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Roland Micro Cube - Black Reviews

5.0 stars based on 28 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Ted Hunter

    It doesn't get any more portable than this thing. By portable, I mean literally take it ANYWHERE! AC power is not required. On top of that, it's got amazing tones too. A must have for every guitarist.

  • from Denver Colorado June 5, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Musician, Studio/Production Owner-Engineer

    Smokin' Little amp!!!

    I have several Roland products, this one I purchased for my 18 yr old and her ukelele. Her and her sister connect to to perform together both using these little rigs and love them!! I use the Street Cube as well as the 80w Cube for larger club performances. There are few places I purchase equipment from anymore for my studio or personal use. Richard Whittington and the team at Sweetwater are simply the best and highly recommend them for all of your equipment needs!!!

  • from Maine May 7, 2013Music Background:
    still a rookie ( hobbist )

    Portability cought my eye

    I was not prepared for the great sound and effects of this unit... My Fender American Standard sounds great.... Then I plugged in the o'l Gretsch... WOW ! that did it.... nice ! Now ya gotta know I'm an old man that still likes toys....so the Cube now sits in my kitchen and is used every day......
    Thanks Sweetwater for the great service & products , shipping is unbelievable

  • from Huntingdon, PA April 7, 2013Music Background:

    SUPER AMP!!!!!!

    WOW!!!!Great Amp!!!!I take it everywhere in the house,outside,can practice anywhere I want.No electric,no problem use the batteries!!!Can't beat this one for the money!!!And Thanks to my Sales Engineer Chris,for letting me know about this amp!!!!

  • from PENNSYLVANIA PA September 24, 2012Music Background:
    hobbyist (47yrs)

    Roland Micro Cube - AWESOME!!

    This is an extremely versatile little amp. Even at low volumes its modeling sounds incredibly close to the tones of my '67 Deluxe Reverb, '70 Marshall 50W, or a standard Vox AC - 15 amp (all set at band / club level volumes). While the R - FIER setting resembles a Mesa, it's not quite as "dead -on" to my ears.
    When the situation calls for cranking it up, the Micro Cube is way louder than the 2 watt rating would suggest (my 57 Les Paul Special and I have actually jammed with drums and electric bass).
    The Mic setting works beautifully with my acoustic electric as well as a microphone.
    It is also remarkably durable (a friend offered to replace or fix after a four foot drop onto a bare concrete floor. It works perfectly and not even a scratch).

  • from East End of Long Island, NY July 30, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-pro (occasional gigs, plenty of basement recording/ songwriting)

    Hot, light & the price is right.

    What's not to like? Instead of lugging my Marshall behemoth up and down stairs, i can walk in like a horn player with everything i need (instrument, amp, accessories) in one trip.
    It has fine amp emulations, adequate FX & plenty of punch. And get this: it kicks on 6 AA flashlight batteries!
    Took it to the beach last night. It's got enough flexibility to play lead while three guys are rockin' a tune on acoustics, or play rhythm (with balls) and be quiet enough for me to sing w/o a mic for our beach picnic crowd and be told "i finally got to hear the words".
    I don't think it will work as a monitor in a real stage setting with heavy PA stuff, but I'm certainly expecting the sound to be even better when I plug into a pro system.
    did I mention the price is right? Free delivery (thanks Sweetwater)? Tip: upgrade to 2nd day delivery- $2.00 w/ FedEx!

  • from Odessa, TX June 25, 2012Music Background:
    Fan :]

    Small but Mighty

    Delivers a BIG sound for such a small cube! Got this for my daughter and she was thrilled. Much easier to travel with than her old bulky and heavy Fender amp.

  • from Portage Lakes Ohio December 19, 2011Music Background:


    I live in Akron Ohio and was told by my brother in law in Ft Wayne to get this for my first amp as I am a novice. The features are amazing and my friend up the street who plays in a band showed me how to patch into a big amp he let me borrow with this unit so I get all the features of a small stack. Great value

  • from Yuba City, Ca, USA October 20, 2011Music Background:

    Roland Micro Cube LOVE IT

    This is just the right size. Has alot of power. It acomplish what I wanted.
    I have a larger verison of the Roland and this has the same power and good sound as the bigger one. I do recomend it for any one looking for something smaller and lighter amp. I am 80 years old so I need something a little lighter. A very good buy. I enjoy this a lot. (these are my Husband's words)

  • from Bellingham, WA March 24, 2011Music Background:
    Musician, Singer, DJ

    A Cute AWESOME Powerhouse!

    I think the Roland Rep cringed a little when I said the Micro Cube amp was cute, but let me tell you this cute little thing is a Powerhouse witha totally Awesome sound. I have a Roland Cube 20XL for my regular stay at home amp (it can easily go on stage at any small to medium gig with me) and I really like it alot. But I needed an amp that I could take on our boat whenever I wanted.. It had to be small, battery enabled and durable. I also did not want to give up the sound quality I am use to. I looked at the features and listened to the others of this same genre, but I am still a convinced this is the Amp to beat. Me and my Strat can easily go from nice mello acoustic sound to hard driving metal rock with a turn of the knob on the Micro Cube... anywhere!
    It is cute... but don't let that fool you. It is a totally Awesome amp with BIG nice sound that can go anywhere or fit anywhere very easily. Even on a book shelf on a boat. If you get one, you will not be sorry. I love my little cutie.

  • from Texas November 19, 2009Music Background:
    I have been playing guitar for 44 years.

    Micro Cube Is Not So Micro

    I use this amp everyday. It has some of the best sounds and its portability is amazing. I use this for song ideas and preparation for Jazz arrangements. This thing is amazing.

    I would recommend this amp to anyone who is interested in tone, not force. It can always be plugged into a board and be heard anywhere.

    I have owned one of these for several years, now.

  • from paducah ky January 22, 2009Music Background:
    project studio

    Nice little amp.

    I was skeptical until I plugged in and tried one. You get quite a few good useable sounds, it's small and easy to use. I wanted a small amp for practicing and recording. The Micro was a great choice.

  • from minnesota, usa October 19, 2008Music Background:
    40 years gigging

    really glad to have it

    headphones are better than the speaker, but the speaker is very very good.
    the preamps are just fine.. if you can't find a basic sound, clean or dirty, with this, you're the pickiest person in the world.
    sounds great with cd plugged in and phones in for quiet practice.
    sounds really good also via speaker, even with a cd connected.
    and is also very nice as a pedal using the line out to your tube amp!
    the efx are limited, as per usual with devices of this type, buy you CAN find good sounds for all of them. phase flange trem delay reverb chorus all good!
    for my money, this is the handiest all around practice amp I've run into, with the best sound via phones, and standing up to 8" or 10" small amps even with it's smaller speaker. Loud!
    This is a keeper..a low price, well featured, well made unit that I simply will never run out of use for, and neither will you.

  • from Fairfield, CT October 30, 2006Music Background:
    Student of rock, and Aspiring Rock Star

    No Bull here

    I have owned this little bad boy for about a year so I believe i can provide an honest opinon for it. I was enticed by the many reviews, and videos I saw for it. And I was astounded that I could take it anywhere with 6 AAs. Its a perfect practice amp, and even though its supposedly only 2 watts, turn up the gain and you got at least 15 watts of power! the effects are very good, (boss efx) and are very fun to mess around with, the only flaw is that the efx are not footswitchable! The amp models are another added bonus, and its always a blast getting those vintage sounds with this little guy. The acoustic model is extremely good sounding and so real, your guitar might go from a humbucking equipped oddball shaped mother-of-metal guitar, to an old acoustic guitar cranking out the blues. The JC Clean accurately emulates the Roland JC-120 (that is, if you add the amazing chorus effect this cube has!) The Black Face is a perfect match for some zz top licks, or some old B.B King Stuff. The British Combo is an awesome model (possibly my favorite) because if you turn up the gain, it gives you a heavy 70s rock tone, hailing back to the Glory Days of Black Sabbath and AC/DC, with a piercing lead and powerful rythym tone, this model is true and powerful. The Classic Stack model is perfect for rythym, but it lacks in the treble department, perhaps another of the tiny flaws the little rock-box has. The R-Fier model is undoubtably the heaviest and most powerful of all of the models, But be careful not to put to much gain on, you might blow out your neighbor's power!!! All in all, this is a great little amp for practice and at times "street busking". This amp rocks, buy it- No bull!

  • from Laguna Niguel, Ca USA September 19, 2006Music Background:


    Wow, I was absolutely blown away by this amp. I was looking for an inexpensive practice amp and then came across this. I was not expecting much when i got home, but i was proven wrong. There are so many features on this, i was shocked.

    Amp models
    Acoustic: No need for an acoustic when you have this amp model. Pug in your electric and have the soft smooth sound of an old acoustic.

    JC Clean: This gives a great clean tone with no buzzing or any thing like that. Great for use with pedals.

    Blackpanel: I'm not sure what this is modeled after, but it has a clean tone, but a deeper sound. Turn on the reverb and then you have that surfer style guitar.

    Brit Combo: Modeled after the famous 1960's distortion sound, this setting really brings you back to that old time rock.

    Classic Stack: Classic distortion sound of an old Marshall stack.

    Rectifier (R-Fier): My personal favorite, this provides great distortion for any kind of music. Just use the tone and gain knobs to adjust the amount of distortion and you can go from light distortion all the way to heavy metal.

    Chorus: It has that outer-space style chorus sound featured on the Boss Space Chorus.

    Flanger: Just like Eddie van Halen. This gives you that swirly, spirally sound.

    Phaser: Gives you that nice liquidy sounding effect. A really fun effect to play around with.

    Tremolo: Don't feel like trem. picking? then use this. it gives you that shakey tremolo sound that sounds so natural.

    Reverb: This gives you that empty room echo type sound.

    Delay: Gives you a super sweet echo sound.

    Overall this little amp gives you more bang for your buck. But on a side note, it sounds better when you plug it in.

  • from Fort Wayne, IN June 21, 2006Music Background:

    Great little amp

    I needed a practice amp, and the Micro Cube has delivered! The number of options you get packed into such a small portable form factor makes for a great buy. The only minor flaw I've found with it is that the volume has an almost logarithmic fall off rate as you turn the volume down (in other words, as you turn the volume down, it gets really quite really fast). This leads to some delicate fine tuning of the volume if you want to play it quietly without headphones. Its a minor complaint though. Aside from that minor complaint, I have really enjoyed using it.

  • from Stamford, Ct. December 19, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Micro's best sound!

    British Combo, Gain and Vol at 12:00.
    No effects.

    Cleans up nice with volume down and sounds like an overdriven Fender style amp with guitar volume up.

    That's the best sound I've found on this lil' workhorse!

  • from Jacksonville, FL May 25, 2012Music Background:
    Just for fun...

    Great product

    Love this little cube....I brings a lot of enjoyment to my husband and family!!!

  • from nw ohio March 3, 2011Music Background:
    semipro superfreak

    uh huh, whah?!!

    very good sounding lil amp.i use it w/batteries and its great.got the red one so it looks cool also.effects are good but not footswitchable.gets lots of different sounds from spongy cleans to heavy rec'd.pretty loud too, a great product for a great price.

  • from Spokane, WA February 9, 2010Music Background:
    noodle along with the iPod

    great little amp

    I recently ordered one of these. It is an amazing little amp. The headphone out is a good feature. I'll take it on vacation this summer. I am still fiddling with the sounds but you can get some good sounds out of it. The acoustic setting is a plus. I wish the volume/output was more less variable between settings. this amp gets surprisingly loud. GREAT clean channel (JC clean. I tried the competition and chose the Roland.

  • from Austin, Texas December 22, 2008Music Background:

    Whoa this little guy is LOUD!

    For a 5 watt amp this thing gets loud. the aux in is a plus if you like jamming to songs on your ipod. i play an epiphone Sg Custom and Les Paul Standard and they sound great through it. i wish there was a foot switch for the amp but i bought a multieffects pedal so i dosent matter. But this amp is great for practicing and jamming to with head phones.

  • from Largo, FL June 3, 2006Music Background:
    Recording Guitarist

    Very Nice

    Everyone seems to rave about the Micro Cube, so it looks like it's my job to tell you what is not good about it. Boooo. Don't get me wrong. If it broke, I would replace it. I think the Classic Stack is the best Marshall emulation on the market. I wish Roland would put in a stomp box. I also love the delay. It is just perfect, balanced and easy. The other amps are very good also. My problem is with the effects. I believe that effects should be used to enhance your sound. These effects are way to loud in the mix and can't be adjusted. They overshadow the great amp sounds. To make this the perfect practice amp, Roland should scrap the tuning fork, and replace it with an effects mix control. Still, a very nice little amp.

  • from Winnipeg Mb. Canada March 25, 2006

    Roland, Good Job

    Hi, My uncle bought this amp for me at christmas. I have only been playing for a few years. I think that this amp is awesome!! I love the effects too. I can be playing Ac Dc and the next minute (with the turn of a switch) Be playin Black Sabbath with alot of Distortion. Then i just put it on to an effect and it makes my scales sound all the more interesting. And it is so portable. If you are a beginner or a pro you should buy this amp. IT'S AWESOME!!

  • from Norwalk, CT USA March 1, 2005

    I have two of 'em!

    This is unquestionably the best portable practice amp that has ever been introduced. I play through two of them and they sound great in stereo! Parents, if you have a kid who is dying to play the electric guitar, get this amp. Tone is extremely important when it comes to developing your playing, and there is no shortage of tone in this little bad boy!

  • from California February 1, 2005

    Roland Micro Cube is Boss

    I play flamenco guitar in nightclubs and restaurants. I needed a small battery powered amp to move about with. This one is fantastic. It has the sound of a much larger amp. It is only 2 watts but sounds like 30. The sound is clean and projects well. I use a Matrix suction cup tuner pickup instead of a mic. My amp is hidden under my chair with a small curtain that goes around it. Folks are amazed at the sound I get, especially with a touch of reverb. I am very very very happy with this gem of an amp.

  • from Abilene texas usa September 1, 2004

    micro cube

    This is the best sounding small amp i have ever heard or played, My local music store sold over a hundred of these in less that a week and the boss effects are killer. If you have heard them you need to.

  • from Big Rapids, MI, USA September 1, 2004

    Other great uses for the Micro Cube

    Agreed with all the other reviews but also wanted to discuss how well it works for electro/acoustic guitar - use the mic input. Also, my wife uses the mic input and effects for her various flutes including her Celtic instruments. Fantastic rig for street players/buskers. Almost got other stuff - glad I was at the NAMM show and got a demo. Buy one for everyone on your gift list!

  • from Anchor Point, Alaska September 1, 2004

    Roland Micro Cube

    First of all I have never taken the time to write a review, since most people are not as remote as Alaska and can usually find a music store to go into and test a
    product before buying one. But here in Alaska I have gotten to depend on reviews left by the grace of others and felt I should make a contribution back with
    one. So of course before buying the Cube, I read the reviews on this great site, and also the ones on Harmony Central. All the reviews were great and from
    long time players, but that was not enough for me, so I then went to the Roland site, and listened and watched the audio and video files they have there. I was
    sold, and finally broke down and bought one. Let me tell you I am so happy I did and didn't go for the Amp Can. This has a variety of sounds, and is more
    than loud enough to will make anyone happy, but the important thing is "IT'S CLEAN SOUNDING!"

    I use this amp to help sell a folk instruments I make, and was impressed and surprised enough to recommend this amp to anyone needing a solid, great
    sounding, travel and practice amp. I could go on but I don't want everyone to think I am Roland salesman and therefore will stop here. I just wanted to let you
    know what a great amp this is and do highly recommend it to all.

    Alaskan Bob

  • from USA June 1, 2004

    Microcube Amp Review

    This is the best sounding battery powered amp I've ever tried. The amp models and built-in effects are great! Nice full sound from such a small amp.


  • Chris Koehler

    Although the Roland MicroCube is one impressive little guitar practice amp, at first sight, many might overlook it. Something you might hear the guitar purist say is, "Why in the world would I want to play on that little 2 watt amp when I've got my AC30 right here that sounds great and fits all my needs?" Why don't we put that question to rest.

    The MicroCube is obviously small in stature. At 9-5/8" x 6-9/16" x 8-15/16" and 7.5 pounds, it's one of the smallest practice amplifiers on the market. Which in this case, is exactly what Roland was shooting for. It's also quite small as far as amplification goes. It's only got a 5" speaker with a 2 watt driver. But you'd never know that the cabinet, speaker and amplifier were that small if you'd never actually seen the piece of gear. I'm not claiming that this thing will replace your half stack or even your combo amp. What I am claiming is that if you are looking for something that is small, portable, convenient, and able to model various amplifier sounds, this is the practice amp for you.

    The amp models are fairly realistic, sound pretty good, and you can't really overdrive the amp to poor distortion. They've done a great job of matching the amp to the speaker here and really sounds good, even at pegged out settings. Whether it be a Vox AC30, Fender Twin, or Marshall stack, this little MicroCube does a great job of accomplishing the assignment. With six different effects, seven amp models (including a microphone preamp model), and able to be battery powered, the only word that I have to describe this is, "Wow!"

  • Scott Demarko

    The first time I saw this little guy I was sure it was just going to be another tiny amp in a big amp world. Let me be the first to tell you however that this Micro Cube amp by Roland is by far one of the best amps for guitarists, and roaming performers that I have ever heard.

    I was almost in shock to find out that using just 6 AA batteries this amp is only pushing 2 watts. I could have sworn I was hearing a larger amp with 30 watts coming out of this little 5-inch speaker. If you were to just listen to the sound from a microcube for a few moments you probably would be amazed that it is as loud and clear as it is for such a small cube amp. I have heard many smaller styled amps and typically they might distort while trying to give you a loud enough sound that can be heard in a typical noisy environment. The gain and the volume of the Micro Cube never needed to be peaked out to enjoy crystal clear sound, and dynamic range. On top of the great sound there are multiple d.s.p. effects, and 7 classic and modern amp models that give you a variety of sounds that in true reality should cost you tons more, and typically be found only in larger more expensive amps.

    There are quite a few reasons why every guitar player needs one of these amps, but I'll sum it up by saying that this amp will take you places you never thought you'd go. It will give you something extra you never thought you'd get, and it will make you look like a superstar on the small stage, in the coffee shop, and on the street. This is a true performers amp designed for great portability, and incredible sound quality. Definitely put one of these on your list for your next guitar accessory purchase. It's a must have!

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