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Daking Mic Pre One Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the Daking Mic Pre One?

Questions about the Daking Mic Pre One?

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  • Mike Conyers

    Essentially a single channel of the renowned Mic Pre IV, the Daking Mic Pre One is a truly awesome transformer preamp! Want to sweeten your vocals? Have your guitar just sit better in the mix? The Mic Pre One is what you need.

  • Carson McClain

    The transformer on the input of this is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to the great sound of the Daking pre. Price should be no issue once you hear this little box. You will be back for the compressor, I guarantee.

  • Cassie OHanlon

    I wanted a clean and precise preamp for the vocals on my last big project, but I also wanted to add thickness to my vocals. After looking around, I decided to go with a Daking Mic-Pre One. I already had high expectations for this pre, but I was more satisfied than I could imagine. I love its natural clarity, yet it provides me with that bit of extra character and body my voice needs. I've seldom found a preamp that offers this fine balance of transparency and color.

  • from New York City August 8, 2016Music Background:
    Sound Engineer for 12 years.

    It's great

    I could not believe how well this pre amp works. Lots of clean gain along with a pad switch for those mics that run too hot. I've work from major studios where we have every mic ore you can think of. And this baby here sounds like a dream. I actually prefer it over my API for vocals. I take it on the road along with a TLM 103 and it has yet to let me down. I've had it for almost a year. Great piece.

  • from VERO BEACH, FL February 6, 2016

    Why I didn't get this toy before?

    I do voice overs for about 40 years, most of my life. I have used many preamplicadores such as 737 Avalon, Avalon M5, Tube-Tech MMC 1A, etc and never imagined that using such a cheap Preamp could get the same quality and even better sound quality than with expensive equipment. Thank you, my good friend Chris Davis for speaking about Daking Mic Pre One, one of the best jewelry made for those who do voice over.

  • from Denver, CO May 4, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter, Composer, Guitarist, Singer

    Great Product, Great Support

    This preamp has a very flat frequency response. It does not color the sound. So what goes in is what comes out, just amplified-- perfectly. There is tons of gain, more than you could ever need. And very quiet at low gain settings, no noise. There's a handy -20 db switch for mic'ing loud guitar amplifiers.

    Daking support is outstanding. I had a problem with hum when I first got it, and Geoff Daking himself exchanged emails with me. Geoff helped me isolate the problem and recommended solutions. The problem was NOT with the Daking; it was the fact that my Yamaha AW16G recorder chassis was not connected to ground, whereas the Daking is (the Daking was based on good electrical standards and the Yamaha wasn't). So I used a ground buster on the Daking preamp plug to isolate it as a workaround, and the problem was solved.

  • from New Orleans September 9, 2014Music Background:
    Rock & Roll

    Just what I was looking for

    Nice sounding, affordable pre. Built like a tank with nice features. Works great with my SM7.

  • from Greater Atlanta Area, GA August 8, 2014Music Background:
    beat maker, keyboardist

    On point!

    She works well. All my mics sound better. One could actually get away with using lower end microphones all day and hardly no one would be able to tell. I've run an SM57, Electro Voice 767, AKG 535, Beyer M500 and a KSM 44 through this preamp and they all sound awesome! Yes, the filter works great. The build quality is reassuring as well. This unit does not disappoint. Makes home recording that much more enjoyable. Love it!

  • from Michigan April 14, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician, Worship Leader

    Great sound!

    I put this between my tlm102 and my interface, and was blown away by the difference in quality of sound! Also works great as a bass/guitar di.

  • from seattle March 9, 2012Music Background:


    awesome sound, great ease of use in the fray of a session and unique feature in the variable HPF. did i mention the sound is hi-fi silky awesomeness? built like a tank, looks killer and made in the USA. oh, and the price is pretty amazing considering THE SOUND.

  • from Austin, TX December 28, 2009Music Background:
    Mastering Engineer, Producer

    Best in Class, competes in classes above

    The Trident A-range sound is particular but it stacks very well. I use it almost exclusively and never have a problem with stacking. It's not the least-colored sounding pre in the world but the coloration it does add is pleasant and musical.

    It's on-par but a different flavor with the higher end stuff like Avalon and UA at a much more reasonable price tag. For Bass DI, it hands down defeats most other preamps in all price ranges.

    I was pleasantly surprised that it is built in the USA.

    It sounds like the old Trident Boards. Personally, I recommend this for any board-less studio to really add a good sound. If you're looking for a surgical preamp for classical/acoustic jazz recording, it's not the way to go but this is the champ for popular styles of music.

    The variable high pass filter is a bit of a gimmick but highly useful at times. I love the fact that the non-DI inputs are in the back, I wired it into my patchbay.

    It's got tons of Gain and does well with an SM7B which is a challenge for most preamps. Ribbons have the same issue unless they're the real cheap kind.

    If you have a lot of high end pres, it's a good old-school flavor and if you're using cheap stuff, it's a must-buy.

    Pros: Great Value. Fantastic Sound. Easy to Use. No Warm Up time. Clean setup once it's integrated, no cable mess.

    Cons: My power supply was dead when it came in but Sweetwater fixed that right away. You need to do a long-term wiring setup due to inputs being in the back. Not Surgical sounding but not genre-specific either.

    Conclusion: If you have the money, you should buy this.

  • from www.myspace.com/aklaproductions June 2, 2009Music Background:

    Excellent One!

    I was searching for a dual channel pre-amp at first, and my attention was turned to this baby right here! Sound is so silky, so warm, and so detailed for the price. I recommend it over several pieces in its price range, and probably some over its range!
    Great piece.

  • from Texas May 1, 2015Music Background:

    Great Pre

    This is an awesome pre. I was originally looking at another pre because of the name. My sales engineer talked me into this one and man am I glad. It's exactly what I needed. So listen to your sales person! It's clean, provides a lot of gain and has a good vibe/color without feeling like it's coloring. I use it right now for two things, overdubbing my vocals and acoustic guitar combined with a nice tube mic. The vocals sit great in the mix and require little if any eq. The sweepable high pass filter is really nice for home use, filtering out that background ambience in a house. The only thing I don't like is that there's no power switch. What the heck? So you have to physically unplug it every time.

  • from Mount Vernon, N.Y. USA July 23, 2014Music Background:

    classic daking mic pre one

    The mic pre one gives me that professional touch I was always looking for. to me, I really think it is awesome!

  • from Minneapolis, MN May 1, 2012Music Background:
    Engineer, Record Producer

    Pleasing distortion when pushed!

    This has been my main preamp for vocals and acoustics for the last year. I love it! When I first tested the Mic Pre One out, I noticed some noise with large amounts of gain. I contacted Daking and they sent me instructions to mod the pre which I felt comfortable doing. Now this preamp blows everything out of the water. I love pushing the gain up so it distorts. Great pre for a SM7b or TLM 103. It's definitely got some attitude.

  • from October 24, 2011

    Daking mic pre one

    Great mic pre for home / project studio.......mainly using for vocal with TLM -103 and U-67.
    My first purchased from Sweetwater.....great support from my sales engineer and faster service, will purchase another studio gear soon.

  • from south of Tucson, AZ July 27, 2011Music Background:
    professional fulltime voiceover

    Nice preamp

    I bought this for voiceover work after using a cheap preamp for many years now. It's got a warmer tone and the waveforms actually look "beefier". The high pass filter allows me to be able to turn up the gain and not have ambient noise make little dots on my recording file (a dealbreaker for editing). Best of all, when I had a question and called the company, I spoke with the owner! Also good - it's made in the USA (I believe).

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