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JBL MRX515 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from Shreveport, LA. February 12, 2012Music Background:
    40+ Years Pro Musician/Sound Tech

    Pound for pound, these can't be beat!!!

    I have 4 of these (and 4 512M's). I work well over 100 gigs a year with various combinations of these and they always get the job done. They sound great, they're easy to handle, and they are exceptionally reliable.

  • from Massachusetts August 1, 2011Music Background:

    Wow MRX 515

    Just did my first DJ gig with the 515's Unreal. I had JRX 115 before very heavy to lift on stands at my age.. Love the 515 mrx light and sound very very crisp.

  • from Jacksonville, FL March 30, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer

    Awesome indoors or outdoors!

    I recently purchased a pair, and WOW they are sweet! They are punchy, brilliant, and so very easy on my back. I did my own performance test on them in my backyard. I set them on stands, on one end of my yard spaced about 15 feet apart, ran them to a Crown XTi2000 in bridged mode, and only slightly increased the low end. With a few selected dynamic Blue Oyster Cult tunes cued on my laptop through my Mackie ONYX mixer, I cranked them up to the point I thought they were beginning to distort, and backed off the volume slightly. I then walked to the opposite end of my yard, about 75 feet away, and stood directly out in front of the MRX's. I could hardly believe how much earth-pounding punch and clarity my ears and body were witnessing! Great job JBL, these loudspeakers absolutely have my strongest recommendations. THEY ROCK!!! My neighbors must think I've lost it! I plan to purchase a couple more, to run side-by-side for larger crowds.

  • from Merrimac, WI July 1, 2009Music Background:
    Guitarist, Band Manager

    The JBL Mrx's PUMP!!

    Go ahead muscle around with those powered active monsters not me! My amp rack has 4 handles and wheels and my mains are a new set of JBL MRX515's and MRX518's on poles and there's not a Mackie or EV that can touch 'em. The first time I used these I set my Rane EQ flat put on a 'Legs' from ZZ Top and just about jumped outta' my skin! WOW! I put the 518's crossed over at 150hz and the 515's full range I had to take a walk and see how the sound traveled and it only got better.

    Different sound companies have run our band using EAW, Mackie, Peavey and JBL's JRX series front of house and I've never been that impressed with their overall performance but these speakers had definite OMG factors. I noticed as the band played that I actually had to turn up the mids and trim the highs (what sound man runs that configuration on their EQ!)I was warned that the new stuff from JBL was all junk by old time audiophiles, well I can't wait until they hear these!

    Oh, I put the 15! "two-way 515's on the poles by myself! Try saying that with an active speaker. The only problem was that when the band was on breaks the CD's sounded so good I wasn't sure they were going to want us back up but apparently they made us sound just as good...nothing but applause. Now the band is excited to play and no one minds helping load out anymore.

    Oh, I should address the 70x70 degree side to side range. Some folks think it's a little tight but when you're playing a smaller venue I noticed people who were fairly close to the band (within 20')sliding off to the sides to talk with each other I even caught myself doing it on break is this a bad thing? I don't think so kinda' like adding a wing to your wingding. My biggest reservation was could I put the whole band through these. No problem they seem to get better sounding at higher SPL's. By the way, if you're buying anything from anybody else you're getting ripped. Wait until you see how Sweetwater treats their customers!

    You won't believe it and you won't ever go anywhere else period and Ilive within 45min. of their biggest competitor.

  • from Dublin, Ireland December 5, 2008Music Background:
    Mobile DJ

    MRX 515=*****

    I am a mobile DJ and was using DAS DS 15 which were fine but were a touch underpowered. I had JBLs prior to them and just knew that it wasn't the same without the safe sign of the little red badge, let alone the monster handling. I was resigned to going with a less capable unit and was almost going for SX's when I came across the MRX's for a tip more. My mind was made, I took the speakers in on the Friday and they did their first gig that night and left the by them reconed DS 15's for the kerb.

    They are uber light to handle (I can lift them from a stand with my forearm), they sound easy handling 400watts per speaker, they really lift with a second speaker driven with them and their audio handling range is very good from top to bottom. They also have a dual top hat, handy for angling sound from a height. For the few quid extra, you will be blown way with such a practical speaker.

  • from Fort Wayne, IN USA April 3, 2008Music Background:
    lifetime live engineer, house of worship technical director

    Sound good, weight little; These are a big deal!

    Wow. I have had a pair of these speakers for several months now, and I have been blown away. We use them as front fills in a 1300 seat auditorium, and they sound better than the slightly old, but extremely expensive, Renkus-heinz speakers hung above them. On their own, they can easily fill the room [again 1300 seats] with sound and with no distortion. They are very lightweight; so much so that if you could get the handles to fit, you might be able to hold two in one hand. Regardless, they sound great and have stood up to 90-95 dB levels multiple times a week, for over 6 months. They are split before the amp from the main mix, through a Crown C1000 amp, with their own EQ. Fabulous. They have Speakon connection which are secure and strong.

  • from Marion, In. March 16, 2012Music Background:
    Install and operate sound equipment

    JB; MRX 515

    These speakers are easy to carry. They are easy to put on tripod stands. The sound quality is great. There is good definition of sound from the lows to the highs. The voice quality is there.

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