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Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai Delay / Looper Pedal Reviews

4.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai Delay / Looper Pedal?

Questions about the Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai Delay / Looper Pedal?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Nich Magnani

    Hazarai" roughly translates to “all the bells and whistles,” which is the definition of the electro-harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai pedal. I can easily lose track of time going through all the different settings it has to offer. My current favorite feature is the 30-second loop function because it lets me experiment with different settings and put them all together. And its most helpful function is being able to save and recall eight presets - I always forget to make notes of what settings I have and this feature lets me recall my favorite sounds anytime. I can literally “set it and forget it!”

  • Bill
    from Boston, MA January 19, 2017Music Background:
    Various, 25+ years

    Very Versatile Pedal

    I sent a note to my sales engineer, Jason Koons...."Hey Jason, do you know of anything that can get me that reverse guitar effect a la Castles Made of Sand?"
    He responded right away and recommended this. I watched a few demos online and though it seemed cool, so I went for it.

    Got it in a few days and immediately started using it for a few songs (e.g. London Calling solo). Nailed it. The more I've played with it the more I've been impressed. Its got multiple different delay and echo modes, plus a looper. You can do some pretty cool stuff with it if you play with the decay and delay.... very easy and intuitive. I'm a huge fan of Electro-Harmonix in general, they put out great products. This is the 3rd EHX pedal on my board.

    Looking for a delay pedal that can do David Gilmore type delay? - this can do it.
    Slapback spankin' Tele delay for some chick'n pick'n? - Check.
    Hendrix or RHCP reverse solo? - check.
    Looper to lay down some chords and practice a solo or improv? - check.

    This is like having 3+ pedals in one. I highly recommend it.
    A case like this is what makes Sweetwater great. You know you need something, but you're not sure what.... they are professional, they know their stuff and they point you right to it.

  • Matt W.
    from Poplar Bluff, MO January 30, 2013Music Background:

    All The Good Stuff

    The Stereo Memory Man W/Hazarai is a great "all-in-one" delay pedal. Yes, it is digital, but it can produce warm, organic delay tones. It really offers the best that both digital and analog have to offer. There are 8 modes including 3 second delay, 300 mili-second with modulation, reverse echo, 1 Sec + Reverse and Loop amongst others. The selection of tones may seem limited at first, but just about any delay tone can be produced with this pedal. The control layout, while not straightforward, definitely encourages experimentation.

    The SMMH is billed as a Jack of all trades, but it's also mastered a few, as well. It has the best reverse delay that I've ever heard. The Blend knob controls the amount of wet signal, and can take it from a basic delay with reversed repeats, to a near spot-on recreation of the old reverse solos of Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles etc. One of the cool innovations of this pedal is found in the 1 Sec plus Reverse mode, where you can hold down the Tap button and it will repeat up to six seconds of what you played in reverse.

    The looper mode can record up to 30 seconds, but loops can be recorded while in any mode, which is really handy. Once a loop is recorded, you can add modulation to it, reverse the loop, or even speed up the tempo and change the pitch of the loops. What you record while the tempo and pitch are turned up will simulate bass lines after the loop is returned to its original pitch and tempo.

    The modulation is also world class. The reverb is comparable to the Holy Grail, the flange and chorus to the Electric Mistress, and the ring modulation to the Frequency Analyzer. Yes, it even has ring modulation tones! I've also seen demos where the right setting will produce tones that are similar to the Ravish Sitar. It's just a great amalgam of several of EHX's best products.

    Like the "Bonus Features" for a movie, it's loaded with Easter Eggs. Want more than 300 milliseconds of delay on the 300mS with Modulation mode? Up to 600 milliseconds can be accessed by using the tap tempo. 30 seconds not enough loop time? Just record 30 seconds of blank space in the looper mode, and then set the Delay knob to 0 to obtain 60 seconds of looping. The tap tempo can also be used to change the speed of the loop without changing the pitch of the loop. One of my favorite aspects is that all of these features are housed in a reasonably sized footprint (5.5" x 4.5" x 2") making it more pedalboard friend than the Flashback x4, Delaylab, DL4 or any of its other direct competition.

    That's not to say that it's without its blemishes. There are a few hinderances that some will find unappealing. First, the SMMH isn't expression pedal accesible. This wasn't a deal-breaker for me, as I wouldn't have likely used one, anyway. Another slight problem is that while the SMMH has a vast palate of tones, only 8 presets (one per mode) can be saved. I've discovered dozens of great tones that I would have loved to have saved, but had to use a pen and paper instead. The looper can record an infinite number of loops, but it doesn't save loops. Also, it requires you to hold down the loop button until your desired loop is complete. Again, this didn't bother me, but it may take players who are used to the DL4's approach a while to get to used it. There's no way to scroll through the different modes by foot, so switching modes has to be done by hand. Perhaps the biggest complaint is that the controls of this pedal aren't straight forward, making it more complicated than other pedals. Because of this, the manual is definitely worth its weight in gold. None of these problems really bothered me, however and for the price it's still a lot of bang for your buck, even if it falls under the category of beautifully flawed.

    One of the common complaints that I've read is that each loop recorded loses volume after each new loop is recorded, which is true, but only if the Repeats knob (which acts as the volume control for loops) isn't turned up all the way. With the right adjustments, it is possible to maintain the same volume for each loop. Also, this pedal can oscillate while in the 300 mS + MOD Echo mode when the Repeats knob is turned up passed 3 o'clock. This is probably my favorite pedal on my board. It really seems to reward creativity, which I've found to be a staple of EHX products. It was listed in Guitar World's Top Five Programmable Delay pedals, which is impressive considering that some of the other pedals were in the $300-$500 range. For the price, I still don't think this one can can be beat. And for my delay needs, it gets a perfect score all the way.

  • Thomas Oliver
    from Buffalo, NY January 27, 2012Music Background:
    Giging Musician

    Beautiful pedal.

    Amazing pedal. So many different ideas to run with. Anywhere from trance inducing loops to subtle and psychedelic delay and echo.

    Sounds 1000x better with other EHX pedals (I suggest the 'Soul Preacher nano', as well. Just an amazing pedal that has no limits.

  • docSanchez
    from Bainbridge Island, WA July 11, 2010Music Background:

    THE digital delay pedal.

    This pedal is utterly fantastic. THE digital delay pedal to end all digital delay pedals.

    What first brought me to this unit was the tap tempo function and the relatively long delay times (3 seconds). What made me fall in love with this pedal was the reverb, the reverse echo, and the flanging (yep, this pedal flanges! I'll get to that in a minute) The reverb is lush and blends masterfully with the delayed signal and is a great bonus for me, as a person who has always preferred digital reverb to spring reverb. The reverse echo is traditional EHX madness, allowing you to play backwards solos in real time. But what really got me is the ability to create some really unique flanger sounds by dialing in really short delay times and then adjusting the modulation, blend, filter, and repeats.

    This pedal provides a huge amount of control in a relatively small set of parameters and simple controls that keeps this pedal easy and straightforward to use, but still capable of some really mind-bending settings if for the adventurous.

    Oh, did I mention that it also loops?

  • Victor
    from Chicago, IL September 15, 2008Music Background:
    performing musician

    Stellar delay for any instrument

    When I first played around with the Stereo Memory Man with a guitar, I found myself a bit overwhelmed amidst all the settings available. To be honest, I wanted a simple delay pedal with a long loop recorder. After reading the manual I realized that this was quite the pedal. The variety of quality delays ranging from short 1sec to the ability to reverse phrases. Endless fun, and inspiration... Yet, what really blew me away was when I used it as an fx box for my laptop. Once again the quality and variety of delays made this tool a necessary part of my arsenal.

    Only negative aspect is that to delete a recorded loop, you must click the right button, and hold down the left button. There is also no ability to erase overdubs. I also have an Akai Headrush which much more intuitive to use when recording loops, and provides both these functions.

  • Michael Moore
    from Lawrence, KS October 7, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Journeyman Musician and mainly an Artist

    The Perfect Keyboardist's Echo/Delay

    I hooked the Electro-Harmonix Memory Man with Hazari to a MiniMoog Voyager and Boom! It's like I grew Octopus Arms to play! The Echo loops, Tap Tempo keeps you in time and the Controls are easily understood to get you up to speed! The Stereo Inputs are also intriguingly versatile as I intend to hook my Korg into the Right Input with my Moog on the Left. The Stereo Outputs can then go to two different Amps etc... This will ensure Continuity in any Delays on either Instrument! Of course I have a wish list! Things that would be great to see in the future wold be a Midi Sync but that's asking a bit much. And since I like using my Pedals within arm's reach, an Expression Pedal Out would be Ideal! These are not failings of the unit in any way, keyboardists see Pedals a little differently as they are play a different instrument. The EHX Memory Man w/ Hazari handles the power from the Moog just fine so no attenuators or re-amping were needed! I'd freccomend this Pedal to anyone seeking great delay an I love the 30 second Overdubbing on the Echo!!

  • Kenan Forte
    from Texas March 12, 2012Music Background:
    Rock and jazz

    Versatile pedal

    I don't have alot of high end pedals but this is a great addition.

  • T. White
    from Boston, MA September 8, 2011Music Background:
    Performing, recording musician

    Good features, accessability, & tone.. but suffers from EH's problem

    As a stand alone, digital delay, this is a great, and affordable pedal. It has 3 seconds of total delay; more than enough for what I use it for. I have several analog delays, and those are my first choice for delay, or any time based or modulation, but delay time is limited on those units. For this reason, I really appriciate the tone knob, which my dd-2 doesnt have. It allows you to roll off the highs, which in my opinion sounds best for overdrive/distortion. The adding of highs isn't used by me.
    I also don't have any use for modulation in a delay unit, I use my chorus or flange pedals for that. I'd rather have those out, and the pedal to be smaller or maybe have other features, but many people do use it, so i understand its inclusion. The perfomance looper is handy, and quite usable, but it shouldnt be mistaken for a dedicated looper. It doesnt save your loops when you turn it off, but it's great for a player who's the lone guitar player. The reverse delay; I tend to find this as almost useless. It seems to be a feature that's in delays, and people will try it out because it's there, but for the most part it goes unused. If you're a player that leans a lot on delay, like say The Edge, you may like it. You can really use it for much more than some arpeggios. I do like the foot activated reverse on the multi-tap though. It allows you to add the reverse when you want it in there, without having it permanently in the signal. I also like the Hazari, its just a programming button.
    The only real issue I have with this pedal, is the same issue I have with all the EH pedals Ive used; noise. I understand the older pedals, and their issues with noise, & stacking problems. They were designed mostly with keyboards in mind, so there's some impedence mismatches. I don't know why its still such a problem though. This is not as noisy as some other products,. But when you're playing with a good deal of amp overdrive, or distortion, there is clock noise, and a hiss that sounds like it's from the power.I wouldnt have such a problem with it if it only was there when the pedal was on, but its evident even in bypass mode, and to me this is an issue The noise can be mitigated, if not eliminated by either using a dedicated wall wart, or a multi point power source that has isolated outputs; but any daisy chain based power sources will have the noise problem. If you play clean, or moderate gain, you probably wont have any issues.
    All and all though, for the money, it really cant be beat. Having true bypass is also a plus, as long as you dont have a lot of effects or long cable, or if you do and have at least one buffered bypassed pedal in your chain. A big plus i hear over the other major multi delay is that it doesnt mess with your dry signal. I had a dd-6 for about a week. I hated that the dry signal was processed along with the wet. This wasnt on the dd-2, 3, or 5, but was painfully obvious on the 6 and up.

  • scott h.
    from Meadville, PA March 9, 2014Music Background:

    Jack of many trades, Ace of none

    The delays sound great but can be really difficult to dial in with any precision and the repeats can be equally combative. The modulation is highly tweakable but scarcely usable. The "reverb" on the 3/1 sec settings is one of the least appealing attempts at a reverb i've heard. The knob functions perform different actions depending what type of delay you've selected making you work too hard to memorize what the each knob does on each setting. If it were an epic pedal, perhaps it'd be worth the effort. But it's not. The looper works well but not when compared to some dedicated loopers that are half that cost. It produces an endless amount of noises but most of them aren't what I think of as useful in a serious environment. And as far as the programmable feature goes, you're probably going to craft something great, program it in, then craft something else you like or need, overwrite the old and then spend eons trying to make the old selection again. Get out your pen and paper... or perhaps your sketch book.

    It's not all bad though. Like I said, I think the actual sound output of the pedal is really nice. It's built like a tank and I've had no issues with hissing or popping. It can be a fun pedal to mess around with and even useful during private practice but don't plan on taking it too seriously.

  • Alex H
    from Fort Wayne September 16, 2013Music Background:
    Singer/songwriter, hobbyist, engineer, musician, jack of all trades

    Good Pedal, but Disappointed.

    This pedal has a lot of features, but I found few of them practical. Note that my complaints are the actual *features*, not the tone quality, which is actually very good. The following are my list of complaints about this pedal:

    1) Tap tempo button makes it hard to tell if I hit the button in time.

    - I use tap tempo all the time to get my delays locked into what song I'm playing. Something about the buttons they use make it hard to tell when I've triggered it when pushing it quickly. Also the pedal kinda sits high off the ground, plus the button is kinda tall. It just feels awkward trying to tap in a time reliably, not to mention if it's in the middle of your pedalboard and you can't plant your heel on the ground for support. No input jack for external tap boxes on this pedal either.

    2) Too many weird modulation effects
    - Most of the settings have some kinda weird modulation effect to your delays. This isn't always a bad thing, if they sound good. I found most of them just too weird for my tastes, or the parameter range was so wide dialing in a nice tone was difficult and tedious.

    3) 3 seconds max delay then it stops!
    - I want a delay pedal, not a 3 seconds then completely stop all delays pedal. For swell work or ambient work this sounds extremely awkward sounding and is unusable. Not only this but the modulation on almost all of the settings makes swells sound really weird sometimes, depending on your setting. I want a delay pedal that repeats until the repeats dissipate, not after 3 seconds. This was by far the most disappointing "feature".

    4) Every setting changes what the knobs do/ have to readjust knobs when changing settings.
    -Since most of the settings have some sort of modulation, and the modulations vary by setting, the knobs and parameters also change with setting changes. This makes it really difficult (for me anyway) to switch between settings without having to tweak the knobs. Unless you only use this pedal for like one setting, I find this extremely annoying.

    5) Looper is kinda strange to use.
    -This one is slightly just personal bias, but I found the looper more difficult to use compared to other loop pedal I've used. The button and the height of the pedal contributes to my awkwardness when using it, but maybe some people don't have that problem.

    6) Not worth the money
    -For the money, I was really disappointed with what I got. I'm glad I could borrow this from a friend before actually purchasing it. Funny enough, he is looking to sell his. I understand why now.

    Things I thought were nice:

    1) Delay time tapped in remains constant so you can engage/disengage while keeping the time

    2) Built in "filter" knob that allows you to eq the subsequent delay repeats. (rolling off the highs gives you that "tape delay" sound).

    In short, I would look for other pedals if you want a really nice delay pedal. This one just isn't it.

  • Jcc
    from Ny March 20, 2016

    Ehx MM w/ hazari

    Alot of people have good reviews for this pedal. I tried to like it....I do like my older ehx small stone . This pedal fell short for me compared to others reviews . To me...it was sterile and very processed sounding. Even the loop function seemed glitchy. I am an older player in my 50's....so maybe its a age thing. Maybe I got a lemon or it was made on a Monday? Lol. I like ehx pedals....this one ...not. My signal chain is pretty basic....guitar ..tuner w/ true bypass...pedals...tube amp.
    The good part:
    The sweetwater people were great and I returned it ....and purchased a analog type delay.
    Very good customer support.

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