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Avantone Pro MP1 Mixphones Multi-mode Reference Headphones with Vari-Voice Reviews

4.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Avantone Pro MP1 Mixphones Multi-mode Reference Headphones with Vari-Voice?

Questions about the Avantone Pro MP1 Mixphones Multi-mode Reference Headphones with Vari-Voice?

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  • Customer
    from May 6, 2017

    Mixphone user

    Fantastic sound in stereo mode. I found the other modes to very useful for mixing. Great product!

  • Craig
    from Los Angeles December 5, 2016Music Background:

    Get Them! Best Headphones for Mixing PERIOD!

    These headphones are one of the best investments I have made in my music production. It is definitely the best investment I have made this year and I have spent A LOT of money this year on some great gear.

    I was already in the middle of a mix when these arrived. Once I listened to the mix with these on I could hear a serious muddiness in the mix. Although I could hear the same thing with my monitors, the headphones really exaggerated the mud. The fact that you can switch from flat, mono and stereo mode is awesome. I decided to finish the mix using just the headphones. Once I had the mix sounding great in all three modes (flat, stereo, mono) I listened through my monitors and I was blown away. I did some minor tweaking here and there but most of the work was done using the headphones. This is the perfect solution for those with a home studio and needs to mix while traveling. Although you will use other sources as a reference, when you get your mix to sound good with these, 95% of your work is done!

    Get them, you will not be disappointed. I am purchasing a second pair.

  • Dexter Quito
    from Nashville July 15, 2016Music Background:
    Producer/Mixer/Studio Owner

    Best Mixphones!

    Finally, the headphones you can really trust and mix with. Sounds really good and flat! Love the Mono mode I can switch to easily. Thanks Avantone and Sweetwater!

  • zendrum
    from Maumee, OH July 15, 2016Music Background:
    Studio Owner/Engineer

    Great Headphones for Studio Professionals

    I have a great monitor system at my studio that I am very comfortable with, and that is easy to mix on (thanks Mike Harris for all the great recommendations). I was looking for a great pair of headphones to edit and do preliminary mixing on at home on my laptop without keeping everyone in the house up at night.

    When I first saw these Avantones, I thought the mode switch would be kind of a gimmick, but I decided to try them anyway.

    I was dead wrong. In my humble opinion, these cans are awesome for editing, mixing, and pretty much any studio activity.

    Sound: Obviously I haven't used every pair of cans ever made, but these are certainly among the best I've ever heard. They don't seem to emphasize any particular frequency range - just smooth from low to high, like great reference headphones should be.

    Comfort and isolation: You may find these to be tight if you have a large cabeza - they do clamp down a bit. They are comfortable for me, but if they were any tighter, they might be fatiguing. Just be forewarned that if you have a skull like the Incredible Hulk these may not be for you. The ear pads are comfortable for me, as is the headband. I think they are definitely way to big and heavy to be anyone's everyday listening headphones for computer or mp3 player use - but that's not what they are intended for anyway. One interesting thing - they are spec'd as open back, but to me they seem to be somewhere in between open and closed back. If you aren't playing music you can hear what is going on in the room around you, but they do seem to attenuate room sound more than any other open back cans I'ved used. This seems pretty much ideal to me.

    The mode switch: stereo full range, mono full range, or Mixcube Mode. This actually works very well. If you need to focus on critical mids, Mixcube mode does just that. I've never mixed on Mixcubes, so I can't say if this mode really sounds like them, but it really does focus on midrange very well without killing all of the presence. I might even use this while at the studio as another reference.

    Construction: These are big, beefy cans that are built like a tank. Any parts that aren't fabric seem to all be made of metal, and bolted together. This is the first pair of cans I've seen in 20 years that isn't made primarily of plastic. The cable is detachable, and therefore easy to replace, and two cables are supplied - coiled and straight. I think it would be very difficult to break these cans.

    Overall, I think they are great cans for editing and mixing. Highly recommended!

  • @PurpleChrome
    from NY August 21, 2016Music Background:
    Purple Chrome Records INC. Studio, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, & Pro Tools Audio Engineer

    Pleasantly Surprised & Beautifully Constructed

    OMGAWWWD, these new MP-1's aren't even broken in yet & S (Stereo mode) sounds LOVELY to me. They're equal to/if not better & clearer than my old, trusty - 10k bumped - Limited Edition Silver - ATH M50s ;-)~ that broke last month ;-(~.... C is cube mode, which is supposed to be like Avantones "mix cubes" sound. The difference is subtle but u CAN hear it after the switch. Mono is mono.

    Sweetwater "recommended" the Spirit Pro's. I wanted THESE Avantones. My studio is literally Purple foamed, Silver painted trim (chrome accents) & silver faced racks/equipment all around), with cream colored laminated floors. Soooo, needless to say, the Avantones MP-1 was a perfect fit, right out the box!!! Str8 sexy sexy sexy...

    Now, I never heard Focal headphones b4 but "I heard" THESE Spirit Pro's were supposed to sound exactly like their thousand dollar monitors, in ur ears. Lolol... They uhmmm, sounded GLORIOUS Too!

    On the other hand & pleasantly to my surprise, because the Avantones are a lil farther away from the ear canal (yet still cups OVER my ears completely) it offered a nice, rich, full-bodied experience. It's almost like a "3D-ish soundstage" that translated, mix-wise, to what listening to my car system is like. You hear everything, clearly & more naturally this way. The slight distance give you like a crossbreed 20% open-back sound yet with a 80% closed back headphone. Best of both worlds. Again, a more natural listening experience & less, future fatigue I'll wager, too. I will most DEFINITELY be using these Avantones to mix in-studio. It's like WYSIWYG except WYHearIWYG... ;-)~

    On the flip side, the FOCALS have less outside noise leakage but the $300+ price for the tiny, tiny, tiny, so tiny, slight bit of more perceived bass & high clarity, as opposed to the Avantones, aren't really worth paying over $300 as opposed to Avantone's $199 ---> for the average person ---> IF u had to only pick one! Trust me, It's only due to the Focal's tighter fit and how it ever so slightly blocks more outside noise. BUT NOW, with THAT SAID, I'm definitely keeping BOTH!
    Focals have a lil button I can use with my iPhone to answer calls. I'll wear the Focals on the street. Since they're not gaudy, they're perfect for the train or street instead of friggin' clichéd & horrible for mixing, BEATS BY DRE's. LMMFAO. Overall the sound IS indeed crispy crispy/pristine & BOTH Headphones feel comfortable on my head & over my ears. Not too much clamping at all to me. I'd call it a snug fit tho...

    ONLY DRAWBACKS: Avantone lost .25 rating for my petty "bulk/portability issues" looking like a cool Martian with it outside of the studio & it's 2 short cord factors... Focal lost .25 rating for it's French price, lack of folding up completely, as well, & their 2 short cords too!!!

  • A. Hussain
    from August 14, 2016

    Clamping, decent sound

    For the record, I have burned in these headphones upwards of 100 hours, so their potential should be fulfilled.

    This headphone has a nice soundstage. As a closed-back, it's not really 3D, but there is more space than from my previous headphones (Lyx Pro Has-10). As a mixing headphone, mistakes and bad sounds are evinced more readily than before, but not remarkably so. Isolation is good once you start playing music, but without it the cups resonate with other noises around you.

    That other headphone has noticeably (but not significantly) inferior sound, but I think I will keep those instead. The MP1 punches a bit more and also with more clarity, but you could switch them (not that I wouldn't notice... these are bulky) and I wouldn't care. I feel like you'd have to be an audiophile to care. Because they're flat, they don't actually punch or make the sound bounce around, but as a headphone intended for mixing that's fair enough.

    They're about as comfortable as they look. Have you seen these things? The cups are huge. They clamp like crazy. At 6'2" my head is long but not wide and they still play hell with my jaw. Despite the flat and clear sound, you can't really mix with these... too uncomfortable. Honestly... I was naive to think this would be comfortable, but maybe you have to pay a price for mixing headphones. It's not like they're an established type. Either way, these headphones made me appreciate the comfort of my other headphones.

    What I like about this headphone is that you can wear them the other way around without any additional discomfort. More than the mono and C (whatever the hell C means... lol) mode, this has given me a different perspective on songs I've listened to for years. I can't really do this with my other headphones because the headband isn't built to do it. I'm not sure if this has any practical purpose for mixers, but it's cool. In one example, I can hear distortion on an ostensibly clean guitar I never heard in 7 years (and 4 months... LOL)! It's like flipping a picture of your face. Mono is cool because you hear more of the vocals. The C mode I find kinda useless; it seems like it's emulating an iPod earphone. You might spend 95% of your time in stereo.

    All in all, a fine-sounding headphone made undesirable by its negation of comfort.

  • Robert Heberlein
    from Florida April 10, 2017

    Great for editing or just listening

    Beautifully conceived and work well for "studio"type use and for audiophile listening.The only reason I gave them a "2" is because one of the "grille cloths" is waded up, but they still work well.

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