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MXR M152 Micro Flanger Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the MXR M152 Micro Flanger Pedal?

Questions about the MXR M152 Micro Flanger Pedal?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Hamilton, NY April 26, 2017

    Great little flanger!

    This pedal's got an excellent sound that really hits the spot for jet-landing and more! It can even do an almost reverb/chorus like tint to your sound on lower settings. Plus, it's got an amazingly small and really durable form factor (it's dropped more than once, believe me). If you're looking for the classic flanger sound, look no further!

  • from Tennessee March 20, 2017

    MXR Micro Flanger

    I have many high end guitar effect pedals and guitar rack effects. But I really like the simplicity and ability to get great sounds easily and quickly with the MXR Micro series pedals when playing live. The fact that the new versions have LEDs, true bypass switching and 9 VDC power input make them far superior to the originals that they replaced.

  • from Los Angeles September 12, 2016

    Flange Heaven

    I've been impressed with T.C. Electronics lately, and considered their Vortex flanger — but I was brought up on MXR so I've been familiar with their build quality for decades. If you were a Brit muso in the late 70s/early 80s you may remember hours of amusement in the back of vans with lame jokes like this: Customer in Guitar Store: "F. U. N. E. F. X.? German Sales Clerk: "S. V. F. MXR!"

    Given I wanted a 80s flange sound to replicate some great bass lines by Derek Forbes of Simple Minds — this pedal was the way to go. Not disappointed. Time will tell if the build quality compares with T.C. Electronics but the sound is exactly right and the pedal has a very wide tonal/effect range. Once again Sweetwater (and Mike Godlove) excels in ease of service and fast delivery.

  • from Rochester NY December 30, 2015

    As descsribed

    I wanted the EVH Flanger sound. Its built well and has a quality sound similar to the MXR m117 but is somewhat limited due to the two sound adjustment knobs. If you can live with not being able to tweak the sound to your exact liking buy it. If not save up and buy the m-117 or EVH m-117

  • from Rhode Island December 9, 2015Music Background:
    Music & Visual Artist

    MXR M152 Micro Flanger Pedal

    This is a real good pedal especially if you're looking for that 60's and 70's Classic Rock sound. The separate control knobs allow for great flexibility allowing you to control the flanging sound. BTW: It was my Personal Sales Engineer who suggested this pedal for me and I'm very happy with this pedal.

  • from Faith, SD October 17, 2015Music Background:
    Non-Pro player

    MXR Micro Flanger

    I was looking to add a Flanger to my setup and decided on the MXR Micro Flanger. I have not used pedals in years, but decided to go back to a pedal system. I wanted an 80s style of fanger and only one came to mind...the MXR!
    It delivers everything I am looking for and in a stage ready case and at a price that cannot be beat. best of all, its a MXR.

  • from Omaha, NE August 22, 2015Music Background:

    Micro Size, Macro Sound and Value!

    Just because it isn't the flanger that Eddie Van Halen used doesn't mean it won't sound just as good. In fact, if you turn the rate all the way down and the regen all the way up you'll get a very EVH Flange sound (without the elusive tweaks you have to make on this unit's big brother).

    I am big fan of Marilyn Manson and wanted to nail a sound similar to the shrieking chorus I heard on the Mechanical Animals album. I previously was able to achieve that with chorus pedals, including MXR's Black label Chorus, but this flanger beats them all in achieving that sound to my ears. Secondly, I love the idea of a jet drive to create a slowly evolving distortion tone - except I do not like phasers. I tried flangers before the drive (including this one) and I got a sound similar to Orgy's first record. Again, this pedal wins in that regard.

    Don't let the smaller size and lesser popularity of this pedal fool you because this small box is one of the best sounding and most economical (in terms of pedalboard space and money) that you can buy.

  • from June 1, 2015

    bad buy

    My line 6 looper does a better job. sad

  • from Paragould, AR May 26, 2015

    Awesome Pedal

    I bought this pedal more for fun than anything else while. I wanted that EVH sound and when looking for a Flanger the first place I looked was MXR. I own a few of their pedals and have never been disappointed. The company makes a quality product and you will not be disappointed. Of course Jeff Barnett and his team were great. The customer service at Sweetwater is what sets it apart from other companies.

  • from May 22, 2015

    MXR rocks!

    Just like the one I had 30 years ago. Does what it's supposed to do, built like a tank.

  • from Texas April 24, 2015


    Worked as expected. Great by.

  • from Atlanta March 30, 2015Music Background:
    Semi Pro


    I've been playing on stage twice a week now for several years and I'm very selective about my pedals, as I usually have no more than 5 on my board at any time. I've always wanted a flanger, but didn't want to be bothered with excessive tweaking and too many knobs. I'd rather be playing than down on one knee trying to get it right. This is my first flanger pedal and it exceeded my expectations! Beautiful and lush sounding..I can't imagine why anyone would need anything more than this. Two knobs take it from subtle to extreme, slow throbs to fast swirls, long trails to short and trippy...

    You can't beat the price for your hard earned dollars either. Jimmy at Sweetwater is fantastic and I will keep my business here as long as this fantastic service continues!

  • from Georgia February 19, 2015Music Background:
    Part time singer/guitarist--full time dreamer

    Beautiful flanger!

    Love it! Needed it for atmospheric parts and it does the job!

  • from Beaverton, OR January 4, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Composer, Producer, Former Performing Musician

    Lush and swirly with your head in the jetstream!

    For the money, this pedal is fantastic. The clean tones could be a little more lush, but it's hard to be for the cost. When you kick on some distortion, the flanging really hits the stratosphere. The tones are surprisingly versatile for only having 2 knobs. If you want more flexibility, look at the Boss BF-2/BF-3, but if you want great tone at a great price and you don't need a ton of versatility, then definitely go for the MXR Micro Flanger.

  • from San Antonio, TX April 1, 2014Music Background:

    MXR Micro Flanger

    I would term this an "under-control" flanger with excellent response. It is not overpowering/quirky like an Electric Mistress, doesn't have all the variations of a Phase 90, but comes close enough to both, which is exactly what I was looking for. Like Hendrix without the steroids. I use it in combination with the MXR Carbon Copy, which is the sound I want. Plus, it's analog with true bypass and, again, excellent, responsive controls.

  • from Independence, Mo. June 8, 2012Music Background:
    semi-pro musician

    Works great...BUT

    First of all, it was delivered ON TIME and packaged very thoughtfully, kudos as always. It works great except for one tiny (well maybe not so tiny) thing. When I engage the effect, it INCREASES THE VOLUME of the overall sound. Now at some times this may be the desired effect, but all too often for me (at least at this time) I don't want or need my sound to be louder with this effect on. So what I have to do is turn my guitar's volume pot down really quickly before I stomp all over everything going on with the rest of the band.
    Sure, in time I can get used to it and learn to compensate for it, but I just found it odd because I've never known of another pedal (without a volume control on it) that automatically adds volume with the effect. Is there perhaps a volume pot on the inside that I can turn down a bit?
    Otherwise, the pedal sounds great and is pretty much what I was looking for. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to get a pseudo-Rotary speaker sound (just turn both knobs all the way up as I do) then this pedal just might be for you, or if you just want a good flange effect.

  • from Washington, IL USA April 19, 2012Music Background:
    Christian Praise & Worship Rock

    MXR Micro Flanger

    The MXR Micro Flanger is good for the money. It flanges well, and the controls operate smoothly and silently. It work with my existing 1SPOT power supply, velcro's nicely to my pedal board, the LED is bright and the switch is solid and works every time.
    You get what you pay for, remember. If you want an "airplane" flanger, spend the extra money for one. This won't do that, but, it's a great little pedal; it's good at what it does. I like it and it will do for now...

  • from Central FL January 17, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist / bedroom player

    Very pleased

    I have a Line6 POD HD500 which has numerous flange/phase effects built in, but never could dial in a flange effect that sounded "right" to my ears, regardless of where I placed the effect in the chain or how I dialed in the settings. I decided to try the MXR Micro Flanger based on their reputation, and the affordable price.

    I put this in the effects loop of my HD500, and I'm simply blown away by the sound. It puts any of the flanger models on the HD500 to shame, and is easy to get a multitude of sounds with the two knobs on the flanger (rate/regen). I would imagine the EVH flanger from MXR would open even more sonic poissibilities, but at a cost of more than double the price, I'm sticking with the Micro Flanger.

Questions about the MXR M152 Micro Flanger Pedal?

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