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Roland Micro Cube GX 3-watt 1x5" Battery Powered Combo Amp - Black Reviews

5.0 stars based on 23 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland Micro Cube GX 3-watt 1x5" Battery Powered Combo Amp - Black?

Questions about the Roland Micro Cube GX 3-watt 1x5" Battery Powered Combo Amp - Black?

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  • from fairhope, AL December 12, 2016

    light and sound

    Bought this little amp on the recommendation of my guitar instructor. It's lighter than my lunchbox, and the sound rivals that of my Bugara tube amp. Small enough to pack in a duffle bag for travel. Loaded with options.

  • from oregon November 4, 2016


    I love this amp I've had one for 15 yrs it gets carried everywhere hiking camping to work and played many hours everyday.Still sounds amazing and isn't the worst to record with

  • from Lumberton, NJ August 22, 2016

    Best Battery Amp Without Question

    Chris Carter recommended this amp as I was looking for a new battery-powered practice amp. One word - WOW! This amp rocks. You won't believe the sound that comes out of something this small. There are others in this price range that have more bells and whistles but I think Roland got the best mix of all the best features with this offering. Once again Chris steered me in the right direction on my Sweetwater purchase.

  • from June 10, 2016

    Great amp

    Great tones, flexibility and portability. I would highly recommend this amp for anyone looking for a good sounding amp that needs lower sound levels.

  • from Napa Ca June 3, 2016Music Background:
    played for yrs, with different bands & musicians.

    Micro Cube GX Guitar combo Amp

    This is a sweet little amp, its sound effects are more and better than I expected,its sound output is well within the professional level, with it being so portable, battery powered, with the i-cube link I am more than happy with my purchase. I've played for yrs. on many different amps and this one is well worth your time & money.

  • from April 3, 2016Music Background:

    Great amp for home small groups or running through a PA.

    Perfect amp for me to practice and not wreck my marriage. Still loud enough that my dogs run when I crank it up. (Could be my playing.). No need for a wall outlet; battery power if wanted. Easy, convient with enough control to balance my guitar. Great special effects. Well designed and well built
    Works great with my Washburn Rover Travel guitar (JJB 330 pickups). Sounds like a full size acoustic with no twanginess. Perfect travel setup.

  • from Bronx, NY January 2, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    I'm in Love

    This amp will take your practicing to a whole new level! I have been playing gigs for 30 years and the Cubes were always some of my favorites for a clean jazz tone, and I have owned a Twin, Classic 50, Polytone and Phil Jones amps in, among many others..I know a little about a tone and a feel of a good amp..so much fun with this little amp..I like the clean tone so much, Im thinking of using it to record a solo guitar CD. With a mic in front of the speaker, that is all I need.

    Roland continues to deliver quality, as expected. So much that I'm thinking of getting the bigger GX amp, to use it on my combo gigs, although I hear the the Micro Cube can cut it on that end as well, to an extent.

  • from Bellmore, NY December 16, 2015Music Background:
    Decent Amateur: Garage band


    I can't believe the quality, sound, effects, and ease of use of this little amp. Best purchase I've made in a long time. Perfect for practice, a friend's living room, and if miced and further amplified: Anywhere. I love it. AND, of course, there's only one place to buy it: Sweetwater, with the world's best customer service.

  • from Massachusetts September 2, 2015Music Background:
    Musician / Producer / Engineer

    Tiny Powerhouse!

    Got this as a portable amp that both my son and I could use for practice when away from home. Didn't have much in the way of expectations, except that it would be small, light, and run on batteries if needed. Well, it turns out that this is really an amazing little amp! Not only does it have several excellent amp models (that cover both our playing styles - from Vox-style crunch, to Thrash Metal), but it also has some great effects built-in, and it is surprisingly loud for a 3-watt amp. Seems very durable - and runs for a long time on 6x AA batteries. If you're looking for a very portable, great sounding practice amp - the Micro Cube GX 3-Watt is highly recommended.

  • from July 13, 2015Music Background:
    Casual Rock Star

    Great Battery Powered Amp

    This thing is more awesome than expected. A friend of mine turned me onto it as a practice / battery powered amp, had only heard it a few times being played though, unfortunately didn't get to try it out before buying, decided to take a leap of faith and get it anyways, (took Sweetwater 2/3 days to get it to me; ordered on a Thursday, was sitting on my doorstep when I woke up Saturday morning----awesome work Sweetwater) and I was not disappointed in the least bit, very solid amp, price, rugged build, and who doesn't love a good battery powered amp to easily carry and travel with, all on board effects/ modeling packages are pretty sweet feature to play around with as well... If you're thinking about getting a battery powered amp, this is the way to go.

  • from Tempe, AZ April 21, 2015Music Background:
    40 year player, open mic nights, blues band

    Huge sound out of a tiny box!!!

    Bought this thinking of a pure practice amp and maybe something for a friend to use when over at my house. Wow, was I way off. This little box has HUGE sound and volume to spare. I would be able to play a coffeehouse or small jam session with this. The tones are as good as anything Boss/Roland has ever put out! Everything from acoustic tones (from my GR-55) to screaming Metal tones, this amp kicks it out with authority! Bob Mondock was, as usual, a great sales consultant to work with. May just have to look at their larger amps now.

  • from Delaware February 25, 2015Music Background:

    Roland Micro Cube GX-3

    If you are looking for a small amp that takes up very little space and offers a variety of sounds, look no further. I absolutely love this little amp, and I play through it quite often. I have other higher quality/large amps, but honestly, It's far too easy to just plug this thing in and not have to fight pedals, cables, etc. I have yet to use the battery option, but I am glad it's a feature as I plan to in the future. I play many different styles of music. and this thing will do it all, and very well considering it's size. (Rock, metal, jazz, rockabilly, etc). I am amazed at how good the quality is on the effects. There are a few I will rarely use, but overall, I put this thing to work. It is surprisingly loud for how small it is also (minus the acoustic setting). I would definitely recommend this to any beginner or even an experienced guitarist as it is easy to use, versatile, and just plain fun to jam with. I just can't see how you can beat it for the price. Sweetwater was an absolute pleasure to do business with and I look forward to doing business with them again in the future.

  • from Savannah, Ga. September 25, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist- just messing around.

    Unbelievable Sound From This Little Box

    I wanted a small amp that didn`t have to be plugged in. I couldn`t believe the power this thing had! If I turn it halfway up I`d probably blast my neighbors across the street! The different sound settings are great and let me find that special sound I wanted from my Stratocaster. I highly recommend it.

  • from San Luis Obispo County Califoenia September 22, 2014Music Background:
    I have been playing the guitar for 52 years!

    I love the micro cube, and thanks for the candy!

    This thing is perfect for three string guitars. I build and sell 3 stringers, and I recommend this amp for all my customers.
    You guys are great, Aric called me twice to make sure I was happy, who does that these days?

  • from Seattle, WA USA August 13, 2014Music Background:
    piano and guitar teacher

    Roland Micro Cube GX-3

    This little amp is versatile and packs a punch when you need it! Works very well with my Strat, electric piano and ukulele. Light-weight and the battery option is a great option for remote places for jamming. Oh, and the sales and support teams at Sweetwater were terrific!

  • from Huntingdon, PA April 4, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist,enjoy guitars..

    GREAT AMP!!!!!

    This Amp works and sounds GREAT!!!!Take it anywhere!!!!Sweetwater can't be beat for Service and Fast Shipping!!!!!!!

  • from Mentor, OH March 27, 2014Music Background:

    Great practice amp

    For a little battery powered amp it offers a wealth of features and sounds. Convenient and lasts pretty long on the AA batteries. Makes practicing anywhere easier and fun. Recommend for beginer to advanced guitarists who like to play wherever.

  • from Upstate NY January 3, 2014Music Background:

    This little amp ROCKS!

    I bought this as a small practice amp and something I could take to the lake as it can run on AA batteries. The quality of the tone is surprisingly good for such a small device. And the built in distortion selections are better than I expected!

    It's not a tube amp but with my guitars volume at 10 on the clean selcetion, It actually breaks up kinda like my other amp that a tube amp! Sure it lacks a thick lush bass response but it's tiny and it runs on batteries too.

    Probably the best feature is the iCube link software that turns your iPad, iPhone or iTouch into a jam track monster. You can slow riffs down and play along until you learn them, change the pitch of the music and even record yourself!

    It's an awesome practice tool! I play during commercials while watching TV with the wife in the room and she doesn't complain a bit. If I get a bad look from her, it's got a headphone jack too! I love this little gem of an amp!

  • from Louisville, Kentucky May 16, 2016

    A Near Perfect Practice Amp

    I bought the Micro Cube GX primarily as a monitor for my Line 6 Sonic Port and Mobile Pod app. It works fine for that, but I am super impressed with the built in sounds this little unit has. I can't say I'm overly thrilled with the acoustic guitar simulation (haven't found an acoustic sim on an amp that really convinces me yet) but every other sound on this thing is top shelf. Every amp model is a delight to play, and I can get a wider than expected range of tones from each one. Used in combination with my Nashville Deluxe Telecaster, I can play virtually any style of music convincingly; well, I could if my chops were up to par. Clean, earthy jazz tones, hot chickin' pickin', screaming rock leads, crunchy classic rock, even authentic "Waylon" and Ventures sounds are at your disposal. The effects are quite useable, if not as tweakable as I might like. Then again, in depth editing was not my expectation and simply turning the knobs gets a tone I can live with. I think the spring reverb sound is exceptional in particular-nice and surfy! I truly think this goes beyond a practice amp and I plan to test it out on some recordings in the near future. Thanks to Joel Helton for steering me in the direction of the Roland Micro Cube GX. This one's a keeper!

  • from Wheaton, illinois October 21, 2014Music Background:
    band member

    Roland Micro Cube GX 3-Watt Black Battery Powered Guitar Amp with FX

    Very well put together piece of equipment. Many great features and
    easy to uses. Portability is great when on the go. Sweetwater a phenomenial company to deal with.

  • from Portsmouth, NH April 24, 2014Music Background:

    Perfect for my need

    I was looking for a small amplifier for my new electric guitar. I wanted something portable, with a clean sound, but also something that offers me other options. The Roland Micro Cube met all my criterias. And don't get fool by it's size. If that's what you want it can deliver with great power.

  • from United States April 9, 2014Music Background:

    Great for practice. Can be USB powered through Laptop.

    Very nice when used as a practice amp. Would be perfect if it has a separate channel for clean and distorted sound and has a footswitch.
    I created a custom usb cable that can be used to plug this amplifier directly to the USB port of my laptop to power the Amp! I compared this to other amp on the same specs and function and its a little pricey for what it is. So far I never had any complains with regards to its quality.

  • from October 30, 2014

    Handy Dandy

    Very handy device. Surprising amount of volume for it's size. I and hoped it had a line out connection so that I could use the different affects with a simple amp. (one I could build). Fortunately, it's schematic is on line so tha t I will be able to build jack that will give me high impedance output to drive another amp and retain the use of all the special affects. I will also need to design a way to switch the affects in and out. This is worth the money but the designers would have needed to be asleep to dream more creativily about what was actually here.

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