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GForce M-Tron Pro Reviews

4.5 stars based on 31 customer reviews
Questions about the GForce M-Tron Pro?

Questions about the GForce M-Tron Pro?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    What do The Beatles, the Moody Blues, and Marilyn Manson all have in common? They all used Mellotrons on their albums! All of the classic sounds you need are all built in to this instrument. I gurantee you will love it, I do.

  • from California July 18, 2016Music Background:
    Home recording enthusiast

    Dream come true

    Growing up in the late 60's/early 70's I was always drawn to the sound of the Mellotron. It has a mystical, dreamy quality to it that seems timeless. I've tried lots of Mellotron emulations and have been impressed by some, but the GForce M-Tron Pro is the real thing. Better than the real thing actually since you don't have to deal with the problems of the physical hardware. The amount of presets included is truly mind-blowing, some are by Rick Wakeman! I can't recommend this instrument enough!

  • from Elgin IL March 21, 2016

    Far out!

    More fun than a human is allowed lol Of course the first thing I went looking for was the flute from Strawberry Fields lol OK I'm not an expert on Mellotrons. I'm not even a piano player. I needed this for an upcoming recording session for a studio client. It was funny to see some patches labeled Black Sabbath (I guess they must have used a Mellotron on some early recordings). It was like an instant flashback to my youth. The great part is, it weighs a lot less than the original lol

  • from Miami October 21, 2015

    A gateway synth

    This is the synth I bought from Sweetwater, and I love it.
    But it became my gateway drug to my heroin of software synths: the Imposcar 2.
    (For which I just submitted a gushing review.)
    I see some others claim that their libraries cover this territory, and I'm guessing they AB'd things in their DAW. So did I, and maybe because I actually worked for a summer in the American factory that ended up buying out all of the Mellotron tapes and equipment, and actually played those synths in my off hours, I can tell you this: The nostalgia is sweet, this is the sound of the Mellotron. You want that? Buy this.

  • from Lima, Peru March 28, 2015Music Background:

    The King of all Tron vsts

    I have several Tron vsts but this one deserves a very special place. For starters, the sampling of sounds is superb even without applying effects. It is so straightforward when it comes to tweaking and creating your own sounds. I also purchased the Chamberlin expansion which I recommed highly in order to make M-Tron the only vst you will ever need to cater to your needs. It is beautifully laid out, pure quality and dedication to create such a marvelous piece of software. Jason Kovach recommended using this G-Force M-Tron Pro and he was spot on. I would buy it again at the drop of a hat. 5 stars and why not 10 on a higher scale.

  • from United States January 1, 2014Music Background:

    Love it

    Has already transformed my songs. Really cool vintage sounds. There's something badass about mixing old or even cheesy sounds to modern recordings that can give it something special. Just in general, really fun to play with.

  • from Portland, OR October 18, 2013Music Background:

    Great plugin

    It's a great program. I use mine as a plugin with Sonar X3/64. There are other mellotron programs out there that aren't compatible with 64-bit DAWs. Gives you just what you expect, great mellotron sounds that you can use in all kinds of music, but especially if you want to catch the vibe of the sixties and seventies. Comes with lots of useful patches from majestic to a little cheesy, but cheesy in a good way. I've barely scratched looking under the hood and haven't gotten any expansion packs yet, but plan to later on. And it's much easier than having to pay muscular roadies to lug your mellotron around. This is what computer music was meant to be.

  • from October 2, 2013

    Gotta get it

    The MTron blew my mind. It sounds amazing and is very user friendly. It also downloaded and installed with no problems whatsoever. Suddenly all my music sounds like the Moody Blues.

  • from October 2, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, sound designer

    Surprising full sound

    I really wasn't too sure what to expect exactly. I knew of the reputation of this instrument and certainly how it had been used over the years, but I wasn't sure how I'd be using it. I was very impressed with the layout and workflow of this instrument. And the sound is just superb. An absolute pleasure to play with. Cheers GForce.

  • from United States March 18, 2013Music Background:
    Active musician


    I love this software, all the mellotron sounds you could wish for plus more!

  • from Buffalo, NY November 5, 2012Music Background:
    Musician and Computer guy

    The GForce M-Tron Pro

    The very best collection frim the real deal the Mellotron. The sounds are dead on and the patch library is worthy as well. The Beatles, Rolling Stones and the Moody Blues and now you, wow! No downside when you consider the two Mellotron makers are selling instruments at 3000 and above and you can't even match the library this offers. I found it very easy to install and it worked with two of my DAW's flawlessly. It didn't interfere with other music software as well! All in all this is a great collection of the true classic.

  • from Rochester, NY July 4, 2012Music Background:
    Keys Player, home engineer/song writer

    Most Realistic Melotron on the Market

    I have owned this for about a year now and still am amazed at he sound it produces. I never had a chance to play a "real" one so I don't know what the original keybed was like, but I have listened to them all my life and this is what I heard all those years. It has all the controls you need and more, is easily mapped. I can't imagine how to make it any better! The price is a steal. I also love the fact that it has exactly the same number of notes/keys and the original timing coinstraints so you must play it like and original, of course unless you click a button. Then the samples loop flawlessly. I love playing this instument. It is much better than the more expensive IK, I own both, and although the IK does more it most definately doesn't do what this one does any where near as well. If you are looking for a Melotron and don't want to lay out thousands for a new one or a vintage one, look no further.

  • from Detroit April 23, 2012Music Background:
    Prog Rock Performer, Live Sound Engineer

    Mtron Pro

    I was owner of the original version of this product. This release is worth the money as it is far superior to the original release. It works quite well. Latency is not an issue and the sounds are terrific. I have had several original Mellotrons including a double Tron. I also used to have a Birotron. Whuile the originals bear some mysterious appeal, mlstly for the novelty of the instrument, this rendition and overall paradigm is far superior for recording and playing live. Hassle factor of this compared to the originals not even a close comparison. The sounds are infinately better to work with in this rendition, and apart from the visual of a broken back and a large thing that could easily be a time machine, again the Mtron is superior.

  • from Detroit April 23, 2012Music Background:
    Prog Rock Performer, Live Sound Engineer

    Mtron Pro

    I was owner of the original version of this product. This release is worth the money as it is far superior to the original release. It works quite well. Latency is not an issue and the sounds are terrific. I have had several original Mellotrons including a double Tron. I also used to have a Birotron. Whuile the originals bear some mysterious appeal, mlstly for the novelty of the instrument, this rendition and overall paradigm is far superior for recording and playing live. Hassle factor of this compared to the originals not even a close comparison. The sounds are infinately better to work with in this rendition, and apart from the visual of a broken back and a large thing that could easily be a time machine, again the Mtron is superior.

  • from ChiLand, IL April 5, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    The samples are just breath taking......So real, so much vibe and mojo. The sounds on my fav records growing up. I'm a instrumental shred guitarist and the sounds are really inspiring. I'm trying to put the flute and Yes strings into every song I'm working on!

  • from Long Island, New York March 18, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Professional Musician

    Amazing Mellotron Sounds

    Let me start by saying, M-Tron is absolutely amazing.
    I will be using this software live on stage with a Progressive Metal band. M-Tron Pro is the software they chose to go with on their third album, and the sounds were so quality that it was extremely important to use it for our shows. M-Tron has phenomenal Mellotron emulation sounds, from the Tripled 8 Choir to YesStrings to the MkII Church Organ. Those would be my three preferred "Go-To" sounds for my own songwriting, but all the sounds are great. It captures the real air and body of the original Trons.
    M-Tron Pro is definitely worth the amazing price. A stunning Tron specialist that won't break the bank. What more could I ask for?

  • from Canada November 10, 2011Music Background:
    Producer/Recording Engineer

    Just Buy It Already

    For the longest time I've been looking at this product scratching my head wondering if it would be a good addition to my studio. Just a few days I purchased and I must say to any buyer out there stop wasting your time and just pick it up already. It's spot on.

  • from Springdale, AR October 3, 2011Music Background:

    An instrument in itself.

    There are a LOT of mellotron smple sets out there on the market, but the feature set on the M-tron sets it apart from the others. The capability to reverse sounds, adjust the starting-points of sounds, combine sounds and tweak effects all within the interface make the M-Tron a unique instrument that allows you to harnesses the vintage Mellotron and bring it into another realm if you want to. I had a samll problem installing it due to a corrupt font file, but G-force support replied to my support inquiry within minutes and sent me a file that remedied the situation.

    All in all I am more than pleased with the M-tron. It is inspiring in a way that I don't think would be possible with a standard sample set in a generic sample interface. After mapping your MIDI controller to the essential functions it truly feels like an instrument. It is fun to record songs totally embellishing the lush rythems and lo-fi instrument sounds in the M-tron, but it is truly useful to use the M-tron in a subtle way to add some mystery and lo-fi goodness to an other wise contemporary track.

    If you are in the market for a Mellotron clone or sample set you can't go wronge with this one. It may not be the most complete set of samples on the market, but it is still extensive and is quite an inspiring intrument to boot.

  • from Oregon February 25, 2011Music Background:


    I have nothing but good things to say about this product, the sales-people, and the support. I LOVE this product. Andy Bitler is the best music sales-human I have ever dealt with (ever!), and John from Mac/Tech support was AMAZING! This company rocks and between the Logic9 I purchased and this incredible plug in, I am wasting precious hours that I should be devoting to studies to the wonderful world of Mellotrons. Thank you to BOTH of you so much!
    OK, getting past the hero worship, I would like to see Sweetwater add a functionality to their customer service. Please add a "marker" so that we know where we are at when waiting on the phone help. I did lose almost an hour of Cell minutes, when I could have just either left a message for a callback, or B.) entered an email form with the appropriate info for a callback. This is small potatoes compared to the incredible value and service I get with Sweetwater as a whole. This is one of the BEST companies I have ever worked with!

  • from Gilbert, AZ December 7, 2010

    I absolutely LOVE this plugin!

    GForce has really thought this one through! M-Tron comes with so many amazing sounds and having the ability to layer them really makes the possibilities endless. To make things even better, you can reverse and/or use half-speed on all the sounds. It's awesome! And going one step beyond that, you can spend another $39 and get the Optigan sounds (GForce calls these OptiTron) to add to your M-Tron library - in their own category listing. Very well done! :)

    Within minutes after purchasing the Electronic Delivery version I had an email from Sweetwater with all the information I needed to download my software. I was up and running in a short amount of time. Keep in mind that downloading this plugin will take a little time as the sounds are over 3GB.

  • from Monroe, NC January 18, 2015Music Background:
    Church musician, Worship leader, recording enthusiast.

    Great vintage vibe!

    Easy install and inspiring sounds. So many options to give your mix a bit of a timeless classic.

  • from Hannibal, MI December 2, 2013Music Background:
    Wannabe Mellotron hero

    All the 'tron goodness, none of the tape snarls

    I'm not only pleased with the basics, but also with the added quirky material lower in the sound banks. I've played a real Mellotron, so having custom user favorites at hand is impressive. Look Ma, no tape snarls. I'm amazed at how varied the sounds are, quality-wise. Check out the Boys Choir and 2nd Flute. Those are near-pure where other sounds are quite, er, gritty. In total, a well-appointed instrument that's a lot more broad than I had expected for a specialty item, but what a specialty.

  • from Great Barrington, MA July 14, 2013Music Background:
    Established group and solo artist, producer, engineer.

    Not even a Progger

    Useful and enduring sounds. Options for sound creation are intuitive and simple to operate. The controls provide much flexibility; the expanded multi-model design of the GUI make deep exploration and tweaking possible. Realism, the replication of a hardware mellotron sound, is spot on. Love the tape reverse and 1/2 speed abilities.

  • from United States April 20, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Producer

    GForce M-Tron Pro

    Really good sounds right out of the box, and some amazing artist presets.

  • from San Diego, CA January 19, 2012

    More than Tron

    Great instrument. You can blend 2 sample sets in one patch, LFO, filters, delay, ensembles, detuning, ... Definitely check included artistic presets that go way beyond what would you expect from the classic tron.

  • from Austin, Texas August 2, 2011Music Background:
    professional musician, former child prodigy playing from 3 years old, can now play 40+ instruments, 0 friends to hold him back

    That gorgeous, lovely and sweet Mellotron

    i was so excited when i saw this in stock. i really, really love this instrument, perhaps too much and then it hit me...the makers of m-tron, two amazing men who love what they do, and who are very helpful and understanding, live in...the UK! i had been to their website enough to know that shipping an item all the across the atlantic takes a bit of time. i panicked, i was angry, i was sad. id really been looking forward to try it out ASAP...but sweetwater understands. so mr. michael eads takes extra time to email the installation codes quite late at night, just so i could find contentment in what has to be the most authentically accurate tron on the soft synth market. yes, moody blues, genesis, sabbath, and on and on. G-force has recreated the sounds made famous by the great tron acts, and so very much more. anyone at all with a curiosity should pick this up. theres a lot to explore, both for long time lovers and those getting started. this is why i implore you to read the manuals, as they share the stories of two men searching high and low for the sounds they require. its very interesting, especially the years they spent searching for the even more elusive optigan, which happens to have an m-tron compatible expansion pack available at their website for (not free) download, but opti and mtron voices can be played simultaneously, just like any two of the myriad tron voices, most of which you would never expect.

  • from May 5, 2016

    GForce M-Tron Pro

    I recently purchased the GForce M-Tron Pro download and think the staff at Sweetwater and GForce are extremely patient, friendly, responsive, and helpful. I think the Mellotron sounds are outstanding and soundbanks are extremely thorough and useful. My one negative comment has to do with the software not interacting well with my Alesis VI49 keyboard controller. I have yet to resolve a problem with keys sticking in the on position after release as well as an occasional experience of keys playing by themselves. Admittedly I am a novice to all this tech and my new Macbook Pro but the problems between the Alesis keyboard and M-tron dont occur at all with the keyboard and Logic or Garageband

  • from Los Angeles January 26, 2015Music Background:
    Recording artist

    the real thing

    Way more sounds than I expected
    Love it!

  • from August 25, 2012Music Background:
    Electronic tech.

    Mellotron Machine

    Using M-Tron Pro software I made a Mellotron to play with. Rebuilt a dusty Pentium 4 computer with Windows XP and an old Sound Blaster Audigy 1 sound card. Plugged in a cheap midi keyboard and vois la, Mellotron! Not the fastest or latest hardware but the thing works and sounds great. It's fun to play the instrument I've listened to since the 1960s. The sound of the Mellotron can't be beat.

  • from February 8, 2012

    M-Tron Pro, great instrument

    This Pro version really is worth every cent! The best of the best from the old beasts! Lo-fi is really what is needed in the hyper-digital musical world of today. I would rather call it True-fi. Works great in any mix to warm it up and make it pulsate. And the 8 sec tone duration limit, true to the original, infuse a style of playing that helps the music to breathe.

  • from MA & Road June 28, 2016Music Background:
    Pro since 75


    M-Tron is pretty darn cool. Lots of possibilities, if you've the patience and don't mind squinting to peruse and select from pre-sets and such. The editing and panel is fairly straight forward, and it doesn't waste alot of space with regalia--merely what you need.
    I purchased to cop and recreate some patches used on an LP I'm presently touring behind, and it is sufficing for the most part.
    Definitely a viable, creative tool and instrument for the studio and stage.

  • from Singapore February 24, 2012Music Background:
    Guitarist, Keyboards, Studio owner, composer


    I was expecting to be blown away by this product based on so much praise and positive reviews. It deserves a lot of credit for having such a clean and intuitive interface, simple install and attractive price.
    I wasn't blown away though. I'm yet to find any of the samples to be as mix ready, or as rich as the other libraries that I already own.
    I guess I would sum it all up by saying a truly great instrument will inspire you to play, yet with the M-Tron Pro I was auditioning sounds and mentally categorizing them as not useful, maybe useful, and "I'll use that one day".
    To be fair, I have an enormous library already and I would probably feel differently if I bought this years ago.

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