not to check it out for yourself,as I think there's some features that would benefit most everyone...from novices,to seasoned semi-pro's.

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