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Mesa/Boogie Mini Rectifier 1x12" 60-watt Straight Extension Cabinet - Black Reviews

5.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Mini Rectifier 1x12" 60-watt Straight Extension Cabinet - Black?

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Mini Rectifier 1x12" 60-watt Straight Extension Cabinet - Black?

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  • from Florida May 11, 2017


    Incredible sounding, portable, beautiful and built like a tank....extremely satisfied and would recommend this cab to anyone without hesitation...

  • from Lincoln, IL March 8, 2016

    So Awesome I had to buy two

    I love mesa products, when i bought the mark V 25 I bought the slanted version of this and then later decided I should buy another and have a mini stack. These things are built like a tank, and loud. I love the heavy duty handles on the side and the dust cover was a nice add in. The vintage 30 sounds amazing. These are the best 1x12 Cab I've ever

  • from PR July 4, 2013

    True Mesa Boogie Quality!!

    Expect the usual amazing sound and build quality from Mesa in a compact design. Nothing less.

  • from Atlanta, GA September 3, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Packs a Punch!

    I bought both the straight and slant Mini Rectifier cabinets to create a "Mini stack" and, let me just say ... these cabs rock! The sheer oomph delivered by these closed back cabs, whether you're playing clean or dirty, has to be heard to be believed. Top notch construction all the way too (as usual for Mesa).

    And at just 30 lbs., with the kind of heavy duty handles you'd find on a 4x10, it's super easy to carry one in each hand. And the fitted covers are top notch too!

    See my review on the Mini Rectifier head if you want to see more about the various venues I've used the Mini Rectifer and "Mini stack" at so far.

  • from Nashville, TN USA May 9, 2012Music Background:
    Pro guitar player

    Great sounding cab

    I had been looking for a good sounding closed back cabinet for my "grab-n-go" rig and this is it. It goes a long way towards the chunk of my 4-12, and the overall tone is very balanced. V30's can be harsh in some cabinets but here it's very usable for clean, crunch or smooth lead.
    Also it's light enough to carry with one hand.

  • from March 22, 2016

    Mesa Mini Rectifier Cab 1x12

    Wow thank u sweetwater for packaging it professionally and sending it very quick. Im a happy customer. The cab sounded great no matter what amp i plugged. My mesa mark sounds crisp, my other rig using a mesa recto preamp and engl poweramp sounded so tighti, i mean aggressively tight in a good way... I recommend this to all rock players.

  • from Saint George, UT March 18, 2015Music Background:

    Nice cab.

    I got this at the same time of purchasing the mini rec 25. It's great. It seems sturdy enough, and it seems to weigh less than my Krank 1X12. The V30 and Mini rec head compliment each other very well. I would've went with the slant but due to me being slightly impatient I settled for this. I will get the slant soon. When I pulled this out of the box I thought there's no way this thing weighs 32 lbs. Overall great cab. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good solid 1X12.

  • from Rock Hill SC February 19, 2014


    I am using a TA15 as a head. I had been playing through a 16 ohm 1x12" Vintage 30. The sound was good but there were constant amp problems. My amp was in the shop more than at home for 2 years. I went thru 4 sets of power tubes. This 8 ohm cabinet not only cured the problem, it sounds much better. There is a difference in the Chinese Celestion and the British, though I think they both sound good. This cabinet is punchy, tight and well built. It looks great with the TA15 also.

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Mini Rectifier 1x12" 60-watt Straight Extension Cabinet - Black?

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