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PRS Mira - Vintage Cherry Reviews

4.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
  • Macwelllington O'Nealing
    from Portland, OR USA November 23, 2008Music Background:

    Will never look at guitars the same way

    I had never played a PRS, But when i played this guitar i fell in love with it. The light feel and low action make this guitar extremely comfortable to hold. The sound of the pickups can imitate almost any sound, i was able to get a warm Latin feel, a big beefy LP sound, and so much more! I would easily recommend this guitar to anyone, save up the dough and purchase this fine high quality instrument before they are gone.

  • A Paul Reed Smith Convert.
    from Papillion, NE USA July 21, 2008Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician

    Paul Reed Smith's answer to the SG

    I have owned an SG Standard, a Les Paul Double Cutaway, a Les Paul Junior and Fender guitars which I like as well. I picked up the Paul Reed Smith Mira and the neck was the most comfortable I have ever played. The action was low and the intonation was perfect. Plugged in I could coax any sound I wanted. But what I wanted the most was this guitar. It is the best playing guitar electric or acoustic that I have ever played. The guitar reminded me of an SG in feel and playability, but was far superior in every aspect be it the SG or the Les Paul double cutaway. If I could have one guitar in my entire lifetime whether electric or acoustic, this would be my pick hands down. This is the next guitar I am buying. It is also the best playing Paul Reed Smith I have tried. If you are considering an electric guitar, by the Mira. If you need a back up, get another Mira. If you are just starting guitar and are considering an electric, spend the money on and get the Mira. You will never be disappointed.

  • glenn mathis
    from fairdealing missouri June 29, 2012Music Background:
    play in a gospel band, guitar and banjo!

    this guitar sounds great right out of the case!!!

    you can feel the quality of this guitar as soon as you pick it up!!STRINGS ARE JUST RIGHT FOR BENDING,and any kind of style! i've only had mine for a couple of weeks and i'm still getting great sounds out of her,and my sales engineer Matt Masek really helped to make this a pleasurable experience and was there when ever i needed him,i highly recommend you to buy from sweetwater,they care!!! glenn

  • Alan Belanger
    from Exeter, NH May 16, 2011Music Background:

    there are better guitars for the money

    Bought a PRS Mira with bird inlays last September. Since then, i've returned it to the factory twice for finish problems... now it's happening a third time. More on that later...

    As for playability, this guitar has one of the best necks I've ever played. The versatility of sounds are incredible: i can go from crunchy distortion to clean blues without touching the amp! The combination of toggle from single coil to humbucker, volume & tone control, and pickup switch affect the sound more than any other guitar I've owned. That said, the pickups do seem to pick up everything, so if i play sloppy my mistakes get amplified. As long as you play clean, the sounds are awesome.

    I've had two problems with this guitar since I've bought it. These are static and finish de-lamination.

    Static: Back in the day, guitar makers used bakelite for their pickguards, which resists static electricity. Most makers (not just PRS) use plastic nowadays, which is a terrific producer of static (when your pick/hand rubs against it) On my Mira, the static got so bad i had audible snap-crackle-pop sounds every few seconds. Rubbing bounce on the pickguard eliminated the noise, but only temporarily. I added copper foil shielding under the pickguard, and this helps tremendously... but i still need the bounce on dry days. If you have a carpet in your pad, i suggest avoiding plastic pickguards. In the price range of the Mira, you can easily find something without a pickguard at all, which is always better.

    Finish: the acrylic lamination has peeled off random areas where the Rosewood fretboard meets the neck, both top and bottom, since i bought it. Sent it back twice (so far) for factory repairs. I've heard lots of different reasons from PRS and independent luthiers, but the reason that seems most plausible is that lamination doesn't like sticking to rosewood. I haven't seen this on any other part of the guitar, and have never seen it on any other guitar. I suggest avoiding rosewood fretboards with acrylic lamination. Heck, avoid acrylic lamination altogether! I wish i had... my bass is stained wood with no gloss, and it looks awesome and requires no maintenance. My Mira sheds like a snake.

    Another pet peeve I have with this guitar is the cloth wrap around the humbuckers. Maybe i'm just a sloppy player, but my hand often brushes against the pickups and it sounds like rubbing cardboard across a 5 o'clock shadow! Granted, this sound does not come through the pickups so i never hear it when i'm plugged in, but i like to play unplugged sometimes, and at those times it really annoys.

    In short, this is a wonderfully joyous guitar to play, but the lamination and static problems really annoy. In this price range, you can find a MUCH better quality guitar. PRS is infamous for being overpriced. Shop around.

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