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Mesa/Boogie Mark V 90-watt 1x12" Tube Combo - Black with Black Grille Reviews

5.0 stars based on 22 customer reviews
Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Mark V 90-watt 1x12" Tube Combo - Black with Black Grille?

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Mark V 90-watt 1x12" Tube Combo - Black with Black Grille?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Robby Resnick

    This is an amp built for people who crave power and tone. The options are nearly mind-blowing. This is one of my favorites in the Mesa line. The 1x12 makes it great for recording. But don't let its small size fool you. This one will pin you to the wall if you don't watch your gain knobs.

  • from New Hampshire March 18, 2017

    Greatest! Mesa/Boogie Mark V

    The MESA/BOOGIE MARK V is a very good guitar amplifier. It is beautifully made. You can select 3 (three) different power levels: 90W, 45W, and 10W. The Mark V has many features to choose from, yet it is simple to operate. I am very impressed with the quality of the Mark V. It is a great amp!

  • from San Francisco December 13, 2016Music Background:
    Classical training decades ago, just a hobbyist now.


    I've wanted a Mark-series Boogie since I first listened to Santana play one back in the seventies, and now I finally have one. This amplifier is everything you could possibly want from a Mark-series amp: beautiful bell-like clean tones, fantastic vintage crunch sounds, soaring lead sounds, with more creamy overdrive than you shake a stick at. At levels from a whisper to deafening. If you like the sound of massively overdriven Fender-type 6L6 amps, this is the one for you. The workmanship is impeccable, the fit and finish flawless. Everything about it speaks of quality construction, from the Home of Tone.

    I've purchased several amplifiers from Sweetwater, along with seven different guitars/basses, numerous electronics, DACs, control surfaces, keyboards, stomp boxes, etc. With every single purchase, Sweetwater's customer service has been beyond compare‚ÄĒthe best I've ever seen in any business in any industry. Living on the west coast I've never had the pleasure of visiting their facilities in Fort Wayne, but if you're planning on buying pro audio online, there is no real other choice. I can't recommend Sweetwater generally, and Paul Rowan, my sales engineer for every purchase for the last six years, highly enough.

  • from Pensacola, FL January 8, 2016

    Look No Further, Tone-Seekers.

    Amazing! Scary loud. The graphic equalizer makes all the difference. Had mine since 2011, no problems except hearing loss. Reverb is great. The four 6L6s and seven 12AX7s are what Eddie Van Halen uses in his signature amps. I like the 6L6s better than EL34s; in fact, a Marshall is third-rate compared to Mesa products. (I gave my Marshall to my son.) No, I don't work for Mesa in any capacity; just a fan.

  • from new Jersey September 16, 2015Music Background:
    classic rock,blues,jazz

    Mesa does it again!!!

    I am writeing this mainly because i want to compliment the sales associate that helped me...Mike Wienbrenner thank you for your proffesionalism and patience with me and my quirky ways...now about the amp like so many others here i feel this amp does it all it has just about any tone. the crunch on these amps is irresistable the focus and bell like quality of the upper notes when soloing is down right inspireing . i feel i can do anything with this amp....Do not hesitate...get it it is worth it.

  • from Dacula Ga. September 9, 2014Music Background:

    Search for perfect amp is over

    I just received my new mark v combo today. I'll make this short and sweet. This amp is amazing. I would like to personally thank Jared at sweetwater for all the help. You guy's at sweetwater rock.

  • from Plattsburgh, NY June 20, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Mesa/Boogie Mark V 90-Watt

    I own a 5/50 Plus. I've been playing for over 40 years in a studio, local, and as a professional guitarist for hire. I own many high end amplifiers including Bogner, Engl, Matchless, Orange, and Marshall. I was so impressed with the quality of the amplifier. The fit, finish, build, quality of parts, and ease of use. Further, the available tones for all of my work was spectacular. Whatever genre of music I play, I dial in the tone, and timbre. The amp plays as if that's specifically what it was designed to do. So, I spent several hours with a Mark V, and was completely blown away. There are an infinite amount of tones in this package. Unbelievably rich, full, loud, and the goodies I wanted...lush reverb, BIG BITE, sustain...all there. I love the 5 year warranty, but most of all: TONE! I just ordered one. It takes quite a bit of tweaking to get your perfect desired tone out of this baby, but if you are a true musician, you will love it. It is the Ferrari of amplifiers, period. All hand made...the same quality from their entry level amps, through their Flag Ship amp. Try one out with your own guitar(s). Spend at least an hour, or more. It's a sizable investment, but once in a life time. This one is a lifetime keeper.

  • from Frankfort, KY March 14, 2014Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Last Amp I will need.

    I can get any tone out of this amp that I need. This is my first Mesa product (having wanted one since I started playing in the 80's) and it must may be my last. I can't fathom them outdoing this amp. It was well worth the wait.

    I paired this with the RJM mini amp gizmo and now have midi footswitching of all the amp's features. The only way this amp could have been better is if this could have been built in.

    I have owned it for about 3 years and have not had a single problem out of it. Solid as a rock.

  • from Nashville, TN March 11, 2014

    Absolutely Amazing!

    I am blown away with the sound of my new Mesa Boogie Mark V. Easy to setup, powerful and has a huge sound.

  • from United States December 11, 2013Music Background:

    Worst Amp Ever with C90 speaker

    I plugged into the Mesa with a C90 speaker running 6L6 tubes and could not get a good sound out of it. I could not believe Mesa made such a lousy product so I had to try it with the V30 speaker and 6L6 tubes.

    I then tried the V30 model and could not get a good tone at first, after spinning a bunch of knobs on the amp, an irresistible tone came out, then another, then another. I have never played anything so responsive and evocative. With the same guitar I can get great tones for jazz (Channel 1 Fat 90W), dirty slide (Channel 1 Tweed 10W), Classic Rock (Channel 2 Mark I any wattage), Creamy Woman Tone Blues (Channel 3 Mark IIc+ 10W) and Modern Rock (Channel 3 Mark IV 90W).

    I have sold 10 pedals that I used to get various tones since owning this amp. Every few weeks I find a new tone I can work with. As a tone freak, this amp has helped me to stop staring at my feet and just freakin' play. I find time to play every day now.

  • from Gulfport, MS November 15, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    I Should Have Bought this amp Long ago..!! Awesome

    I should have bought this amp a long time ago.. As most guitar player's or at least for me , was always in the search for the amp that did everything you wanted., And of course there is no such amp , until now for me anyway, The Mark V , has everything and all the tones I ever wanted which for me is a good thing because I switch between Strat's and Paul's at all my gig's and now I have the three channels to work with and as versatile as all three channels are , I am set.. I have been thru them all Hughes Kettner , Line 6 Dt series , Marshall , Egnator and nothing compare's to the Mark V .. Steep Price for most of us but it is worth every penny and more.. Thank you Mesa.!!!

  • from May 22, 2013

    Mesa/Boogie Mark V combo

    The natural response from someone that has spent $2,300 on any item is, more times than not, a little biases. That being said, I haven't ever heard a more versatile amp. Laid out is simple and effective. Clean channel sounds heavenly, my favorite. Add FAT and BOLD setting, golden. Channel 2 offers a good solid mid range, moderately driven sound. Very useful with classic rock. Being in a driven mode, a good time to mention the MUTE switch, on the included foot pedal. Thank you. Channel 3 is or can be full blown overdriven rock and roll. Very full sound. Channels 2 & 3 are very versatile with switched simulated amp modes. Nice on-board Reverb is foot switchable, individual level adjustable for each channel. 5 band EQ can be global if desired or each channel has a tone control knob. What ever you choose EQ can be engaged with foot switch. Want to bump up your volume for solo work, the amp has a separate volume control to adjust the level of boost desired and is also foot switchable with SOLO switch. Obviously there is a lot of parts packed into this amp and for a single 12", it is heavy 80lbs. In my experience that's not a bad thing.
    The Mark V is such a versatile sounding amp that additional pedals or not required to dial in most sounds. However when using pedals there a foot switchable FX loop or no issues with putting pedals in front amp input . Clean channel, little reverb, a little chorus and a LP... Selectable power output for each channel is 5-45-90 watts, loud enough for playing out. A must have for anyone wanting a quality do-it-all tube amp. Order arrived quickly and in perfect condition from Sweetwater, as always. Thanks, Stuart N.

  • from Oklahoma City USA (HOME OF THE THUNDER) April 29, 2013Music Background:
    pro working musician, recording engineer, song writer, and producer

    I love my Boggie

    I really love my new amp and I have had many Boggieís before but this amp is the most versatile and easy to use amp Iíve ever had. The youtube video by Boggie thatís on the Sweetwater site is great and can walk you through everything you will need. there are many great amps out their but to me most of them are one dimensional. Either they are a great clean amp but cant handle subtle warm textures, or they have great warmth but canít bite when you playing Parliament or James Brown funk and your trying to pack the dance floor. There are some great rock amps but when your needing that fat jazz tone like Wes Montgomery or Herb Ellis they canít do it. My Boggie is like having all my favorite amps on stage at once. My Boggie gives me that perfect tone when I have to play so low, I can hear the people chew, and then later on after they have had a few, and want to hear their favorite rock songs cranked up, I can curl their hair back while they get drunk and play air guitar. When Iím on stage I donít want something just as good as, or something thatís great for the price, I want a tool that gives me that tone that I can fall in love with night after night and flow with the music knowing that my amp can give me anything I need at the touch of a button or foot switch. Not only does my new amp work great live but it's super quiet and the best studio amp I've ever had. I love My Boggie.

  • from Hingham, MA April 28, 2013Music Background:

    Stunningly, this is even better than the Mark IV

    I have been a Mark IV user since 1992, and I have been 100% happy with it ever since. I recently brought in the Mark IV for its first servicing in 21 years, and while it was in the shop, I decided to use my tax refund on a new amp. First one since buying the Mark IV! Being a Boogie lover, the Mark V was a no-brainer.

    Quite simply, it's the most insanely amazing sounding amp I have ever played or heard. It takes the Mark IV and improves on it to a degree that I didn't think was possible. It took a little while (maybe a half hour or so) to dial in my sounds, but man, it is phenomenal sounding. I am getting this fat Larry Carlton on Kid Charlemagne sound out of my Strats. The sound I have heard in my head for all these years is now right in front of me.

    Each channel has three modes selectable by a toggle switch, for 9 in total. Channel 3 even has a mode called "Mark IV", although I think it's even better. If you add a light overdrive or boost pedal before hitting that high gain channel, you have more sustain and gain than you could possibly use. It's pretty amazing. I have a funky fusiony style that requires a dead clean rhythm sound and singing overdrive for leads. The Mark V gives all that and so much more. It goes from beautiful, glassy clean to the most crushing high gain metal sound, and all places between.

    It's a little expensive, but for what it is and what it can do, it's a bargain. Plus, adjusting for inflation, it's actually cheaper than my Mark IV was in 1992! Get it now!

  • from United States July 8, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar and Recording Hobbyist

    Why did I wait so long?

    There is really not much to say that has not already been said about this fantastic amplifier. I was torn between the Mark V Head and Combo for quite some time. I finally decided on the combo and I never regretted my decision for a moment. Roughly 65lbs of absolute tone heaven. Most of my fellow musician friends are blown away by the tone that emits from this little monster of tone. Any style. Any genre. This amplifier will get you there... easily! Three channels of pure guitar tone heaven. Simply said, this amplifier does what it's supposed to do and it does it extremely well. I play in a cover band and this little amp covers everything I want to do. And at home, in my studio, it shines there as well. I just can't believe I waited so long to pull the trigger on this purchase. Don't wait any longer. Buy it. Enjoy it. Brag about it. Thanks to David, my sales engineer, for all his help over the years as well.

  • from Dallas, TX USA April 14, 2012Music Background:
    Recording hobbyist, gigging with cover bands


    Amazing, amazing product. Mr. Smith and the Mesa crew should be very proud of this amp. Tonal exploration could take you decades but it is also very consistent and easy to dial in specific sounds (once you find your way around on it, there is a learning curve). I have my go to settings but I'm also tweak it between songs when I need to. I thought I'd miss my modeling rig and dozens of presets/midi board, etc... Not one bit. No regrets that I now am doing more tap dancing than I used to - turns out the tones and expressiveness of a great tube amp like this trumps the convenience of single click preset playing. (Eventually, may add amp/effects switcher once I can). The eq section takes some getting used to (especially the linkage of the treb control with the rest of the preamp) but I am really comfortable with it now. The thing really loves all the pedals I've thrown at it but I will warn you, when you up your sonic game with gear like this, your other gear must follow - be prepared to improve your cables, more dynamic effects, etc...

    This amp sounds great at low volume too so my family doesn't mind that I now practice three times as much as I ever did before :-). I use the variable power settings more than thought I would even in gigs or band practices. Magic truly can be found in every corner of this Boogie. 65 pounds of subtle to scary, laid back and bluesy to immediate and urgent - I love this thing.

    Having played lesser amps for decades, I do agree with Boogie and what others have said - a great amp that is articulate and harmonically rich WILL make you become a better player because it unmasks your fingers / pickups and draws you in to more subtle and expressive playing. Initially, felt like I was starting over (frustrating) but now I'm playing better than ever (motivated). Kicking myself for waiting this long.

    Feels like a modern classic. Hands down the best piece of music gear I own.

  • from Columbus, GA USA February 12, 2012Music Background:

    Do not get between a man and his boogie.

    There is nothing I can say about this amplifier, other than this: I am now done looking for tone. I am finally done. Thank you Mesa Boogie Mark V: You have relieved me of a tremendous burden: Now I can get to making music.

    If you have been in a prolonged tone seeking mode, looking for the right amplifier to suit your needs, without the baggage of pedals, cables, and power supplies, then I understand what you are going through. However, I have finally now completed my own tone journey. I have found the Mark V.

    My Sales Engineer at Sweetwater, Dennis Konicki, has been surprisingly helpful -- I say "surprisingly" because I just never expected such great customer service from ANY music store. If I ever need to speak with Dennis, I just call, ask for Dennis (usually Amber answers the phone), and sooner than not, I am speaking with Dennis on the phone. Several times he has actually called while I was leaving him a voice mail.

    Dennis, and Zack in service department, have both been outstanding.

    But, ok, I will say this of my Mark V Combo: I just cannot believe it. It is unreal. I cannot stay away from it. I have spent so much money on other items, other less expensive items, in an effort to get the big tone sound easily.

    Readers of this review, let me just say this: this Mark V amplifier should be the FIRST amplifier you buy. Because, then, it will be the LAST amplifier you buy.

  • from aguadilla, puerto rico January 10, 2012Music Background:
    pro and hobbyist

    Mesa/Boogie Mark V Combo

    Like the difference between night and day. 100% better than I had hoped for. Anyone who likes blues and rock will love this amp.

  • from Portland, Or December 9, 2011Music Background:
    Tone is Food

    The Cure for Digital Emulation

    I cannnot think of a more logical studio amp to get than this. It is like a stroll through a rock and roll tone museum. I wanted an amp that could do hard rock and psych rock and everything else, frankly, and this amp brings it on, and is American made by true believers.
    Ever since seeing the Boogie nameplate grace the stages of various NoCal heavyweights like Santana in the Seventies, I have wanted a Mesa, and only now have gotten around to getting one.
    The Mark V is is incredibly versatile, and has every switch and dial you could think of wanting, plus a few more you will want once you hear them. The graphic equalizer, which comes at the end of the signal chain, is pure butter on your tonal popcorn.
    This is the kind of amp that plays da playa. You better be ready to up yo game., or at least sound like Carlos, with a layer of Metallica slathered on top.
    Mesa's products have a uniquely tight and authoritative sound. They are a reference-quality company. The Mark 5's choice between solid-state and tube rectification, combined with the low wattage options, make all those 5-watt amps, made by oppressed laborers in far-off lands, sonically obsolete.
    I run my Mark at a full 90 watts, into a Rockcrusher, then an equalizer.
    The sound is so in-your-face and clear, that it makes the addition of cabinet emulation seem unnecessary (cabinets add murk).
    I guess I better order some Mesa tubes, from SW of course.

  • from Lincoln N.H. September 16, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician , Recording engineer.

    After two years

    I have logged over 200 gigs with my Mesa Mark V. It is the most dependable amp I have ever had. Not to mention the best sounding. Last week due to a mistake on my part my Mesa fell over in the van. BAM...Picked it up...plugged it in..Worked fine. I am completely satisfied with My amp, and the great guy's at Sweetwater. Esp. Josh Sites. Thanks guys. Nick Ciarleglio.

  • from Mount Juliet, TN February 20, 2011Music Background:
    Been playing guitar professionally and privately for over 35 years.


    I've been waiting to own a Mesa Boogie since the Mark I Days, I've owned alot of other amps like Marshalls and other "Big Name" amps over the years but never got around to an MB until now. I'm tellin ya, right out of the box, this thing never fails to impress. Do yourself a favor and RTFM ( Read The F**king Manual) you won't be disappointed. You really have to understand how this amp works to make it work for you. But even if you don't, it sounds AWESOME! Tone for days on all channels in all modes. The tuner out is a very cool feature. A little advice: Be sure to set the channel select knob on the back to Footswitch of you'll hear an AWFUl screaching noise after you plug in the footswitch even on standby. This is an amp to last a lifetime. Buy it NOW. BTW: Corey is a real Pro and was a great help. Sweetwater rocks as much as this amp!

  • from January 5, 2011


    It's rare when a manufacturer's literature truly represents the product they are offering. This amp does everything MESA tells you it will and more. If anything, MESA didn't brag enough about it!

    There's only two things to be aware of that could cause a little aggravation. First, it's heavy. But considering that weight is composed of the hard core quality and near bullet proof construction for which MESA is also known, it's a welcomed trade off. All that beautiful tone deserves a beast of a cabinet to keep it safe and sound!

    Second, and certainly not related to amp function, tone or quality, is that the foot pedal is a bit larger than necessary. This makes it more than a tad difficult to store the pedal back into it's case inside the amp. It's not all that easy getting the thing out of that case when you first get this puppy home! Be careful or you'll either bang knuckles, or worse, possibly damage the amp. Maybe there's a trick to it?

    As with any tube amp, if you're the first person to unpack the amp box, don't forget to remove the protective plastic shipping sleeves on the tubes before plugging it in.

  • from Lincoln, N.H. December 9, 2009Music Background:
    Pro musician for 45 years. Recording engineer.

    Mesa Mark V Combo

    After a small mishap (a defective or damaged in shipping power tube failure.) My Mesa Mark V arrived last week. The first thing I noticed is that this thing is HEAVY..about 78 lbs. Good thing it has wheels. The build quality is outstanding! Fit and finish first rate. I also purchased a widebody 1 x 12 cab. They make a nice compact stack. The sound is second to none. I have owned Fenders, Peaveys, played through Marshalls, Carvins etc. This amp is the most versatile yet. The 3 channels are very musical. Channel one clean sound is nice and airy. Channel two crunch sound is good for rhythm sounds and can be tweaked for a large range of different styles. Channel three is Santana lead sounds, hands down. I've only had it a week and every I turn it on I discover a new sound.

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