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Roland Micro Cube Bass RX Bass Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 28 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland Micro Cube Bass RX Bass Amp?

Questions about the Roland Micro Cube Bass RX Bass Amp?

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  • Carson McClain

    Technology is our friend and this amp proves it. I am just wondering if there is anything this can not do! The amp models sound great as do the FX, you can plug in an MP3 player to jam with, and you can even use the internal beats to practice your playing speed. A great amp for the apartment, or for the beginner.

  • from El Paso Texas June 6, 2017Music Background:
    gigging musician with day job

    Use on acoustic guitar and electric guitar

    I bought this amp a few years ago to use on a military deployment. I found it works really well on acoustic guitar, my roland hand sonic and I use it regularly as a guitar practice amp. The one button compression is perfect for jamming with my acoustic guitar. The bassman setting with the gain dialed up and some reverb is a great rock sound. It also sounds great with an MP3 player through the aux imput. This is gem of an amp and very versitile especially when you consider it can run off of batteries.

  • from NY March 31, 2017Music Background:

    Rock on

    Roland cube series rule. Small, compact yet full sounding performance. You can t go wrong with a Roland cube. Enjoy!

  • from Admiralty Islands Manus Papua New March 1, 2017

    Don't know what you mean

    I was looking for a battery powered amplifier and the Roland microfiber bass amp was the answer to my search.
    I really appreciate the features of the new item.
    Thanks to Roland, Sweetwater and FedEx for a quick delivery time.

  • from Las Vegas February 16, 2017

    Micro Cube

    Was hoping to use this battery powered (6 AA) amp on a "strolling" low volume gig which paid well (more than the amp which seemed expensive at 279.00) I tried it out in my kitchen with electric bass (guitar) ....tried with passive and actice electronics...it was apparent immediately that there was not enough volume to compete with even acoustic instruments without total distortion......4x4" speakers don't have a chance, I had to return it the next morning. I will say however, for a practice amp (albeit an expensive practice amp) it was a lot of fun, I played with it for 45 minutes and had a blast with the built-in drum grooves, the amp mimicking, effects (phase, reverb, wah wah, etc. etc) as long as volume is low it is a great time, I almost kept it just for fun. Maybe with one other instrument in a very small room it could actually be gig-worthy but it IS what the box says it is.....a practice amp.

  • from Huntington, WV December 19, 2016Music Background:
    played bass for 52 years and have played more than 2000 jobs.

    Roland Micro Cube Bass RX Bass Amp

    I watched the demo and it sounded great. I knew it was miked but I figured that I should be able to get the same sound, but what I got was nothing close. It will work for me to learn new songs by myself but that's it.I would not tell anyone to get it. Bottom line, I was really upset with it.

  • from Lindstrom Mn December 6, 2016

    I think its magic

    Ive tried about every small practice amp you can think of, they all fell short. This on the other hand, is the answer . Im not a big fan of modeling or effects, but these are actually pretty good. teble , bass, mid, and gain? Check. Tuner? check. Metronome and drum machine? check. works for bass, guitar, and voice? check. Ac or dc power? check. Aux in and out? check. Headphone jack? check. Great sound? check. Roland did their homework on this one! A+++++

  • from Lindstrom MN November 15, 2016Music Background:
    Professionally trained musician, now hobbyist


    I've seen this little amp for years now, and was left shocked by the price. How can something this small be this expensive? After our new bassist showed up with one at practice, and I heard it, and he let me play around with it for a week, I was amazed. Bass practice amp? OUTSTANDING! guitar practice amp?OUTSTANDING! we use the one I bought as a practice P.A. and it is more than adequate. Besides sounding great with unbelievable output, it has a tuner, metronome, drum machine, really good effects, modeling (which I've never been a fan of, and don't use) full treble, mid and bass controls, volume and gain, and it can even be run on 6 AA batteries( which I haven't tried yet) . I bought this to replace a Mackie Free Play which advertises 300 watts of power...this is way more versatile, powerful, and sounds much better. Couldn't be happier. A++++++. Thanks Bob Furlong at Sweetwater!

  • from Pittsburgh, PA August 26, 2016

    What this needs???

    It is exactly what I expected... I decent sounding little amp that I can use to practice, and maybe play along at some campfires, or play on the back porch since it's battery powered. Keeping it on the floor helps create more bass frequencies.

    The Tuner!! ...is not chromatic... WHAT?!?!?! You have to select the note you're tuning with the amp modeling knob. I'm really baffled by that one. I mean, it's freakin' ROLAND! They've been making tuners for 40 years. That said, the tuner does appear to work as it should.

    I love the effects that are included... Being a child of the 80's and all, it really helps to get into the spirit of things... ...and the built in rhythms are a nice touch... I kind of wish that there was a knob to control the metronome speed and a Metronome Marking readout somewhere so you could know what tempo you're playing...

    It would be nice if it included a 1/8" to 1/8" TRS cable with it, so you can plug in your .mp3 player out of the box...

    What I'd like to see is a rechargeable wireless transmitter that pops out of the unit so you don't have to deal with a guitar cord... That would be great!! (I can hear the Roland Engineers groaning about "feature creep", and the product manager groaning about cost...) But yeah, a wireless unit built in so you can join your acoustic guitar playing friends on whatever park bench they happen to be plopped down on...

    So, if you want a little amp for while you're having beers on your back porch, this little guy does the job...

  • from August 22, 2016

    Best Bass Amp

    What a fantastic product. It sounds amazing and the best part is that I can travel with it very easily.

  • from San Lorenzo Ca. August 15, 2016Music Background:
    I've been playing bass and harmonica for over 40 years . I own a 67 P bass, aTacoma electric/acoustic and an Ibanez. I usually play these through an Eden 550 head and a 210 bottom but for smaller venues, I use the Roland cube.

    Roland micro cube rx bass amp

    First of all, the size of this amp is so small compared to the amount of volume that comes out with so much clarity, you look at it and say WOW. With 8 amp models and 6 digital effects to play around with you can customize your own sound. An awesome buy!!

  • from Mansfield, OH May 24, 2016Music Background:
    Been playing for 50 years at both the touring professional level as well as locally.

    An Amp For The Ages (and ageless)!

    This is a great product! No, it won't fill a stadium or auditorium, but it could be used with a mic hung over it and run thru a P.A. because it gets some really good sounds with all the onboard amp modeling, effects, etc. For me, it's the practice amp that I've been trying to find for a couple years. Plus, with the battery powered capability, I can use it for several portable applications where AC power isn't available, even if it's just sitting out on my deck or patio. Plug an iPhone or .mp3 device in and learning songs becomes a breeze. Thanks to Jon Gillespie for hooking me up with this!

  • from February 11, 2016

    a few more extras

    Great little amp. Use it about 90% Of the time now. Do not be worried about the low wattage. Has more output volume/sound and quality than my 30 watt practice. Light weight to carry around in my old age!
    One of my buddies just ordered one and now a few other bass players are looking into it.

    Only issue I have is with one of the "toys" that comes with it- the built in drum machine. There is no way to read the actual timing. and there seems to be only about six speeds and they are adjusted by a simple push button. A rotating selector would have been much better.

    As always GREAT service from Sweetwater!

  • from Ann Arbor, MI August 31, 2015

    Good for practice, playing in the park

    I bought this partly so I could join an acoustic jam in a nearby park without access to power. It's working well for that--I can hear myself fine over the group (2-3 each of guitars, accordions, and fiddles). I don't think the sound is perfect--the low end seems a little weak?--but I didn't expect thunderous lows from something that would run for hours on 6 AA batteries, and it's plenty good enough for my purposes.

    The tuner is basic, but does the job. I haven't used the effects other than to flip through them all once and verify that they work.

    The sound through headphones is good as well, with no extraneous hiss or other noise that I could hear. The stereo aux in makes it convenient for practicing with music from my phone.

  • from Crested Butte, CO March 24, 2015Music Background:
    Friday night hack

    The great and not so great

    The great: A 15 pound bass amp that runs on batteries. Produces plenty of volume for in home practice and acoustic sessions with friends. Plenty of extras: modeling other amps, effects and rhythm section. Rec out and Aux in lines and a few other goodies. So it is very versatile. It is super easy to bring anywhere. It's a keeper for those purposes.

    The not so great: I have played the 40 pound "luggable" Mark bass amp with a 15" cone and the Roland Micro with my friends and they keep telling me to bring the big heavy one (darn). It is an utterly unfair comparison for the Roland, but nevertheless the Roland cannot produce what the Mark bass puts out. Triple the cost and triple the weight obviously has its advantages in sound production. So it is a better practice amp than a performing amp for sure.

    Also I have this issue. Somehow the Roland has a weird sound emanating when playing a bit up the neck. It is as if the four cones do not vibrate at the same frequency or get in each other's way. For me it makes my ears ring a bit. May be it is my ears because no one else has mentioned it, but it sounds weird and wrong to me. I find this on the 11th to 14th fret on the D string and 16th through 19th fret on the A string. OK so what are ya doing playing up there? there is not money above the 5th fret hey?

  • from Kansas City, MO January 9, 2015Music Background:

    Does a great job!

    We love it!

  • from Near Dallas Tx September 10, 2014Music Background:

    Great small bass amp

    Fantastic amp for practice or acoustic campfire jams. Had so much more capability than I realized. Really like effects and drum machine built in. Then it runs on AA batteries!!!

  • from Washington, D.C. April 13, 2014Music Background:

    Roland Micro Cube Bass RX Bass Amp

    In listening to different Bass & Guitar Amps I’ve always thought the sound of cabinets with 2 or more speakers is better than a single 1. The Roland Micro Cube with 4 speakers will not disappoint. The quality of the sound is great and loud! The 8 Amp Models & 6 Digital Effects are great to have in 1 unit. The only complaint is after a year plus of use the Tuner feature stopped working. The unit can be powered by AC or battery, which allows you to easily take the amp to remote places. There is some reduction in volume when using the battery power, otherwise there isn’t much of a difference. The drum/rhythm guide allows you as a bass player to accompany various music styles. I highly recommend this amp!

  • from Seattle, WA March 24, 2014Music Background:
    Part Time bassist

    Finally, easy portability and great tone for busking

    It is great as both as a practice amp, and a battery powered busker. Great tone options for both my electrics and my upright. Overall a solid box with tons of fun options.

  • from amsterdam, ny November 6, 2013Music Background:
    pro musician

    compact boomer

    roland has done it again. this bass cube amp is ideal for quiet rehearsal by yourself or with your musician friends. roland rocks the world

  • from Alberta, Canada September 24, 2013Music Background:

    It works!

    I needed a small amp for outside, campfire - and to add some presence with an 'acoustic' campfire band (for stand up). It is perfect for that - and the rhtyhm play along features a bonus.

  • from VT July 4, 2013Music Background:
    Student of the 4 strings.

    Neat little rig.

    Really impressed with this tiny rig. Love the vintage amp tones, all the effects (the T-wah is da bomb), the tuner, and especially the drum machine. Awesome portable practice tool. Hard to believe the sound you get out of those 4 tiny little 4 inch speakers. Really. Plus the battery power option is nice. Play anywhere. Its a little pricy but you get over that quick once you start playing with all it can do.

  • from Muscatine, Iowa March 23, 2013Music Background:
    Family Trio, Gospel music

    Roland Cube Bass RX

    Great litle amp, this provides that extra punch from the Kala U-Bass. I couldn't be more satisfied. The fact that it runs on 6 AA batteries for remote locations is a real plus.
    Thanks to the sales staff for providing the support and explaining the true benefits of the amp.

  • from Gatineau Qc August 3, 2012Music Background:
    Amateur multi-instrumentist

    Littéraire Giants

    Love the little guy.Lots of features, great sound at low volume and beautiful design.

  • from Phoenix Az. USA June 23, 2012Music Background:

    Small Package

    This little amp has some serious tone. I needed something for my acoustic basses, and this was just what I was looking for. It's battery powered, not too loud, and has a few extra features that make it a very cool and easy to use.
    If you are going to do small intimate gigs, like a Tea house or Train car, and you only need to be as loud as an acoustic guitar, this is the amp you should get.

  • from Italy May 27, 2010Music Background:

    Not as small as I thought it would be.

    I bought this to bring a Kala U-bass up to a normal acoustic level. Perfect combo. The sound is better than you think. Good valume level; higher than you'd expect from the wattage. Although it is compact, it wasn't quiet as small as I thought it would be.

  • from Jackson, MS April 7, 2009Music Background:
    musician, hobbyisit

    Surprise, Surprise

    It's here now. A bass amp that runs on batteries and AC. I was in New Orleans
    I ran across of friend of mine playing. Forget that I had not seen him in a few years. You know what he said? " Hey Mannn! Where ya been? Look at what I got." Forget all the other crap like recession, Hurricanes and other stuff. He was talking about his Roland battery operated amp. He went on and on about the battery life and how he could charge two sets of batteries and play for 3.5 to 4 days with no problem. He demonstrated the rhythms and played a song with it. I asked him if they had a bass amp like and he did'ntknow, So, I went to the music store expecting to told that it would cost about $500-750, instead it was $210.00. I bought it immediately. Update. I now go down to New Orleans and play with some of my friends and others on the street, when they are not making any money. We play together and let the one in most need keep, say the first 50.00, and then we split up again. It really helps them.
    Oh yeah back to the amp. The Roland Micro Cube Bass RX. Get one and you will not regret it. You have to learn how to make sure the effects are off when you want them off. It has several.(Wah , flange, reverb, etc.)and a tuner.
    You won't regret buying one. I did'nt mention all the features so you'll be that much more surprised when you get one.

  • from Denver, CO USA July 7, 2008Music Background:

    Mico Cube Bass RX, The freedom amp

    I normally don't right any reviews for anything I purchase. However this is the exception to the rule. I’ve been playing bass for approximately six years now and strictly for fun. The one draw back for me has been whenever someone would ask to get together and jam, if they couldn’t come to my house; I would often decline the invitation, just because of the hassle of moving my amplifier (just to much effort on my part). Now that I own the Mico Cube Bass RX going somewhere else to play is not an issue.

    The Mico Cube is a very good practice amp, well constructed with decent volume and tonal range, the built in tuner, bass effects and drum machine are great features. I also enjoy the ability to connect a CD or mp3 player to the amp, making it easy to play along with the songs I practice along with at home.

    It’s hard to believe so much sound can come from such a small package powered by 6 AA batteries, but it does. My girl and I went on a small outing in Colorado Spring CO, we setup by small creek in a park and several people walking by were amazed at the sound and wondered how I was powering the amp in the middle of nowhere.

    My only real complaint is with the drum machine and I realize this is Roland’s first pass at this, but it would be nice if the beat variations could be dialed in, instead of the tap method being employed; it’s kind of hard to obtain the beat you want and then to repeat it after the setting have been changed.

    Can this amp compete with the larger AC powered amps? No. None the less this is a lightweight, sound packed wonder. We bass players have a freedom we have never enjoyed before. I suggest anyone looking for freedom to play anywhere, buy one and fly away.

  • from Roxboro, NC USA May 5, 2008Music Background:

    This little amp is awesome!!

    I had been using a GK Micro amp for my bass, as I only use it to jam with some friends, and wanted something a little lighter and a little more versatile. The Roland Micro Cube Bass RX filled the bill plus more!!! It is nearly half the weight at around 15 pounds, and provides way more in the area of versatility with all the amp modeling and effects. It does not have nearly the kick as my GK amp, but then again I am not playing out with it. It works just fine as a practice amp for jamming with friends. However, I have to believe you could play out and use the line out or just mic the little guy into a PA system. For what it has to offer it is well worth the money!! Well worth the long wait to get one of my own! Hopefully Roland will make more of them faster so other folks won't need to wait too long for them. I'm not usually one to get the first version of anything, in this case I was excited when I read about them and even more excited once I got my own and was able to use it. So far, I can't come up with anything about it that I don't like. For a practice amp, or one you can use in a home or backstage surrounding, I can't think someone would be disappointed with anything it offers.

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