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Akai Professional MPC1000 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Austin Moss

    Whether doing remix work or creating original ideas in hardware and or software environment, this is the simplest sequencer to lay it down with. The sampler is hands down the quickest way to grab sounds. USB functionality! What else do you need?

  • from NYC October 29, 2016Music Background:
    Musical Engineering and production

    Mpc 1000 close maxed out

    I only give it 5stars after the upgrades, pads, ram, memory and screen. With those upgrades it's hands down an amazing machine much more than even my 2500 with upgrades.

  • from Minneapolis March 18, 2009Music Background:
    Hands on Learner

    The Workhorse

    The MPC 1000 is my workhorse in my project studio. The first piece of equipment I always go to first is my MPC. There is nothing that compares to the workability that this unit has. However, the MPC out-of-the-box is quite limited in its capabilities. If you decide to purchase an MPC also look at the MPC forums, for there are hundreds of entries that list necessary upgrades to make the MPC the heart your studio or project studio. Nonetheless, you should get a 256mb RAM card upgrade, the 80GB internal hard drive to save all your samples, sounds, beats, etc. The JJ OS1 is a good start, but isn't completely necessary until you understand the funcionts of the MPC. Furthermore, it does take a bit of learning to really get the sounds and feeling you want. Of course, you can jump right in and get a feel for everything, but as soon as you start opening up different functions, you'll notice there is quite a bit of learning. Try reading the eBook called "beatmaking on the MPC 1000." It will get you started. All-in-all, I still haven't fully mastered this thing, but I keep building my studio around it. Highly integratable. Buy it, you won't regret it. There is so much internet help from other users as well as a world of possibilities.

  • from chicago March 10, 2008Music Background:
    pro musician

    mpc 1000

    yo this thing is sick..its an mpc. what else can you want.

  • from August 22, 2006

    one of the best

    blows the 2000xl up. love this thing use it on the drums and samples for all my beats. Akai has a winner
    here. got way more than what i payed for.

  • from Indianapolis, IN - USA June 25, 2008Music Background:
    Hip-Hop/Rap Producer, Recording/ Mixing Engineer

    This thing is a BEAST!!!

    I produce Hip-Hop/Rap and before I had the MPC 1000, I was using a ZOOM Streetboox, which, even though it tries hard, is not an MPC, not even close. Bottotm line, if you're looking to take your productions to the next level you have to own an MPC, and the MPC 1000 is an excellent choice. I wouldnt see any other way of doing my drum patterns or samples.

    Compared to the MPC 2500 and MPC 4000, this unit is the best bang for your buck, the MPC 4000 is a little exspensive unless you have money rolling in, and since you can get the same OS feature that the 2500 has, on the 1000 with the JJ OS, buying the MPC 2500 doesnt make sense. Not to mention you can upgrade the pads on the MPC 1000 to make them like its previous MPC ancestors.

    I dont really have too much to complain about, the jog wheel feels like it will fall off if you spin it too hard, but I beat it up and it still works. Some complain about the pads going dead so quickly, but I've had mine for a year and only one is dead, it still works but it plays all the samples assigned to ALL the banks instead of just the one its on, but this was like that when I got it.

    Bottom line the MPC 1000 is an amazing tool, it can do so much for your productions, if you make Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B or any other form of electronic music, you need an MPC, why not get the MPC 1000

  • from Louisville, Usa September 23, 2010Music Background:


    The pads on this thing are CRAP all of mine went out within a year! Search the Internet and see just how many people are having problems with this machine since Akai went to Alesis individual pads that cost 8 bucks that will go out again and again because they are Cheap!

    They didn't even have a recall but supposely went back to akai origina senor pads but I know guys that have bought them and they are still shipping them out just to get paid! Plus charge u $200 bucks for the upgrade senor pad! My advice go with another beat Machine! Akai has lowered their standards since Alesis brought the compnay

  • from new york November 1, 2005


    I have the mpc1000 and the mpc4000.

    I bought the mpc1000 to use at work. I work graveyard shift at a gas station and I can make beats all night. The thing is portable and very durable! I was also real glad to see that the drum library i use in my 4000 was 100% compatible. Bangin-Beats.com provided me with the support (Akai's support was kinda lacking) to load everything and map their drums across the pads with a couple clicks. Perfecto! (The drums that come in the thing are pretty useless). I been loving this machine and believe it or not, a label is buying a beat I made on this for a semi-major artist. Completely overlooked my 4000 beats! ha!

    A great machine in and out. Highly recommended!

  • from Brooklyn, NY October 1, 2005

    MPC 1000

    On friday I recieved a related family member to the MPC 4000. Instantly, I fell in love with the
    quality of the sound, the swing, and the simplicity of the unit. This past summer, I purchased the Roland MV8000 and I was not impressed with the quality of the sound, the groove or style, ect. In any case the MV8000 was shipped back the next business day. In my personal opinion, anyone who is interested in making good quality music should have this in their studio. It is best to learn the basics of this unit because the MPC 4000 has a very strong learning curve as well as a hefty price tag. Again in my opinion the MPC 4000 should only be purchased by producers, writers who are serious about the art of producing. For those who are still unsure please check out onestopbeats, sonicstate, MPC sounds, future producers, Scratch Magazine and you would see that all the hit producers are using akai to keep the lights on. In any case, I would like to say thanks again to Tim Henderson for making my purchase such wonderful experience. " Lets all make good music "


  • from Philly September 1, 2005


    This machine is that. To me it's the 2000xl but smaller. Making beats is a sinch. Great sampling and looping features. Hip Hop has never been so easy since I've picked this up. Once again to my sales rep. Austin Moss..Great suggestion!! Your know your stuff! I love this machine!!!

  • April 1, 2005

    Hot MPC; A Must Have!

    This MPC is Rock Hard. You you have a computer setup and a USB port you will love using this sampler, sequencer. It has all of the top main features of the big brother (2000XL) but in a smaller more compact formula. The sound is excellent, Workflow is simple and effective. Loading samples is super easy with the CF card. If you making hip-hop and R&B music this is a must have in your gear arsenal. Havent used the MIDI yet but it seems easy enough to work with. The digital coaxial output is clean, (an extra price on the 2000XL) and this thing also has 4 individual outs! (also a additional option on the 2000XL) Intergrating this into your studio is a cinch. Super hot straight out the box and as rock solid on the stage. Tap the tempo, hit start and boom. The beat is dropping. Don't ask me though, just try it yourself and you will be sold on one for sure!

  • from LA, California January 1, 2005

    MPC 1000

    This is a nice unit. I love the portability and performance. The MPC 1000 comes with good sounds out the box. BEAT TALK did a good review. The MPC 1000 is more than a beginners tool.

  • from Long Island,Ny January 1, 2005

    The MPC 1000 can produce a professional sound and here is proof.

    visit www.soundclick.com/apexproductionz this guy does all his beats and samples with an mpc 1000 and his hiphop music sounds amazing.Listening to his music made me get one the following day.It comes with a nice group of sound programs plus a 16 mb flash card maxed with more sounds and drums.nice big clean sound.Damn Akai is good.Don't beleive me just listen to this guys beats off of a 1000.Hope this was helpful.

  • March 1, 2004

    sounds pretty good

    sounds pretty good from what i hear, but i dont have mine yet. but as soon as i get it check some of the beats out at www.sweet-beets.com


  • Rob Crocker

    I was reluctant at first as I unpacked the MPC1000 to do a review. First, I associated it with music styles that don't interest me. Second, making music on a "groove box" was alien to me, being a guitar player. I figured I'd hate the whole experience... all I can say is I'll eat my words. It's an intuitive piece that is easy to get around. The menu system doesn't take itself seriously with commands like "do it" instead of enter, for example.

    Within minutes I was setting it up to record a sample and playing with the drum pads. It sounds great which blew me away and before long that grumbling was replaced by a smile. I had a lot of fun playing it, making sequences, tweaking my samples and essentially stepping out of my creative comfort zone. The MPC1000 took me to creative places that I seriously doubt I'd have ever visited on my own.

  • Joe Gilder

    The MPC1000 is really the first drum machine/sampler I've really sat down with and gotten to know. I took it home and tried to forget everything I know about audio and recording. I wanted to approach it with the kind of mindset of someone who doesn't want to know all the ins and outs of the recording and sampling process and just wants to make some music.

    The MPC1000 is quite impressive. This sleek little black box looks great, which gets your creative energies going as soon as you take it out of the box. Power up the machine, and you'll be deep into sequencing in minutes. The Quick Start Manual is great, especially for someone like me who has no prior experience with these things. I glanced over it, got my bearings, and started playing.

    The most impressive thing to me about the MPC1000 is how quickly and easily you can put together a sequence. Set up your tempo and how long you want the sequence to be. Find the first sound you want to lay down. Hit record, and do it. It automatically loops back over what you recorded, so you can just keep adding different sounds to different tracks without ever having to stop the loop! When you get a good groove, going, you don't want to have to stop everything to find your next sound. Keep it playing while you look. When you're ready, throw it back into record and lay down the next part. It's so easy.

    For those of you with less-than-perfect rhythm (like myself), the MPC will automatically line up your performance (if you want it to). Don't agonize over a missed beat. Let MPC1000 fix it for you on the fly so you can keep going.

    Once you've played with all the sounds included on the MPC1000, you can then add as many sounds as you want. Record it in straight from your computer or CD player, edit it on the MPC and assign it to a pad. Customize this thing however you want, and save it all to your Compact Flash memory card.

    For those of you that like to tweak, the MPC has plenty of effects and synth parameters. Almost all of the adjustable parameters (frequency cutoff, resonance, volume, etc.) can be controlled by one of the two Q-link sliders. You don't have to make your adjustments with little buttons, use a fader to "feel" your way through the different sounds.

    Get an MPC1000 and let the creativity begin. You'll be making great musical creations in no time.

  • Paddy Steading

    When first getting familiar with the MPC1000, my greatest surprise was how much you could do with this little box! From the 32 MIDI tracks, to the 64 track sequencer, backed up by the real-time processing, the MPC1000 has got you covered. I was also impressed by how easily I could navigate through the LCD and recording features. Any feature or filter is accessible within a few selections. That is a huge relief! Do you really want to feel like you are reprogramming a computer in the middle of a live performance? I don't.

    The MPC1000's Q-Link sliders are the main controls for the real-time processing. They act like a filter knob on an analog synth, meaning you can change tuning, filter cutoff, attack, or decay during performance. A really cool extra with the Q-Link sliders is that they can be reassigned mid-performance. So if you are changing the tuning of one sample, and suddenly want to change the decay of a different one, you can do it almost instantaneously.

    With modern music changing all the time, we all have to remember that certain products are no longer genre specific. Samplers are no longer just for hip-hop and electronica. Rock and metal groups, and even country acts, are now using samplers. Why? Because they sound so close to the real thing! If you are a guitar player and don't want to have to wait on band practice, or can't find a band to practice with, don't get frustrated. The MPC1000 has the ability to be your band. (and it actually does what you want it to.)

  • Jared Matchette

    As someone with little sequencing and sampling experience, I was mostly concerned with ease of use. The AKAI MPC1000 put all of my worries to rest. Within minutes of firing up the MPC1000 I had created a 6-track sequence without having to put much thought into maneuvering through windows and menus. I was able to focus my mind on creating music. In addition, the preset sequences provided a quick way to hear what sounds were in the preset programs, as well as showing the possibilities capable with the MPC1000. It's a great songwriting tool!

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