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Behringer MPA40BT Reviews

4.0 stars based on 22 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer MPA40BT?

Questions about the Behringer MPA40BT?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Christopher
    from Fort Wayne September 9, 2016

    Great product. Worth the buy!

    See these products everyday and so I bought one. Love it. Friends also have one and they also love it!

  • Russell C Cole
    from OK May 29, 2016Music Background:
    Bedroom rockstar :D

    Great little PA with big sound!

    I got this to use as a sort back patio Karaoke to hook up to my laptop while playing the game Rocksmith. Especially at the pool and on family BBQ weekends. Even the biggest set of PC speakers I tried did not have enough sound outdoors. This unit has plenty of sound. And it is a nice full range and crystal clear sound. I've only had it out a few times for a couple of hours each, but the battery never moved off of 100%. I'd imagine it would last all evening. Longer than the laptop would last on its battery. A great unit. I am very happy with it.

  • Tim
    from Branson MO September 22, 2014Music Background:
    Live sound

    This thing is great

    I did not realize I needed this until I saw it and bought it. We have now used it so many times in the last few weeks, the battery power and the bluetooth are what makes it so great.

  • Customer
    from March 15, 2014Music Background:

    great speaker

    I would purchase this speaker in a heartbeat again if needed

  • Mark Costantini
    from Kensington, CA January 3, 2014Music Background:
    30 year semi-pro, hundreds of pro gigs.


    My little jazz/funk outfit just bought one of these for our rehearsals in a third floor walk-up and gigs around town. All of us are long-time musicians and were just blown away by the musical sound quality of this little gem of a PA. We've not used the included mic but use SM58's and the PA just sings! Super-highly recommended.

    Then there's the customer service at Sweetwater. We all got the feeling that if we ever had a problem with the PA that they would essentially helicopter in to our studio to fix it. What a company!

  • Ches
    from Beltsville, MD September 15, 2015

    Behringer MPA40BT

    Outstanding unit. All I expected and more for the price! Also, great service provided by the salesman.

  • Heath Eldridge
    from August 31, 2015Music Background:
    Professional audio engineer, serous hobbiest as an actual musician.

    Great speaker

    For the price this is an excellent unit. Unbelievable in fact. I use it got busking at markets etc, and it does the job beautifully.

    Some improvements that could be made (which would increase the price).

    1. Another couple of channels (even just 1/4 inch plugs)
    2. Inbuilt reverb. I reckon most users would use this as an amp rather than a "PA speaker".
    3. Better manual - it does not take 6 hours to charge first time - 24 is closer to the mark in my experience.

  • Susie Shortt
    from Quinton, AL March 26, 2015

    Great Amp for Acoustic Gigs/Weddings

    The Behringer MPA40BT is high quality PA. I was very impressed by this product. I wasn't sure initially if this would be suitable for playing wedding gigs, but Behringer full succeeded my expectations. I have received so many compliments on this gem. Makes my life a lot easier and happier having this baby around!! Thanks Behringer!

  • Kurt
    from Fort Wayne, In October 21, 2014Music Background:

    Good for work

    I purchased for work. Loud enough too drown out the back ground noise. Had to have battery power, move around a lot and not many outlets. Only thing, I wish it had a built in MP3.

    Sound is louder through Bluetooth, than RCA's. Use my MP3 player so I will not run down my phone.

    Sounds great, get a lot of compliments.

    You can spend more,on a portable Bluetooth, from the so called top names. They will not be as loud or sound any better.

    May get the B207MP3 or the B112MP3, if I need more power and want to mess with a power cord.

    Gave it a 4.5, only because Behringer should make this model with a MP3 built in.

  • Customer
    from Austin Texas September 4, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    Good all around work horse

    First of all I have to say this is a great all around Bluetooth speaker and a very useful fold back monitor for meetings and small acoustic sets.. the 40watts is more than enough for a back yard BBQ or pool party.. the on board battery will keep going long after your mobile phone needs to hit the charger.. I have seen battery life well past the 8 hours.. I have used 2 of these speakers a both mains( with a Behringer 12 powered sub) for a small club 100 seats and as fold back monitors.. for larger events..
    Line and Microphone connections are quiet even at full levels. RCA connections have a little bit of noise…. I have not used the Wireless Microphone dongle connections yet.. and the include microphone is cheap.. but if you want a throw away microphone for a wedding or what not.. it’s a nice addition. Bluetooth has good range and does not take away form the battery life as far as I can see
    Some Issues.. No line out so if you want to run 2 or more units you will needs a Break out cable.. sort of a bummer.. The unit is heavy. Not something you want to carry a long distance.. but all the weight is at the bottom of the unit.. (the battery) so it is stable on a pole or on the ground..or you can buy the unint with the handle and wheels. Bass is not very strong, a Sub is need for more punch on the lows.
    This is a good buy for any one looking at Bluetooth Speakers or a good vocal monitor or small main speaker,this is must buy.. I would just say keep it away from the beach.. Sand is not your friend.. too many to holes to clean out

  • Sneakywolf
    from Mesa AZ June 14, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Guitarist

    The Behringer MPA40BT

    I play a lot of solo guitar gigs and sometimes with other instruments, It is not always easy to get power and still sit in the best place for the party. I have used a Crate Limo for yrs. and thought I would give this a try now that I use outboard reverb by way of a Zoom A3. I love it! Played a cocktail party for 150 people, no problem for background music for one hr, the other day a 2 hr corporate party (again background) it was perfect. The only reason I gave it 4.5 stars instead of 5 is the lack of a line out. That can come in handy. Terrific for so many things, my set up and tear down is within two minutes, no searching for power!

  • Karl Stoltzfus
    from Homer, Alaska December 31, 2013Music Background:
    Vocalist plus some live sound and recording

    Works Great

    We use this for vocals in an African Marimba band. So far we have not used it outside but we have used it continuously for about six hours on battery power and it was still showing 50% power. Using Bluetooth at moderate volume it went for about 12 hours. It seems to project quite well for a 40 watt unit. The microphone that came with it is of poor quality so I took a half star off for that. We use Behringer MX8500 dynamic microphones with the XLM connections and they work very well.

    I would say that for the price it works well and would recommend it to anyone needing a self contained, battery powered PA system.

  • Don
    from Wilmington, NC June 11, 2015Music Background:

    Great little battery powered speaker

    I recently purchased this speaker for a couple of beach gigs after reading some great reviews. I'll tell you about my buying experience and then about the product.
    I ordered this early enough to get in in the beginning of the week to charge and test out for my gigs. Spoke with my rep Tim and he was very friendly and helpful. It came in a timely matter as expected but after unboxing it and plugging it in i noticed that it was not charging. Called Sweetwater and the guys got me a return label immediately and overnighted the replacement once they saw tracking.... New speaker in a day later and it started charging... Yeah... On with the review

    Packaging: As would be expected: Came in original box which was resealed with a flier and some candy in it... Standard Styrofoam supporting the speaker.

    Inside the Box: Slim getting started manual (No info on charging or the battery), Power cable and a cheap 1/4 in microphone with on/off switch.

    -Rugged grill
    -Comes with a microphone
    - for a 40W speaker it delivers pretty well sonically
    -Bluetooth connectivity (I'd never use it professionally but at home it's a nice feature)
    -Speaker Mount

    -Other than RCA there are no line in sources
    -Battery indicator can't be trusted... it will go from 100 to 75 percent after just a short while... I have not tested the speaker until it dies so I can not tell full battery life.
    -Bluetooth seemed to limit the audio... Perhaps it was me but I could hear some ducking in the system. Perhaps a built in limiter?
    -No linked audio out

    Overall for 179 dollars this blows the doors off the ion block rocker which is 199 I believe. I used this on the beach and was quite happy ... could have used 2 of them but without a link feature you'll have to run them in stereo from a source. I typically connect all my audio sources with xlr or trs balanced input so plugging into a mic connector made me reset my gain structure so I didn't get a bunch of noise but it was workable.... I got to test the bluetooth which connected very easily with no codes and sounded great other than at higher volumes it seemed to duck the music a little (ie. reduce the volume). The plastic cheap mic that comes with it works extremely well for what I would consider a throw away part... surprised me!
    The only input I have not tested is the RCA line in .... I'll update this after I do.
    So in 2 days besides my home testing I connected this up to an Zed10FX mixer for a beach ceremony and the other day I connected a sennheiser g3 pack directly to the back for use with a lapel microphone. Both worked very well .... Although I was pushing the limit volume wise. This is where 2 would have been great.

    Other than my glitch in the beginning this is almost everything I could have wanted for this type of speaker. Customer service was amazing, shipping was fast and the product is as advertised and at this price point deserves some praise.

    Wishes: Only 2 Mic/Line switch for one or both of the balanced ports and a line level link out to another speaker. Do that Behringer and you have a winner!!! Thanks for the quality gear at a great price!

  • stewart
    from Fort Worth, TX April 20, 2014Music Background:
    past live sound engineer, mobile DJ Service, DJ & MC

    Best of the compact battery powered PA speakers so far

    A very good sounding battery powered PA I use when no power available for PA needs. I took off a star for only two reasons, you can't link this to another pa speaker. There is no xlr output so you can hook a music source to one and link to another battery powered PA, which would be nice in certain situations. The compact wireless mic they make to go with this is terrific except that you can't use it along with sending music via bluetooth to the speaker at the same time. Using the optional accessory dongle battery powered behringer mic blocks the function of the blue tooth music so that you have to turn it off, unplug the dongle, and turn it back on again to get music to come out. I would have rather they added a pound or two to this little speaker to give it an xlr output to another speaker, and allow the mic and bluetooth music to work at the same time. That would have made it the perfect battery powered PA for all sorts of uses.

  • ID Tracy, CA
    from United States March 12, 2014

    Great instrument great investment!

    Great sound & portability for our bible study...musical instruments & voice. Great bluetooth connectivity, too for instant music. Paired it with my friend's Shure wireless, awesome. Everything great but gave 4 stars bec I had no chance to test 12-hr battery life; so far so good in a 4-hr run. No feedback that hurts audience' ears though I stand near in front. Great gear.

  • William Bullock
    from Fuquay Varina January 17, 2014Music Background:
    Small in house DJ

    Great portable PA

    The MPA40bt is a great all around PA speaker. It is only an 8" so don't expect much bass, but that's not what sit is really all about. Mixer does an adequate job for low volume settings, but this speaker really shines when paired with a subwoofer. Great highs so a sub lets you turn down the bass and lost this thing shine. The include mic is pretty cheap but I didn't purchase it for that. The bluetooth works flawlessly and reconnects instantly everytime you turn the speaker back on. Only 4 stars due to lack of lows but overall the best battery powered bluetooth portable PA on the market hands down. Anyone who has been funking a out a small bluetooth or a ion tailgater don't make that mistake go with this guy you won't regret it. Battery life is as advertised.

  • Joe
    from United States December 20, 2013Music Background:
    Bassist, Sound Designer, Producer, Mixer

    Amazing little speaker!!!

    This is was a surprise especially for the price. Right out of the box, it took no time to sync to my phone and start playing. Surprisingly good sound. The battery life is pretty impressive as well. The only reason I give it 4 out of 5 starts is due to the fact that you can only sync one speaker per bluetooth device and there is no output to expand to another speaker if desired. Otherwise it is a great value especially considering it is cheaper than most small bluetooth speakers!

  • Norm
    from Frisco, TX October 31, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist.. Like to tinker with electronics.

    Behringer MPA40BT Bluetooth PA system.

    Unbox this speaker lastnight.
    I was considering the Samson Expedition Express for it's size and weight, but settle for Behringer MPA40BT for the price. Speaker looks rugged and built solid, a little on the heavy side which is good I guess, probably using a thicker MDF material on the box, tip my scale at 18 lbs, 6.8 oz. Bluetooth pairing with my iphone was easy and quick. Have to play with my Iphone EQ, Bass and treble adjustments to get it right sound output. It's bigger box than what I expected. 17" H x9" Dx12" W, I put a 4 star because the mic that it came with look, feel and sounds like the one you can get from WallMart. I plugin my AKG D-890 mic and it sound 500x better! The 8" LF driver gives it the LF that I was looking.
    For the price of this speaker. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a bluetooth speaker that sounds great! and affordable!
    If you want lighter and smaller get the Samson Expedition Express instead. But you won't get the LF sound that the MPA40BT is able to produce.
    Have not tested the battery life.
    Will provide more reviews in a month and see how this thing hold.

  • Mats
    from Sweden April 16, 2017

    Ok good, but...

    Bought this equipment since I had good experience from elsewhere.
    Still "sort-of" happy, but this equipment fails everytime you'd like to increase volume more than 40% in combination with + 50%bass....
    Im really surprised no-one else state this drawback....or is it just me wanting loud music in combo with a lotof bass!???

  • Jack
    from August 17, 2016

    Watch out for old battery

    Do not buy old stock. The battery maybe too old, cause battery failure..it happened to me.you will find there is only three month warranty

  • Gene Beebe
    from Greenwood, Delaware August 5, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Disc Jockey Entertainer and Wedding Officiant

    Only tested so far

    Only tested it so far, and it works great. Going to use it at a wedding ceremony at the end of the month. I will update my review after that.

  • Peter Wood
    from Baltimore, MD USA April 17, 2014Music Background:
    Performing Artist

    Bigger than expected

    Based on the driver size, I was expecting this to be much smaller (closer to Behringer's 208D). This is a fairly large speaker for being a "portable" unit.

    The battery life seems fine, but I wasn't able to get it to stay at 100%. I'd charged it for more than 24 hrs., but after an overnight of being without power, it dropped to 75%.

    Still, I did a 90 minute set with it, and it performed fine. I'm dubious about 12 hours, and it's a big sucker, but everything else is top-notch and what I've come to expect from Behringer.

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