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Audient Mico Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Simon Picazo

    There is no other box at this price point that gives you high-quality mic pres that you can dial in for phase coherency when using multiple mics on one source, and gives you quality A/D coverters to boot. A great way to add two more channels to any interface with a S/PDIF or AES input.

  • from SCOTTSDALE, AZ April 7, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician,Producer

    Great addition to the studio

    Believe the hype!!! Every returning customer seems to notice that while they record they hear their voices clearer with the HMX engaged or not!!! The HMX adds sweetness. I use it for location recording thus the portability is a plus ...it has done well on grand piano and drum overheads ( phase correction option quite handy )

  • from Florida March 18, 2014Music Background:
    Relative Newbe

    A Great Value

    This has exceeded my expectations. The preamps themselves are clear and full. They seem to be tight in the low end, defined in the midrange and crisp in the high frequencies. The A/D conversion is also excellent. I run the Mico through an audient id22 and I get four really nice audio inputs. I have compared the projects I made entirely with the id22/Mico combo to tracks I made with my old interface and/or the id22 and another preamp/converter that pipes into the id22 with ADAT. I definitely notice the difference with the Mico/id22 projects. It's hard to described, but everything is more clear and better defined. Punchy and crisp are words that also come to mind. To put it another way, if my old set up was a camera, it would take photos that were slightly out-of-focus and blurry around the edges whereas the Mico's images would be sharp and defined by comparison.

    I haven't had the chance to use the Mico as a stand alone preamp without also using its A/D converter. With a quality converter, I'm sure the Mico preamps would exhibit the same qualities as I have observed. For what its worth, I cannot tell the difference between the preamps in my id22 and the Mico preamps.

    I don't have a lot of experience with preamps and I have no experience with very expensive preamps. But, I did a lot of research before purchasing the Mico. I already really liked the id22, so I was comfortable with audient. The true selling point was that, with the Mico, you get two very usable preamps AND very good A/D conversion for a very reasonable price.

    I'm sure if I bought a really high end preamp and a really high end converter I might like the sound better. But that would probably triple or quadrouple the price I paid for the Mico. I would not hesitate to use the tracks I am getting from the Mico on any project and I would not be one bit ashamed to tell someone I use Audient preamps and converters. In fact, I brag about it.

    I think this would be a good purchase for someone looking for dual preamp but who doesn't quite have a signature sound in mind. This preamp just sounds good without imparting any particular character or coloration (except for the HMX feature). Budget minded purchasers (like me) can have two good preamps and excellent conversion without selling a kidney.

    I have never used the variphase feature, although I think it will come in handy the next time I try to double mic a guitar cab or run a DI and mic at the same time. The HMX feature is subtle, but certainly noticeable on some sources (I line to use it on kick drum).

    I wish Audient would make a 4-channel version. The Audient ASP880 looks nice, but it is too expensive (for me anyway). If Audient made a 4-channel Mico, it would be able to compete nicely with some of the other 4-channel preamps out there with A/D conversion options (e.g. ISA 428) and would still do it for a great value. Even at twice the price, a 4-channel Mico would be a no-brainer given what else is on the market right now.

    Since I've never owned (or even work with) really expensive preamps and converters, I can only impart what I hear with the Mico. What I hear is very good compared to the commercial stuff on the radio (which presumably used the high end stuff).

  • from Henderson, NV USA March 6, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer, Producer

    Supa Clean!!!

    I have had this unit for 3 years now and recorded tons of 12 string acoustic, violin, vocals and even bass. The unit dose a great job giving you what you put in is what you get out, sound is very clean and ad conversion is on the level with stand alone ad converters which is amazing at this price point. If you want color too your sound it has harmonic sculpting the HMX knob so add as much or little that you want.....go Audient!!!!

  • from Brazil August 24, 2012Music Background:
    Audio producer

    Great Sound!!

    The best choice for this price. Clear sound. Excellent construction and great details like metal knobs.

  • from Atlanta, GA November 7, 2011Music Background:
    Recording engineer/producer

    Audient Mico

    Fantastic in applications that involve uncolored preamplification and AD conversion. I use it as a way to bypass interface converters when recording on location and when paired with earthworks-type microphone pairs for drum overheads, and piano stereo pairs, the transparency cannot be beat. Fantastic box.

  • from Dallas, TX June 29, 2011

    Very high quality, and great "bang for the buck"!!

    I actually did a shoot-out in my studio with the Mico and the Grace m101. Honestly, running both devices in "vanilla" mode (not utilizing any of the coloration features) I could honestly not tell the difference between the 2.

    For about $100 more, with Mico you get TWO amazingly clean & transparent pre's, plus built-in AD 96Khz), Word Clock, and digital outputs. Plus a lot more high-pass filtering options than the m101.

    For me, it was a no-brained which one to buy!!

  • from San Fracisco, Ca USA May 12, 2011Music Background:
    Musician/Recording Engineer


    I was using a Presonus Digimax FS preamps via adat into my M-Audio ProjectMix I/0. The Digimax really cleaned up the sound of the ProjectMix. Stepping up to the Audient Mico really opened up the sound of my microphones. It has more gain, great digital conversion and I don't think anything can touch it at this price point. I love this box!

  • from Miami, Florida USA) March 31, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer

    Love it!!!

    The Audient Mico is a very nice Preamp! I finally got a sound with excellent clarity and color. Very useful for any situation. For the price is better than any other preamp for the same price. Thank you Alex!!!

  • from Brooklyn August 21, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Engineer

    Great until it starting acting up.

    I was very happy with this product, but after 2 years of use, and not heavy use for that matter, the gain switches stopped working properly. They used to give continuously more gain as the dials moved toward 66db, but now they give absolutely nothing until they get to almost 66db, at which point it's blowing up, and distorting. It's a shame, because if the product were designed to last it would be really special, as for the price A/D conversion is worth it alone.

  • from Waldorf, MD July 11, 2011Music Background:

    First one died after 3 days

    It sounds good, but the first one died after 3 days (actually after 30 mins of actual use) right before a session. Sweetwater did get me one in the mail right away...5 stars for that!!! The replacement is working fine and does sound good, but hey that first impression is hard to forget. Would I recommend it to someone else...Yeah It sounds good (not punchy, kinda smooth, fairly neutral on the A channel with the HMX off...it can get real dirty with it on. Overall Pretty Good, not Great.

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