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SKB 3I-2011-MC12 iSeries Waterproof Mic Case - Holds 12 Mics w/Storage Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the SKB 3I-2011-MC12 iSeries Waterproof Mic Case - Holds 12 Mics w/Storage?

Questions about the SKB 3I-2011-MC12 iSeries Waterproof Mic Case - Holds 12 Mics w/Storage?

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  • from York PA December 2, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Live Sound and Recording Engineer

    SKB 3I-2011-MC12 iSeries Waterproof Mic Case

    Superlative case for up to 12 mics! The construction is top notch and I love the closures. Plenty of room too for microphone chords. The unit is very rugged and well made and when I'm transporting $1000+ of dynamic mics this is the case to turn to!

  • from Lake, ms March 10, 2014Music Background:
    Just a country boy

    Just get it

    Skb is top notch. Don't be carrying around $1k or more worth of mics in a walmart box. Very very good quality...Skb has never let me down in quality dept!!

  • from Saint Amant, Louisiana August 28, 2013Music Background:
    Sound Tech

    Case Perfect

    Sure I paid, for what I think was, a lot of money. Considering what this case does is just case perfect. Holds and molds to all the mics. I store my Blue mics and the Sennheiser drum mics in this case along with (7) 25' cables. The rest of my stuff will have to wait until I can get another one of these cases.

    It's a bit heavy with it loaded down but the case is rock solid and it's nice to know that my stuff is protected at all times. The case itself is so well built that it'll blow your mind. Get get two cases and do like one other guy did and move the foam from one box into the other box and use one for nothing but mics and the other for nothing but your cables. You just can't lose with this.

  • from jacksonville fl June 21, 2013Music Background:

    A great mic case

    It's a mic case, it holds mics and accessories. It does a great job it is well made and nice.

  • from May 11, 2015

    Excellent Case.

    Great case, as described. However, the case/mic spaces are not tall/deep enough for a wireless microphone. I have a Shure Beta 58A PGX-D wireless mic that doesn't fit in one of the spaces. Have to leave it in the open section and not in the mic slot(s).

  • from Lowell, MI USA September 22, 2013Music Background:
    live sound engineer

    good, sturdy case, but check mic lengths

    This is a good, sturdy mic case, and although I haven't used it much yet, its construction feels very solid, and looks like it will hold up for many years. The main factor in my choosing this case was the large storage area on the left room enough for all of the odds and ends that I carry around with my sound system, and of course mic and line cables.

    The pictures didn't show it, but this case has two handles, not one. In addition to the handle on the front shown in the pictures, there is also a smaller handle on the left side I have found this to be very convenient.

    My one reservation with this case is that it closes quite snugly on some of my longer microphones. The foam pockets are about 15.5cm deep, and the top lid is about 5cm deep, filled with a compressible but dense eggcrate foam. A Sennheiser e835 (vocal mic) is about 18cm long; a Shure PG81 (instrument mic, condenser) is about 19cm long; a Sennheiser MD735 (vocal mic) is just under 20cm long. The MD735 might be too long for this case, but it usually lives in another case anyway. The lid does close completely, but the foam in the top lid is compressing to the point of some small tension. I'm not worried about it damaging mics or case, because the foam does compress, but it would help if the case were just one or two centimeters taller.

    Note that the interior dimensions listed on SKB's site for this case refer to the dimensions at the top rim. The sides are very slightly tapered, so 11.44 inches of width at the top tapers down to about 11 inches width at the bottom. When shopping for a mic case, I wanted one in which I could store a particular box that holds my SPL meter. That box is 11.25 inches long, so I knew that it would be a close fit with this case. I ended up having to wedge the box in and deform it slightly, which was perfectly okay for the box in question, but other shoppers who need particular dimensions for the storage area will want to be sure to take the tapering of the interior dimensions into consideration.

    In summary, this case rocks, but it could stand to be 12cm taller. It it made of quality materials and has a solid construction, and I look forward to years and years of service from it.

  • from Frederick, MD July 11, 2016

    Great Mic Case !

    The SKB MC12 iSeries microphone case is super. Hold so much more than my former case, and waterproof to boot - I like it !
    Thanks to great service (per usual) from Wayne and the Sweetwater team.

  • from Westfield Ma. USA December 4, 2013Music Background:
    Part time bass player and rhythm guitarist,former guitar teacher back in the early 80's

    Perfect for my needs

    Come on guys it's great it's a case its not a guitar or bass, Great case though. I just fit all 12 of my e835 Sen. mics I fit thirteen 20 ft.mic cables in the compartment You have to press down a little for the eggshell foam above to form right in the mics, and there is nothing jiggling around inside, Real sturdy case, Once again I won't give it a 5 because it's a case, I give a 5 star rating to the Gibson EB bass I bought 2 weeks ago from Sweetwater and the e835 mics I bought from Sweetwater

  • from April 25, 2017

    Very good work in progress

    The case is solid (hence, a little heavy) but it will protect your mics pretty well. I just wish they had thought about providing mic clamps holder to make the case more organized and neat. Still, it is a very good product that I hope will stand the time on the road.

Questions about the SKB 3I-2011-MC12 iSeries Waterproof Mic Case - Holds 12 Mics w/Storage?

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