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Yamaha MX49 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Scott Augustyniak

    When I record and produce music, I often use a variety of virtual instruments. However, many instances of these can take a toll on my CPU. The Yamaha MX49, having many sounds derived from the Motif, has proven to be the perfect solution for my studio! The MX49 allows me to quickly flip through different sounds for endless inspiration, and the Virtual Circuit Modeling effects adds even more excitement for hands-on control. I highly recommend it for anyone who produces their own music and needs pro quality sounds that are easy to access - and it's great for live performers, too!

  • from North Carolina August 30, 2016


    I purchased this board to get some Motif sounds as an upgrade to my MM6 and PSR S500 and trust me, disappointed at all. Small board, but POWERFUL. You can throw this board under your arms and go. Very easy to use as a top tier board or stand alone. For the price, you can't beat it anywhere. I can get to the point now where i can get some of the same sounds as my Triton Le. My best info is for you to go to a music store and give it a try and you'll see for yourself. I here guys saying that it doesn't compare to the motif until they try it and you should see the smiles on their faces. Let's face it, some musicians love the 88's, 76 and 61 keyboards but do you actually need all those keys? All I can say is "try it" and see for yourself

  • from St. Charles March 27, 2016

    MX Series Rocks

    I've had two of the MX-49's for the better part of a year now and you cannot find better sound quality for the money. They've taken the absolute best of the Motif sounds and placed them in this board. I'm a worship keyboard player at church. I hate hauling my gear between home and practice. So I bought two of these boards and two midi controllers. I keep a duplicate setup at home for practice and transfer my MX-49 settings between the two by a USB thumb drive. Because of the 16 usable midi channels and the 128 note polyphony, I'm able to play the MX for strings or pads, while I play other voices on my 88 key midi controller. My band is blown away by the quality of the sound. My only caution is that there is definitely a learning curve for people new to synths or midi. I study the manual and have only scratched the surface of what this is capable of. Want pro quality sounds and polyphony on a budget? This is your board.

  • from September 8, 2015

    Yamaha MX 49

    What an excellent keyboard! It's easy to use but it will take me some time to unlock all it's features. You really need to read the manual to discover how capable it is. I am a guitar and bass player and song writer. I had some piano when I attended music school (Classical Music) Still, I have been able to compose keyboard parts for most of my songs. I use pro tools so the DAW integration is really nice. Worth the money, and it is quite light and compact.

    David W.

  • from louisiana June 22, 2015Music Background:
    beginner piano

    my review

    wow very cool. want it

  • from HEMET, CA March 29, 2015

    Yahaha MX49

    This is a great synthesizer for the money. Very easy to navigate and superb sounds. The performance mode is the best. Techno beats, blues, rock. I have a Roland Juno GI and Novation Ultranova and this Yamaha stands up to them for quality for price highly recommended.

  • from Long Island April 10, 2016Music Background:
    Cover band player, writer, producer of EDM/ industrial music.

    This thing is awesome

    First, I love the synth. It sounds great, mostly, but Like one reviewer noted, the reeds sound are pretty terrible. It's also fairly flimsy, and my main mono output Jack is a bit dodgy at times. Considering a warranty repair, but that being said, I use this as my main tone generator in an 80s new wave band, hooked up to two controllers so I can basically get 6 sounds at once from 3 boards, along with my Roland SH201 for all the 80s pads and knob tweaking. I've got a Roland A30 midi'd into an Edirol PCR800, merged, into the MX49.
    Channel 1-2 on the MX, 3-4 on the PCR, 5-6 on the A30.
    Really easy to use, and I've got crazy amounts of really useable synths and pianos piled in front of me. I don't use any of the other functions. The USB memory stick thing is great. No more cards or disks. Yahoo!
    Pros....basically great sounds, great price, love the knobs, USB storage, lightweight.
    Cons...cheaply built, terrible reed sounds.

    And def but the 61 key. 49 keys just isn't enough. Although, like I saw reviewed elsewhere, for $200 more, for a single octave of cheap plastic keys, might as well buy a used controller for $100 and have 2 synths for the price of one.
    I did.

  • from United States July 17, 2014Music Background:
    Bar band PA guy and occasional musician.

    Great for standalone, or for use with a computer.

    I was looking for something that had tons of built in tones for playing in our bar band, as well as something that would work with my DAW and VSTis on my computer, AND had a digital to analog interface. This fits the bill, at a price point nothing else I found can touch. Pianos sound great, lots of classic keyboard sounds (perfect for a 70s rock cover band). I find the horns a -little- less realistic that some of the VSTis I have for that, but still passable. The human interface, the ease of using the category (piano, keyboard, synth) buttons with the jog wheel makes getting around super easy. Would make it very easy to improvise in a live setting if needed. Even the demo mode is nice. As you skip thru the demos, if you hear one you like, you can hit pause and it leaves the keyboard set up for that demo, tones, keyboard split, etc. You can start from there and tailor the sound further to suit yourself. Buy one this summer, and you can get a free soft keyboard bag from Yamaha!

  • from January 31, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician.

    Pretty amazing keyboard!

    I really loved the keyboard. Tones are great! Features are great!

    Pros : Amazing sounds
    Portable (Very light weight)
    Easy to integrate with PC for recording purposes

    Con: As the name suggest, It's a 49 key keyboard, However we'll get access to all keys with 'Octave' button.

  • from SW Fla February 26, 2016Music Background:
    Lifetime Guitarist

    great keyboard

    I bought this keyboard for it's portability and price, but was pleasantly surprised with the quality of it's voices. I was used to older units whose guitar sounds lacked realism. The guitar voices on this unit are a vast improvement. All the other sounds are great too.

  • from Merrimack, NH November 29, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Performing Musician


    After a long search for a second teir portable Synth, The Yamaha MX49 fit the bill perfectly!! I am quite impressed by it's lightweight yet Heavy sounds. It has kicked at least 2 keyboards off my set up. Of course the folks at Sweetwater always work with me 200 % with all my questions and support.
    Hightly Recommended for either a beginner or Pro.

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