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Mesa/Boogie Mark Five:35 - 35/25/10-watt Tube Head - Black with Black Face Reviews

5.0 stars based on 17 customer reviews
Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Mark Five:35 - 35/25/10-watt Tube Head - Black with Black Face?

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Mark Five:35 - 35/25/10-watt Tube Head - Black with Black Face?

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  • from NH May 15, 2017Music Background:
    25 years of playing and recording.

    Mark V does it all

    This is the amp I have been searching for. The price is steep but so it the performance. The cleans are ultra clean and the high gain channels allow every note to shine through...

    I waited a long time to buy my Mesa and I wish I had pulled the trigger sooner. I love the onboard EQ that is foot switch able. Allows for tonal freedom on the same channel.

    Don't let the price scare you. It's worth EVERY penny.

  • from Murrieta , Ca May 12, 2017

    Mark v 35

    Finally I have an amp that exceeds my expectations. Channel 1 and channel 2 are extremely usable. It's been quite beneficial to me as a musician. One of the nice things about this amp is There is no need for an upgrade and it sounds great just the way it is. Thanks Mesa boogie!

  • from Oregon April 28, 2017

    One of Boogie's Best!

    Got my first Boogie back in 1989, a Mark IV then had two studio pre's and a 20/20 power amp. Moved to Fenders about 10 years ago and decided to come back to Boogie. Got the Mark V 35 head and am blown away by how great it sounds at all volumes. Love the cleans, the crunch and lead tones. This amp has it all and it can be LOUD if you want it. Most people buy Boogies for the gain but the cleans on this amp and the low gain sounds are FANTASTIC ... very responsive. Easier to dial in than my Mark IV was. It's light, easy to carry and has BIG IRON tone. Reverb is good and the cab clone simulator built in is a huge bonus and sounds much better than I expected.

  • from San Francisco, CA March 30, 2017

    Finally sprung for a Mesa

    When I was younger I was always fascinated by Mesa, but coming from a lower middle class working family the sticker shock kept me away. I'm 36 now and was looking to get rid of my 60w amp...it's too loud for where I live, but wanted great tones at lower volumes and something very versatile. I went through a few amps; Fender SuperSonic, Egnater Rebel, but I they weren't giving me what I was looking for. Thought about a H&K Grandmekster. I had read a lot about the Mark V. I mentioned it to my rep, who turns out had a Mark V 25 and highly recommended it. Even though it was quite a bit more than I wanted to spend let me say that this amp is incredible and does everything I want it to do. It's quiet enough to play at bedroom volume, and only gets better when you crank it up...even through the 1x12 Widebody Closed back cab. I'm happy to finally find what I was looking for and the build quality is fantastic. Evan Neiman was super helpful and didn't give me any trouble making a return with on my prior purchase to make this happen. He gave me simply the best customer service I've ever had and was just as excited as I was to hear I was happy with the Mesa Mark V. His help was much appreciated. Thanks Evan!

  • from January 11, 2017

    Best Amp Ever!

    I've owned several amps including a Mini Rectifier, Silver Jubilee, 5150III, 6505, DSL, and more. The Mark 5:35 is, hands down, the best sounding and most versatile amp I've ever played. The clean channel sounds great in any of the three modes, at any wattage. The same goes for the gain channel. I love the graphic EQ. With the switching options, I can use the EQ for just the gain channel, even when using the footswitch. This amp covers everything from rock to crushing metal tones without any need for overdrive pedals. I've owned it for several months now and play it almost every day. I remain amused at how good it sounds every time I turn it on. Get one!

  • from Texas January 3, 2017Music Background:

    The Tone In Your Head? It's In There.

    I've had amps from other builders in the past that were supposed to be good at everything and honestly I was always left wanting or just plain disappointed. The Mark V 35 is the honest to goodness real deal. From the moment you pull it out of the box, it's hard to not be impressed with Mesa's build quality and attention to detail. Then you crank it up and find out that the tone possibilities are almost endless. From chimey Fender and Vox style cleans to some of the nicest high gain tones out there, this amp has few if any peers in its class. There has probably never been a time like now when guitar players have so many choices in great amplification. IMHO for the money, Mesa continues to solidify its place among the industries best amp builders.

  • from Detroit December 18, 2016

    A Metal Amp??

    For $, you would and should expect a LOT from a guitar amplifier.
    That doesnt even include the other $ for the cabinet.
    I have to say that I bought this amp because I was very impressed by the Petrucci sounds and reviews, as well as Mesas long standing reputation for great, high gain amplification.
    What I did NOT expect was to plug my Stratocaster in, and to be blown away by the Mark V's amazing clean channel! I know that there is a second, high gain channel, but I havent even touched it yet. I know that is blasphemous, but golly gee, the clean channel is nice...
    OK, I did plug my Les Paul in, and rock on the Mark IIc+ and Mark IV channels for a minute, and of course, they sound great, but lemme play some Dire Straits on the Clean channel with the 'fat' switch on, WOW!!!
    I worked for weeks on the wife to get this amp, and I am happy to report that not only do I have the Mesa Mark V 35, but I am still happily married. Just remember guys, it is easier to ask for forgiveness that it is to ask for permission...!!!!

  • from L.I. N.Y. November 21, 2016Music Background:
    Studio sound engineer/Drummer/bassist

    Best yet.

    I've come from quite a few previous tube amps in my journey for the best all around studio amp. I've owned Marshall DSL and JVM, and a burgera. I've also tried a few others of friends and in stores. All seemed to do one sound great and other sounds so so or flat out bad. This is the first amp I've had that does everything very well. The best part for me is unlike other amps I have like my Marshalls that are el34 based, this being el84 sounds much better at low volumes. Secondly this thing is a beast on the other hand as well. On 35 watt mode with the master only a third of the way up it can shake the house but it sounds just as good at bedroom volume. If you're looking for a versatile, pro tube amp that sounds great from a whisper to a roar and djent to crystal clear jazzy cleans and basically everything between with a little tweaking, look no further. The 5 band Eq is simply awesome and kicks your high gain onto steroid mode when you boost the low bands and high bands and cut the mid band. I was a Marshall
    Guy and still enjoy the Marshall for some classic rock tones but for literally everything else and overall this is next level tone quality imho.

  • from Mi November 19, 2016

    If you can, you should get one

    I have not been able to put my guitar down. I am running late for everything because this thing is so inspiring. No matter what your style, this thing nails them all. No, it wont make you a better player, but it will make want to keep improving. It is so warm and giving you just want to keep feeding it your best licks and sweetest chords. You usually get what you pay for and this amp is proof of that. I didn't want to keep trying $ amps that were nearly perfect for most things and decided to bite the bullet on this amp. Very glad I did, and with 3 easy payments, you wont regret it either.

  • from PA August 1, 2016Music Background:


    I own the Mark V and the Mark V:25 and now the V:35. The V:35 is absolutely Killer!! Can t beat Mesa for the what they have to offer and their price!! Awesome Amp!!!

  • from North Carolina July 15, 2016


    Heaven. Just heaven. That is all

  • from Colorado April 10, 2016

    Very Versatile

    The mark v 35 sounds right out of the box. I think when people say that Mesa is hard to dial in its because there is an overwhelming array of sounds to be explored, but thats a good thing in my view. Purchased as a stack with 2 mini rec 1x12's. A couple loud (and its loud) sessions and the speakers broke in nicely.

  • from San An tonio, Texas December 11, 2015Music Background:
    Wedding band keyboardist and bar band guitarist

    One Mighty Mighty Fine Little Amp!!!

    Ok, ok, ok!!! I last posted on the Mark V 25. I received that amp, then two weeks later Boogie releases the Mark V 35. Well Sweetwater was excellent in accepting the return in exchange for the Mark V 35. I've owned several Boogies (50+ Caliber, Mark IV, Mark V (all combos) and the Mark V 25 head. With each one I was more pleased than the last. I read all the reviews and watched all the videos when this amp first came out. This amp has all of the features the of the Mark V 25, plus all the upgrades I had wished the Mark V 25 had. The additional 35 watts. The Solo volume controls on each channel. The weight (my lunchbox weighs more). Ease of dialing the perfect tone (our soundman says it sounds just like the Mark V). The built-in Cab-Clone is to die for (no more cab-mics) with the addition of the "Vintage Cabinet" feature. Above all, the footswitch jack is located on the rear of the amp. All n all, I'm a very, very happier fella!!!

  • from New Jersey June 21, 2017

    One of the best

    And when I say "one of the best", I mean "one of the best of all time"! If you are considering this amp, pull the trigger, you will not be sorry. This is one of the best amps on the market, Period! Great/Various heavy metal tones, as well as Great clean tones. Extremely versatile / does every tone you can think of. FX loop IS FLAWLESS. Easy to use and dial in IF YOU READ THE MANUAL FIRST so you know how it is designed to work... Excellent for playing at bedroom volumes, and plenty of power for full on performance (easily powers my 4*12 Recto cab)... I did knock it 1/2 a star because of a couple minor shortcomings (and I do mean minor). First, amp is a little "hummier" then the average amp. Second, the Reverb, although great sounding and very high quality, is shallow for an amp of this caliber. My Marshall's reverbs (900, 2000, JVM) are way deeper. But still, the Mesa reverb does sound beautiful, just not nearly as deep as the Marshall reverb. So if you are considering this amp, don't hesitate! Buy it!!! You will Love it!!!

  • from Austin January 10, 2017

    Tough to dial in, but one versatile machine!

    My roommate actually is the one who bought this, but I play it more than he does...it's a fantastic amp with a load of options and versatility. First things first...these are hard to dial in on the gain channels. I spends hours playing with the graphic EQ before I started really hitting sounds I loved. I won't count this as a negative, though, as it truly can be tweaked to whatever you desire. The shining star on this amp has got to be the clean channel. It's incredibly rich with alot of headroom. The crunch mode also sounds great! I prefer the clean set on fat mode 90% of the time. The gain channels are great as well, but much harder to dial...I find the Mark IV mode is where I like to stay most of the time. I haven't spent enough time with the Mark II and Extreme modes, but the Mark IV just naturally had more warmth than both IMO. Plenty of gain on tap for rock and even metal! This is where one of the few negatives come into play...I find that the el84 tubes tend to mush up on the high gain setting when the volume is really cranked. You probably won't even need to get to these volume levels with how modern gigging works, but still. 6L6 and EL34 handle these high gain metal sounds much better. This can still produce convincing metal tones, though. The only other negative is that I honestly think the Mesa Cab Clone sucks...that's just my opinion. I don't think it sounds convincing at all...but it is good enough for silent demo tracking at home to get ideas down. Overall, this is a fantastic...if it were me, I'd go with the 90 watt big brother for the 6L6 tubes and just play it in 10 and 45 watt mode, but this one is no slouch!

  • from May 10, 2016

    Mesa Mark Five:35

    I play live with a six-piece band a few times a month in different size venues so I needed an amp head that had variable power output ratings without sacrificing that warm tube sound. This amp head delivered the flexibility I needed and more. It sounds amazing at 35, 25, or 10 watts. I think I like the sound of the 10 watt setting the best because it is really rich as the amp is overdriven and it's amazing how LOUD 10 watts can be. But the other two settings produce an excellent tube richness as well. They just get so incredibly loud - especially the 35 watt.
    An unexpected benefit to this head is its versatility. With 3 different gain settings on each of the two separate, foot-switchable channels, I can dial in any sound I need. And as an added bonus, the foot switch offers a SOLO switch for each channel which operates effectively as a boost switch for soloing.
    All-in-all a great amp.

  • from Bonita Springs, FL January 21, 2016

    Mesa Mark 5:35 Head - Sweet!

    As Usual, Sweetwater delivered on time, no problems and always great people.

    It was a long search for a new amp. Over a year. Good thing Mesa came out with this one or I would still be looking. :)

    Who in the %^&# builds a modern tube guitar amp - WITHOUT REVERB??
    Peavey, VHT, Blackstar, PRS, Randall and others, that's who. Absolutely ridiculous.

    I was looking for a smaller footprint amp that could do A LOT. This was my pick.
    Straight up, forget the 35w barrier. This thing, when cranked via a 2x12 cab is as loud or louder than a 75w SS. Still not loud enough? Patch in the CabClone XLR to the PA. But that is few and far between gigs.

    Now the good stuff. I have had Mesa's before. The best one was the Rect-o-verb 50....until now.

    They are tough to dial in...Especially to "my" sound. I demand a lot. I don't like pedals so the amp must carry the brunt of the tone changes. With all the control options I can get "my" sound which is a major achievement. I've had other amps but could never quite get what I was looking for. I'm an old rocker from the 70's 80's and need many different sounds for many different songs. In effect, I can get 4 different "channels" from the 2 on board PLUS a great lead solo channel.

    1 - clean boomy, (Fender) 2 - slightly broken (think VOX) from channel one using just the footswitch, EQ and pickup selector. (I have a Fender Re-issue Strat) 3. Nice full BIG sound distortion (Marshall) and 4. Really really distortion (Laney) from channel 2. Again using only the footswich, EQ and pickup selector.

    All with that touch of Mesa big sound tone. Now stick a couple of pedals in front and you can go just about anywhere.....And that is only the beginning. The dual solo controls are perfect. Set one for leads, one for mute (for on stage tuning). I never have to touch the amp. I can do everything with the FS controller. Nice.

    In addition to the Mesa sound, which I knew would be great, I bought this amp for 4 features not found on any other single amp.

    1. The off channel look ahead for solo leads via one click on the FS. Play clean for most of the song. When it's time for a dirt lead, boom, switch from the clean channel to channel two, (already set in loud solo distortion mode, aka look ahead) and get your lead loud and dirty then one click back to clean and quiet. When playing in dirt rhythm mode, simply click the solo2 for leads.

    2. The ability to shut off the speakers. I do a lot of on-line collaboration (JamKazam) and need the ability to play using ONLY the CabClone XLR output.

    3. The CabClone XLR output. 3 selectors for cabinet emulation. They all sound great.

    4. Small footprint. No more 4x12 heavy cabs and 50 pound heads for me. It had to fit on an upright 2x12 cab. And it's light. 27lbs.

    The only thing on this amp that is not spectator is the reverb. Don't get me wrong. It's better than 90% of most amps out there but I was spoiled with the Rect-o-verb reverb which is simply the best I have ever heard. And it's pricey. Mesa does not allow dealers to discount their product. I find this very irritating. Thus the 4.5 rating. Other than that, its is PERFECT.

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Mark Five:35 - 35/25/10-watt Tube Head - Black with Black Face?

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