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Kawai MP11 88-key Professional Stage Piano Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Kawai MP11 88-key Professional Stage Piano?

Questions about the Kawai MP11 88-key Professional Stage Piano?

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  • from Florida / Germany June 14, 2016

    What a spread of opinions

    This is a fantastic instrument. Period. Action is outstanding. No question. I own one since December 2015 and played it with AKG 702 reference headphones from Beyerdynamics. The piano sounds didn't really convince me that much in the beginning after having access to a multitude of real uprights and concert grands. But ... last week I decided to end my headphone times and get some real speakers: A pair of Genelec 8030Bs reference monitors combined with a Genelec 7050B subwoofer (for those really low tones and fat piano body resonances). Man, was I blown away! I just closed my eyes .. and there it was. I just coundn't believe what I had been missing all these months. Besides the lack of the vibrations from the missing strings you just can't get much closer to the real thing. I'm just happy.

  • from Vermont March 23, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging for years

    The digital standard others weigh against!

    I can't say enough about this piano. It's isn't a synth, so there are limited sounds, but all the sounds are usable. The buttons and menu functionality is streamlined and easy. As so many have said correctly, nobody does real piano action like Kawai. The wooden key bed is phenomenal! It plays like a dream. It is a beast, and portability is in the eye of the beholder! My only snag is that even at this level I can detect that the sound is (slightly) inferior to a good acoustic. True of any digital. I plan to get Ivory II New York D as it will make an incredible controller. Together I believe it would fool a pro blindfolded!

  • from January 23, 2016

    A Pianist's Keyboard

    I spent a lot of time researching before deciding on the MP11. I live in the sticks and didn't have access to an MP11 to try out. The local music store is a Yamaha dealer, so I did play some of those in the $500 - $2000 price range, though none met my standards. As a piano player, I wanted a solid, realistic action as well as some decent midi capabilities. After months of researching, it came down to the MP11, VPC1, or the Roland RD800. Though I didn't have an RD800 to try, I had played the RD700 many times before, and knew that it was a solid contender.

    I eventually dropped the VPC1 from the running because of it's lack of midi - not to mention no onboard sounds: I would have to boot up a computer every time. I finally decided on the MP11 as it was the most popular choice among pianists (second to the VPC1).

    There was a brief moment of panic when it arrived: one corner of the box had been damaged during transit. I was relieved to find that aside from a tiny scratch, there was no real damage to speak of.

    As to the MP11... It's been wonderful. Practicing on it, it's easy to forget I'm playing an electric keyboard and not an acoustic - perhaps due to the real piano action assembly. Sometimes I'll change up the piano sound by using Ivory or True Key's Steinway or AcousticSamples wonderful Kawai Ex-Pro. I used to play those same libraries on the P120, and never felt anything special. Now it's a better match-up -- playing feels more organic and fluid.

    Even if I eventually get a nice acoustic grand piano, the MP11 will always be an important part of my home studio. It's that much fun to play!

  • from Houston Texas February 28, 2015Music Background:
    Song Writer, live musician, and classical enthusiast

    Exactly what I was looking for

    I love this keyboard. I don't have to play downstairs and disturb the family on my baby grand anymore. This piano feels great and sounds wonderful. I struggled with the sound at first but once I tweaked it a bit, it sounded awesome. Its tweakability is phenomenal. I can't believe anyone would give this thing a bad review. I have 3 keyboards sitting In my studio unused now. This is my go to piano. I prefer practicing classical and ragtime on this thing to the baby grand downstairs. The action is clean and perfectly even which my other piano doesn't do. I also use this in my studio for recording etc.. I highly recommend it!

  • from Cleveland, OH USA January 27, 2015Music Background:
    Classical Pianist, Keyboardist

    Incredible Digital Grand Piano

    I recently purchased an MP11 in late October 2014 to continue my studies as a classical pianist based on the “Grand Feel” of the keybed and the harmonic imaging XL of the Kawai EX Concert Piano. I was also looking at several studio monitors to pair with the MP11 that would accurately reproduce the full sonic capabilities of the instrument. With the help of Adam Briggs, my awesome Sweetwater engineer, I finally decided to go with the Focal Alpha 80s. I would highly recommend the MP11 coupled with the Focal Alpha 80s for a digital piano that can outperform many of the higher quality acoustic pianos that are on the market today!

    My piano teacher who is a Russian trained classical performance musician stopped by the other day to check out the MP11. She started to play a Schubert piece and seemed lost in her playing. I asked her if every thing was OK. She stopped said that she had a flashback to when she played her teacher's Steinway concert grand which she thought she was playing again. The touch of the keybed for achieving pianissimo, and the full dynamic sound of the MP 11 was better than any acoustic piano she had played on in years. She thought that it even sounded better than her own grand piano! She was amazed that a digital piano could sound and feel so good to play.

    Today, I also discovered a 12 Foot Grand on Bank H, selection 2 (H-2) in the "SETUP" section of the MP11. I thought the regular concert grand under the "PIANO" section selection Concert – 1 was extremely good. The 12 Foot Grand has even more dynamic range and string resonance than the Concert – 1 selection.

    Another great feature of the Kawai MP11 is that the manufacturer continues to upgrade the performance of the instrument using software upgrades. The latest V1.10 just came out on January 22, 2015.

  • from United States February 22, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Pianist, guitarist, recording engineer, B3 player.

    Umm...Yeah! THIS is the Holy Grail of Pianos!

    Other than the weight, I have been BLOWN AWAY by the feel of this baby...it plays just like my 7' Grotrian and feels unlike any DP I've ever played. THEN, there's the sounds: 3 way mixing of Acoustic, electric, and "bass/synthy/stringy" type sounds, which are ALL fantastic. There is nothing left to chance here, and no aliasing is detectable. I absolutely can play this baby for YEARS! Now...I may have a hard time getting my bandmates to help move her, but...they're just gonna have to.

  • from Randolph, MA August 23, 2016Music Background:
    Recording Artist

    Best Action, Great Sound, poor Variety

    You will not find better action on a digital keyboard for the purposes of a piano. The sounds quality is absolutely breath taking once you connect a decent pair of Monitors. I use the JBL LSR308s. There are also drum sequences already on it that are awesome to play along with in many different styles that a pianist might fall into the rythms of, ie swing, samba, funk...etc. However, the show ends after the piano sounds and electric piano sounds. Given the action of the keybed, I understand why they didn't upload any other sounds like maybe an organ but if you want to experiment with sounds outside of the realm I mentioned earlier you may need to purchase another keyboard as well. I love this keyboard, I have never played another digital piano that could be as expressive as this one from the action to the tonality but I will be purchasing another keyboard so that I can engage with other sounds for the sake of creativity.

  • from Olympia, WA June 19, 2015Music Background:

    The Real Thing

    Replaced my Roland A-90/ Midi to Kurzweil PC2Rack

    1. Feel- Closest to a REAL Piano
    2. Acoustic Pianos on a PAR with my Kurzweil & Ivory Pianos
    3. Electric Pianos are better overall. (Included AMP modeling)
    4. Very friendly Interface
    5. Midi/Mp3/WAV Recorder W/USB

  • from Boston, MA January 31, 2015Music Background:
    Pianist since childhood. Adult pianist teacher.

    Best action. Worst sound

    I bought this blind based on great reviews. Kawai makes the best action imaginable for a digital piano. The pianos sounds are worse than low end digital pianos. I think many that reviewers are just blinded by the great action and not listing to the poor sampling. Yes the MP11 has great Virtual Technical but still sound inferior with all the edits available. Plus it is so damn heavy. I guess I will use it as a controller for now since the action is amazing. But hard to justify the weight even with the best action. You will see that it's a $2800 controller unfortunate. Buy the VPC1 instead.

    Sweetwater excellent service regardless of Kawai product. Im grateful to for all Sweetwater does for us musicians.

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