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Zoom MS-60B Multistomp Bass Effects Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 27 customer reviews
Questions about the Zoom MS-60B Multistomp Bass Effects Pedal?

Questions about the Zoom MS-60B Multistomp Bass Effects Pedal?

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  • from Texas March 11, 2017

    Any Bass Player Would Enjoy This Pedal

    I purchased the MS-60B to use as a secondary,back-up rig to my EDEN WTDI pedal, the mainstay of my bass rig. I can plug the Eden into ANYTHING and it sounds great! Another bass player I am friendly with at our rehearsal hall had an MS-60B and borrowed my Eden in a quest to create a "close" duplicate preset of the Eden. We were both thoroughly slack-jawed at what he was able to come-up with. Through a cabinet, it is dead on accurate and amazing. It didn't have the unique voicing/shine of the WTDI when used to record, although when used with an A/B Y box to send both signals into separate tracks, the results were stunning. Add in about any effect you can possibly use, and the ZOOM goes way past just a back-up rig. Also sounds tight going into a channel on the PA live. Nice to have sooo much available in a battery-powered unit. Well made,solid amp models,plenty of FX, and even a tuner. A great deal by any standard. Thanks, Sweetwater.

  • from Baytown, TX October 31, 2016Music Background:
    Church praise/worship teams

    Great sound, great price

    I play at a large church and had been plugging my Fender Jazz Bass into a direct box with no other effects. I felt the quality was lacking somewhat. I bought the MS-60B based on reviews and audio tests I was able to hear on YouTube. The unit is simple to operate and has a nice built-in tuner. The first time I used it I selected one of the preset memories (SVT) and played through a song service. The sound tech said it really sounded great, and was giving him a nice full sound to work with. The sound is really clean too. For the price, this was a great buy, and is all most people would need.

  • from Las Vegas October 22, 2016

    Great tool and superb value

    Any one thing about this pedal would be worth $99 ! The 30 Presets would be worth the price, or any one of a number of the individually modeled effects would be worth it too, even the 6 name brand amp heads would be worth it. These effects are all amazing. If you used this pedal in a live performance, no-one in the audience would be able to tell that the effect chain came from this pedal or a group of 4 individual Big Name pedals. For 99% of us this is all you need to get your sound. I don't like fiddling around with settings so these 30 presets were just what I was looking for. This is a trouble free, low hassle way to get a package of pedals and amps and pre-amps for under a $100. I wish I would have had the guitar version of this before I spent $800 on a pedal board set-up years ago. If you like to play your bass instead of tweaking a preset sound, this is the answer, if you like the option of tweaking presets, then the software architecture will allow you to adjust any number of parameters to fine tune your sound. Best, pedal for a amp and bass rig. I also ordered the optional power supply so I wouldn't have to deal with battery change outs.

  • from Western PA October 21, 2016Music Background:
    Anything but country

    A "must" for any gigging/recording bassist

    I have been playing bass for 30+ years, and other than for a brief time when I was a teen, I was never into effects. But lately I've found I'd like to tweak my sound a bit for the different kinds of bands I'm in, and the wide variety of songs I'm playing, so I was drawn to the reviews of this pedal. The MS-60B does everything it says it does, in a standard single stomp box - it provides very cool amp and cabinet modeling, almost every effect you can think of (from EQs and compressors to modulation effects, distortions, and envelope filters), tremendous ease of use (I had it figured out in 15 minutes), and it's built like a tank. I have set up an SVT model that makes my little Hartke practice amp sound like, well, a giant SVT rig. I built another patch to mimic a cello. And yet another to capture an overdriven 8-string bass (a la Cheap Trick / Pearl Jam / King's X). The possibilities are endless, and at an insanely low price point. Buy it, you won't regret it.

  • from Portland, OR July 16, 2016Music Background:
    Over 50 years playing guitar and bass

    Outstanding Pedal

    The idea of an all-in-one stomp box meeting my needs was not an easy idea to grasp. You might say I was sceptical at best. But the economics of my life forbade purchasing the four pedals I wanted; a chorus, tremolo, compressor and reverb. Alone, those pedals would have set me back over $400! Enter the Zoom MS-60B. Not only does this unit have the four required effects it has dozens more. From amp and cab modeling to distortion to modulation to ... You get the picture. The quality of the effects is very good to outstanding and the signal to noise quite excellent. The box allows for any four effects in a chain limiting you a tad but you can always have several stored effect chains at your fingertips. The only limiting factor that bothers me is battery life. The use of two AA batteries limits your time a bit but an ac adaptor will cure that problem. All in all this is an excellent pedal and at a very economic $99 a true bargain.

  • from Columbus, OH January 4, 2016Music Background:
    Working Bassist


    This a great, inexpensive multi-effect pedal. You can build up to 4 pedals in a preset, but you'll lose tracking speed. For the compressors, distortion/OD and wah digital simulations, It's already worth the buy. Not to mention its small and fits in most versatile pedalboards.
    Oh, it's very easy to use too.

  • from Pittsburgh, PA June 10, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-pro bassist

    Absolutely a GEM of a pedal for this price!!

    I was on a quest for an alternative rig to the usual (amp and cab), and even though my usual setup isn't that big, I wanted hardly anything on stage in order to make setup and teardown a matter of putting everything in my bag. I will still use a rig for my own stage volume sometimes, but most of the time, the sound I'm hearing is from my Radial JDI (via in-ears from the FOH board) that is last in the chain from this pedal, and THAT'S IT. My bass-->Zoom MS-60B-->Radial JDI (sometimes split to my amp). I'm using this pedal for basically everything, from a mute, to a tuner, effects, amp modeling, etc. The tuner, by the way, is pretty darned accurate, considering that I was reluctant to use anything but my Korg stand-alone before (really sensitive digital needle). This pedal is built solidly, too, like a Boss on steroids. I was hesitant, at first, regarding the soft/non-click footswitch, but since using it, it works perfectly, and certainly quieter than those loud clicks/clunks on others pedals can have. Batteries last a while, probably the 7 or 8 hours that the booklet says, and it's really helpful that the screen flashes "low battery" when they're dying. Since the pedal takes AA's, I put Lithiums inside (lithium 9V's are hard to find), so who knows how much longer it'll go, and I'm hopeful here. On stage, I just use a 1-Spot adaptor (or any 9V adaptor), and I'm good to go.

    I HIGHLY recommend this pedal to any bassist looking for a "Pandora's box" of convenience. Sure, there's A LOT to learn with what this pedal can do, but the manual is very informative, and the user interface is fairly easy to navigate. The only gripe I have, is that it looks kind of goofy to constantly be reaching to the floor to change settings (except muting and using the tuner). So, I just set this thing on top of my rig or whatever, and problem pretty much solved...just get longer patch cables and you'll be fine.

    All in all, I am loving this pedal.

  • from Frisco, TX June 7, 2015

    Excellent bass pedal!

    Excellent bass pedal from Zoom. As for the complaints about having to bend over and adjust the parameters, just make a stand like I did. I place the stand behind me at an adjustable height and tilt, and that makes it so easy to adjust. I just turn around and tweak the pedal as I need to. No more bending over.. Overall, 5 stars, excellent sound and excellent features!

  • from KC, MO February 13, 2015Music Background:
    Sound Engineer, Session Bassist

    MS60B Amazing!

    I've been playing bass since the 90s and always stayed away from pedals. Played a '65 Fender Jazz Bass for many years until my wife bought a Squier J-Bass for me a couple years ago. Much lighter weight but buzzy. A friend of mine kept telling me to try the MS60B with the Squier J-Bass. I was blown away with the versatility and quality of sound of this little pedal.

    With the parametric EQ I'm able to recreate the warm bass tones of the 65 Fender Jazz Bass and add a nice punch with the 160 comp when it's needed.

    Another plus, I didn't need to replace the pickups of the Squier J-Bass. The buzz of the Squier J-Bass is completely silenced with MS60B.

    This is all small in comparison to what it's capable of. Thank you Zoom for such a sweet product!

  • from Virginia September 1, 2014Music Background:
    Bass hobbyist

    Very impressed

    Just wanted to echo the many positive reviews for this pedal. I primarily use it for bass fuzz, envelope filter, compressor, and phaser. It does all of these exceptionally well, plus has a built in tuner. The quality of the effects are all really great and you have a bunch of good options for each one.

    The settings are easy to navigate and manage. It's far easier to program than any other multi-effects unit I've used before. I used to have to keep my manual in my guitar case just so I could be sure I knew what each knob did when I needed to tweak my sound for a show. Not with this pedal. It's all pretty obvious.

    One feature that I don't see mentioned often in the reviews that really should get more attention is that you have control over your effects chain. Want to hear what it sounds like to run the envelope filter before vs. after the distortion? That's really easy to do with this pedal and impossible to do with a lot of others.

  • from United States January 13, 2014Music Background:

    Zoom MS60B

    I originally wanted to have a custom built rack preamp to use in my bass rig. Let's just say the price was over 5x what I paid for this pedal. I wanted the ability to model amps, set switchable eqs, have a good compressor onboard, and use a few mod/reverb effects. I didn't want all the exotic, warbly, useless stuff.

    For what I paid for the pedal, it pays for itself in just the tuner and noise gate, both being some of the most high quality tools I've used. The amp modeling, while there are only 6 amp models, is stupendous. I love the gritty, punchy SVT and the clear and harmonic Markbass. The compressors are high quality too. You can pay over $150 on comp. pedals like Markbass, TRex, etc. And get JUST THAT. But the clarity, transparency, and options of the comps (the 160 being my favorite) is superior.

    The eq's (the para and graphic) work very well too. They do precisely what you need with no added noise. One of my favorites is the exciter. Adds beef and clarity to the signal. Yet I have little use for the dynamic filters, they seem of good quality. I use the Ztron on my bass synth setting and it adds throatiness and an unusual timbre. Which brings me to the synths.

    I've tried out the Roland and Boss multi effect systems and the synthesizer settings are some of the highest quality I've heard. They gate well and are very practical.

    The modulation effects are great too. I particularly use the pitch shift, bass chorus, and hall reverb. They track well and don't warble. Sometimes the pitch shift doesn't like you though and just quits for a moment. This is likely an oddity.

    Overall, the interface is very usable. Largely noiseless operation, even with distortions. Great pedal! Don't spend more than $300 when you can spend $99.

  • from Dallas, TX USA September 11, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    I was loooking for a programmable eq and resigned myself to spending big bucks and settling for a programmable graphic, when I had a eureka moment. Multi-effects unit! But would it sound good enough? I figured for $99 I could take a chance with this unit...

    I got it in and started dialing in a sound. Cool! it has parametric eq! A nice low-Q hump at 80 Hz and a little high-Q dip at 800... perfect!

    Dialed in a compressor and the BB booster, turned the gain way down, added a touch of detune chorus. This thing sounds great!

    Now I have a killer default sound with optional chorus and overdrive... time to start programming a few more.

    Thanks Zoom and Sweetwater! Amazing pedal.

  • from NY, NY July 17, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist for 30 plus years

    Great Sound and Value

    This is an amazing bass effects pedal. Thanks to incredible new technology, I can get virtually any sound I can imagine on a single pedal. I can run multiple devices in any order. I can use effects that I wouldn't buy a specialized pedal for. It's great for experimenting.

    It's easy to program, especially if you look at some youtube videos on how to do it. Highly recommended.

    The presets are hot for active basses but you can easily adjust the levels.

    Is it as good as multiple point to point wired analog separate pedals? Maybe not, but on stage, who would be able to tell the difference, especially for the price.

  • from Rochester, NY USA June 30, 2013Music Background:
    Former symphony musician, now a full time music teacher and sometimes jazz/church band/pit orchestra musician.

    Versatile, useful, inexpensive, quality pedal

    I am mostly a double bassist, but occasionally double on bass guitar for a pit orchestra or in a church band. I like to keep my rig light and compact so I can carry my upright electric, bass guitar, and amp in one trip. I am not really a heavy effects user, and really could, and often do, get along just fine without them. However, this pedal fits in my case and gives me some basic tone shaping tools, compressor/limiter for when I want to slap my bass guitar, and a host of other effects that I would never purchase as individual pedals for cost/portability reasons, but now can mess around with if I want to (The filter effects are especially fun with my upright electric).

    I can go to a gig with my bass case in one hand (the MS-60B fits inside), my GK microbass combo over my shoulder, my electric upright in my other hand, and sound like I have a rack full of effects if I want to.

  • from Knoxville, TN June 20, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician

    Crazy versatility and tone in a single stomp

    I have never been a fan of multi effects units, or even digital pedals in general. I like a good analog sound. I wanted this as a versatile filter pedal that would occupy only one spot on my nano pedalboard, for the occasional times I wanted to have a filter effect. What I quickly discovered is that not only are the filters all really well done, the preamp and amp sims are by far the best I've heard. They don't have the typical synthetic sound that even analog tube sim pedals have, making them perfect for dialing in different flavors through my clean Markbass head. The compressors all sound better than stand alones I've tried, and the EQ, line selectors, etc are all very useful. Then add to all that the ability to put 4 pedals in a row PER PATCH, wow. Even if one pedal isn't quite there on the sound you want, just add an EQ, or a preamp, or an amp sim...or all three. It's also really useful in a live setting with the mode that allows the footswitch to cycle through slots with specific patches assigned to them. And the buffered bypass is so clean it might as well be true bypass. This pedal is impressive, whether you're a filter junkie that loves to create crazy sounds or a wedding player that needs to call up different genre tones on the fly.

  • from United States May 26, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist - Semi Pro

    Yeah, It's that Good

    I have been playing for 14 years now and have always been resistant to effects pedals for a number of reasons. Cost, Infrequency of use, loss of usable bottom end and just figuring out when the effects are actually adding more than a dry signal would contribute. Basically for me it was what kind of value is this piece of equipment contributing to my overall tone vs. what it cost me.

    This little pedal addressed all my concerns and more. The construction is of very high quality, Nice metal casing sturdy feel so an A for it there. The effects themselves sound very good as well. But the real standout feature is the amp modeling, they are perfect for coloring your sound in just the right way for a particular song. I am of the opinion that less is more when it comes to effects and if you like having them for adding a bit of depth and complexity to your tone this thing is a must have.

    It does have a couple of drawbacks however. I have found the majority of the presets to be fairly useless for my purposes but they could work for some of them are also cranked so you will need to go through and adjust levels, I will likely be overwriting them. The overdrives are highly over saturated, Upon a first listen I thought they were useless, not so, they just need to be dialed WAY back on the tone and gain settings and they actually provide a nice beefy overdrive. A firmware update could address this. Also, when the treble, gain or output levels get past a particular point there is a bit of noise to contend with but as long as you balance it so your amp is pushing most of the volume this is not an issue, just a matter of eq'ing

    The user interface is highly intuitive and with a quick read of the manual is a fast learn. As far as usability in a live setting the footswitch patch cycle function is a great feature but you must have your tone completely set for effective use and individual effects can not be switched on or off in this setting. Somewhere down the road an 3 button foot switch that could be tied in via the USB out to control the individual effects in the patches would be a nice accessory offer. But overall I could not be happier with this processor and highly recommend it.

  • from TX May 8, 2015Music Background:
    semi-pro, giggin bassist

    Zoom MS-60B MultiStomp

    I'm not typically a pedal user, although I own a few single effect pedals from back in the day. Those are good popular brands that many have used over the years. So I was not expecting much from this Zoom pedal but after reading how many like the quality of this pedal, decided to try one. Only $99, I am totally impressed with all the quality features this Zoom pedal offers for bass. The "store" feature could be better designed. But I now have it on my 3 pedal board,EBS MultiComp+Eden WT pre and the Zoom is constantly ON with my passive Jazz basses.

  • from Mishawaka, IN September 3, 2014Music Background:
    Amatuer Bass & Guitar

    Amazing Bang for Your Buck

    I love this pedal so far. Its my first effect pedal for bass and its awesome. The best thing is the convenience of having so many effects in one pedal. My goal is to carry as little gear as possible and this is the biggest contributor to it. If your considering a digital multi-effect pedal, you wont be disappointed.

  • from United States February 8, 2014Music Background:
    Gets paid occasionally to play music

    Fits my needs perfectly

    Darn near perfect.
    As many reviews mention, the presets can be out of whack with levels set way too high.
    You need to get your hands dirty, and learn the interface, which is really easy after spending some quality time with it.
    I've been using it for about a month now, and I'm still finding new tricks.
    The amp sims are fairly decent particularly the Markbass and the SVT; I don't know if I'd use them for recording, but I already get my tone through my amp.
    So far, the effect that's made it into most of my patches is the Bass BB pre; this one just adds a ton of low end meat without mud (again, once you adjust it).
    I've just begun to get into the compressors, I like mine REAL subtle, though, so each one takes some time to get to know. I'm happy with them so far.
    The FX stuff has been great, I've got a chorus patch, a flanger patch, and a synth+octave patch that I like a lot.

    Overall, a huge value.
    I was on the fence about it for a while, I wasn't sure if the one button thing would work for multi-FX.
    I do have to bend down to manually change the patch, using it in this mode allows me to turn on and off the primary effect mid-song.
    There's another mode where you can cycle through each patch, but I found myself preferring the 'single effect' mode.

  • from MD United States January 20, 2014Music Background:
    Professional, gigging musician

    Awesome pedal!

    This is a great multi-effect pedal for the price. There are some really good effects in it that you can chain together to make a great sound. I'm not a bass effect guy, but now playing with a three piece some of the effects come in handy for filling the sound. The Chorus is really nice, and like others have said, the Octave alone is worth the $99. I only gave it a 4.5 because it still requires that you bend down and use a knob to change effects. only on the A-B setting can you change between two different effects, but then which ever you select will be on all the time. Say you have an EQ and a Filter in line, you can only toggle one of them on/off with the foot switch so the other stays on. It would be nice to have the entire chain turn off (bypassed) with the foot switch. However, the Bass Tuner is the best I have used for a five string. And we tune down to Eb. This thing tracks like no bodies business! I would definitely recommend it!

  • from Chesapeake, VA October 3, 2013Music Background:
    Acoustic/Electric bass and guitar player

    Bass multi effects pedal

    As a bass playing I'm always looking for that new peice of gear that will make my job a little bit easier, sounds good, easy to use, I like a lot of different effect/amps in one small pedal, this pedal pretty much does this, I found a dist/chorus/autowah/delay I like, put thm into my chain along with the tuner everything I want in effects.

  • from Orlando, FL September 12, 2013Music Background:
    full-time bassist, keyboardist, and producer.

    Most Bang For Your Buck PERIOD

    I have always had a love/hate relationship with compressors. I really LOVE the way they feel to play through, but I HATE what they do to any notes on my low B string. It's not that these compressors are doing anything wrong- they're just doing their job- making everything the same volume. But I use the notes on my B string for huge arrivals (ie the first chord of the chorus, etc) and other arrangement accents- so I actually WANT it louder. So out of frustration I would always bypass the compressor and just leave it off.

    The only compressors I liked then were those with an EQ sidechain for the compressor's detector circuit (like a 'thrust" knob or "contour" knob) where I could roll off the bass that the detector was receiving.. But these were rack mounted beasts that required a pre and a rack case, etc. Not worth it.

    Enter this $99 wonder! Because you can order the 4 effects however you want, I was able to build something like this:
    EQ (with bass rolled off) into
    COMPRESSOR (I like the DynaComp model) into
    AMP MODEL (This adds HUGE bass back into the signal) into
    VARIABLE effect (chorus, synth, octave)

    My volume curve is just right after this.

    Its also a blast to tweak. the octaver alone is worth the $99. It tracks as good as anything.

    One CON (if you can call it that): Its VERY colored. Your original tone may be nowhere to be found (with this particular chain at least). The amp models (especially with a cabinet model active) REALLY color your tone. Might be a good or bad thing. You can of course dial in something less involved.

    For $99 this is a no brainer. The MXR Bass D.I.+ model is particularly sweet, the Hartke amp model has got great overtones, and there's a delay that will do positive feedback loops. That's just the beginning.

  • from Chicago July 18, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    multi fx pedal in a stomp

    Great pedal! A functional live multi fx pedal in a stomp!
    Levels were really hot out of the box but really easy to manipulate once you figure out the layout. Well built. Just enough models. The compressors were surprisingly good. I have it my pedalboard now. I might get a 2nd to keep in my gig bag just to have my fx with me at all times. Use an ac adapter for sure. The batteries get eaten up fast. The 3 knobs I feel are at a strange angle since it forces my hand to block the screen while tweaking. I love the toggle feature to get to the sounds. My bigger fx board may be getting retired.

  • from April 22, 2015

    Good Supplemental Pedal

    Not really going for a review that would be competitive with the blogs, review websites and magazines out there. Thought that maybe a go rundown if how I use this pedal might provide some answers/inspiration for the folks who are on the fence about a product like this.

    I have been, like lots of people, looking for a great tone that cuts through a mix in a variety of situations and also provides a unique clarity that becomes/fits with, "your sound". This sounds like you, read on.

    The MS60b Pedal, in my humble opinion, is not going to give you your "it" sound all by itself. It's a great pedal, but needs help. This is all pretty subjective, so, again, just what I think and what has worked for me.

    My board has a good compressor on it. There are plenty of compressor models right inside the MS60b, but they're just so-so. I like that tight, punchy, sustainy, feel, and a real compressor pedal like an M87, Pigtronix, EBS, etc. is going to be the way to give you the latitude to dial in what you need. I have a Bass Station compressor by the way and think it's the bomb. None of the models in the MS60b have the headroom/variety of adjustment a stand alone provides. If compression isn't your thing, something else probably will be. Whatever that is, you should get a real version of that key piece to your tone and use the MS60b to complement it. I know guys that really won't settle for anything less that a Big Muff Pi because that's the center of their sound universe. Yes, there's a Muff model in the MS60b, but just doesn't compare the genuine article. The model is decent, but not an exact equal.

    I really dig a touch of the SVT in my sound and use the SVT amp model in the MS60b to get that. there's speaker emulation as well. You can opt for no amp speaker, 4x10's, 1x18's and a few others. For what I do this works pretty well: Tuner, Pigtronix Bass Station (which has an FX loop) MS60b in the fx loop with a stand alone bass EQ and done. You would really be surprises the variety of tone you can get with that little setup. - Honestly they have a pretty decent little bass EQ built into the MS60b. If I didn't have one already I probably would have skipped that. On the MS60b itself, I have the SVT with 12" cab sim dialed up, and that's all I use it for. It's kinda the icing on the cake. Turn it off and you can really feel the difference. It just rounds things out.

    If you playing style/equipment preference is closer to the bass-cord-amp style player, the MS60b might be all you need. It's got a great little tuner that can even do the B string on my 5-er no prob. Some might think, hey I get a really top notch tuner for $100 and then all this other stuff is bonus...

    All in all, it's a great little utility pedal. It has a permanent home on my board and is always on as described above. I've experimented with some of the synth, octave, chorus, etc, and they work pretty well but consider them to be more of a supplemental layer kinda thing. One nice thing about owning one of these. If you end up in a situation that is a little out of your equipment's wheel house, the stuff included with this pedal will probably get you by in a pinch.

  • from United States March 2, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Musician, Music Director, Worship Leader

    Great product. Solid built in sound option

    I don't get to play bass all that often at our church and when I do it's sort of last minute. So, it is really helpful to be able to get a bass cab sounds without using a huge amp of some kind. I had an awesome time playing through this effect pedal and it really packed a punch when needed but also created some great warm tones as well.

  • from Greenville SC June 21, 2014Music Background:
    BA music Education, Professional Bass Player for over 40 years,

    Great effects for a great price but...

    I have had many multi-effects units over the years and don't use them cause the bass always sounds better without them. Recently I put together a pedalboard and am happy with it since this time I went with several quality individual pedals. Sans Amp, Mark bass tube compressor, Boss chorus and a holy grail for a simple touch of reverb. I thought I would add a touch of analog synth for when I wanted to cop a keyboard synth sound. I know that digital effects have come a long way and boy have they! This inexpensive Zoom is worth every cent and more just as all the other reviewers have said. The synths and octaves track very well.
    The users manual is a bit weak but there are lots of good tutorials on YouTube as to the creation of patches etc.

    And here is the BUT...just so you know...it seems that you cannot just bypass the pedal easily with the foot-switch.
    That is the only drawback I have found.
    What I mean is that the default is for the effect to be on. And if you save a patch the foot-switch only bypasses one effect in the chain.
    What it needs is one switch to bypass the pedal.
    I am searching on Talkbass etc for information as to how to get around this from others who have had the MS60B for longer than I have and perhaps will get some solutions to this issue.

    But still the quality and usability of the effects and tuner etc. are incredible and worth a purchase.

    You cannot do any better than Sweetwater sound as far as customer service is concerned as well! Thanks Matt!

  • from New York City July 5, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    A great pedal but...

    The new Zoom MS-60B is the 1st single boss style
    Multi effect pedal for bass. The 1st thing I noticed was how well the effects sounded. That must be due to faster & smaller processors. There's not a lot of spaces to save your own sounds/effects but its enough to do some serious damage!! Having the option to turn off individual effects is great, having to bend down to get to the pedal is a drag but at least it's there. I'm still working with it so I might be turning in another review after I've had the unit for quite some time. You won't be disappointed with this unit.

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