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M-Audio M-Track Quad Reviews

3.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • Colten
    from Beaver Dam, WI February 2, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Aspiring Musician

    A good start.

    I am very satisfied with this interface. I am an Audio Engineer Graduate, who is very tight on money. I needed an upgrade from the Mobile Pre usb interface for my home studio, to record my first full band. Remarkably enough, I recorded drums on the M-track Quad, with all 4 mic inputs. Also recorded guitar and vocals for the band. Song turned out great, and the band was very satisfied for what little I had to work with. This product is great if you are trying to build a studio on a budget. Great buy.

  • Steve Mills
    from Hermiston, OR January 19, 2014Music Background:
    Over 30 years of home recording experience.


    I was after a quiet, zero-latency interface. My home studio needs only a few inputs (I record alone), but versatility is paramount. Never having to look at the back panel again after setup is another plus. I don't have to reach back there for switching phantom power on and off. The extra USB ports are really handy, too, since I have software needing both iLok and eLicence dongles. I can connect my controller to the third one, and free up ports on my PC.

    In a world where everything is touch pad controlled, I was pleased to find M-Audio still using simple DPDT switches on the front panel. Makes it easier to know where you are at. :)

    Separate circuits for the headphones and monitor out were the dealmaker for me. I was using a V-Studio 100 before this, and it was always necessary to either unplug or turn off my monitors in order to hear the phones privately.

    Overall, this is a very fine piece of work. The one thing I would change would be to put a bit more space between the headphone jack and it's volume control. A little hard to work the knob so close to the phone plug, but it does work.

    Far more valuable to me than it's low price. Oh, btw, the Ignite software promise is incorrect. At the present time, Ignite does NOT have a download for this device. You have to add your email address to a notification list for when it becomes available. I don't need it anyway, but the promise is incorrect.

  • Tim
    from Los Angeles, CA USA October 29, 2014Music Background:
    Solo artist

    Great little unit

    Great little unit. I bought it when my 14 year old Digi 001 finally gave up the ghost. For those who may be having trouble installing the usb drivers, make sure you are plugging the unit into a usb 2.0 port, usually on the back of your computer. I kept getting error messages when trying to install the drivers until I looked up in my motherboard manual which ports were usb 2.0. Once I moved the plug into a USB 2.0 port, install went super smooth.

  • William C
    from Orlando, FL January 1, 2016Music Background:
    Engineer, Producer.

    intuitive features, however...

    First I’ll start by saying I'm a practicing freelance audio engineer, and have been in practice for 3 years, and have also graduated from college with my degree in music production, and recording technology. With that, I know my way around some gear, and this is a pretty good piece, however it has some major issues.

    First the good:
    - It has inserts for each channel.
    -> This is amazing on a unit this price, and is the only reason I have not yet upgraded from it.
    - The press can be bypassed using a TRS cable in the combo jack,
    -> Again not many interfaces at this price point have that feature.
    - Direct/USB knob can be useful in many situations, especially when having latency issues while tracking.
    - Selectable Headphone outputs.
    - Monitor control on front.
    - 3 USB ports
    - Midi in/out

    Now the bad:
    - Inputs can be very noisy with high gain, on mics like an sm7b where you don't have a cloud lifter this is troublesome.
    - The unit has no way to be rack mounted, or any accessories to make it rack mountable commercially available for purchase.
    - Often has an issue with the USB connection, I often find myself restarting the box, it has problems that include pops, clicks, dropouts, crackles, and distortion when these problems arise I usually always have to power off the unit and reseat the USB connections on both ends.

    The biggest and final problem I have had with this box is the random occasion where output #2 is extremely distorted. After troubleshooting all other options I am left with my final conclusion that the second input has malfunctioned. This may seem like it is a problem specific to me however I must reveal that this is the second time that this problem has occurred.

    After the first time sweeter gladly replaced the box and the new one worked just as smoothly as the original did up until this point. Now my second input has bit the dust for the second time.

    So if you're going to buy this unit be weary because it has many of the features that interfaces at this price point frankly don't have, but in my experience it comes with the price of major frustration and disappointment.

    To add on to this I most likely will not purchase another one of these units even though those inserts got a lot of use out of them, and its been a task to find another interface with inserts pre AD conversion.

  • Nadeem Merchant
    from Tampa, FL January 31, 2014Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    Good stuff, but Be Careful.

    Pros: This is a cheap interface with lots of features. It also has a USB hub on the back which is very nice. The 4 combo inputs have available instrument and phantom power switches. There are also 4 inserts on the back for effects. The preamps sound good. Comes with Pro Tools Express. switches and knobs feel solid in construction. It's a cool looking interface.

    Cons: There are only 4 inputs and there is no room for expansion; No ADAT or S/PIDF or extra inputs... If you are recording one instrument at a time I don't see the need for four inputs unless it's live drums, and then you'd probably want more than 4 inputs. I guess if you like leaving things plugged in, then I could see a small benefit...
    The headphone volume knob is too close to the input jack. (not that big of a deal though)
    Also the software ignite is promised with purchase was not available when I got the interface. This was disappointing

    ***PC buyer beware. There are known driver issues; M-Audio is aware of the problem and I'm sure they are working quickly to resolve it. I had already sent the interface back and got a different one by the time M-Audio told me this. On a positive note, what I was able to record with it sounded good. Also, Sweetwater customer service is second to none in this industry!

  • Steve Mills
    from December 25, 2015

    Not a Windows 10 interface

    The Russian made ASIO driver for this interface had issues to begin with, even when I used Windows 7, but I was able to overcome the scratchy/distorted sound by disabling all HD audio on my mobo. Now that I have Windows 10 and a more up-to-date mobo, there is no sweet spot. It just goes to crap every time I use another audio software. Pulling the USB cable and reconnecting it is a quick fix, but doesn't last.

    If you are beyond Windows XP, look past this device. M-Audio isn't supporting the driver. If you love antiquated OS's, this is a fantastic interface.

  • Customer
    from June 15, 2015

    Pricey Brick

    I have had mine for a while and since day one it suffers from crackling and distortion in the recording and playback. I thought it was user error so I opted to scour the forums instead of return it (did not get it from Sweetwater). Apparently, MANY people have this problem. Attempted solutions range from decreasing buffer size to driver updates to changing USB ports and cables. I tried all of them to no avail. The user error was that I did not return it as soon as the fault was noticed, that I relied on the quality of M-Audio and decided to learn how to fix it myself. This has turned out to be an expensive error. I am NOT impressed. The M-Track Quad is a worthless piece of gear to me, a pricey brick.

  • James Goodell
    from Topeka, KS February 17, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, recording hobbyist

    Does Not Work With Windows 8.1

    I bought the Quad unit from a local dealer. It came with Pro tools express. The driver for the Quad is outdated and support from Inmusic is non existant. The quad unit might be great on earlier operating systems but not on Win 8.1

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