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Mesa/Boogie Mini Rectifier 1x12" 60-watt Angled Extension Cabinet - Black Reviews

4.5 stars based on 19 customer reviews
Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Mini Rectifier 1x12" 60-watt Angled Extension Cabinet - Black?

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Mini Rectifier 1x12" 60-watt Angled Extension Cabinet - Black?

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  • from North Port Florida April 24, 2017


    This cab easily exceeded my expectations. Along with an open back 1x12 Eminence cab, My Mesa Rectoverb 50 head achieves the fattest, crunchiest, clearest warm tone...TRULY inspiring..and it's easy to handle...more expensive than other 1x12 cabs but worth every cent.

  • from January 20, 2017Music Background:

    Mesa 1x12 slant

    AMAZING USA MADE BUILD QULAITY! LOOKS AMAZING!! THE SOUND THAT COMES FROM THIS BAD BOY SOUNDS BIGGG! Much bigger than any other 1x12 i have heard. Great buy... very very happy with my purchase.

  • from Rochester mn January 18, 2017


    Sounds great with the mini rec

  • from January 6, 2017

    Great Cabinet

    Built like a tank. Looks great. Sounds great. I use it with a Marshall 50 watt head.

  • from Plano, TX February 8, 2016

    Well worth the purchase price

    I purchased a custom version of this cabinet in Hot Bronco White to pair up with an EVH 5150 III LBX head. I was worried it was overpriced for what it is, and that it might not have enough low end. Turns out it sounds awesome! It has lots of range and plenty of low end. I am super happy with the tone. The build quality and fit & finish are top notch. It was well worth the purchase price and the wait time for the custom finish.

  • from Connecticut January 14, 2016

    I Was Completely Blown Away

    I have always used a 4x12 cab loaded with 25 watt green backs with every high power tube amp I have ever used. Recently, I decided to scale down to a rig that was a lot more portable and senseable. I picked up a used Peavy Valveking mini head which is a low power 20 watt. Even though that sound great through a 4x12 cab I decided to look for a 1x12 cab to make the rig super easy to move around.

    After reading a lot of different cab reviews I decided to pick up this Mesa cab. I will say that I was a bit nervous because I have never been a fan of vintage 30's. They always sounded very hollow and honky to me and I prefer the greenbacks. I figured that I would try the 30 and if I hated the speaker I could always swap it out for a greenback. I was also nervous that going from a 4x12 to a 1x12 there would be so much low end loss that it would sound too thin.

    Anyway I got this Mesa cab today and plugged my peavey head in and after 1 chord I was blown away by how good it sounded. The V30 sounds perfect and not what I remembered at all and there is plenty of low end. I didn't think it sounded thin at all. Honestly it sounds as good as a 4x12 I was using. I am really amazed. I don't know if it's the quality of the construction or if Mesa picked the perfect speaker for this box but I am really pleased. I originally thought I may need two of these to go with a 2 x12 because 1x12 would not be enough but so far I don't think I would need that unless I was playing a large room.

    Anyway, you really should consider this cab if your in the market for a 1x12 setup

  • from CO October 23, 2015

    Slant Mini Cab

    I'm floored by this mini cab. Definitely was able to dial in the sound range that I expected. Great tone all around and of course the price was reasonable. I was opting for the straight cab but found out from Mesa directly that this cab has a 5 degree baffle that help direct the sound were you need it. Matched this with a Marshall JCM 1 watt anniversary amp and it sounds awesome!

  • from Annapolis September 28, 2015

    Perfect size

    Perfect size, perfect sound, perfect look, perfect fit for Mark Five 25 head

  • from August 5, 2015

    Best I've ever had!

    I've had a few cabinets with V30's in them before, so I knew I would like it. What I didn't expect was the quality difference of the cabinet itself. The build quality is way better than anything I have previously owned. The V30 sounds the best in this cabinet too! I have finally found my cab. Have this matched with a Recto-Verb Twenty-Five and it is amazing.

  • from August 17, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Musician


    I've been playing professionally for many, many years. This is perfect, this gets any sound and great for travel. I was doing a good size club show and it actually kept up, later in the night we put a mic on it but just for a little bit more not much. Obviously this get all degrees of distortion: blues, classic and super heavy but the clean is great. In a funk situation it's really nice I used it for a jazz (real book) gig because I had to travel, the 175 sounded great through it great traditional (Bebop) tone, this does it all.
    I've always dealt with Derek Senestraro at Sweetwater and he's always been right on, I highly recommend him to anyone doing business there, I'm sure the whole staff is great too.

  • from Placentia, CA February 14, 2013Music Background:
    Multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer, and home recording enthusiast with over 20 years of experience spanning every genre

    Compliments the MIni Rec perfectly!

    Not a lot to say here. This cab sounds great with my Mini Rec. High quality construction and great sound quality. That's all you need. It's perfect!

  • from Michigan January 23, 2013Music Background:

    Great Cabinet

    This cabinet sounded great out of the box and sounds better after six months of daily use. It is the essential cabinet for the Mini Rec head, producing all the Rectifier sounds you can think of accurately. Easily portable, solidly built and the included cover make this well worth the price. Even if you have another brand lunchbox head, this is the mini slant cab to get.
    Thanks again to Sweetwater for excellent service and quick shipping.

  • from Omaha , NE USA June 6, 2012Music Background:
    Gigging Musician (Pro Hobbyist)

    Mesa Mini Rectifier 1 x 12 Slant Cab

    Really fantastic and huge sounding ! I am totally satisfied with this slant cab . I put the Mesa/Boogie Mini Rectifier Amp into this 1x12 cab and then side by side compared it to a first generation original Mesa/Boogie 2x12 horizontal cab and this Mini Rec 1x12 cab sounded better ! I used to gig out with the 4x12 cabs and I just put this cab up on a homemade wood box (painted black to match the cab) to put it up more at me - and this cab has a very satisfying , similar feel . A previous reviewer said they should have put a handle on the top of the cab , but I can just turn this square cab to the side and now this handle that was on the side , then becomes the handle on the top now , and it is very well balanced to grab and carry with my guitar in it's gig bag on my shoulder and the Mini Rectifier amp in my other hand and I'm done with the gig and rollin' ! LOVE IT !

  • from Petaluma, CA (Home of Boogie) December 6, 2011Music Background:
    Semi-pro Musician

    Mesa Mini Rectifier Slant Cab does the Job!

    This cab is the PERFECT match for the Mine Rectifier. The amp just comes alive, and the cab has plenty of Low End punch to make gigging with this rig in small to medium venues a breeze.

    The fact that you can sling the Mini Head over your shoulder, and grab the Mini Recto cab in one hand, and your guitar in the other, means you can go just about anywhere with this rig and have awesome tone at your disposal. Mesa got it right with this one!

  • from Western USA September 24, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging guitarist, Alt, Rock, Metal

    Good cabinet

    Good cabinet. Paired it with the Mark Five: 25 head. Perfect for small stages and venues. Plenty loud and has a surprising low end thump. Its not a 4x12 and it won't ever sound like one. Some people seem to want the same sound as a 4x12 in a tiny 1x12 cabinet. This cab isn't made to sound like a big 4 speaker cab. But with its single V30 it sounds surprisingly full and even for as small as it is.

  • from York, PA March 6, 2013Music Background:
    Player and gear hound

    A super sweet cab...

    I picked up the Mini Recto head shortly after they came out and tried it with various cabs I have in my collection. None of them really meshed the recto's tone and character. Not being satisfied (a symptom of my incurable tone/gear disease) I finally bit the bullet and picked up a straight cab as well as this slant cab. And I'm glad I did. The V30s are the perfect speaker match for the Recto and the matching cabs dish out tight, focused sound. These are probably the best sounding 1 x 12 cabs I've heard, despite their diminutive size. And the build quality is second to none: thick ply, sweet tolex, and jute that's as tight as a drum. The looks are killer and the tone is even better. My only possible gripe is the price, but if you want the best gear you've got to pony up.

  • from New England June 4, 2012Music Background:
    Experienced amateur

    Slam dunk for the mini-rec head

    The speaker isn't even quite broken in yet and I can already tell this is a great buy. I debated long and hard whether to pay the $$$ for this cab or a cheaper custom cab and I'm glad I got this one. Be aware that a closed back cabinet like this is different from an open back. If you're looking for "chimey" Vox-like sound, this is not for you. If you're into a more focused hard rock, metal or searing solo sound, look no further. Only gripe I have with this cab is lack of handle on top. For something that's billed as being portable, you should be able to carry it with one hand. The side handles look cool, but I'd trade them for a top handle which I'll probably install once the new cab smell has worn off. Cover is high quality and fits perfectly.

  • from Montana May 8, 2017Music Background:
    Amatuer Guitarist, Collector, Enthusiast

    A Great Cabinet

    This has been a great match for my Mesa Boogie Mark V 25 head, either with or without my larger MB 1x12 open back cabinet. Both are great and even better together. You can't go wrong buying a MB speaker cabinet.

  • from United States January 19, 2015Music Background:
    professional musician

    Save your money / Overpriced

    I'm a big fan of Mesa except for this cabinet . I love their 4x12 Cabinet with V30's but like a lot of us moving the big box is a nightmare. This is not the answer for those of you looking to downsize and get the same V30 sound out of a small cab. This cab is midrangey , honky and has no bottom end even with the Mesa Brit made V30. I play a Strat with a Mesa Mark5 amp. I ended up buying an empty 2x12 cab put a Celestion Blue in it and a G12H 30 for the same price as this 1x12 cab and couldn't be happier.

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Mini Rectifier 1x12" 60-watt Angled Extension Cabinet - Black?

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