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Switchcraft 318 Mini AudioStix 1-channel Passive Laptop Direct Box Reviews

4.5 stars based on 20 customer reviews
Questions about the Switchcraft 318 Mini AudioStix 1-channel Passive Laptop Direct Box?

Questions about the Switchcraft 318 Mini AudioStix 1-channel Passive Laptop Direct Box?

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  • from J. April 30, 2017Music Background:
    Small church tech. dir.

    Awesome gear

    This little DI solved three problems with one solution. We had ground hum from our laptop audio. We needed to take the stereo two channel feed from the laptop down to one channel. And the sound quality coming from the laptop could use a little improvement.

    This solved all three and sounds great. Great solid construction, compact size, made in Chicago, love that. What more could you want?

  • from Michigan July 21, 2016Music Background:
    Sound Tech

    Switchcraft 318 min AudioStix

    This was an awesome find. As soon as we install it the noise problem cleared up.
    Thanks Guys

  • from Gastonia, N.C. February 10, 2016

    Great For Practice

    I use the Switchcraft for choir practice. I plug my iphone in and we are ready to go. Very easy to use and I love the volume control.

  • from December 11, 2015

    Great, purpose specific box

    Needed a solid 1/8" D.I. for others to use in a plug & play system that would give some volume control, but not access to the actual audio system. This works great. Quiet, clean, and the low profile volume pot protects itself from damage.

  • from Vancouver, WA July 7, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist Live Sound Engineer


    Amazing Product wish I would of know about this thing when I was bringing my karaoke setup out to the Fair Grounds. Had to use there DI Box which was unbalanced output. If you want a Direct Box Specfically for your MP3 player or Laptop this is it. Highly Recommend this product as well.

  • from Princeton NJ April 25, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Get It You Need it Especally w Bose ToneMatch

    This really bring the Bose Tone Match to just amazing with backing tracks, mp3 etc files in stereo running out from source but if you're plugging into the Bose system you lose one channel of the signal. The Switchcraft 318 some how dose magic and makes the mono sound great. I use the Switchcraft 318 1/8 to XLR Mini SumBox from iPhone out running One Track (for backing tracks, percussion, and sounds) from Switchcraft XLR to Blose L1 Tone Match (Stereo to Mono) signal sounding very nice. Can't live with out it. It's my secret weapon to make the system sound even better. Thanks Mark Magdich x1265 and UPS for getting this to me. Can't wait to use it this weekend.

  • from Florida, USA March 25, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician, Guitar Teacher


    It does exactly what it is supposed to do. I bought it to connect ipod, ipad & android phone to play music through our P.A. system. Works like a charm.

  • from Southern NM October 23, 2013Music Background:
    Live sound and Pro Sports Announcer

    Great product for the price

    I needed an adaptor that would go from a timing system with a digital horn to my mixing board. The timer internal volume was maxed out and not capable of readjustment without sending back into the factory. This AudioStix helped reduce the volume input without redlining the sound system.

  • from United States March 19, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound and P.A. Announcer

    Awesome product

    If you need an 1/8" input to XLR adapter this is what you want. This is pocket-sized and perfect. I use it with my music player for live sporting events to tie-in to the PA. The volume control on the unit makes it perfect for this application. It also ships with an 1/8" stereo cable. Great product, highly recommend.

  • from Nevada December 9, 2016

    Essential item for your audio kit

    Works great at a good price. Small size takes up less space. Construction feels solid. Nice summing stereo to mono to only take up one input on sound board.

  • from Las Cruces, NM April 22, 2015Music Background:
    Sports Announcer, DJ. Music Director

    Switchcraft 318 Mini Stix

    This is a handy piece of equipment for connecting small audio devices several different ways. The ways in which I use it are rather simple. I connect my computer to a mixer and I get absolutely no noise through the line. Another way I use it is by connecting my phone music player to a powered speaker for small outdoor get togethers. The volume knob is ideal in this situation because then you do not have to worry about having to hear the beep from your phone every time you adjust or have to go to the speaker to adjust the volume. And it comes with a 1/8" cord to connect to you phone or computer. It is so small it fits in your pocket and I have used it many times and own two of them. Highly recommend it for your tool box.

  • from groton, MA February 12, 2015Music Background:

    Just What the Doctor Ordered

    This well made compact little device is perfect for what I needed.
    I wanted a simple interface device for playing virtual keyboards through my laptop with a midi keyboard.
    Simple and effective with no noise or hum and I can crank it through a PA or guitar amp with no issues, and you can't beat the price!

  • from Kingston, PA June 1, 2014Music Background:
    Pianist / Sound Man

    Versatile Unit

    If you are running a House of Worship sound system, you want one of these... Forget running long unbalanced lines to the 'aux in' of your mixer... Just run a 50 ft. balanced XLR cable out onto the alter / staging area, and terminate it with one of these... You don't know what people will bring in as an audio source, but the #318 will cover it all... So, now you have a clean source with no high frequency roll-off, no hum or signal loss... And no worries... (m.)

  • from September 5, 2016

    Switchcraft 318

    Switchcraft 318 did exactly what I needed to connect with a BOSE sound system.

  • from Buffalo December 31, 2015Music Background:
    Keyboards for 40 years

    Switchraft works great!

    I like this little unit because it makes it easy to get songs off my ipod into my mixer without loosing too much of the sound. I notice some distortion occasionally, but overall it is a nice little piece of equipment that makes learning new tunes a lot easir.

  • from New Mexico March 18, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician and music teacher

    Great little unit!

    This connector does exactly what is supposed to do and is very clean sounding. It works with audio interfaces from computers, as well as the 1/8" headphone jack, changes stereo keyboards to mono, and also sends a stereo signal mono to a powered speaker. A very useful direct box style unit!

  • from Seattle, WA USA May 23, 2014Music Background:
    Factory Authorized Audio Tech and Pro Musician

    Switchcraft 318 Mini Audio Stix

    The Switchcraft Mini Audio Stix works well with any MP3 device using a 1/8" stereo jack.. The built in volume control allows for simple adjustment of the sound source and the Lo Z out is fully compatible with most in house sound systems and all portable PA's. The ground lift is a must to enable control of ground loops and noise. A very convenient package indeed !!

  • from United States April 21, 2014Music Background:
    Musician / Engineer / Experimententalist

    Great Compact solution!

    Does what it says and does it well. I'm using it to run a stereo line through an effects box designed for vocals. The built in summing / transformer isolation keeps the signal very clean. This is also a good choice to use in place of a Y cable when you need to sum a stereo source down to mono.

    Only thing stopping me from rating this 5 is the 3.5mm holds the plug a little too loosely for my preference.

  • from Rochester June 21, 2017Music Background:
    Professional Trumpet Performances & singing

    1 Flaw......

    This device works fine but the volume button is very short and slick and difficult to adjust if you run your own sound on the stage. No grooves on it at all to allow you to turn it easily.

  • from Ripley Ms. 38663 March 10, 2015

    autio stix

    works great for what I Need it for .

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