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QuikLok MS303 Reviews

  • Dave
    from Midwest, USA January 6, 2012Music Background:
    Singer-Songwriter, live sound engineer

    Great Idea for studio or stage

    I first purchased one of these about three years ago for my home recording setup because it took less space than a music stand.
    Last fall, I was providing sound for a church retreat and there was a need for music stands. Since I will be providing the sound again this year, I purchased for of these (one for each mic stand in my set-up.
    I recommend these to anyone who wants to set up a home recording setup but has limited space.

  • Gene
    from Pa June 26, 2012Music Background:
    Full time musican and Guitar/ Bass instructor.

    QuickLok MS303

    Solid mounting to a mike stand without tipping it over. Not for large heavy books but I use it mostly for set lists, small notebooks with words, etc. Love it.

  • Jason
    from Maine USA April 26, 2012Music Background:

    Heavy Brute, but workable

    I thought I would share a few comments about the rack attachment I just ordered and recv'd.... This attachment is heavy.. Period... It will not affix to the boom in any way that does not end up twisting the boom, because the adjustable clamp system that allows easy vertical adjust ment to the boom, can not grip tight enough to prevent the rotation. Also the boom rails are too small of a diameter to mate well with the clamp affair.. although on this stand and maybe others, there are thicker collar sections where it does fit better. The thing is a heavy beast... however, .. I did figure out a solution, and that it to mount it to the top of the stand, on a larger diameter section of the stand. I removed the boom attachment and used its base as a mounting point.

    One review online said it was heavy, but man, they weren't kidding... mounted to the center point of a basic stand like I have done will work well, trying to mount in an arm or other boom will be problematic. I suggest you set up some mounting scenarios in shop and then post a few pics like I have linked to above to increase customer satisfaction...

    One more note... where the tube is mounted to the base clamp, it is not sqaure, as such the shelf is a few degrees off level... it isn;t worth the hassle of swapping out the item, but you should inspect you stock and verify that others are not afflicted with crooked pieces...

    The stand itself is great as is my other Onstage stand.. the finish just feels good... lol.. yet it isn't just cosmetic... the adjusters and mechanisms work smoothly and do what they need to do... and it they both pack down quick and easy...

  • Ronald Skidmore
    from Stoneville, NC USA April 27, 2012Music Background:

    Very Handy Music Stand For Muti-Keyboardist

    This Music stand is just right to have off to the side of me while playing keyboards and not being in the way of keyboard functions, stand is of good quality material, only one problem, the clamp that attaches to the mic stand simply is not engineered right, you cannot tighten the clamp to a mic stand, the clamp is much larger than the mic stand and the set screw will not take up the difference. I had to wrap the mic stand with duct tape enough times to act as a shim to clamp the music stand on. Clamp needs a longer screw or a sleeve of some sort to act as a shim. Other than the clamp, nice music stand.

  • Dale Crockett
    from London, OH February 28, 2012Music Background:
    Studio Musician, Songwriter, & Producer

    Great idea, but needs better mounting design

    The description of this product says " A heavy, thick metal clamp securely attaches to mast of any standard mic stand." When I first got this product, I thought "Okay, piece of cake attaching to the mic stand." I very quickly discovered that I was wrong. The screw is at an angle and would only go in part way when hand turning it, and it was NOT enough to secure the stand to the mic stand. I had to get a pair of vice grips and use them to turn the screw farther in enough for the stand to stay in position and not slide down or fall off completely. Also, the clamp itself is NOT adjustable. I think that having an adjustable clamp might be better than just having a rubber-tipped screw to hold the thing in place. I had originally planned on buying two of these, but decided to just get one for now. However, I am not sure that I'll get a second one now.

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