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Turbosound Milan M18B 2200W 18" Powered Subwoofer Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Turbosound Milan M18B 2200W 18" Powered Subwoofer?

Questions about the Turbosound Milan M18B 2200W 18" Powered Subwoofer?

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  • from Los Angeles. CA. February 10, 2016Music Background:
    Dj for 16 years.

    Amazing Sub!

    Ive been looking to get some new powered subs for quite some time (about 3 months) and was looking at the typical QSC KW-181 that everyone talks about EV, JBL etc... But I wanted to try something new and came across this sub, what caught my attention was the frequency output range, dimensions of sub and price! (compared to QSC and JBL) I was very skeptical about ordering as I found hardly any reviews online but I decided to give it a go.
    I have to say I couldn't be happier with my choice. I've tested it next to KW-181 and JBL PRX-718 and it is clearly a winner, The bass hits hard and has great low end bass. I ran it a full capacity (occasional limit light flashing due to only having one sub for large venue) for a continuous 6 hours and had no issues, specifically heating issues given it has a fan-less cooling system.
    Customer service with Turbosound was also great. I contacted them (by email) upon receiving my sub to find out if there was a break in period and got a response the next day.
    I have to say this subwoofer has been overlooked by many but I highly recommend it to anyone looking to save some money and own a great sounding sub.

  • from Florida October 22, 2015Music Background:
    Audio Professional

    What a sub should be.

    This subwoofer has blown my mind and my expectations for a powered cab. We Installed two of these guys in our new 250 seat house of worship and have been more than impressed with the SPL and frequency response they deliver. If you want well defined hard hitting low-end, these cabs bring the goods! Without question the Milan 18Bs destroy everything else in their market. The only negative I have with them is I received a DOA unit (quality control?) but the team at Sweet Water made replacing it a stress-free experience and we still made our install deadline!

  • from Bronx, NY December 14, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Hobbyist

    One of the Best

    This sub is one of the cleanest but still thumping subs I've heard. I've out performed expectations of many with just one. With two m15 milans and just one of these subs. you have an amazing set in front of you. I've driven it with the limit light on 80% of a set for 3 hours and it just kept on kickin! From gospel to pop to hip hop this sub takes the cake.

  • from dunlap, October 29, 2014

    these subs are top shelf

    All i can say is i bought 2 of these and they out preform 4 jbl prx618s. They produce deep, hard hitting, tight bass and they are built like a tank.I have ran sound and played music most of my life from gospel to rock and roll and these subs are the best i've used.

  • from Christiansburg, VA January 6, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    The Kind of Sub I like!

    This is extactly the kind of sub I like. It doesn't just 'rumble' like some of the other subs I listen too, that I didn't like at all. this thing 'Kicks' and gives your low end a presence and ads to the smooth transition of the overall sound, rather than a sub that just grabs your attention and rattling a lot it actually gives good definition to the low end.

  • from . January 7, 2017

    Excellent and efficient sub

    I recently used this sub for a 5 hour gig. I can certainly say wow. When properly placed, this sub can go very low, and can do so efficiently.

    After 5 hours running at around 90-95db, this sub remained cool to the touch, even the heat sinks.

    From my measurements, this sub goes down to about 55hz freed up, and down to about 32hz corner loaded.

    Great input/output options

    Durable finish and cabinet

    Very nice integrated wheels


    Improper gain staging. When inputting a full unclipped signal , the sub will begin to distort above about 3 (the level control goes to 10). This does help with lower output sources, but from the way this thing sounds when pushed pasts it's limit, I think the protection circuit is insufficient to save the speaker. You could probably blow the speaker, especially since a bandpass design such as this makes it hard to hear over-excursiin sounds.

    Polar pattern: although subs are usually omnidirectional, this particular cabinet seems to radiate out the sides (where two different directions of vents are located, one forward and one sideways). When operating normally, (facing the audience) most rooms tend to reflect off the walls and make bass go everywhere except where the speaker is pointing. Best workaround for this is corner loading. I strongly recommend that it you can manage to set your rig up near a corner.

    Ergonomics: this sub has the most useless handles. The only way to use them would be to set the sub on its face, which isn't my idea of good maintenance. Definitely look at your transport necessities and double check that you can move this thing. One person can move it, but they will probably have back problems later on.

    That's it. Overall and excellent sounding sub if corner loaded. Probably not enough to fill a high school gym, but pretty much anything up to that and you'll start shaking some light fixtures.

Questions about the Turbosound Milan M18B 2200W 18" Powered Subwoofer?

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