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Yamaha MSP7 Studio 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor Reviews

5.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Yamaha MSP7 Studio 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor?

Questions about the Yamaha MSP7 Studio 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor?

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  • from Everman, TX January 19, 2017Music Background:

    These are the yamaha monitors you need!

    These translate very well and give me a true reflection of what i could expect to hear in other mediums. The front ported bass helps keep the low end clean and the 7" speaker helps the low end to shine unlike smaller and similarly sized monitors. I have worked on a range of projects since getting these and have not beel let down yet.

  • from Mami, FL December 13, 2016


    A month ago I purchased this babies from my good friend Ryan, always a pleasure mate!

    I have them sitting side by side with a lot more expensive monitors that I love and trust, the impressive barefoot MM27 that I have been using since 2009.

    Two years ago I moved to a smaller room and therefore I needed a smaller monitor, I was looking for something with more focus in the mid range.

    I've tryed different brands in depths, KRK, quested, jbl, focal, genelecs old and new, ProAc studio100 and I still have them sitting around at my place and although I can say they are all are good monitors and offered great things I still wasn't convinced, maybe is a matter of taste more than anything else. I have been mixing since 1993 and I grew up using NS-10s, after a while I slowly switched to Genelec and run them for a long time. When the Barefoots arrived I'm 2009 I found myself pretty confident with them and still use them a lot even now in a smaller room. The thing was that I always struggle to get a good taste of what I need to do with the top end and mid range with the MM27, as if things sounded already good from the start of the mix. All in all I was looking for something not only smaller but more honest.

    Honestly, after manny years, trying different speakers and felling greatful with the barefoots I still missed the NS10s and what they bring to table so I gave a shot to the MSP7s. I wasnt dissapointed, they offer a refine approach to the NS10s, were you get brutally clear directions and now at the same time less fatigue while using them, extended bass and nicer hi end compared to the NS10s without the compromise of doubting if they are correct. The image and depth are great too and they look well build, but most importantly they translate perfect, like their older brother NS10S use to do, like more expensive monitors and the improvements they offer.

    I'm blown away for sure and feel pretty happy mixing only with them, I can always check on the MM27 but honestly every passing day I do it less and less and enjoy with ammussent how a smaller, cheaper but we'll thought speaker gives me enough information to enjoy and release mixes without doubts. They are a Joy, an old school modern day joy for sure, but you will not fail with the MSP7s, they are helpers to keep.

    At the Salling point Ryan here a sweetwater commented that this MSP7s were the last designed speaker by the guy who designed the NS10s, and I can see clearly while hearing the MSP7s that they came from the same father.

    Now, I don't doubt any one can procure a great mix with any given set of speakers, I am a good proof of that, so try, chaise and find the ones that make you feel good, make your life easier and help you to get the most out of your mixing skills and taste.

    Be free and enjoy the music.


  • from September 10, 2016

    Game changers

    These things have completely upped my mixing game. Get your mix sounding balanced on these and it'll sound great on any system. The clarity and response on these really lets me know what's going on in my mix. Takes a little time to learn what your bottom end is doing on these, but I don't even feel like I have to car check my mixes anymore. I trust these monitors completely. Might grab another pair for backup.

  • from Reading, PA June 6, 2016

    Loving these monitors. Stop looking, buy these.

    These speakers have been a revelation. In the past year I went through a who's who of monitors in the $1500/pr world. I had Yamaha NS-10M Studio, Dynaudio BM5a (originals), Focal CMS 40, Focal CMS 50, Adam A8X, Presonus Sceptre S8 and now the MSP7 Studio.

    After getting rid of my Yamaha NS-10s it was a revolving door of speakers to replace them. The first ones I kept was the Dynaudio BM5a and then the 2nd pair was being cycled out regularly. When I lucked into a pair of Presonus Sceptre S8 at half list price, I jumped at it and WOW, they're worth it. They image so differently than almost any other speaker. It's truly amazing. But all the other speakers I was trying to compliment them with were too similar, but also not quite as good. So it was always a second fiddle situation. That is until, these showed up.

    In full disclosure, Ryan Murray, my Sweetwater rep recommended the MSP7 to me early on in my journey, but I had to see for myself and audition all the others. I'm stubborn like that. What these speakers do well is, they lift transients out of the mix in a way you haven't heard before. You can hear reverb tails with alarming accuracy now that have been masked or disappeared into less refined speakers. Finally I found a speaker that can play on the level of the Sceptre S8, hold their own, but provide their own unique perspective. And that's where the MSP7s shine. They're pushy in the highs, but that only reminds me why I loved my NS10s. The Focal CMS never gave me the high end I was hoping for. The Dynaudios did their best, but the highs weren't as stable and sturdy as with the MSP7s.

    While these monitors share a heritage with the NS10s, the MSP7 was designed by Akira Nakamura, the same man who designed the NS10s. This was his last speaker design before retiring and I think he hit his apex. The MSP7s are FAR more analytical and precise. These are the pinnacle of Yamaha near-fields for me. The titanium tweeter can go up to 40khz as if we need them to. But knowing you're not capping out at 20khz means the ultra high frequencies are still well within range of these bad boys and it shows. You're not hearing the tweeter trying to reach, you're hearing it in its comfort zone. It will take a bit of adjustment to learn how things sound on here and it's amazing how some songs you really enjoy will sound boxy depending on how the mids were originally mixed & which reverb was used compared to well engineered tracks that just open up and sound amazing. These have that NS10 characteristic of exposing midrange issues that allows you to fix them. The resolution of these monitors are really something to marvel at. I can't recommend them enough. They can easily be your only monitors, but having the Sceptre S8s helps me A/B and really dial in the perfect sound.

  • from Naples, FL March 14, 2015

    Quality at last

    Love these babies. Solid as a rock and very nice design. I've tried many monitors and these are by far the best. Every sound from my keyboard sounds great with little or no tweaking. I'm especially pleased with my acoustic grand piano sounds. I read thousands of reviews and did tons of research before making my choice and many people blame hiss and static on their monitors. Get quality cables and clean power for your gear with a power conditioner, then compare monitors. Very pleased with these and may soon buy another pair.

  • from Cottage Grove OR January 4, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Performer

    Great Reference Monitors

    I was looking for a pair of really clean, zero hype, and ultra accurate studio monitors. These really lived up to my expectations and I have been very happy with them. The highs are so clear that you can really pick out all the details and everything is so crisp that you can really dial in a mix. I personally think that if you are looking for speakers that make your music sound great, you are probably leaving a few things behind. These are like a science experiment, they tell you the truth about your mix.

  • from Muscat, Oman November 29, 2013Music Background:
    Audiobook Production

    Solid & Dependable

    I could go on and on about how great these monitors are.
    Carrying them into the studio was the first sign. They were heavy. Unboxing showed a no-nonsense front face, and the back is simply perfect. A proper heat-sink with convection grills at the top, and some nice room adjusters for rolloff and boosts if required.
    Then I switched them on. Punchy, sharp. balanced....awesome.
    Just buy a pair. You won't be sorry.

  • from East Aurora, NY November 30, 2012Music Background:
    Piano hobbyist

    Yamaha MSP7 Studio Speakers

    I was looking for some quality speakers to use with my digital piano. I spent a lot of money in shipping trying out a variety of speakers, but learned quite a bit along the way. Bigger speakers sounded better with the Rhodes type piano sound, smaller speakers made acoustic piano sounds crisper, tighter, and more accurate. Studio speakers afford better quality sound than PA speakers, though obviously are designed not to be as loud. In the end I found the perfect match up for my digital piano (Yamaha CP50) that works well in the studio yet powerful enough to do the occasional solo piano gig. They even have two M8 metric screw holes in the bottom that fit on a pair of Yamaha speaker stands with the Yamaha mounts. Sound is clean, clear, and oh so powerful. The speakers are small but feel like they are made out of cast iron -- very solid. These are terrific speakers -- my piano never sounded better!

  • from Inland Empire, CA January 20, 2010Music Background:
    Electro/Dance/Trance/DnB/Hip Hop/Rock

    Absolutely Incredible Sound Reproduction

    For the price. These are the best sounding monitors I've ever heard bar none. I work for a music store and we meticulously tested every monitor in our collection. These compare to Genelec sans a little bit of clarity in the mid section. The bass response in these speakers is superior with the sub.

  • from Brookfield, WI August 13, 2013Music Background:
    Voice-over Artist, Recording Engineer

    A Great Speaker Value

    I bought the MSP7's for my home voice-over studio. I was using some old Yamaha NS-10M's, but was never quite happy with how mixes translated outside the studio. With the MSP7's, I get a much truer representation of what I'm hearing, and mixes translate much better. Plus, they are not fatiguing when listening for a long time. I really like Genelecs, and these monitors are very close for a lot less money. Sound quality = 4.5 stars (Genelecs = 5 in my opinion). Bang for the buck = 5 stars. Highly recommended!

  • from Oh April 20, 2017

    Top Notch!

    Upon setup my initial reaction was that they sounded a bit bright/harsh, favoring the upper register with little to no bottom. Once I used the high trim switch to take the edge off, the highs smoothed out noticeably, while retaining both definition and an ample stage presence. These babies are loud, moreover the definition is incredible. I find the word ‘Heavy’ to be an understatement when handling these things. I thought about calling my son over to help me position the puppies on the stand. Been listening to them all day, playing selections I’m versed in to listen for details I didn’t hear from my KrK Rokit 6s. They’re much more revealing than the KRKs, (filling me with a warm fuzzy feeling). The MSP7s rendered the compositions with striking clarity and separation. Took them through a regimen of Jazz, Gospel, R&B and Classical, and yes even a little rock (Jeff Beck, Doobie Brothers). Suffice to say, I was very impressed.

  • from Siena, Italy November 13, 2007Music Background:
    Mix and mastering sound designer


    Incredible performance also compared with PMC TB2A, ATC SCM16A, ADAM S4A, Genelec 8040 or Dynaudio BM15A. These Yamaha are very interesting with its serious, controlled e very contrasted sound. My personal recommendation is: try these MSP7 before choose your studio monitors!

Questions about the Yamaha MSP7 Studio 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor?

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