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Daking Mic Pre IV Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Daking Mic Pre IV?

Questions about the Daking Mic Pre IV?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Derek Senestraro

    Just did some drum tracks with one of these. Amazing...I was very impressed. Took my standard drum mic collection and kicked it up a notch. Highly recommend.

  • Carson McClain

    The Mic Pre IV will eliminate your search for that preamp that is just right. These sound phenomenal on drums. I'm telling you, your dynamic mics will not want to leave their XLR connections to this studio mainstay. If you are looking for that big, classic rock drum sound, look no further.

  • from Portland, OR April 12, 2017Music Background:

    My Go-To

    I've been recording both digital and analog for a decade and these have become my go-to preamps. Amazing because they have a line amp with TS inputs, which is idea for synths...better signal integrity than the DI input from what Geoff Daking told me. The preamp sounds fantastic and has beat out other more expensive preamps I've compared it to. SOLID!

  • from Saint Davids, PA October 9, 2015Music Background:
    Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Guy In A Band

    Ultimate Go To Mic Pre

    I've been using Geoff's gear since Joan Osborme's Relish in 1994. I went through the phase of buying every imaginable "flavor" of mic pre for my Pro Tools studio and now, almost 20 years later, it's exclusively All Daking All The Time. I've got my six channels of his vintage vertical mic pre/eq units preset for drums but, otherwise, it's the Mic Pre IV on everything and I've just added a second one which will take my Neves and such off of the island, so to speak.

  • from NJ April 25, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Engineer, Songwriter


    This pre sounds amazing. I am finally getting sounds in my studio that I have imagined for a long time. This thing is fast, detailed, and has a really nice color that gives beautiful harmonic content to everything you run through it. The pad does not influence the tone, and is very useful because this thing runs hot! I love the meters as well. They look great in a dark studio, My only gripe would be that there is no power switch. I have mine wired into a power source, so when my studio is on, this thing is on.

  • from van nuys, ca.. u.s.a. December 6, 2011Music Background:
    Multitasking musical madman of the analog kingdom

    excellent !

    Excellent!!!! Excellent!!! Excellent!!! Excellent!! super nice audio, of course !!! Made in U.S.A. !! Hooray!!

  • from February 27, 2016Music Background:
    REcording Engineer, Musician

    Worth every penny

    I snagged this when I was looking to upgrade my pres. I wanted something that was a little more true that I could pair well with a more coloring pre. Daking did the trick. I use it mainly with my overheads and bottom snare and single room mic. Sounds great on acoustic guitars and aux percussion. I also use it vocals, and depending on the vocalist it can sound great. If your vocalist is thin this pre won't do any favors for them, at least that is what happened to me. BUT if your vocalist (singing or rapping) has power or even if the vocalist is at least average in projection and delivery then this pre will compliment them perfectly.

    If you are looking for great clean, crisp pre grab this one.

  • from van nuys, ca. November 12, 2011Music Background:



  • from Alabama June 24, 2011Music Background:
    Studio Owner, Producer, Engineer, Pro Musician

    Daking Mic Pre IV Sweet

    Looking the Mic Pre IV. Great on Kick drum and other drums as well.
    Like others I wish the gain control was continuous but I am fine with it. It keeps up with the 3124+ I've got on kick drum for sure. Sweet.

  • from Virginia Beach, VA April 1, 2011Music Background:
    pro musician, recording engineer

    Great Success! I Like!

    Seems like most people are using these for drums, which is what I use mine mainly for too...My kick and toms are ran through this. As a session drummer I can send back my "mail out" PT sessions to customers/studios with great sounding "dry" tracks...the drums sound full and complete! Just how I hear them in my room...I don't think they color at all, just sound full! I really don't have to EQ that much either and it always sounds great! Def get one for your studio..I will eventually run all my drums through the DaKing brand mic pre's and compressors, and use my other pre's for other instruments...HOWEVER, I have ran acoustic guitars, keyboards,basses, and done vocals all with the Mic Pre IV...everything sounds great through it! A+

  • from Calgary, AB, Canada January 21, 2009Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Intermediate Engineer

    Quality Contender

    On our last album we ran a bunch of different preamps throughout the sessions... especially when tracking the drums. We used a Neve Portico for the overheads with a Focusrite Big Red and a Daking Mic Pre IV as the preamplification for the rest of the kit. Sound wise the Daking kept pace with the other two no problem and we ended up keeping it over the other the Neve and Focusrite to finish off the guitars and vocals.

    The only thing I didn't like about the Daking was that the gain selection wasn't continuously variable... i.e. you had to 'click' into preselected db increments. The pad switch did help fine tune the gain however, but nevertheless I like being able to adjust the gain absolutely!

    For the money, it's a serious contender in the 4 channel preamp category... I dig the look, the sound...I dig it!

  • from Hands In Motion Music Productions & Ad Media June 14, 2017Music Background:
    Independent Producer

    Daking Mic Pre IV

    I founded to be an extremely reliable pre amo. Very rugged and to the point ergonomics. The sound is very transparent. My only negative is that it does run at a very hot temperatures. I had to add a small fan to it to keep it at a goof operating temperature.

  • from Central PA November 7, 2014Music Background:
    Project studio owner

    Tremendous disappointment

    I ordered this based on the stellar reviews and the awesome price drop. First unit had two pads that did not work. Sweetwater turned around a replacement in the same week, but the replacement unit had a bad channel #2.

    Tremendous disappointment. I don't even feel like giving Daking another chance here because I feel their QC (represented by stickers on the box) does not seem thorough.

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