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Zoom MS-100BT MultiStomp Effects Pedal with Bluetooth Reviews

4.5 stars based on 32 customer reviews
  • from Chicago February 24, 2016Music Background:
    President of an Amplifier Transformer Manufacturer, Guitarist and Drummer

    Small Package / Big Tone

    I own numerous guitar effects pedals and even another multi-effects brand pedal but this one is the most versatile of them all. It is small in size and offers many amazing sounding effects. I own two of these and bought them both from Sweetwater. It is a great starting point for a new guitar amp rig since it is small, very portable and has pretty much all the effects you would need. The only slight negative is the amp modeling. It misses the mark a little on most of them but I have never found anything that sounds quite as good as a real deal tube amplifier. Despite this, I still give it 5 stars as it does everything reasonably well. If you want versatility, small size and great value, this is the best multi-effects pedal in my opinion.

  • from February 10, 2016

    Zoom MS-100BT Multistomp Effects Pedal

    I really enjoy the Multistomp. It has so many options that I haven't had time to explore all of them yet. Have been able to find a killer sound that I can go with quickly. I really like the ability to size down, with really quick set up. I like the ability to download additional effects on bluetooth. Another plus is the chromatic tuner which is really handy on stage.

  • from Pacific Northwest February 18, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Hobbyist and Collector

    Best Multieffect for its Size

    This has to be the simplest, best sounding multi-effect on the market today for the price. I've used many multi-effect pedals over the years and this one is by far the easiest, simplest pedal to program and tweak. The sound is great, the options for effects order and output features are excellent. I wish the larger floor-anvil size effects pedals were this easy to program.

  • from Tennessee May 12, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    My new favorite pedal

    I have never been a fan of digital multi effects until I bought this pedal. It's easy to set up once you understand how it works. There are a lot effects I will never use, but once I found my favorites and dialed in my tone I was blown away. I love the fact that you can download effects making it even easier to find my tone. The only negative thing I found about this pedal is not enough memory to run a lot of effects. It allows up to six at a time but the really good effects use a lot of memory which can limit you to 3 or 4 effects at a time. Great pedal. I'm glad I bought it.

  • from Dallas, TX December 20, 2013Music Background:
    35 + years with many bands

    Very useful pedal

    I've had this pedal for several months and have learned how to tweak it for good lead tones and some very interesting effects that I use for many different types of riffs on songs that we record. I liked it so much I bought one for my recording board I use in the studio and another for playing live. The abilty to download new amp and pedal models is just icing on the cake. As a serious musician with 35 + years exerience I highly recommend this pedal.

  • from Atlanta, GA October 3, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Better than Line 6 HD

    I have used the MS-100BT for about two months. I bought the pedal as a backup, should I experience any devastating amp/equipment failures during a live performance. I am the lead guitarist for a cover band. I had not heard of this particular pedal, until I heard it used by the guitarist on a cruise that I was on recently. I asked the guitarist to go over his rig with me, after I noticed the lack of visible equipment and amps. He opened his guitar case and showed me this pedal and I immediately purchased one on my return. Last week in rehearsal, I exclusively used this pedal directly through the PA and did mention anything to the other guys in the band. They all commented on how good the sound was and every one of them said "I thought you were playing through your amp." I normally use about 8 pedals through customized Vox AC 30. I really like the sound, the attack and punch is incredible for a digital signal. I, long ago, abandoned my Line 6 Pod HD 500, because I could not get the attack that I wanted and it was too "digital" and artificial sounding. This is soooo much better. I am thinking of trying to use it for smaller venues and bar performances, but have not done so yet. I would expect it sound great, but it would certainly require some pedal tweaking in-between songs. If I had to say what my favorite pedal is...this would be it.

  • from Nashvegas September 13, 2013Music Background:
    42 years of guitar obsession, bands, building, modding

    My Secret Weapon

    I think anyone that plays through an amp should own this. I own boutique pedals, cheap pedals, I have had most of the modeling pedals and I have a Zoom G3. The beauty in this pedal is the size and what it can do. I start with a compressor, then EQ, then distortion (Klon), then delay, then reverb, and finally something funky. I have run this through my 68 VIbro Cham - killer, through my 57 Tweed Deluxe - killer and now through my Fender Excelsior. It's a grab and go solution. The delays and reverbs alone make worth the money. I'll tell you something else - I now use the distortions on this thing. Everyone says that digital distortion is no good. Well It might not be as nice as my hand wired Billy Hell pedal but it works for me. The TS variant is great. For a $150 - you get every pedal you ever wanted plus a tuner and stereo in/out - WHAT?!!! This should be issued to every electric guitar player. Buy it...love it.

  • from September 6, 2013


    Actually this is my very first review of any product I have bought in my entire life. I am a semi pro musician for almost 25 years. I totally modify my analog pedalboard to add this piece of year in it. It is the perfect complement to any analog pedalboard no matter how big or how many pedals or rack effects you have. Sounds are very very good and some of them are outstanding. And if you want to travel light just pack in its box and you have an easy to use pedalboard in the size of a stompbox. Very easy to use and for that price you get lots of great tones for your guitar.

  • from San Diego, CA February 28, 2013Music Background:
    Pro guitarist and composer

    Great value and perfect for my board

    I rarely write reviews unless I find a piece of gear that impresses me enough - and this pedal delivers. I have a fairly large pedalboard loaded with boutique pedals and have literally waited years to find something like the MS-100BT to fit the bill, as the usual multi-FX boards take up too much real-estate and often do not have the sound quality to match my rig. I am a pro guitarist and won't use a piece of gear that degrades my tone. So I will describe my particular use for this pedal as follows:

    Pros: if you are looking for a pedal that will give you all of those special FX that you use to complement boutique overdrives, etc., then I highly recommend this pedal. It actually does many FX really well - more than I needed it to do. The compressors are actually quite good, as are the filter, chorus, flanger and phaser effects and delays. While the amp models and overdrives leave a bit to be desired, they are helpful to have around for those songs that need a different sound.

    Cons: since I rely on my amp and boutique overdrive pedals, I don't need to complain about those in the MS-100BT, but the Marshall and Bogner models are actually quite good. The major performance drawback is that using the built-in effects chain can be cumbersome if you need to skip around patches quickly. I overcame this obstacle by purchasing a loop-bypass pedal that keeps the MS-100BT out of the signal path while I am changing patches - so I can do that while I am playing without hearing the patches I am stepping through. Other than that, I would really like to see a firmware upgrade that adds more user patch locations, lets me back up my patches, and even be able to transfer them to a second unit for another board.

    Overall, this pedal is an incredible value and many of the effects are as good as some high-end units. Very happy with my purchase.

  • from Boston, MA February 22, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Effects pedal junkie


    I bought this pedal because I wanted to be able to add a lot of versatility to my board in terms of effects, more specifically delays and reverbs. After just an hour or so of working with it, I had the controls down and understood how to get where i needed within the pedal. The interface is clear and easy to navigate, which was very appreciated. I've already downloaded the Stompshare effects, and I've got to be honest in saying that I don't think the value could be any better. 99 cents for a duo-trem pedal that works FANTASTIC is a steal. the Centagold pedal is very well done, and the additional amp models add plenty of range to what this impressive pedal can do.

    I like that you do NOT have to remove old effects to add new ones from the app, which was a concern I had going into this purchase.

    My friend who I am teaching guitar bought this not long after I did and with this pedal and a wah, he has the capability of making so many tones that he'll be happy for a long, long time.

    I do, however, wish there was more room for presets/user settings. there are 30 presets and 20 open slots for user patches, meaning after 20 of your own patches you'll have to overwrite the presets. not a big deal to some, but I'm always looking for more space in terms of presets and patches.

    This pedal surpassed my expectations (and my friend's, as well) and I look forward to each and every available upgrade via stompshare.

  • from Huntington, NY February 8, 2013Music Background:

    I can't believe what I'm hearing Pedal

    I guess the only drawback to this pedal is that it does not have a color screen! Crazy good. It has a bunch of presets, ability to set your own and then on top of that you can purchase Apple or Android apps that simulate other pedals and power amps. These apps (at least for Apple) only cost between $0.99 and $1.99 each. It takes a little getting used to (especially since the instructions are in very small print) but once you get the hang of it you will be pleasantly surprised!

  • from Holland, MI January 27, 2013Music Background:

    Big Fun With MS-100BT

    If your like me and you are getting started and learning how to make all the different tones and sounds but you don't have a pedal board, this is your ticket! Not only is it packed full of great tones, you can get great downloads from itunes for a dollar or two. The Centagold pedal if you could even find one goes for $2500 bucks or $.99 on i-tunes and if is very very nice. The amp sims are great like a Matchless or Orange, make your own patch dial it in OD, amp, delay ect.

  • from Chico, ca January 27, 2013Music Background:

    Amazing, simply amazing.

    What else can I say?

  • from United States December 16, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Artist, Producer, Recording Engineer

    Game Changer

    As my title suggests, this is a game changer. Now in one pedal space you can have any effect you need. Its almost like having the entire boss range of pedals available in one pedal. Not only that, but the ability to have 6 different effects going at once means you can essentially have a pedalboard within your pedalboard in the space of just one pedal. Need to have specific effects in an odd order for just one song? No problem, this pedal can do that.

    I have a pedalboard with limited space (doesn't everyone?) and this pedal allows me to have all those pedals that I might use on one song as a "special effect" in one slot right where it belongs in my chain. Not only that but what I am using it for (slow volume, trem, pitch, vibrato, chorus and rotary speaker) the effects are quite amazingly good.

    As far as the quality of effects I am not a huge fan of modeling amps or modeling distortions, but these sound as good or better than any I have heard. I think the reverbs are exceptional and the delays are good. And again, the modulation, pitch, and volume effects are as good as I think I have heard.

    Whats more is if you don't find what you want you can download new pedals for 99 cents! They have a tube echoplex I want to try as well as a centaur model which actually sounded good for a digital distortion to my ears. I also want to get the duo trem. That is a good example of an effect that would be expensive to obtain as I think only boutique shops are making that type of effect at the moment. And it is also the type of effect you might use once a set. Do you spent $200.00+ and have this huge pedal on your board or spend $150.00 on the Zoom and have that pedal plus many more?

    Don't get me wrong, I am not a huge fan of convenience when it come to my art. Sometimes you have to do things the old way to get the tone. Yes you can make whole songs with just a guitar and modeling software. Do I do this? No. I use a mostly analog signal path for my guitar. But for me there is a time and a place for technology. Where I can go "old school" I often do. And that is the beauty of this pedal is the way it can integrate into my workflow in so many ways. I can use it as an entire modeling rig, just on its own. I can use it to replace pedals in my pedalboard if they should break. I can use it to expand my pedal board with pedals that I don't use very often. I can use it to run an entirely different effect order for just one song and still use my pedalboard for the rest. I can have a different EQ setting for each guitar I own. The possibilities are endless. I also plan to use it to run my DSI mopho x4 synth through mostly for delays, verbs and chorus.

    The other thing about this pedal is its interface is like a virtual pedalboard. Once you understand the way the navigation works everything is pretty intuitive. The interface acts like a little window on a virtual pedalboard on which you can manipulate or change one effect at a time. You can scroll though your six effects by moving left and right, or you can change the effect in a slot by scrolling up and down. Want to change a parameter, grab a knob just as you would on a stompbox. Seriously Zoom should win an award for this thing!

    So if you can't tell, I am very pleased with my purchase. So much so I am about to buy my second one from Sweetwater right now!

  • from Baltimore area, MD March 1, 2015

    Best in class, hands down

    I just bought one of these. The quality of the amps and the "organic-ness" of the modeled tube gain stages--compression, crunch, harmonic richness--are very nicely done. Zoom's tech literature says they created a custom chip for that, and I have to say I'm genuinely impressed.

    I tend to build patches from the ground up, even if the stock patches are good. I start with an amp model. I generally prefer combo models instead of head+cab models. My first custom patch on the MS-100BT started with the "FD Combo" model, which they say models a Fender Twin. I put a "Comp" in front, and a "Tape Echo" after. Then I tried several distortion pedal models in front of the "Comp". For a while settled on "Dist 1". I figured I'd turn on/off the distortion as needed on that patch. Then, I put a "NoiseGate" after the amp before the echo. Really good patch, so I saved it as Crunch LZ. I loved the clean tone w/Dist 1 off, so I saved the identical patch to a new location as Clean LZ. Then I became curious what it would sound like with pure amp/tube crunch instead of using a Dist 1 in front of a clean FD Combo. So, I removed Dist 1, and turned the Gain and Tube knobs to 100%. Very sweet! Surprisingly sweet. So I saved that to a new location as Trunch LZ (for "tube crunch"). I set Clean LZ as patch A in the chain and Trunch LZ as patch B, which means when I step on the switch while in list mode, it cycles round-robin through A, B, A, B, etc. (If I set another patch as C, it would cycle A, B, C, A, etc., when I stepped on the switch. I just needed the the two patches, though.) This is the setup I used live. Just the MS-100BT and no other effects/modeling gear on stage. I got four separate compliments about my tone from musicians, and girlfriend said "sounded great". The last time I got a flurry of tone compliments like that was the first time I used my AxeFx2 live. (I LOVE my AxeFx2, by the way.)

    One drawback of the MS-100BT is its size and limited physical controllability. I can either turn a specific pedal model on/off within a given patch (at least with my feet), OR I can set patches a A, B, C, D, etc., and cycle through them. The last option is the most practical for me, though it is still fairly limiting compared to the crazy flexibility of (for example) the HD500X or (especially!) the AxeFx2. However, this constraint forces me personally to make the most of the patches, how order them in list mode, guitar volumeetc. Since this pedal is Bluetooth--and, by the way, the iOS software is really nice (I'm a software engineer; it's well done)--I'm wondering whether Zoom might introduce an outboard Bluetooth controller for this gadget.

    Bottom line: major home run for Zoom. I am thoroughly impressed with the sonic qualities of this all-in-one pedal, and I'm impressed that they jammed all of it into a diminutive little stompbox. The sound is gorgeous to my ears, and I'm impressed by the iOS app that lets me preview patches. If this could be operated via an outboard Bluetooth controller, it would be perfect. Still, I am thoroughly impressed with it as-is.

  • from Rockaway Beach, NY December 24, 2013

    Fantastic Pedal!

    What a great multi-effect tool. I was making patches minutes after I unboxed the pedal. The Qtron effect had me quacking right away. Well worth the price alone. I lost my Qtron during Superstorm Sandy.

    I had watched lots of videos on youtube before ordering and I'm glad that I ordered it. It has inspired me to play more and work on my tone. I have it working on my new pedaltrain board and use it with my electric rig and acoustic rig. It's clean and virtually noiseless. I have split my patches between electric and acoustic tones. Then you can toggle through them as you want. Very versatile.

    Simply put - if you are on the fence come on over. The price point is right for what you are getting. It plays nice in line on the floor, goes direct, and is user friendly. I'm looking forward to adding more effects via the bluetooth. A homerun!

    Of course, the customer service was fantastic! Thanks to Jim Cooper for taking care of me - he got my items 3 days before they were supposed to have been here! Great service.

  • from Niles, Mi January 20, 2013Music Background:
    46 years of loving guitar

    It could be the Holy Grail

    The first unit I received had a problem. The center parameter knob failed to function when editing effects or scrolling thru presets. After contact with Zoom I re-initialized the pedal which corrected the problem for a brief moment. Sweetwater was great in replacing the unit and now that I've had some time tweaking the sounds I've nearly reached Nirvana. This thing sounds amazing and takes such a small bit of Real Estate! I will be mainly using it for my Taylor 514CE acoustic. It has pristine delays & reverbs. I programmed a de-tune setting which creates a beautiful shimmering chorusing, and the "rack comp" effect can be programmed to sound so transparent my wife (who usually hates compression) couldn't even tell when it was engaged. Using an "A-B" foot-switch in front, I can change to my G & L Strat and get some great electric effects too. I'm not much of a "tone Nazi" when it comes to electric but I got some great Larry Carlton sounds with this thing. Did I mention these sounds are in stereo? Drawbacks are: 1 ) no way to back up personally edited effects, 2) you have to know your set list and pre-program your memory settings or you'll be doing a lot of bending down to change settings. (Maybe with a software update sounds can be changed via bluetooth.) Wishes are; a bluetooth expression pedal. Outside of the above caveats, it's nearly the Holy Grail!

  • from Longmont, CO January 18, 2013Music Background:
    studio owner, guitars of all shapes and sizes

    Love it - a great multi-effect unit

    Years ago I had a Zoom pedal and it was just noisy, so I've avoided Zoom gear for a long, long time. Thought I'd dip a toe in the water with this unit as it just sounded too good to be true. Well, it's both good and true! Very impressive unit and well worth the coin. The effects sound really good, surprisingly authentic, and the processing power is incredible for the number of things this pedal will do.

    (I'd give it 5 stars, but I had to return the first unit I received because the input jacks wouldn't hold a cable. The replacement unit inputs are better and workable, but still a little sloppy compared to the output jacks. It's interesting that both inputs are sloppy but the outputs are tight. I wonder if all unit are like that?)

  • from Long Island, New York January 8, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior veteran

    Kool 'Lil Pedal

    Easy to use interface.
    Good tone on the amp simulations.
    The A B switching works well enough for quick changining of patches
    Small size is astounding
    Downloading new patches from the app is great to keep it fresh
    It's like having a pedal board you can fit in your pocket
    Fun for one and all
    Buy two

  • from Pioneer, Ca. January 8, 2013Music Background:
    Amateur recording artist in personal studio

    One pedal fits all!

    This little zoom pedal packs a wallop in features and sound quality! The screen is easy to read and settings are a breeze. Haven't utilized the Bluetooth feature to download more amps and sounds because I'm having too much fun playing with the 100 pre sets already loaded! Playing these sounds through a fender frontman 2x12 and they sound great! WY to go Zoom and thanks to my Sweetwater rep for recommending this great tool. Small footprint at a small price. Very nice!

  • from Tenn. December 31, 2012Music Background:

    Good little box

    This is great little pedal. It offers several ways to use it and can be a bit deep if you like real simple pedals, but it will do a whole lot at once. I was looking for a small, battery powered pedal that was able to do mult-effects in one patch. This little guy fits the bill. In the studio it is a great space saving way to have alot of effects in one place. Live, the simple controls means you will be bending down to do "something" with the pedal. I say "something" because you do have options as to how the single switch will operate. One thing I did want to point out, was that in another review it was stated that you could only turn one effect on/off at a time. This is true, however there is an effects that is a line selector. When off the signal goes straight to the output, but when turnded on the signal goes to the effects. So if this the first effects in the chain then you can have up to five fx after it and use the switch to go between 'off' (sound goes direct to output with no fx) or 'on' Which sends the sound thru the effects (again, you can have up to five fx) so you are going from no fx to 5 fx with one button push. You can also put the line selector anywhere in the fx order, so I can use a compressor and eq before the line selector and delay/dist (whatever) after the line selector. The guitar siganl goes in and has comp and eq always added, but I can turn the delay/dist off/on with one switch press. About the effects. They are all pretty good. I really like all the delay options. And the fact that you have several different "flavors" of all the effects is nice. The bluetooth worked as advertised with no problem, and the SpaceEcho effect I downloaded is awesome! Will buy more effects in the future. Again great all aroung little box, if you don't mind getting a your hands dirty doing a litlle programming, and possible doing a little bending down.

  • from Ga USA December 29, 2012Music Background:
    GuitarVocalSongwriting a band named J.E.D.

    A no suck digital!

    This was a Christmas gift from my brother. Was not expecting it and was not overly thrilled when I saw it. I am a tube amp analog pedal kind of guy usually (I have a Roland VG-88 I am trying to incorporate). I had the Digitech RP1, a Zoom multi pedal, but never really liked the sounds. This has 100 different effects in a small pedal format. So far I have been impressed. I'm weird about tone nd especially OD / distortion (bought only three such pedals in my 20+ years of playing). Not everything seems useable but many effects are superb. I like the various reverbs and echos. The amps and envelope filter effects are cool. I think I could play out with this if I was feeling lazy, which NEVER happens.
    The Bluetooth thing seems funny as it is only to try out and buy new pedals (in case 100 isn't enough ya freak!). Syncing w iOS devices like Garage Band would be cooler, but oh well.

  • from Niles, MI June 24, 2015Music Background:
    nearly 49 years of loving guitar

    Well, maybe not the Holy Grail

    In January 2013 I wrote a review here for this item. I still absolutely love what this pedal can offer sonically especially with such a small pedal footprint. However, the (L) mono output diminished to nearly non-existent. In my troubleshooting I discovered the right output still was intact so I was able to limp through a rehearsal. Sadly, that failed also. Being so dependent on the many sounds I would call up through an evening performing with either of the two bands I'm in, my SW rep Jon Gillespie came to my rescue in getting a second purchase to my door in short order. Thanks Jon! Since my warranty was expired SW said I could deal directly with Zoom if I wanted to. After reading my previous review I was reminded that my first pedal had a problem right out of the gate which SW replaced. Now, after two and a half years I had to replace it on my own. Rather than repair, due to tech bench time cost Zoom offered a new replacement for a significantly reduced price which I am proceeding with just to have a backup. If either unit dies in another couple years maybe something better will have come along but for now I still really depend on this pedal.

  • from April 6, 2015Music Background:
    3 shows a month


    If I was rating strictly on sound, it would be a 5. But there's so much packed into this little box that one footswitch isn't really enough. They did the best they could, but I think they should make it double-wide and add another switch. Still, it does the job and then some.

  • from Sacramento, CA USA July 25, 2014Music Background:
    Church band guitarist

    Great Pedal Board Addition

    I bought the MultiStomp to add some versatility to my existing pedal board. I am mainly the "texture" guitarist in the band and am always looking for new sounds. I originally bought this to supplement a Line 6 modulation pedal, but after playing around with it for a while, I could see how I could do a stripped down gig with just this pedal and an amp. Most of the presets are usable. Great tone for digital and the memory patches allow for a lot of control over the effects chain sequence. Overall, very cool pedal!

  • from Los Angeles January 9, 2014Music Background:
    Perform, record, compose

    Diverse pedal but no g3x

    Essentially this pedal is great as a supplement to a board. The g3x series costs about the same and has three switches, drum beats, looper , more efx(amps) and Edit and Share which is a great editing program while the Pedal is on the floor. The BT. Part is limited in that it needs to be connected to iOS device. If u want a single pedal version this is great but about the same money. The 50g has the same sounds and costs less. Compared To other pedals this is a great buy. I like the UI of these zoom just use knobs. The delays and synths sounds make a great supplement.
    WISH List: looper, fixed way, digital synth, use as audio interface.
    This is not a headphone type like pod, pandora. But it provides great depth of sounds. Not sure if the ODs are as good as regular pedals. This allows u to chain several efx. Again, if the size is not at issue look at g3x or consider the 50g.

  • from Boston March 23, 2013Music Background:
    Folk music performer

    Great pedal with a couple of (for me) gotchas

    I'm very impressed by the quality of the sound of this pedal, and for my relatively simple needs it should work well for live performing (using a chain of one saved model preset per song). But I have run into a couple of gotchas which make it difficult to use in a pedalboard setup (as opposed to as a single pedal on its own).

    1. Behavior of DC power jack. On other pedals, if there's power connected to the external power jack, the internal battery is disabled, whether or not the external power is turned on. So you can have batteries in the unit and leave it connected to the pedalboard's power source, and when you unplug the pedalboard's power, the battery doesn't start to drain. With me so far? With this pedal, and the MS-50, this isn't true: if I connect the pedal to an AC adapter and plug a guitar cable into the input, the pedal powers up even if the AC adapter isn't plugged into the wall. So the AC adapter plug does not disable the internal battery. In a fully connected powered pedalboard setting, you can't have a battery in the unit or it'll drain whenever the pedalboard isn't connected to AC.

    2. Power Management mode -- turns the pedal off after 10 hours. Not sure what the advantage is supposed to be (since that's longer than the battery would last so it's only useful on AC power), but once it activates and shuts the pedal down, the only way to start it up again is to disconnect the AC and guitar input connections and reconnect. So you wouldn't want to use this mode in a tightly-populated pedalboard.

    For me, this is a great pedal to take to an open mike by itself and play an electric without hauling an amp etc. -- I can setup a full set of amp sims and effects for each song and step through them and I really like the sounds ... I'm still trying to figure out the best way to use it in an actual pedalboard given the limitations I've listed -- maybe I'm missing something? Remove the battery and disable the power management mode seems to be the only way to use it in a pedalboard.

  • from CA December 21, 2012Music Background:
    gigging musician, 30+ years experience

    An Interesting Stompbox - Promising but Underdeveloped

    Warning: this is a lengthy, detailed overview.

    Having to use a wide variety of sounds at our gigs, many even within the course of a single song, I am curious about multi-effects and units that give more versatility and flexibility that just the single-stompbox "effect on/effect off" choice. At the same time, something versatile but smaller than my GT-10 would be nice.

    MS-100BT gives you sounds (or patches, as they call them), each of which can contain up to 6 effects at a time, and it's LOADED with presets. The iOS Bluetooth library is a very small cherry on the cake as it' offers only some 15 amp models/effects (although pretty decent ones) and the presets already do a great job.

    However, in each of those patches, you can switch only one of those (up to) 6 effects on or off with the footswitch. So you can have a blues sound and within it add a compressor or a booster for the solo and turn it off for rhythm. Next song, you can use a clean sound and within it turn chorus on and off. And so forth. The effects are all very good for any live application. Sure, some purists will whine how the preset chorus, distortion or reverb doesn't sound exactly like some vintage 1976 stompbox, but any sane gigging musician can in fact dramatically reduce the pedalboard load by using this one unit alone.

    To do anything more, including even change the effect within the patch you want to turn on or off via the footswitch, you will have to kneel and fiddle with very small cursor buttons and the small, simplistic screen.

    Within the sounds, you can select up to 6 effects from a huge library and, most importantly, chain them in different orders

    Bottom line:
    - If you improvise a lot, jam and need on-the-spur-of-the-moment flexibility, if you need to change sounds on the fly and use effects right away with no planning, then this is absolutely wrong for you. You'd have to spend most of your gig on your knees fiddling with buttons and cursor keys instead of playing.

    -If you have a firm song list and use up to two sounds per song (where the two sounds differ in the presence/absence of one effect only), then this is a life-saver that will allow you to sell most of, or all your stompboxes and happily carry only this one Swiss Army knife around.

    Zoom would be smart to develop an iOS app for controlling patches and effects. Being able to do it without squatting or kneeling in the dark, using an iPad instead, would dramatically increase the flexibility this thing offers. Seeing the patch and its 6 effects, and being able to reassign what's controlled by the footswitch on the iPad screen would be a huge improvement and then this would be a truly useful box for a mich wider user base.

  • from Little Rock February 14, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    Sounds great, but

    I would rate this higher if Zoom would provide the ability of the Mac OSX or Windows or Android devices could utilize the bluetooth capabilities.

    This the the biggest shortcoming of this device, there is no USB connections like the other MS pedals to update or anything. So you cannot purchase any new models or do updates unless you have a few select apple Ipad, Iphone, or itouch devices. You would think they would want to expand the market share for this and sell new models to a much wider group of users. Very short sighted

  • from Watford City ND USA September 12, 2013Music Background:

    Zoom MS-100BT

    This effect pedal is great for the purpose I bought it for. I only use it as a single pedal. When the pedal chain is used, you have to bend down to change it to the next pedal in the chain so you can turn it on or off. For me though I only have one pedal selected in a bank and it is used as a backup in case one of my other pedals fail. Overall its a neat product.

  • from Detroit, Michigan March 12, 2013Music Background:

    Good in theory but impractical in a live setting

    I purchased the Zoom in hopes of gaining a variety of effects, amp models, distortions, and overdrives in one stomp box on my pedal board. I was attracted to the idea of putting patches together and saving them. Although the effects sound pretty good, as do the overdrives, the problem is the pedal remains on all the time making it impossible to bypass back to your natural amp. For this to happen you would need to program an empty patch in addition to all your other presets and toggle through all of them quickly to get back to your amp, and even then, the pedal still remains on. A one button footswitch just doesn't work for changing on the fly. Furthermore, the blue tooth isn't too exciting. You have enough to work with without downloading more sounds. The amp models are a bit tinny, high pitched, trebly, and lack air. I found the standard effects especially the delays useful, but things like keyboard, bomb, and other useless fart sounds that make your guitar unrecognizable I wouldn't have a place for. Bottom-line is If you're looking for a variety of options that sound okay in one pedal to use in a recording session, or to jam at home, this may be your thing. I have an original POD for that. If you want access to your sounds on the fly in a live setting look elsewhere. You'd be doing a lot of tap dancing to make this work live, and you'd better be lightning quick with your toes.

  • from Los Angeles January 15, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer and Guitarist for 20 years+

    Great Idea but lacks sound quality

    I am using this pedal to go directly into a mixer. THE GOOD: compact sized, battery or AC powered, very useful LCD, rugged, tons of built in effx & amp models, stereo or mono, lots of sounds for $150
    THE NOT SO GOOD: sound quality is thin and lacks "air". Regardless of the amp model chosen, it seems to have that same "digital POD" sound. I plugged the Zoom's output into a $200 SansAmp pedal before the mixer and then it sounds rather good. The IOS app is useless, all u can do is buy new "amps & effx; you can't tweak/control the pedal. The output level is low and there is no master volume.

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