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Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan 92/8 Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings Reviews

3.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan 92/8 Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings?

Questions about the Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan 92/8 Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings?

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  • Keith
    from Spring, TX November 17, 2014Music Background:
    hobbyist, home recording, praise team, etc.

    Best strings for my Martin Performing Artist

    These were the strings that came on the Martin GPCPA3 I got 3 years ago, and I mistakenly spent a couple years trying other strings. It finally occurred to me that maybe the original strings were actually part of the reason I selected that guitar from the many I tried, and so got a set of these. There was that sound again (sound of hand smacking forehead)! Not saying they're what will work for you, but I won't bother with any other strings from now on.

  • Pierre
    from Cary, NC September 28, 2014Music Background:
    Experienced Musician

    Best replacement for Taylor guitars

    These have the same touch and action as the stock Elexir Nanoweb .013/.056 on Taylor guitars but have a much clearer more defined sound.

    Also they last much longer. I will buy some for my friends so they try them off. They will thank me for it.

  • Joe Mowrey
    from Santa Fe, NM, USA December 15, 2012Music Background:
    Home hacker


    I've used regular Martin SP lights on my Taylor 214 for years. I recently bought a used Taylor 510 LTD (lucky me!) and found that the SP's were a bit twangy for that guitar. After trying about half a dozen other types of strings, I switched to the Cleartone version of the SP's and I am very pleased with the tonal clarity. I play exclusively non-amplified finger style and never use a pick, so a clean, natural tone from each string is important to my ear.

    The lifespan of the Cleartones is fairly stunning, too. I used to change the regular SP's on my 214 every few weeks (I play a lot). Approaching the two month mark, I finally changed the Cleartones on my 510 only because I wanted to clean and oil the fret board, polish my frets, and give my instrument a little TLC. But the old set was still sounding great. So I guess the downside is that the fret board won't be serviced as often using the Cleartones.

    The nice thing is that the tone seems to remain constant throughout the life of the strings. After the first few hours of "spangley" newness, they settle in to a very consistent and reliable sound.

  • Martin player
    from Columbia, MD USA September 19, 2012Music Background:

    Excellent string

    I've been a long-time fan of both Martin SP strings and Elixir coated strings. These Lifespan SP strings are the best of both. Clear, crisp tone and the coating doesn't shred like Elixirs do. I find that they last a good long time, too. I have them on several guitars in my collection. They have become my favorite string.

  • Customer
    from November 16, 2015

    Great tone, rather short life

    These strings have a great tone for the first few days. Unfortunately, they do not last longer than 20 hours of playing. Given their regular price is similar to Elixirs, I only buy them when on sale. Considering the short life and country of origin I find the full price rather high.

  • Walt Slizofski
    from Wyncote,PA October 9, 2014Music Background:
    Born again amateur.

    Somewhat dissapointing

    I had original factory strings on my D-17 and the sound was pure Martin! Deep loud base and rich treble. Changed strings to the light instead of their original medium. Tone was not as clear and sharp, and base was OK, but not as deep or loud. My guitar now sounds like any other brand. I no longer can definitely recognize it as a Martin, unless I read the name on the head plate. I'll be changing back to the original mediums after my fingertips get a little more calloused and my finger muscles get stronger to play sharp bar chords.

  • Randall
    from Knoxville, TN October 29, 2014Music Background:
    25 year Pro bassist, Played Acoustic Guitar for 20 years.

    Not impressed...

    I've been using Elixers for a while and thought I would give these a try. To say the least I was not impressed. I spent nearly 30 minutes stretching and tuning to no avail. I finally took them back off and put my 3 week old Elixers back on. If you want coated phosphor bronze I'd go Elixer, spend the extra $4, They are worth it.

  • Jeremy
    from Nashville December 14, 2011Music Background:

    No Life!

    I'm a fan of the regular Martin SP strings; however, these just don't have any tone to them. I got two sets free with my recent purchase, and I understand why. For my ear, I'll stick with the other Martin strings.

Questions about the Martin MSP7100 SP Lifespan 92/8 Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings?

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