Roland MT-90U No Longer Available

USB Music File Player with MIDI and Audio File Playback Capability, Wireless Remote, Mic Input, and Built-in Echo
Item ID: MT90USB

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Roland MT-90U image 1
Roland MT-90U image 1

Sorry, the Roland MT-90U is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Roland MT-90U
Special Order

A Great Rehearsal Tool and Multi-format Playback Tool in One Box!

The Roland MT-90U multi-format music player allows instant playback from a range of different file formats for easy, flexible rehearsal options. The USB-equipped MT-90U lets you load MIDI, MP3, or WAV files, and you can practice along anywhere thanks to its built-in speaker and easy portability. You can also change the pitch and speed of your files (a great way to learn complicated passages). A wireless remote controller and microphone input are even included for karaoke fun with the MT-90U!

Roland MT-90U Multi-format Music Player at a Glance:
  • Compatible with most common formats
  • Wireless remote and more
  • MIDI connectivity

Compatible with most common formats
Not only is the MT-90U compatible with the most common file formats, but it can also change the tempo and pitch of files (both audio and MIDI), making it the perfect recorder for sing-along sessions or for music students who wish to slow down fast or complicated pieces. Equipped with a USB port, the MT-90U makes the file-import process quick and easy. Students or teachers simply load in favorite songs from a USB memory key such as Roland's new M-UF1G, or connect external devices such as a USB floppy-disk drive (FD-01A: sold separately) or a USB CD-ROM drive (commercially available, sold separately). CD-DA (music CD) playback through the USB CD-ROM is also possible.

Wireless remote and more
A wireless remote allows users to control the MT-90U from across the room and a backlit LCD is easy to see from a distance. The LCD even displays song title, tempo and lyrics of compatible SMF disks during karaoke sessions. Roland has also included a foot pedal port which allows you to activate the Start/Stop function while holding an instrument. Portable and fun to use, the MT-90U features icon-based buttons and backlit LCD making common operations such as playing songs, muting parts, or changing tempo and musical key easily. Its lightweight design and built-in grip handle make transport a breeze.

MIDI connectivity
The onboard MIDI IN port can be used to connect a MIDI Controller Keyboard for performing with high quality GM2/GS/tones. USB MIDI is also available as a powerful desktop sound module.

Roland MT-90U Multi-format Music Player Features:
  • Play-along device for practice and performance
  • Plays MIDI and audio files with tempo and key-change capability
  • USB port for external memory / loading in files from your computer
  • Wireless remote controller and microphone input
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable
The Roland MT-90U gives you an incredibly flexible rehearsal and playback tool!

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Joel Hart

I was intrigued by the unique nature of this product, which at first glance appears to be a portable boom box. However, beneath the surface lies a powerful teaching tool, which makes learning songs both fun and easy. Setup was a snap! I just plugged in the included power supply and turned the unit on. I then downloaded some MIDI and MP3 files onto a USB key and connected it to the front port on the MT-90U. The system immediately recognized the drive and I was able to play back all my songs using a familiar interface a lot like a standard tape or CD player. The MIDI files played back, borrowing sounds from the high quality built in sound module and they sounded great. The MP3's were faithfully reproduced by the small, yet powerful built in speaker. Using the intuitive controls I was able to quickly locate a part in a song which I wanted to learn. The A/B loop function allows you to repeat a specific section of a song without the need to rewind. Once I had my loop going, I decided I really wanted to learn the part in a lower key, and by using the transpose feature, I quickly lowered the pitch by two semitones and started playing along. Once I was satisfied, I simply disengaged the loop function and the song began playing normally. I was really impressed by the ability to isolate instruments in MIDI tracks by simply muting the parts I didn't want to hear. Another powerful feature is the ability to slow down MP3 and wav files without altering their pitch, which comes in handy when trying to figure out complicated parts. All around I find the MT-90U to be a valuable asset to anyone teaching or learning music.
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