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Zoom MS-70CDR MultiStomp Chorus / Delay / Reverb Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 47 customer reviews
Questions about the Zoom MS-70CDR MultiStomp Chorus / Delay / Reverb Pedal?

Questions about the Zoom MS-70CDR MultiStomp Chorus / Delay / Reverb Pedal?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Kris Eckman

    I've created ambient and psychedelic music for years. Even on a shoestring budget, I'm always looking for new and interesting effects. The affordable Zoom MS-70CDR gives me all of the high-fidelity reverb, delay, and modulation styles I need. Best of all, it lets me customize and stack them to create sounds I've never heard before. I rarely record without it!

  • from Springfield, OR April 27, 2017

    best multi pedal

    extremely easy to use and to learn, menus are easy to understand and navigate, there may be better effects pedals but this one is the best compromise between high quality effects and simplicity, loaded with every chorus + flange + echo + reverb + delay + EQ you need and with the ability to string up to 6 effects in any order quick and easy, i use this velcroed to the top my my ms-20 mini making the synth sound even more awesome, another layer of sound design, also using this with a mic for a low cost and effective vocal designer

  • from Pennsylvania February 14, 2017Music Background:

    Great pedal for synths

    I got this pedal to add an extra layer of effects to a synthesizer (Roland Gaia) and it works well with it. Obviously some of the effects are specifically designed for guitar/bass and don't work exactly as intended with a synth, but on the whole having some very good modelled chorus units along with the reverbs and delays - including two tape echoes - really enhances the sound of the Gaia. A huge variety of effects can be had with a little tweaking and chaining of the effects modules - up to six can be used for a preset, but some effects take a lot of processing power which causes the DSP Full message to appear, so a little forward planning is required when chaining the effects together. The menus are easy to get around, and the screen, although small, is clear and provides good visual feedback.
    No problems with clipping/distortion running stereo line-level inputs, I've tried it with a couple of synths and a drum machine, and the outputs - going straight to a Zoom R24 - are plenty loud enough with no background noise. If noise is a problem, Zoom have helpfully put a noise reduction unit in this thing, which will solve that issue.
    I would definitely recommend this pedal to any keyboard players who are looking to add a good all-round effects unit to instruments that have either minimal or no effects built in.

  • from USA October 5, 2016

    Sonic Seduction

    I auditioned the Zoom MS-70CDR Multi-Stomp on a bunch of reviews on YouTube. I was searching for a demo with the unit recorded in stereo. The moment I heard the MS-70CDR in stereo, I was sold. I ordered it that day from Mark Stein, my terrific Sweetwater Sales Engineer. I could not believe how fast it arrived. The first chance I had, I set it up on my pedal board and it sounded even better that I had imagined... clean, clear, luscious, better than reality!... I could go on and on. When I dialed up the emulation of the TC Electronic Corona Chorus pedal, the MS-70CDR sounded better than the actual unit. It was easy to a/b the two because the Tri-Chorus is next in the chain on my stereo board. I was so impressed with the MS-70CDR that I purchased the Zoom G3 the next day. I'm confident it will have the same killer models and more, and I can run in the cans without disturbing others.


  • from KY June 1, 2016

    Very Happy

    I don't know much else to say that everyone else hasn't already pointed out. I get some great tones out of this pedal. I have purchased other dedicated stomp boxes and even picked up an old Intellifex recently and I keep coming back to this pedal. I find a great lead tone with the combination of HD Hall Reverb, Stereo Chorus, and Stereo Delay. Paired with my Marshall DSL40C it just sounds wonderful. Do not hesitate to pick up this powerhouse. It has a bit of a learning curve to navigate but nothing most folks can't handle. Thanks to Aaron Tremaine for hooking me up as usual. I love Sweetwater.

  • from Vandalia, Illinois May 29, 2016Music Background:
    experienced enthusiast

    cool pedal

    I used to own a Peavey Profex rackmount and missed the effects so I ordered this zoom. I think it's great to record with. I'm using it with my acoustic rig to add a little ambiance etc. Sounds good and i really like it alot! I suggest getting the zoom ad16 power adpt. as well, one spot didn't seem to plug in well? I've tried it in the front input of my Mesa and Badcat tube amps and feel that it would probably do better thru the effects loop. Thru solid state amps its fine thru the front. A bit of a learning curve but you can also use it for the single effects alone. I enjoy using it in several different scenarios but will probably stick with it for the acoustic rig. I like it in the effects loop of my Orange Micro Dark as well. Be aware that it's on as soon as you plug your chord in with batteries. I got the ad16 adpt. and took the batteries out. Hope this helps. Part timer out!

  • from Long Island May 20, 2016Music Background:
    Rock, Western Swing, country

    Zoom Raises The Bar For Multi Effects

    No bigger than a Boss Stomp box, this puppy packs a large pedal board's worth of effects that would be worth thousands of dollars if purchased separately.
    How do they sound you ask? Absolutely great in my opinion.
    Reverbs(all types), Flangers, delays, vibratos, tremolos even an intelligent pitch shifter! I personally have three. Two on a pedal boards and one alone.
    The only caveat is there is a learning curve but it will be time well spent. All I can say is, get one!

  • from Warner Robins, Georgia January 27, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist, Drummer, Vocalist, Songwriter, Arranger

    Zoom MS-70 MultiStomp Pedal

    This is a fantastic pedal for the money! The effects are really good, and with the amount of control that is provided over the effects, you can really tailor the sound to the specific guitar you are playing at the moment, which is important if you own multiple guitars, and also use it (as I do) on both acoustic and electric.
    This is important because the amount of, say, reverb or delay or chorus that you would use with a single coil, as opposed to a humbucker, as opposed to an acoustic, may vary. It takes a little working with it, to learn how to program it, but it is well worth the effort. The manual, in my opinion, is very clear on how to do things, and also there are You Tube videos available if you learn better visually. You have multiple choices of the "big three" effects (hence it's name), some of them in stereo. The other effects, such as phaser, pitch shift, etc, are also very good. Yes, you can get the dreaded "DSP limit reached" message on some patches, but I can live with that for now. The usb cable firmware update option is also very cool, as is the stereo ins and outs, which is very good for recording. I liked this pedal so much that I just ordered the MS 50, and plan to pair them together on some occasions. I have lots of stand alone pedals, including some of them modeled by the MS-70, and while they are not PERFECT copies(no digital pedal is yet), of the ones I own, they're very close enough for most applications. This Swiss Army Knife pedal is well worth the $99 bucks I spent on it, and thanks to my sales engineer Nathan for all his assistance when I get G.A.S. and ask him multiple questions about something. You're the best!

  • from Eugene, OR November 10, 2015Music Background:
    Bass and other string instruments

    Collects a lot of good stuff into a small package!

    I bought this as a way to have a bunch of time-domain effects on a very small bass pedalboard I use with two alt-Americana acoustic groups. I have not been disappointed!

    The presets, as always, are hit-or-miss, and generally a bit too exaggerated. But if you take the time to do some editing, and set up a sequence of patches that can be cycled through with the footswitch, you can get excellent results.

    The chorus and modulated delays sound wonderful to my ear, and seem to work equally well with bass or guitar. I'm especially happy with the reverbs, which I use to add a little ambiance to my bass and cello bow work; and the choruses, which I use to add a little motion and "snarl" to those times when I go full-metal "Jaco" on things.

    I'm never going to exercise all the possibilities in this pedal, but since it's replacing three pedals I use on my much larger "battleship" pedalboard, I feel like I'm coming out way ahead. At the price, you won't find anything else that can compete in this area of functionality.

  • from Washington, d.c. October 31, 2015Music Background:
    I have a day job, but a dozen albums of originals, and more shows than i can remember

    Chorus, Delay, Verb and much more

    I have a multi reverb pedal and one of the most feature packed delays out there, over 5 modulation pedals, so so you might think i dont need one of these, but this, unlike some other multifx units, has the power to run 6 effects at once. 5 if you need immediate 1 stomp bypass.

    So I use this when I want to add multiple effects at once.

    This could be more subtle, like a boost (which you can add to most effects without even taking up a slot), eq and verb, for a solo. Or turn your signal into an evolving pad.

    Build quality is solid, i write this review after having had one for over a year. Stomp on it every time i tune.
    Oh yeah, This also has a good tuner, so its almost free space.

    I actually bought a spare just out of paranoia theyd stop making them or something.

  • from Arizona September 14, 2015

    Solid build with lush and clean chorus-delay-reverb FX

    This is a very low noise fx unit.
    I like how it emulates many famous fx boxes that you can chain together in the menu.
    I also find this units ability to power up off of multiple sources very convenient (usb,9v,or wall adapter)
    I use this for home studio only. I do not use distortion in my playing or want amp simulations on a pedal so this pedal is everything that I need or want for playing my electric or acoustic guitar in a studio environment.
    I previously owned a zoom 20 20 years ago and it lasted me until I sold it. The MS-70CDR is of course a much more solid build with way improved sound quality. I expect to have this for many more years to come. Thank You Sweetwater and sales rep Michael Eads for always taking care of my music needs and exceeding expectations for so many years now.

  • from Austin, tx July 12, 2015Music Background:
    Wannabe shredder

    Greatest multi effects

    I wanted a great multi unit for delay, reverb and chorus for recording, as those are pretty much the only effects (along with overdrive for boosting) I like to use. And wow, u can't go wrong, so many pedals to choose from. They all blew me away. It may be difficult for live performances, but for recording, it's awesome

  • from Cairo, GA June 17, 2015Music Background:
    Worship Leader/ Musician

    Zoom MS-70CDR is a Beast!!!!

    This is a great pedal! More than I expected from a small multi-stomp guitar pedal. It has so many effects built in, which you can customize and program. Like 6 at one time!!! I have mine pared with the TC Flashback X4 delay and it is killer! You will not find a better pedal for the price guaranteed!

  • from Frisco, TX June 3, 2015


    I was so impressed with this pedal that I purchased 2 so that I can use the HD effects without getting the message DSP overload. I love the different spot-on emulations of much higher priced gear. It's noiseless and the effects are pristine. Will be using them with my Moog Sub 37 and Odyssey Rev1. A+!

  • from Nashville May 28, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-pro (schlub)

    One-stomp shop

    I am using this unit for a small fly-rig, and I couldn't be happier. As always Mike Godlove and the Sweetwater crew came through with flying colors. The unit itself is perfect for scaling down a huge pedalboard. A lot of the chorus, delay, and reverb sounds in this unit rival their stand-alone counterparts. I could have used some more flanger and phaser control and/or options, but for the money, this is close as you can get to "having everything" as far as modulation and time-based effects. Anything close to being better costs 4 times as much. This unit is why they invented the phrase "champagne taste on a beer budget".

  • from Northern Virginia May 19, 2015Music Background:
    Nashville bands.

    Great for pedal steel guitar!

    Small, light, but sounds like a rack unit. Read the manual to program it . . . then step through your effects as needed (steel players only use a half dozen). Get the AC adapter for home practice, batteries for gigs.

  • from United States April 19, 2014Music Background:

    Reverb Junkie on a budget

    I was looking for a do it all reverb, I wanted plate, spring, reverse and modulated. I wanted something that offered subtle to extreme. I was really interested the Eventide Space. But seriously could not commit to the price tag. So looking at alternatives I stumbled upon the MS-70cdr. I liked how specific the features where. I like that it is limited to the chorus, delay and reverb effects. The variations of these three effects are overwhelming. I've heard the dsp is limited when stacking the effects but I don't usually use many effects simultaneously. I also liked the fact it didn't do amp modeling, everything seems to do amp modeling nowadays. It is built solid and is very intuitive to use. I like having the three knobs to control the parameters in real time. The screen is a good size and looks great. So easy to see your parameters positions. You don't have to go into too many menu screens to achieve your sounds. Best of all it sounds really good! Really surprised it is priced so reasonable. As far as me looking at the Eventide Space, this has three clones of eventide algorithms! It's like this thing was custom made for what I was looking for. BTW I use this with guitar and synthesizers.

  • from Richmond, VA January 30, 2014Music Background:
    Fingerstyle Acoustic Player

    Perfect for acoustic rigs

    I bought the MS-50 for my electric guitar rig and the MS-70 for my acoustic rig. This does so much my entire acoustic rig consists of only my acoustic guitar and the MS-70 output to stereo to 2 Bose towers. That's all I need. Amazing sound!

  • from San Francisco Ca January 15, 2014Music Background:
    25+ years of funkin , rockin , groovin & hip-hopin !


    At this price point, i was expecting something that "should do" . what i got was something that impressed me just as much as strymons timeline and blue sky in terms of sound quality (clearly not as feature robust as the strymons mentioned, but sound quality definitely on par !)

    i have owned everything from the earliest boss and ibanez stomps to the most current DSP's. so i have a lot to compare this piece to. IMHO you cannot get more value, functionality, or better sound quality from any single pedal on the current market. ZOOM NAILED this stomp !

    Im using this in the effects loop of my blackstar id260 , and the second i plugged it in, the game changed ! i went straight in , dialed an EQ + HD reverb + an analog delay.... and i was instantly in solo heaven ! if this was ALL this pedal did, i would be ecstatic ! but its not ! this pedal has some of the most lush chorus's i have ever heard, all the analog/digital/slap-back/echo/ping-pongs you could possibly ask for in a single stomp unit, and as mention several times, and i shall do so again, SOUND QUALITY IS FIERCE !

    could it use some improvements ? of course ! and im sure we will see some terrific pedals stem from this MS line !

    PS:while im here, i may as well toss in that im equally blown away by the ZOOM G3X and am still in a bit of denial as to how many pedals these two pieces have replaced on my board !

  • from October 3, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    Before this pedal i had on my Guitar Rig; Pedaltrain 1 with EHX Holly Grail + TC Alter Ego delay + TC Flashback Delay + MXR Phase 90 EVH + Liquid Chorus +TC Poly Tune + CMAT Brownie + TC Spark mini booster + Wah.

    After i get this pedal now my rig is: Pedaltrain nano with Zoom Ms 70 + CMAT Brownie + TC Spark mini booster + Mini Wah.

    This thing make my life easier.

    REALLY Easy to use.

    Buy it.... it's a must have, END OF THE HISTORY.

  • from Dunsmuir, CA August 20, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Got it Right

    I had tried last generation zoom pedals some years ago and was not impressed.

    But wanted effects only to run through a tube amp loop with no amp modeling. Tried all the boards that went from ho hum to wouldn't work in the loop. So gave the MS 70CDR a try. This pedal is awesome. It sports numerous brand names they've sampled that sound true, simple to use and are great sounding effects. Especially important if you want to maintain your tube amp quality and have great options for C-D-R in one stomp size pedal.

  • from New Jersey, USA July 24, 2013Music Background:


    Wow. I love it. Eventide, MXR, TC-Electronics, Boss, Digitech, Time Line, ADA, Line6, Electro Harmonix, Fenders Reverb, Maestro Echoplex and ZOOMs own effects etc. These effects are so well simulated. They sound scary good. I wish this came out long ago. I could of saved alot of money and space. Worth checking out.
    One of 'Best in Show' by Guitar World!!!

  • from Texas May 10, 2017Music Background:
    church guitarist, at-home noodler

    More fun than a pedal has a right to be!

    This is a great little box with just about every chorus, delay, or reverb effect you might want. In addition to the 40 preset patches (all of which are fully customizeable), there's space for you to create and save patches of your own from the 86 individual effects. I deducted 1/2 star only because there's so much this box can do, there's a bit of a learning curve to it, and the User Manual is more of a quick-start guide than a detailed manual. Fortunately there are some good videos on YouTube that dig into features and processes more thoroughly. In any case, just by monkeying around with the thing you can get a pretty good grasp of the basics, and if you inadvertently make changes that you can't figure out how to undo, you have the option of restoring everything to factory defaults. If you're looking for a great 3-in-1 pedal, your search is over. Huge shout-out also to my sales guy Norb Berninger for his continued excellent service!

  • from Indianapolis, IN January 12, 2016Music Background:

    Nice with synths!

    I bought this to use in the studio with various synthesizers, just because I love the hands on control of an effects unit. Holy cow! You can do so much with this little box. I love the ability to chain effects and save patches. I was looking for a less expensive pedal than the Strymon Timeline for Eventide Timefactor (but with lots of effects options), and this one fulfills my needs quite well.

    My only gripe is the knobs. I really wish they were just plain old knobs that turned smoothly. The clickiness of them is a smidge annoying, but really, the fantastic sound and options this pedal has really overcomes that small flaw.

    This thing combined with the Novation Bass Station 2 is a BEAST of a combo. :)

  • from December 11, 2015


    Good effects unit, the reverbs could be better but they are still usable. I wouldn't hesitate to use it live. Very fun to mess around with!!

  • from Wheeling, WV October 16, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter, performer, and pedal enthusiast for about 20 years.

    Great Pedal

    Very cool. Nice simulations of well known modulations. The interface isn't exactly idiot proof, but you also won't need an advanced degree to figure it all out. Has some really well put together presets. I run a stereo rig with other stereo pedals. Just be careful plugging everything in or you might accidnetally kill your tone real fast.
    I A/B-Ed the Corona Trichorus preset with an actual TC Gravy TriChorus pedal. The Zoom preset was probably 99% on the money.
    I used to have a Small Clone and this pedal does a great small clone--and you can run the Zoom Small Clone IN STEREO!
    Rotary preset is really nice.
    The Vibrato preset on the Zoom might actually be better than my Gravy pedal.
    The crazy modulation presets (the noisemaker/ambient effects are actually one major reason I bought this pedal. They are really cool, and if you don't think they are cool, then you have the ability to change any all of the parameters until you find your own definition of cool.
    I thought at first there was a volume drop. But the I moved a couple of pedals around and it was perfectly fine.

    The tuner was not real great, but that also might be how far down the chain this pedal is on my board.

    There is no firmware update for this pedal yet. I have no idea if there will be one, but you do not need to go looking for one as 10/16/2015.

    I am making this review only one day after receiving it and having about 3 hours of messing around with it. But, I think I can safely say i am keeping it.

    It is a great pedal to have for those times when you just want some weird sounds to liven up your playing a little bit, but don't want to spend $300 for 4 pedals that you click on once during a whole set--the kind of sounds that you can use to kickstart a new tune or just make it stand out a bit.

  • from January 15, 2015Music Background:
    Been playing,buiding and repairing guitars for 30 years.

    Great...But power it.

    Hi guys every good remark is correct. My one piece of advice, Run the unit and program the unit with a power supply and keep fresh batteries in it for back up. I first just used batteries and as they ran down so did the pedals ability. I thought my ears were playing tricks. But my main program is EQ Chorus Delay Reverb.....Lush acoustic sounds. But this is using a fair bit of processing just out of 2 AA batteries and began to sound different as the batteries wound down. Fantastic .pedal. great value. But have a power supply ready..

  • from Virginia June 30, 2014Music Background:
    Good question

    Rather Amazing

    This is my second Zoom pedal (MS-50 Multi Stomp was the first) and my fourt Zoom product. I have the RT-223 Rhythm Track which is amazing for its versatility and I also had the first Zoom guitar FX years ago. Always pleased with their technology and craftsmanship. What I love about the CDR is its recreation of the Timefactor, Eventide and Strymon pedals at a user friendly price. As always, Matt Emick was great but I sure wish they would send more candy!

  • from Ames, Iowa USA March 23, 2014Music Background:
    Experienced, recording, hobbyist

    Great sounds - but a bit confusing to work

    The sound selections in this pedal are really high quality. I aim to use it for only one effect at a time - although it can give you 6 at once theoretically. If it weren't for the excellent selection of sounds, I perhaps would not have purchased it due to the learning curve involved in operating it correctly. But I plan on learning it and taking advantage of the great things it can do. It works best with batteries in it as there is a power drain sometimes when in a chain with other effects that shuts the device off unexpectedly. After putting the batteries in it (in addition to the plug in power supply) all is well. The batteries seem to supply a sort of necessary back-up power supply in the event the device is tempted for some reason, to turn off. A little patience is required with this device - but worth it.

  • from Seattle November 20, 2013Music Background:
    Bassist, guitarist

    Zoom Multi-Stomp MS-70CDR

    Does what it says on the tin. Great chorus, delay, reverb and more in a single package. I was able to get rid of 3 stomboxes and replace with just this single piece.
    My buddy owns the best of the best - Strymon and Eventide. He tried the Zoom and declared it "the bargain of the century". It is not going to replace a rack of high-end studio gear but gets the job done more than adequately. Check Brett Kingman's Utube review.
    I am using it for live playing and have it set up with 3 sounds and 3 blanks, one between each. Being a simple soul, I find I never get lost this way!
    It is easy to program and use and sounds excellent.

  • from Agoura Hills California July 17, 2013Music Background:
    Semi Pro Musician

    Great pedal

    Bought it as a back up to my humongous pedal board and find myself just bringing it to gigs. The great effects and small footprint makes it ideal for small stages. Has a bit of a learning curve like most Zoom products but it is time well spent. I don't do a lot of tweaking during songs so the ability to store effect chains and bring them up for songs works fine or me. If you are a tweaker, it would still make a great addition to your board ( a veritable Swiss Army Knife). The online store could use more effects for purchase.

  • from Texas June 12, 2017Music Background:

    Great sounds

    Great pedal - really versatile - get firmware version 2.0 for lots of really great FX. It's on my pedalboard - and I switch it in and out with a Boss Line Selector - the only thing it NEEDS is good midi control.

    I have eight presets and five on on the scrolling preset list - just the basics really - a little delay - tremolo, vibe, chorus - and I keep my board small.

    GREAT sound from a very small unit. A very good choice for a variety of applications.

  • from Jasper, AL October 28, 2016Music Background:
    drums, guitar, bass, vocals - hobbyist

    Not bad!

    I bought this to get a little reverb on a Dark Terror and I run it through the effects loop (nice benefit of the Dark Terror). I found the sound I wanted on the first run through, and am very pleased with it. I use the Ambient Reverb mostly, and it sounds good, without overpowering.

    There are many great effects on this unit, but I really only wanted the reverb. I may set up a delay or slapback, too.

    The tuner is not so great... I don't know what the issue was, but it kept telling me that the guitar was in C or C# on the E string. So, I broke out the phone and my tuner app, and was in E... So, you may not want to mess with the tuner feature much.

  • from Deltona, FL August 10, 2016Music Background:
    Jazz/Blues guitar

    Amazing Sounds/User Friendly

    You could customize this with very little time and effort. I think this is going to be a new style for many future multi effects pedals because this competes with the big boards very easily. It's solid, but it is not a foot operating unit. The silver button in the middle is the only thing you could use with your foot, everything else has to be done with your fingers. This is not as solid as a boss pedal, but solid enough and it does much more than any single boss pedal; it's also easier to use than most boss pedals. The price is great. I would pay twice as much for this if they made it entirely foot compatible without making it a huge complex board. The instructions are very difficult to read and not very clarified. I got my instructions from an online manual and some great you tube videos. This is the dream pedal for a jazz player.

  • from Wheeling, WV November 10, 2015Music Background:
    Been playing for a while now

    Good deal

    I've had the pedal for about a month now. The presets are a nice introduction. The emulations are pretty darn good. I like the fact that I can now run a Small Clone in stereo. I have a TC Gravy Pedal (which has the same sound as a Corona on Tri-Chorus mode). I did an A/B test and they really nail the TC Tri-Chorus sound. The Vibrato is nice. The Rotary is fair. The normal delays and reverbs are all pretty good--however I also have other separate pedals and my amp ('68 Super Reverb) covering a lot of that territory. The niche effects (pitch and granular delays, the more specialized reverbs are fun, but I haven't sunk my teeth into them as much as some of the other modulation effect). I'be only played around a bit with flange, phase, and the like. But they are there and sound good on the presets.
    Being that it is a single-sized, one-button stomp while being a multi-fx at the same time, all of the functions are really stacked on top of one another. So, switching between presets on the fly and parameter manipulation will require you spending some time on the ground pushing and twisting knobs. Even things like tap tempo require a little bit deeper understanding of how the different delays work. I've only had a little time to really get into changing parameters to my liking, so take that into consideration.
    Basically I plan on using this pedal as bit of a Swiss Army knife of effects I don't really have the money or pedalboard space in which to invest (rotary, flange, a second vibrato if--I am using the Gravy for chorus, phase, pitch delay/arpeggiator, basic guitar synth). That's all I can tell you so far. For the price it's a great value, but be prepared to invest some time.

  • from Buffalo, NY April 20, 2015Music Background:

    Zoom Multi-Stomp

    I've owned the MS-70 CDR for about a month now. Overall, I love the sounds and the fact that you can have multiple effects. However, I have a couple of nitpicks.

    First, although the unit is advertised as having 6 memory slots, it really doesn't, depending. For starters, as some have mentioned, depending on the effects you use, you might max out the processing capability after 5 or even 4 effects. Second, what I have not seen mentioned is the Line Select effect. It is basically a glorified master volume control. Besides acting as a master volume, it allows you to have certain effects on even in bypass mode, depending on where you put the Line Select in the signal path, which can be useful in a live situation.

    So, if you simply want a preset master volume (or want to use the Line Select function I just described), you must use up one effect slot, giving you five effect slots. This isn't really a big deal, as most of my presets just have one or two effects. I have programmed presets with more effects, but I basically just wanted to replace my cheap digital delay on my living room pedal board with something better, so really, being able to program a delay with chorus and reverb is icing on the cake for me.

    I see the unit more as a recording device as opposed to a live unit. However, you can program it to scroll through a number of presets (how many I forget offhand), or you could just have it on your pedal board as a Swiss Army Knife for the occasional random sound, or just have it set for one effect (like Delay).

    My only other gripe is the pitch shift effect. It is polyphonic to a point - it's not as good as a Pog but better than an old Digitech Whammy. What is odd is that I get some weird overtones on the 3 bass strings, but especially the low E string, even with single notes. IMO, there is no excuse for a pedal maker not to make their pitch shift effect polyphonic. I owned a Digitech multi-effect device around 10 years ago (which one I can't remember) that had a pitch shift effect with near perfect polyphony.

    As for the other effects, I pretty much like them all. It's very cool that they include some wackier effects like the Shimmer Verb. I don't know why they included like maybe a dozen choruses and only one phase shifter effect, but whatever. I'm sure that the sounds don't quite compare with a Lexicon or Eventide, but for the money you get a lot of really good sounds in a small package for a cheap price. I was going to buy the Digitech Polara Reverb but when I got it most of the Reverb effects just passed straight signal with no effect, so I had to return it. I'm really glad it worked out that way, because I got a whole lot more for a few bucks less with the Zoom.

  • from Philadelphia, PA (USA) July 29, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician

    does the job

    It works but is tricky to adjust. The manual is moderately useful in this regard. The presets are OK if you find one or more that are close to what you need. I wanted chorus and reverb but no delay. Eventually I cobbled something together that does the job.

  • from New jersey. January 27, 2014Music Background:
    Average musician.

    Zoom Ms-70CDR

    It's awesome, te sound is perfect, and the presets effects are greatly done.
    Worth every penny.

  • from Pacific Northwest December 25, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-pro player and recording engineer

    Great bargain, but don't run it on batteries

    An excellent value for the price. Sounds great, and not too clumsy to operate in a live setting (be sure to set up a Favorites list for quick access) and the display is easy to read on a darkened stage.

    One caveat, though: battery life is short. Might not even last through a gig. It takes 2 AA's and at least you don't need a screwdriver to replace them.

  • from November 1, 2013

    Serious little box

    There are at least a handful of unique effects taken from pedals that cost 500 dollars. The "ice" and "shimmer" effects are among the most notable. It's seems as if Zoom collected all of the weird, quirky effects from pedals like the Strymon Timeline and the Eventide pedal series which is a very cool thing to to (except for, you know, the unoriginality and Behringer-esque rip-off cloning of existing effects).

    I've really only scratched the surface of the pedal myself but the interface is as seamless as it can be considering the size of the unit. I also like that Zoom has loaded preset programs with very interesting and useful combinations of the single effects.

    The sound quality is amazing and the effects range from merely useful to way out there. i would not have minded if Zoom chose to house the unit in a bigger box for interface purposes but with a little practice it is just fine.

    So far I have just tried it with guitar but I will be using it with keyboards as well and I'm curious to see how it voices with different instruments. I have a feeling it will be very fun. This is a very, very fun pedal that runs deep with possibilities.

    I am totally impressed with Zoom right now and it seems that they have stepped up the quality of their products. I remember them being purveyors of only cheesy multi-effects units for beginners and low end mixers and recording equipment.

    I hope the rest of their line stand up to the quality of this box.

  • from Jericho, NY September 17, 2013Music Background:
    Professional musician. Guitar and pedal steel.

    Stellar Sounds in a Compact Stompbox.

    With over 80 stunning effects and a tuner, this box has definitely raised the bar for other manufacturers. I've been looking a long time for a multi effects unit with just time based effects and no OD/distortion or crazy modeling.
    The problem with most multi-effects units is navigating to different patches and tweaking on the fly. You also have to spend a lot of time alone with these units to get them to perform the way you want. I think that's why a lot of guitarists prefer individual stomp boxes for that reason.
    This box is no exception. It has its quirks though once you get the hang of how it operates tweaking is much more intuitive. I also found the manual a little cryptic and the font microscopic.
    Okay, once you have your sounds the Zoom allows you to assign them in any order you like by giving them letters. Easy enough, but I think it would be really cool if you could assign different sets of letters. Say on one gig you want A as delay, B as reverb and C as delay and reverb. Then on another gig you want A as flange, B as phase, etc. In other words different banks which you cannot do. You can assign letters A-Z in any order, but it would be cool to have say, 4 effects in one bank and only two in another. On the up side, it's very easy to change the order of effects.
    All in all though, this is a fantastic box and well worth the reasonable price. To have all those effects separately would cost thousands!
    To me, this is a keeper!

  • from Brooklyn NY July 12, 2013Music Background:

    Awesome pedal - one major gripe

    I bought this to add some ice-n-spice to my guitar looper rig which currently consists of a Little Alligator volume, an MS100BT (the other Zoom Multistomp for guitar), an ebow, and a Boomerang III. The effects and sheer amount of them are amazing for the price. The ice delay and shimmer reverb make for some really interesting, beautiful textures and are worth the price alone for my needs.

    Here's my gripe: The dreaded DSP LIMIT REACHED error (something that really annoyed me with the POD HD500 as well). To readers who don't know what this means, basically the pedal has only so much processing power and once that's eaten up you can't use certain other processor-heavy effects - and there's no real way of figuring out which specific ones other than trial and error. I can live with it with this kind of pedal, it's just irritating and something they should mention in the product description. Yeah, you can use up to X amount of effects at once... but as a result of the DSP error not just any of them. Say that I want a patch with 1 reverb and 1 delay in it. There are a few reverbs that are so processor intensive that you can't add certain delay types to the patch - it just says LIMIT REACHED and you have to settle for a less resource-intensive effect. Not the end of the world but I hope that technology eventually catches up and we never see this roadblock on multi effects pedals ever again. But for the price and what you get you really can't complain. I would have killed for something like this in the 80s. And 90s... even 5 years ago.

    I don't really rock out on this pedal so don't know how it behaves at loud volumes. The aforementioned looper rig usually is used direct in stereo. The MS100BT didn't perform very well for me at band volume (the crunchier amp sims were very noisy) but maybe the MS70CDR will be better at loud levels being that it's not an amp modeler. I use mostly lower gain settings in the MS100BT with this rig so it all seems pretty quiet. YMMV.

    Only other thing I'd love is a software editor for these Multistomps. Yeah, they're easy to tweak on the fly - but I'd like to be able to have a GUI to tweak from. It's not fun to have to either A) have my pedalboard on my desk or B) unplug the MS70CDR from it to do my tweaking. Nobody likes being hunched over tweaking with a guitar strapped on.

    Check this pedal out though if you're looking for some really nice spaced out textures to your sound and don't want to deal with the cost and the brain cells it takes to use the Eventide pedals (I had the Modfactor for a few years and although it sounded great, I didn't have patience for the learning curve it took to tweak the thing). All of this stuff for $119? And in such a small box? Come on. That's insane.

  • from van down by the river December 30, 2016


    Seeing how all the reviews seen on this are 5 star, I doubt if a more honest view of it will get through the smoke and mirrors. I've tried like 3 times now. Don't get me wrong a love Sweetwater, my #1 vendor but all this 5 star stuff, really?? Newness syndrome: "I just got it so it is amazing", not so much...
    Bottom line: this unit is simply OK, if you have no other effects at hand. Which is where I was when I decided to use it while I slowly rebuilt my pedalboard from a recent sell-off mistake.
    Anyway the modulations, delays, reverbs are rather stale, abrupt, and have no since of any organic feel or life to them. Rather hard to describe or get the point across, they just seem profoundly digital. They seem to be just ON or OFF in a sense they are not very musically appealing or have much of a feel to them. I found the aspect of trying to turn just one effect on or off and editing while you are playing to be a terse undertaking.
    Do they work, oh sure they do and if you having nothing else or perhaps are not experienced with really high end top shelf effects, they fill in the breach. So for the money you get a nice condensed package here and if you have effect needs and cannot wait on getting several pedals, this might do you for a time.

    Now what do I like about it, what can I say it does well instead of just somewhat trashing all the 5 star decay cranked, ambient noodling demos? And isn't it funny, no one has noticed or much mentioned how great these are:
    It has a fantastic ZNR Zoom Noise Reduction circuit that works extremely well, set lightly it will remove the surface level hiss on your sound without touching the dynamics. It also has on the EP3 delay model an EP3 preamp toggle, now this toggle is on or off and whether or not you have the delay off or even attempt at using the "thru signal" block it is always on when on.
    Now here was some sonic delight. It has no adjustments, sadly, but it rolls off the tinny high end on the guitar and gives you that warm but toneful Eric Johnson, Pagey EP3 preamp sound that is what we love about that tape unit. I dig it for these two things and really for the mere $100+ bucks you cannot get both of these effects in one box. Personally, I would kill for this EP3 preamp in a stand alone box w adjustments.
    That is the honest straight up experienced guitarist pedal maven insight.

  • from N Dallas November 29, 2016

    MS70CDR highly overrated

    Pristine? Lush? Dynamic? Fidelity? Headroom? Let's be honest here, if you need mod, delay, reverb in a pinch and have little bucks, this will do, and that is that, it will do. I changed my rig entirely and found myself really lacking pedals so I got this as a stop gap fill till I can get some more higher end pedals.
    That being said, let me tell you a couple things I really like about it:
    -the EP3 delay has a marvelous Preamp switch which has that warm great sounding tone the EP3 preamp is known. When switch on it functions even with the delay off.
    -I found the Zoom ZNR noise reduction to be really good. Even set mildly it removed the slight background hiss floor on my loop chain.
    I'll keep it just for those two abilities and the cost justified for 2 nice effects.
    Now what I do not like and find actually pretty terrible:
    -the most user unfriendly editing scheme ever. So hard to figure out how it works they when you do it's still a pain. Changing presets is also a pain and a constant bend over and kill your back thing.
    -You can rig the entire preset to bypass using a line select effect, to turn any effect on/off you have to have its icon on the screen and hit the main button only one at a time!
    -I am sorry but even though this is supposed to have great bit and chip quality, I find all the delays and reverbs to pale to any other high end pedal. They are no where near the quality so many rave about. Workable sure, usable, but if you think this is going to save you from ever getting better high end pedals then you must be one of those bargain pedal players who thinks quality top shelf is a waste of money. I suppose in a realm of low budget effect pedals this might seem really amazing. It's OK and does the job in a pinch, a temporary fill in, but as a main pedal, other than the cool EP3 preamp and NR, I find just about anything can outdo it.

  • from N Dallas December 3, 2016


    I am sorry but the quality and fidelity of delays and reverbs in this unit leaves a great deal to be desired.
    I do think it has a very good rather transparent ZNR noise reduction model and an outstanding Preamp on the EP3 tape delay model which remains on when the delay is off. Other than that I find all the delays and reverbs of major lower quality in dynamics and overall sound. Most demos I have seen are cranking the decay and predecay way up and comparing it to a Strymon and Eventide, yeah sure about like a Ford Fiesta and my Mercedes are both cars. Sure a low cost stop gap bridge on the way to much better pedals but comparable to much nicer higher end pedals, just no way. If one gives this a 5 what are you rating a Strymon, Eventide, Nemesis, or other top shelf units? Come on.

  • from September 3, 2015

    OK for the price and size

    It does a lot for a small device. Being able to string multiple effects together in any order is very cool. Some of the effects just don't sound that great. I thought the reverse reverb was pretty grainy compared to my Lexicon MX200. The phaser was kinda weak, even though it has multiple stages you can select. Just very digital sounding. The tremolo and delays are pretty good. The eq is useful and the menus are well thought out. There's a bit of a learning curve to use it, but it's not too bad. Having a big screen lit up on my pedal board was annoying. The knobs are also push buttons and more than once my big clumsy foot stepped on the footswitch and a knob at the same time so I had to bend down to fix it and get out of whatever weird mode I was in to be able to turn the effect back off. Not cool in a performance. I ended up ditching it after two weeks on tour.

  • from Illinois December 31, 2016

    Cute beginners toy, USELESS live

    In 20 years of reviews, I have never rated anything lower than a 3. This gets a 2 because it sounds OK, but it's totally useless in any live setting if you need to switch more than 1 preset or sound. In fact I have no idea how there is so many 5 star reviews. Going back for exchange.

    You can't switch or turn either presets or patches on/off easily--the only way to change back & forth is to USE YOUR FINGERS. It's even multiple steps--you can't just turn a knob or press a button, you have to go inside a menu, then change! To me, that is a complete failure of any pedal that lives outside the basement. Don't believe me? Go look--the usual web boards are full of "how can I use controller with this to make it useable?".

    The sounds are OK, especaially for the price, but they all really take the mojo away from my amp. I have many multi-effects boxes, and this is just average. I felt the dynamics of my tube amp go away & become much more sterile. Probably great for keys and SS practice amps, and the size is a huge plus compared to other options.

  • from December 8, 2016

    MS70CDR Zoom multi effects unit

    I understand why so many love this unit but for me it was just a stop gap fill until I get build up some higher end pedals. Sure, you run this into a really clean amp, crank up the decay and depth and it sounds pretty good on ambient sounds. For me was not that usable for a working delay and reverb that really had much sense of depth and fidelity.
    I think it does have a very interesting smooth EP3 preamp toggle that works even when the delay is not used. The ZNR noise gate is pretty decent.
    I found the chorus and mod to be OK but certainly not on par with specific pedals. The Delays and Reverbs were often I thought rather lo fi, and often had a sense of break up like the levels just were not compatible or just could not handle anything but a lower really clean signal.
    I tried adjusting it all sorts of ways, messing with the levels and adding EQ models and what not.
    I was trying to use it in my effects loop and sounded pretty good until I shut the loop off and realized it was dragging down my levels something fierce.
    Trying the loop on lower instrument/pedal level was really noisy, line level was better but not sure the unit can handle it under all tone ranges. I put a high end buffer in front of it and that helped some as well. I moved it over to amp in end of chain and while that is not the ideal spot for delay and reverb, it is usable, but the say all end all compared to Strymon or Eventide, come on.
    For the low cost it is an interesting unit but as a long term board placement not for me. It is also incredibly user unfriendly either setting an entire preset to bypass or on or having to try and turn one effect one or off is huge cumbersome effort, which is more what I need, you have to constantly kill your back bending over to reach it.
    So bottom line: OK for the bucks, more of stop gap fill in, not a long term usable board pedal.
    If you watch the demos you will notice they have the decay and levels cranked which is not anything you can really use in regards to most effects, unless you are just making ambient sounds.

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