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Mackie MR5mk2 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 20 customer reviews
  • from United States February 25, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician.

    I'm impressed!!! Amazing Studio Monitors for the price!

    I work as a music producer/recording engineer for about 13 years now. I never gave much attention to any expensive studio monitors. I have a small M-Audio for many years and it always did the job. When I decided to invest in good equipment, after reading several reviews on the Mackie MR5mk2. I decided to try these. After installed it, I stood a few hours just listening to my favorite songs, very impressed with the quality of these monitors!! This monitor is compared to $ 500 Monitors. Worth every penny!! Amazing for the price!

  • from Upper Marlboro, MD December 26, 2012Music Background:
    Live musician, Composer, Arranger, Producer

    Quality beyond my imagination

    These are AWESOME. This was the perfect gift from wife to add to my growing studio production equipment. These reference monitors have far exceeded my expectations so far. The clarity of sound is exquisite while the lows have been perfect without being overwhelming. The mids have been exceptional. Thanks again from an extremely satified customer

  • from November 27, 2012Music Background:
    music composer,singer

    One of the best studio monitor..

    Im a music composer and singer. me and my sound engineer friend was trying to find good studio monitor for our home studio but we could.we had option though[Event,Yamaha,KRK] but we tested the sound of mr5 mk2,this studio monitor is perfect for home studio and for any genre of music.I do rock,pop,jazz,classical etc.

  • from Los Angeles, California August 13, 2012Music Background:
    Bass Guitarist, Background Rhythm Keyboards Blues Based Hard Rock Fusion Metal

    Honestly Fantastic Studio Monitors

    As I write this I've had a pair about a month and are really very well designed and sounding monitors. Kudos to the people at Makie for the MR5mk2 Studio Monitors. Clear Crisp Accurate with Excellent Precise Stereo Imaging in a Rugged Eye Pleasing Desktop Size Enclosure, input options for every occasion with enough Bi Amped Power to handle projects and/or job tasks involving any Genre of Music or Video Soundtrack is what you will be getting if you purchase a pair. My Sales Engineer, Jorge Fernandez, skillfully guided me to these monitors over something else I had in mind and couldn't be happier with his knowledge of equipment and knowing what would be most ideally suited Monitors for my Musical Needs and Budget. Yes, I recommend these Monitors to any and everybody since there is no going wrong purchasing a pair of Makie MR5mk2 Studio Monitors from Sweetwater Sound. >:)

  • from United States May 10, 2012Music Background:
    Bad-*** Rockstar


    I just want you to know that I LOVE my MR5's! They feel sexy! They look sexy and they sound like a hot chick when she's angry! These things have excellent response and they really deliver on ALL of their promises! If you were to ask me if you should buy them, I would say "DUDE!,,, Hell Yeah!"

  • from Houston TX April 4, 2012Music Background:
    Hip Hop producer/gear head

    Mackies are Great

    Coming from a world only heard through headphones these in deed blew me away i love the super low response and the highs are super crispy great set of monitors for the price.

  • from Bloomington, IL January 31, 2012Music Background:
    Record Producer

    Blown Away...I Can Hear Now!

    I am a music producer, not a mixing engineer, and in being so my mixes have always lacked and fell behind, not complimenting my music at all. At first I was mixing in a (really) old pair of Yamaha's and my headphones. After the Yamaha's went out, I stuck to the headphones, got up some extra money, researched, and bought these. Gotta say, the best decision I've made in musical career!

  • from Berkeley, CA January 12, 2012Music Background:
    Future Sound Designer and Score Composer

    Great Monitors

    I purchased these back in the fall of 2011 and am so glad I did. I had a beaten up old pair of M-Audio Bx5s that were slowly diminishing in sound, so I decided to go find a better set of small studio monitors for my small at home studio. I tested many other small speaker monitors along with these at many different stores. I was trying to stay in the $500 or less range so I had many options. When I first tried these Mackies out I could instantly tell the difference in quality. They have great low end and fantastic stereo imaging. I have enjoyed these monitors very much for the past few months and for only about $400 max for a pair. Great price, great product, great sound!

  • from Springfield, MO January 10, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    So this is what music sounds like

    This is my first even sorta upscale personal speaker and I'm pretty impressed with the range of this speaker it's ability. Clear high/mid and even a pretty punchy little bass. I just bought one of these to use at work for PC/iPOD but I'm pretty sure I'll buy a couple more for the house. So all my time encoding in lossless format finally really pays off in sound quality.

  • from Boston, MA December 1, 2011Music Background:
    Producer/ DJ

    PERFECT for a mini studio!!!!

    I started to seek out building up my own studio in the house and i really couldn't make a decision out of all the monitors to choose from. I went to a local store to hear them play and i was very satisfied with their flat response and the amount of bass these little things can give. Totally blown away once they came to my house. They also have the EQ settings on the back to boost the lows and highs if need be. I use these to mix and also to play music by messing with the EQ on the back. If your need to trust any speaker in this price range, Mackie MR5's is the answer.

  • from Boston October 10, 2011

    Dont overspend

    I was struggling finding studio monitors for my home studio, spending thousands of dollars buying and selling and putting up with terrible quality speakers. Even the Yamaha HS80m, which comes highly reccomend, was a nightmare with its hiss and computer interference. My friend reccomended these Mackies to me and I thought he was insane. No way they could make a pro level studio monitor for 300 dollars (For a Pair, 150 for one). I was completely wrong.

    If you are an entry level musician, or if you are a pro, GET THESE MONITORS. Dont waste the time or the money. They are shielded from electronic hum, have no hiss, and they represent highs and lows very well. Some people think they have too much low end, but thats as simple as turning down the bass freq control on the back of the speaker.

    The only thing I've heard that compares are my studios 2000 dollar a pair Genelecs. I'm not even joking. Pick these up. You will not regret it. Dont go for the overpriced stuff clouding up the 700-1,200 dollar a pair market. You wont get better than this I promise.

  • from September 24, 2011Music Background:
    Video Editer

    Love em

    The Mackie MR5k2 are amazing speakers, I very satisfied with my purchase. I have my sound running out of my iMac, into a small Mackie mixer and then to these. Great purchase!

  • from Temecula, CA July 12, 2011Music Background:
    hobbyist - guitar

    Great Speakers

    I was looking to build a mini studio using my PC, guitars plugged into an Eleven Rack and Pro Tools as my interface. I was debating between getting a pre-amp and cab but decided to try using powered monitors for the 1st time.

    I am blown away at how good these speaker sound. I am able to emulate the exact tone from my Rectoverb head and 2x12 Mesa cab with v30's. Never thought I would be able to get the same tone out of these speakers. This combination is amazing and for the price these speakers are worth every penny.

    Sweetwater has easily provided the best customer service I have experience and will continue to do business with them.

  • from Fort Wayne, IN June 28, 2013Music Background:
    Composer, Producer, Media / Technology Specialist

    Best for the money!

    These sound incredible for the price. Compare these to the other 5 inch monitors in this price range and these are the best I have heard.

    I own the Yamaha HS50m, Samson Resolve 65a, and the mixcubes. The mixcubes are tough to beat for mixing but aren't great for enjoyment.

    The MR5mk2 is 85 watts on a 5in woofer. This means you actually get to utilize the 5in woofer. Compare this to the 30-watt krk Rokit 5. The Mackie's have so much more power.

    Bottom line: If you need one set of versatile monitors for your home studio, it's the MR5mk2's.

  • from Michigan April 18, 2012Music Background:
    over 10 years of recording, writing and perfroming. folk/punk


    I was looking for a pair of monitors that would reproduce the sound without adding any extra boosts in the highs or lows and these are perfect. If you want to hear exactly what your mix sounds like then grab a pair of these. my only downside is a power button that is on the back (only because I work in a very tight studio space) thanks to matt from sweetwater as well!

  • from Nashville September 27, 2011Music Background:

    Great studio monitors

    Great studio monitors. Everything I expected. Accurate, transparent...What you hear is what you mix!

  • from Cambridge, MA, USA August 25, 2011Music Background:

    Great monitors

    I bought two of these monitors for (stereo) film editing, and they have served me well for the first few weeks of use. I am not an audiophile, but a professional music composer came by to hear and edit his film track, and he commented on how great they reproduced his sound. I'm currently connecting from a PC via stereo to RCA analog, which is already great, but might switch to the fancier inputs with a new sound card--nice to be able to do so The speakers are bigger than anything I've had, but still they fit well on my desk. They can get pretty loud, which is nice for filling the room and hearing small defects. They have no frills (volume adjustment, aux in/out, etc.) but do their main job well.

  • from San Jose July 19, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Better than krk 5

    Better than krk Rocket 5 or many others,worth for the price......thanks.

  • from dennis ms June 18, 2011Music Background:
    voice over

    nice speaker

    very good reference for the money

  • from Hanford Ca October 26, 2011Music Background:
    Guitarist, Singer and Sound man for "Michelle & Dave"

    Mackie MR5 Mk2 dissapointing

    I own 4 of the 2010 MR5 Mk1 speakers and found them to be wonderful for their size and price. I would rate them a 5. The MK 2 however is both harsh (brassy) and seams to have a low end resonance that creates a booming sound. Neither version is a great studio monitor because they have a bass port, but the MK1 is much better than the MK2. I use them as our PA and monitor when we play small venues and the MK1's sound great. I also use another pair for my spin classes and thats where I will put the MK2s.
    Overall I am very dissapointed with the MK 2 speakers. Sweeetwater has been great as always. Their service is a cut above everyone else.
    Dave Bezinque

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