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Kawai MP5 Professional Stage Piano Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • from Toronto Canada November 17, 2009Music Background:
    Semi-pro musicain

    Kawai MP5

    I've gone through a lot of digital pianos over the years and if this one holds up, it will be the one I've been looking for. The action is a bit on the lighter side which I really like but still is meaty enough to dig into. I bought it used and I do hear a bit of key squeaking on a couple of the black keys in the lower register but they play fine. I think this piano sound is really good. It sparkles in the upper registers, has lots of body in the lower end, and is nicely dynamic throughout. Though it has only basic editing, the edits have a profound effect on the sounds. The EQ is significant, the effects section, though not big, is of stellar quality. The EP's bark when slapped and the entire sound set is pretty darn good and unique in character. This is also a very good controller. It looks good too. I'd say it's not light in total weight at 45 lbs but still reasonable. One quirk this unit has is that when first turned on there is some strange behavior with the sustain peddle (the one that comes with the unit plus I've tried others with the same result) along with an odd effect on a few of the sounds but when I turn the keyboard off and back on again it's always fine (I contacted the original owner who moved up to the MP8II and told me to do this and I'm ok with that proceedure if that's all it takes and so far that appears to be the case). That may scare some but I'm way too pleased with this keyboard for that issue to override my opinion of it. I guess I could have it looked into but I'm not going to unless I find that it gets worse. Overall I'm really happy having this keyboard as it is a true piano with some solid additional features and I would certainly look into it again should something happen to it. In closing I will say take a serious look at Kawai... you'll probably be pleasantly surprised. Thanks for reading and happy playing!

  • from Southern Maryland January 23, 2009Music Background:
    Pop, Funk, Blues, Country

    MP5 is Unbelievable

    This is a great sounding digital piano that has a refreshingly simple and logical layout. Very roadworthy at only 45 Pounds. I'M 53 and been gigging since I was 17. Ive owned more keyboards than I care to remember. Kawai does not get the hype or press of Roland, Korg or Yamaha but I have to tell you this keyboard is awesome. Especially when you consider its half the price of the some of the competitor's top of the line digital pianos. I'm not bashing the competition (becasue they are good)but I strongly suggest you give this keyboard a hard look before you buy your next digital stage piano.

  • from Ponce, Puerto Rico June 13, 2008Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great stage piano/controller/keyboard....Wow !!

    I recently bough one and right out of the box it looks beautiful !. It is not too heavy for an 88 weighted keys so you can take it with you even in a small car. The sounds are great for the most of them specially the acoustic and electric pianos. You can combined piano sounds with string pads and other synth sounds to create very complex and beautiful sounds and store them in its user set-ups locations. It is very easy to use and programing, has a lot of other sounds like organs, brass, bass, hollow pads, etc.. and I would recomended to any body. Thanks Kawai !!

  • from Cleveland, OH January 30, 2008Music Background:
    Classically trained pianist, music educator

    Perfect for the gigging keyboard player

    As a 55-year old jazzer I've gone through a ton o' keyboards in +40 years. This one is very satisfying, not only because of the sounds and touch, but because it programs very easily and is relatively light at 45 lbs. One can program setups with four independent sounds, each with its own range, effect, reverb, pedal assignments, etc. I can mix the relative balances of these sounds on the fly and easily store settings as I refine them. Although not as "deep" as my (departed) Yammy S80, since it lacks a sequencer player and arpeggiator, for my type of gigging: playing lh bass along with the usual rh pianos, organs, eps, pads and etc. at casuals, it's just about perfect. Programming the 80 was very frustrating and counterintuitive: the MP5 is very straightforward. Oh, and it's about 1/2 the weight of the 80. Support from the KawaiUS rep, Troy R. is excellent and immediate, which is terrific for us technology impaired 20th century guys!

  • from Gastonia, NC August 11, 2010Music Background:
    Minister of Music/Band Leader


    I feel the Kawai MP5 could be one of the best values in stage pianos. The polyphony is great and the zones really work well with preformance setups. I am a hugh yamaha fan (I own Motif, cp300,s90 and roland rd700gx for about a month) but this is really close and half the price of most stage pianos. The pianos and electric keys are really good and other sounds are not bad at all. I wish the keybed could be a little more stiff (years of playing Yamaha) but its not to bad. Again I believe it to be a very good value.

  • from Richmond VA July 13, 2009Music Background:
    Live player variety music - self taught - some past recordings

    Kawai MP5

    Was not able to try out the MP5 in advance but am pleased with the piano expression and the stage setup cababilities as well as some of the other sounds. Had sold my base keyboard Yam S90ES because of size, weight, and was not pleased with the piano expressiveness. Kawai is 15 lbs. lighter fits across a full car seat etc. and is really a lot of keyboard for the cost. I have 5 or so others but plan to use this as my 88 key base with 1 or 2 others for supplement. Also pleased with Sweetwater -they did exactly as they said and unit was received on time and charged correctly.

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