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MOTU MachFive 3 Competitive Upgrade Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the MOTU MachFive 3 Competitive Upgrade?

Questions about the MOTU MachFive 3 Competitive Upgrade?

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  • from Rochester, NY June 20, 2014Music Background:
    as before...

    P.S. to Stan Stewart

    I personally have found it to me extremely stable. I have had nothing but good experiences with MOTU support. Maybe they could help out. Just a thought. Good luck!

  • from Rochester, NY June 20, 2014Music Background:
    Keys, writing, production, electronics, semi-pro to hobbiest(i get paid on occasion, but do it for the joy)

    MOTU sets the bar and the sound of the century with MachFive3

    Absolutely amazing. I was a bit, well, annoyed at first with the GUI and the workflow as it was so different than anything else I had used and I have 100's of plugins. I use Sonar X3 Producer on a 32 core PC with tons of very fast disk space and RAM. I only mention that to show that my system can handle the demands of the program with ease. That being said, the fact that I had to actually read the book and do the tutorials. This small annoyance did do one wonderful thing, it taught me how the program works and how to utilize it effectively. The depth of this program is staggering. Paired with the right computer and Midi interface it is up to the task of going head to head with the like of the "Super Jupiter" or the latest "KORG Kronos" in every way. No it doesn't have some of the capabilities of those, but it has some they don't as well. It's abilities as a "ROMLER" is right up there with the Kronos and as a modeled multi engine synth as well. In regards to the J80 it can do so many things the 80 can't and so many that it can I personally see two different Instruments in two very different classes. One being much higher than the other. MOTU is generally thought of as an Apple Focused company, it may be that, however it has bi-focals and plays exceedingly well with my PC. I also use MOTU 424-PCIE based In/Out and Midi. It cannot read encrypted wav forms, but without paying huge royalties, it I an unrealistic wish, unless Companies that own these samples are happy just to sell them as samples to be used by the owner as he/she sees fit. I guess I will wait and see. Same Camel can be read as well as Sonar. I an still discovering what can and can't be accessed. Bottom line is that on the other side of the GUI/workflow is a Monster ready to be unleashed...a tame and vastly intelligent one that is empathetic as well as eager to please. If you buy this software, hold off on the judgment until you get to know it like you would a best friend or a lover before saying yes to marriage. Yes, I really believe it is that good, and UVI has some awesome sound packs. So far I only have one that was 70% off, the vintage synth one. $80 downloaded. I have my eye on the Fairlight Soundpack. UVI sampling is second to none in my opinion. The piano it comes with in outstanding. Different than Ivory by a huge degree, but incredibly useful in a mix or solo. I have heard so many C7's and Steinway's and Bosendorfer samples it is refreshing to hear something else, something different and good at the same time. The Rhodes is spot on, but so are others, nice to have it in the same interface/footprint though. The upright bass and the Guitar are indescribably good. Get it, give it a chance, and enjoy making music with an exiting piece of software. I don't believe I have ever thought of software in those terms!

  • from Boston Massachusetts February 7, 2014Music Background:
    recording engineer live sound engineer keyboard player

    sounds that have no bounds

    I've been creating music for over a decade and I started to feel like a lot of my stone started to sound the same so I went in search for some new sounds I found it in Mach 5 version 3 the competitive upgrade was a nice way to not hurt my pocket and I am still finding sounds after months of digging through the 45 gigabyte sound library everything sounds real true in a very high fidelity I'm totally blown away I do not regret this purchase at all

  • from Apple Valley, CA September 28, 2013

    Better Than Komplete Ultimate

    I just received this. I was severely disappointing in Komplete Ultimate except for Guitar Rig and Studio Drummer. This blows it away. The strings sound like real strings. The brass sounds like real brass. The solo strings where phenomenal. A tie with the ones in Goliath. Guitars are outstanding. Pianos are better than most. Blows the Komplete Ultimate ones away. Not as good as Ivory Grand but still usable. If your on the fence get this with Guitar Rig and Studio Drummer and save yourself some cash.

  • from Nashville,Tn. April 18, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician, guitar and midi guitar

    Mach v3

    I was looking for something that would give me synth and sample sounds and this does it for me, i use it solo or in combination with several other plug ins. It's really awesome for the synth sound s

  • from Lancaster PA November 22, 2011Music Background:

    Such a value!

    The piano samples alone are worth the selling price.
    Finally I got some value out of my EmulatorX investment.
    This thing is vast and well-design, well-recorded, well-implemented.

  • from Motown, Mi USA April 15, 2013Music Background:
    Live, writer/arranger


    Machfive 3 delivers big time!

  • from United States October 12, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, improviser, songwriter, performer, engineer and musician advocate

    like the interface / detest the instability

    I really like MOTU. MachFive1 was a very good product and I used it for many years before it seemed to no longer hold its own with other sampler software. So, I was excited to see the early ads for MachFive3.

    The interface in MachFive3 is very attractive and the workflow is (mostly) useful and/or intuitive. I really like it.

    The included sample set is really just "examples" of what one can do with the interface. Some of these are well-done and useful samplesets, but others are pure throw-away (or not useful in any of the music production that I do, anyway).

    However, worst of all on my system, in both standalone and RTAS plug-in, MF3 crashes almost routinely. The worst crashes are usually within 1-5 minutes of importing a foreign formatted sample setup.

    If MOTU can make this sampler stable, 4-5 stars will be easy to achieve.

Questions about the MOTU MachFive 3 Competitive Upgrade?

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